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  1. I can confirm this. I had to drop the bait to switch to ranged weapon because you can't throw the bait while having melee equipped and I ended up with a Power Cell instead of the bait. This happened in T3 vault for me.
  2. In such small amount of time I still can't tell if the Bubonico is actually useful regarding high level content but it sure is fun to play, So much I decided to rank it up without EXP farming xD I prefer it a billion times over Shedu because it feels A LOT more dynamic with the alt-fire and just more fun in general. The only problem is: Since the weapon is a shotgun-like weapon you actually need to aim and the upper part of the weapon (Shoulder) takes up pretty much all of the screen center, More noticeable if you try aiming upwards, it leans even more towards the middle of the screen lit
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