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  1. Usually, if I want to rearrange items for Conservation from Original: Pobber / Virmink / Bolarola / Sawgaw to New: Pobber / Virmink / Sawgaw / Bolarola You'd sell the Bolarola lure, then exit / restart the game (sometimes changing instances won't work). Then rebuy the Bolarola lure. This actually works... until you restart the game. Then it's back to the Original. It's really just a cosmetic issue but... if you have synthesizers... the list order of lures and synthesizes don't match up. Kinda sloppy. ===== So if anyone is thinking of rearranging stuff on this gear wheel. Probably don't bother. After restarting the order of lures will revert to Pobber / Virmink / Bolarola / Kubrodon / Sawgaw / Stover / Horrasque
  2. Some like the new way, some don't. Why can't we have both? Right now, every time I aim, glide, melee-strike anything; I have to press the relevant keybind to get back into gun mode, mining / fishing / hunt mode then curse and swear at my kavat. New melee sure improves the 'flow' when fighting. The auto-block means some players will be blocking some fires... but every thing else gets janked. I'll even nitpick a bit and whine about not being able to see what primary / secondary my frame or others are using because its holding this giant anime sword [looking at you, Zenistar/Dominion]. It's not just the specific changes for quick melee / holstering either. Previously, you can go into mining mode, deploy archwing and continue. Now every mode change requires you to reengage mining / hunt mode. I'm probably hitting an extra keybind a few times every minute during gameplay. It's like having to readjust your contact lenses every time you blink. Also new bugs like not being able to use melee-strike to dismount a vehicle because the melee-strike keybind is hosed. Again. Or always... always dropping data masses because you don't equip a secondary. If we ever get a sortie that's Primary / Melee only... Please don't do that. By the way... anyone else got killed thanks to auto-block? Yeah... Have pity on my kavat. I should only be swearing at her when she blocks my view when I'm drilling ores. Seriously, don't take inspiration from Boeing. Really. The rest of the game / changes are just great. Except for this tiny, super-annoying thing. PS If I get the choice to choose between old and new. I'll pour kubrow "essence" on the new and bath it in plasma fire.
  3. Completed phase 1 of Exploiter... door wouldn't open for phase 2. Could be related to a connectivity issue as it was kinda laggy. ----- In a Neo Fissure Crossfire Spy / Jupiter Tileset. IF I use my operator to disable a security alarm / lockdown inside the vault area. I get an unresponsive green door. i.e. alarms are reset but locked doors remain locked. On the other paw, if I use my 'frame to do it... seems normal. Obviously it wasn't the same exact map, but it was the similar mission. As I was solo both times, wasn't able to say if all doors throughout the map was similarly affected...
  4. On occasion, after transitioning from operator to frame. I will notice that the timer has gone (as if the dome is down) yet the dome is actually up. Been able to make this happen half a dozen times, each time it involves going from operator back to 'frame mode. But I've been unable to generate this glitch on demand. Seems to be very, very rare or I'm missing some other parameter. Anyone else seen this glitch before? Only started since the last update [new melee update]
  5. Imagine that the current system has been in place for a year... now DE wants to put in a new system where you have to press F to swap between Primary and Secondary OR hold F to change to Melee. When you are on your Primary or Secondary, the weapon stats like ammo/etc will be visible. When you have Melee selected, you can see your Combo Counter. Would this be an improvement? ----- I can kinda see what DE may be going with this... but we'll need more keybinds. This sort of thing would work with a controller device. PC... not so much [go look at how Monster Hunter World does PC keybinds for bowguns. Let's just say it's not "simple"]. Just letting us do things like keybinding 'SHIFT+E' or 'ALT+SHIFT+E' then splitting up functions between multiple keybinds.Or change all the combos to 'tap E', 'hold E' and 'press E'. And find some way to show the combo counter / weapon status. Probably not too newbie-friendly? UI too cluttered?
  6. ... sometimes this makes you just unequip melee altogether. As mentioned before, having to RMB or forcing a zoom is a bother. Having your 'frame wield your melee after use... means you have to RMB to check if you are using your Primary or Secondary. It can be also disorientating. Yes, a single RMB click doesn't take that long but it kinda defeats the intention of making melee combat having a smoother flow. Add all that to the existing situation of having your Scanner swapped away whenever you transition out of Operator mode. It's a step backwards to go with the advances and future improvements. Perhaps a toggle or some of the solutions already mentioned can be put in place.
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