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  1. Personally, I feel the AOE changes are well-designed and plenty powerful, and have done lots of testing. IMO the balance between bullet hoses and AOE is about right... given the removal of self damage. People who want to autodelete huge gouts of high mobs outright with no aim or tradeoff are smoking something. The AOE weapons are plenty powerful in the no self damage regime, and there are some strong synergies to try. Players complained for no self damage for a long time, now nerfed, such is balance. Careful for what you wish for in games. Most of the hyperbolic stuff in the thread is mostly hot air.
  2. 1. CO is stronger than it ever has been. More accurately, it has never been easier to instantly place 6+ status on targets in groups without materially interrupting use of melee. 2. Cryotra is still the king of sentinel guns for 100% status application of two pure element damage types and 4 vigilante mods. To the topic, years ago, vulklok was DE putting a toe into the water of higher power sentinel weapons. Ignorant nerf-herders screeched repetitively as they always do and even created "perfect storm" rigged videos to fool DE, and as usual where game devs and nerf-herders are concerned, DE was fooled and overnerfed vulklok. That, ladies and gents was the last powerful sentinel gun in Warframe, and that may never change. Not DE's fault, but you can thank a certain small, vocal, wee bit too serious segment of the player base.
  3. They are definitely strong choices, nice to see a comeback of some good old weapons, but there are many many strong choices in melee now. Kripath slightly > due to custom pieces, exodia and disposition. But even if Orthos and Lesion were better, there is no reason for the current super low disposition any more because there will be no new whip or other meta forming as there are so many very strong choices in melee now. Every melee that is currently at the lowest disposition should be pushed up a notch at least. The new melee meta is a specific combination of mods (expensive, forma intensive mods) that can go on many weapons, not weapon specific. Primed Reach, CO, BR, Organ Shatter, Berserker, Weeping Wounds, Primed Fever, Flex spot/heal, another element, riven or combo extender. If heavy attack build, sub in appropriate mods for Berserker, BR and Weeping. Unlike the past, this build translates across most of the melee weapons of MR 8 or higher, and many stances have high mobility and spins now, even on previously short ranged weapons.
  4. Massive melee disposition nerfs on (in no particular order and not comprehensive) Gram P, Kronen P (and other tonfa), Reaper P (and other scythe), Tipedo, Dokrahm, Cyath, Sepfahn, Plague Kripath maybe Balla zaw strikes, other zaw strikes if they are lazy and don't intelligently differentiate... Kronsh, Dehtat, Mewan as zaw examples are fine as is but could get disposition lowered. Moderate disposition buffs to old overnerfed disposition weapons like Lesion, Orthos, Dark Dagger and a few others. Kuva weapons will probably get disposition nerfed, some heavily, some moderately, maybe a few not much if at all. Acceltra, Shedu will get nerfed. Most other primaries and secondaries are fairly well-balanced.
  5. Melee has been standardized to some degree, yet stances still maintain individual flavor in an acceptable way. That is a very good thing with respect to eliminating pause and back combos. Of the quibbles I have with Melee 3.0, stance changes are not among them. IMO they did a great job on this aspect of melee. I was wrong in thinking they wouldn't spend the resources to do it, they did and it works well. Ironically, despite being a response to ENDLESS noob nerf whining about Maiming Strike, Melee 3.0 has made melee far FAR more powerful than it was before, and now many stances have easier spin to win than Maiming builds ever had. LOL. In time and maybe already, "press 4" aoe cheeze spam noobs will begin whining about melee taking their precious Saryn/Mesa/Equinox/Volt etc. "muhkillz" again, only a matter of time. Hopefully DE has learned not to listen to them by now.
  6. Agreed, effects are out of hand on this weapon for teammates.
  7. Agree, Railjack will fail utterly as a matchmaker mode if there aren't toggle lockouts on several functions and a couple other limitations. 1. There should be lockout toggle settings for flux abilities, cannon, missile use, nav use and refining at bare minimum. A host migration would turn off those toggles for the duration of the mission. 2. There should be a "kickout" feature on the slingshot and cannon that triggers after 20 or so seconds. That's a start. Without such, railjack will be a very niche "clan/friend" only mode and totally DOA as a matchmaker mode.
  8. Sorry bout that, but the mode is way too easy to troll now otherwise. Host migration could unlock the nav and other lock out settings but if railjack is going to work, this has got to happen. In order for railjack to be viable, there -must- be toggle lockout settings on the navigation, the rockets, cannon, refining, flux usage, and instant ejection from the slingshot after X seconds. Otherwise it will be DOA due to trolling. There is limited trolling opportunity in much of WF, but railjack is the exception. This is a critical fix/add. For example, just now had some clown insta burn all the flux during a crucial part of the mission. Have seen "refine trolling" many times, as well as rocket/cannon trolling and people just sitting in the slingshot and won't get out. Have also seen nav trolling before loot can be collected. Moreover, when the trolls don't engi the ship, it gets full of boarders and pilot has to leave chair to fix, the troll should -not- be allowed to get in the pilot seat. Once in, there is currently no way to get them out. Finally, with respect to railjack missions, ship owners should be able to "ignore" players with no chance of those players appearing in pug railjack missions on their ship.
  9. 1. Railjack is great, best content in WF in a long time. 2. Please allow ship owners to turn toggle on/off crew member use of missiles, flux powers, refinement (until all objective completion) and the cannon. MANY newb/noob/bad/troll players will simply spam these things wastefully otherwise, creating a pain for the captain and other crew in harder missions. 3. Vote a firm "NO" on any kind of vote kick. It will be abused more than used correctly. 4. Make the Intrinsic level requirement for Veil "7" across the board instead of only one school. It is very apparent that many ... "players" level up one intrinsic school to 7 quickly then come into the veil a total liability to the team looking for a carry and free higher loot. ALSO make completing every other node in railjack prior a requirement precedent to veil matchmaking. 5. There are many bugs in respect to team formation, hopefully they are being worked out. It would be nice to have an option to wait for a complete team before starting the mission.
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