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  1. What they really need to stop doing is buffing weapons for several cycles, then turn around and start nerfing them down again. That's a transparent sharp business practice plat sink and if a regular business did similar in the U.S. IRL, they'd be sued/regulated out of existence pretty quickly.
  2. Incompetent buffs: Boltor, Quanta, Gammacor Incompetent nerfs: Glaxion, Gorgon, Stradavar, Tetra, Akjagara, Aklex, Embolist, Sicarus, Twin Gremlins, Viper Quanta Vandal was one of the strongest ranged weapons in the game before it was inexplicably buffed and buffed more. Fine by me, I get lots of use out its OPness. Neither Gammacor nor Boltor were underperforming. Glaxion and Gorgon both have very significant tradeoffs/disadvantages for use, and you've been BUFFING those regularly forever. Stradavar? Tetra? ridiculous to nerf those. Most of the rest reveal an utter lack of familiarity with weapons and their tradeoffs in a weapons system you should be intimately familiar with but are apparently not. Learn your game and stop doing this via spreadsheet and on paper stats. Even better, get it done once and for all and then stop doing it for the foreseeable future. At least you have dropped the façade that this is all being done based on usage. Good for that bit of honesty at least.
  3. Spent lots of time today shooting at Demolysts in the simulacrum. Was surprised to find that 10-15% of large hitscan scoped-in sniper weapon hits do not register any damage, don't even register 0 damage, and remove no shields or health from the target. This could be the case for all ranged weapons, I'm annoyed enough not to spend any more time finding out though. The effect is reminiscent of lag switch PVP cheaters in other games back in the day, and would have been obvious to anyone testing the new Demolyst mobs in any reasonable, cursory way... and that's why I'm annoyed. Surely this is not working as intended.
  4. Pugged a couple of 4000 rounds. 1. Amalgam key drops need to be drastically upped as others say. 2. The rewards are such that there's no reason whatsoever to stay past 4000 points. Why more relics as rewards? The players who would stay any length of time already have thousands of relics that will never be used. Now if relics were meltable into kuva or even endo... 3. The new set mods are way too underpowered for the fact that they take up space on already cramped builds. Whoever at DE has been in love with wall latching for the duration and keeps trying to incent it WHEN THE GAME MAPS THEMSELVES VERY OFTEN DO NOT SUPPORT IT, fine, buff wall latch damage by 1000%, then maybe players will do it.Setting up wall latching or aim gliding is a gigantic DPS sink that needs to be compensated with an extreme dps increase, not some tickling amount that doesn't justify the tradeoffs. And the mod set for sniper rifles? Really? Make it for bullet hoses, not an underutilized and underpowered weapon in horde tiles. 4. Too much nullification going on in the game mode generally from too many kinds of mobs, and now the -terminals themselves- turn into nullifiers? ENOUGH. At one point a bug caused ALL my powers to be locked out for ~6-8 minutes. Nullifiers don't really bother me that much, just annoying, but it's time for you to bite the bullet and focus on the real game problem, AOE CHEEZE abilities that should have all been LOSed, dmg capped, coned, target capped LONG ago. Just putting in more and more nullifiers is not a good fix. The easy availability of about 20 unchecked, unbalanced AOE spam powers is why your player base is so bad generally, unaware of maps, poor team players, unable to juke, and adding more invulnerability drones and nullifiers as bandaids is only extending the pain. Before all the power creep in mods applicable to frame powers, and before some of the more over the top "reworks" AOE spam was not nearly the issue it is in the game today. No one is asking for WF to be some elitist game, but the current state of out of control frame powers is way too far in the other direction. EDIT: made a thread on the supposed Gaze "buff" but didn't get much attention. As it is, Gaze chamber chains only ~10% of its damage to the second target and 1% to the third target. Womp womp. Surely this isn't the buff that was intended and is a bug of some sort. Please revisit.
  5. No S#&$. 99% still kills outright. It takes up a mod slot, reduces the weapon's damage significantly. What is the problem with it simply ELIMINATING self-damage? Otherwise, just as worthless as it was before. Not one bit better. Bravo.
  6. Post is a reasonable opinion other than the above obvious bias/slant. So what powers, weapon firing, melee using does not qualify as "milling" in a game like WF? There are hundreds of enemies to kill in most missions, sometimes hundreds upon hundreds and thousands, so in the most fundamental respect, there is going to be lots of "milling" in a horde shooter type game, especially for those specializing in melee.
  7. Further testing. Dispatch Overdrive works if channeling is toggled on. The exodia based on channeling seem to work whether channeling is toggled on or not. Using a primary or secondary toggles channeling off, so have to toggle it back on constantly if using other than melee. Channeling as a toggle only is a bad idea. Auto blocking is a bad idea. New melee is just plain bad. Less immersive, dumbed down and buggy. Revert manual blocking and its prior radius. Revert channeling from a toggle. As others post, WHY NOT JUST INCREASE THE HOLSTER SPEED?
  8. Totally unnecessary changes to melee, 8 month late knee jerking to the nonimmersive, lazy ESO survival reskin where melee is good, and endless, misplaced Maiming nerf crying by noobs generally. Stop listening to noobs and bads. Melee and stances were fine before, and lots of new bugs today without even doing the much advertised for months channeling and combo counter changes. Please quit and revert some of this while you are behind. 1. Dispatch Overdrive not working in simul. Haven't tested in live mission yet and don't intend to. 2. Exodias based on channeling appear to be working in simul at least. 3. Slam ragdoll continues to be overdone and obnoxious. 4. Haven't even tried crushing ruin or tempo block builds because don't want to get even more annoyed. 5. GG on 45 degree block nerf slid into this mess. LULZ. Who do you think you are fooling exactly? Had some time free up for gaming but won't likely be spending much if any of it in WF. You realize you can test -before- patching too, right?
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