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  1. Nah, they read it, they just don't have the wherewithal to understand and meaningfully respond to what they read. Gaming forum. To the topic, agree with OP. Buff the sound a bit.
  2. I don't like mechanics in any PvE portion of a game to allow players to troll other players, "rubber-coated" or any other inaccurate description of trolling.
  3. Why did you reply then? Apparently you cared enough. Was your reply "crying" about my opinion? Is it "entitled" of you to avoid the actual thread topic in favor of a tangent? Did you have anything to say about the actual topic? or simply the off-topic tangent? Yeah. I think someone doesn't understand the difference between an "example" of something that has been going on for years and a specific claim about a specific instance only. Sorry about that, I truly am. The objective was insta gibbed, full health one second, mission failed the next, the exact moment after some troll hit t
  4. Just lost an arbitration that was 10+ rounds and going very well due to a troll lasering the objective/hostage. It had to be that because the objective was at full health with no nullifiers, butchers or heavies in the area. Regardless if that was the cause of the mission fail, trolls try to hit/kill teammates in about 50% of the missions on that tile IME. It's not fun or cool or some kind of mechanic to "work around," it's just pure trolling, plain and simple. Just another item to add to the "no money for you, DE," after buying plat and supporting the game regularly in the past. Why has
  5. Buttaface


    Staticor damage and small aoe on uncharged shots was fine. What obviously happened is that the full ~8m radius got added to uncharged shots unintentionally when the charge attack aoe radius was buffed recently. No real nerf needed, just redo the buffed large AOE to only apply to charged shots as was the obvious intent and a balanced, cool buff for a fun weapon. If you are willing to take the looong time to charge the thing, it should get a big AOE. So when DE gets around to this feedback, just revert the aoe radius buff to only apply to the charge attack, no base damage or other changes n
  6. Let's not post in the existing 1-3 irrational riven whine threads per week, let's start brand NEW ones! That's the ticket! Rivens are not "progression gear," more like weapon cosmetics for bored vets. Unlike other games, there is NO content in WF that requires rivens to complete. Unlike other games, rivens do not materially impact the overall damage picture of the game or any of its modes. You do not NEED rivens to be terrifically successful at the easy game of Warframe, so these infinite whinging threads are the exact same as whining that you can't get this or that cosmetic other th
  7. As others point out, OP is confusing the forced impact procs in the stances with procs on the weapon itself. Plague Keewar is already the strongest staff in the game due to its orthos P range, customizable parts, exodia availability, viral component and bonus status chance (Sepfahn comes close and maybe tied on highest level mobs). If you want a more slash based zaw staff, make a Sepfahn. P Keewar is fine as is.
  8. To make the zenith viable and fun, they should make secondary fire instantly switch to punchthrough/marker mode double the range of headshot markers, and do away with the disc mechanic entirely. The FA mode is garbage compared to options, and having an instant secondary fire with much higher range wouldn't OP the weapon in the least.
  9. You shouldn't even have to go to an extraction point for survival or excavation, it should be just like defense or interception, a screen that comes up every five minutes or every two extractors. Simple. ... and yeah, that it isn't like that already is poor design.
  10. There should be a workaround after X (5-7) number of a player's frames have been infected. Having to go through having a giant zit on 30+ frames for 7 days each is obnoxious and poor design. No idea how people could defend that as no big deal unless they get some kind of trolololol jollies out of other players' annoyance.
  11. Can't speak for the aimbot/crutch frame, but as for Titania, Ivara, Excal and Valk, no more than 2 formas are required to make excellent builds from the new exalted weapons, and they level very quickly.
  12. Having separate exalted weapons didn't "ruin" any builds. It did in fact open up whole new build possibilities.
  13. Just got around to building out some of the exalted weapons. The "requires four forma each" posted in other threads and implied in this one are gross exaggerations. I am a very experienced builder/modder in this game, and some took one, some took two. Admittedly I don't play the aimbot/crutch frame, feel more immersed watching TV, so maybe Peacemaker takes four. Protip: When a weapon is capable of obscene dps as most exalted weapons are, go for status no matter how low base SC, and save some drain/forma with 7 drain mods. I think they did a great job with the exalted weapons overall,
  14. You seem to love straw man more, as no one posted the above. You made false claims in the OP, re "cetus wisps are the absolutely worst things about the plains to farm," which is not the case as a matter of fact and not opinion. Try farming pigments, gara pieces, rare mod drops, eidolon lens BPs, or even 100 breaths of eidolon for each exodia set. In fact, wisps are one of the easiest mats to farm in the game because you don't have to engage in combat to get them, and can respawn a whole fresh field of them at will. You can trade syndicate rep for them, get them in bounties... try that with ne
  15. Buttaface


    AFAIK, sonar buffs damage as you request already as a straight multiplier, and not crit damage. IME all hits on painted spots, crits or not, are multiplied by whatever multiplier power str determines. I believe the wiki may be wrongly worded in the skill description. Also, AFAIK, sound quake can hit sonar spots also, is subject to buffs such as roar and molecular prime, so has far higher damage potential than the base damage lets on. These things could have been changed since I played banshee extensively before the 4 augment resulted in masses of 4 spam noob/bad players, but I don't think
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