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  1. Honestly, I stopped watching any videos/streams about the game a long time ago cuz I can't handle the Hype lol I had no idea there was going to be a new Warframe added to the game, It kinda looked like a Mirage Deluxe on the Launcher. So far this is my experience with Protea: Passive: It's really cool, I like it that you get detailed info about it and that the color changes according to the Warframe's Energy Color! Grenade Fan: - I don't like the bunny hop while casting it, It makes you or the grenades hit the ceiling/doorways while also hindering aiming. - Unlike many other Warframes who have deployables, this ability disables the Jump command which also hinders movement/smoothness. I don't see myself using it for damage, I'd rather use it for sustain. Blaze Artillery: This is the only reason I wanted to try this Warframe after reading the update notes, Turns out it's not even nearly as close to what I expected it to be. - The Turret has a duration based on how many shots it can take: 6 shots at base. It doesn't matter if the Turret has a few shots left, It banishes as soon as the timer runs out. - Since the turret's duration is so short it urges you to spam it. - This ability also disables Jump command. I would rather have it be a Single Turret with X Amount of shots or X Duration that doesn't scale per shot or doesn't punch through enemies or doesn't shoot as fast. Right now it doesn't feel worth it deploying the ability if you are not going to spam it. The idea of having a Turret that actually last for a while watching your back while you take care of something else is at least the way I would prefer it to be. Dispensary: This one is very nice, Since it seems to always drop pickups in the same order: Health -> Ammo -> Energy. From there it drops whatever is needed, If the energy is picked up it drops a new energy orb, if the ammo is picked up it drops ammo! This makes it consistent and easy to track. Temporal Anchor: Time Rewind? This is probably one of the best, If not "THE BEST", concepts I've seen in the game. - What I don't like about it is the Cast Animation. While the animation is cool and all, I wish it wasn't there. It makes casting the ability slow and takes away every bit of smoothness out of it. And at the end of the day, What's the point of a Time Rewind ability if you need to stop mid-fight, take your time, do a little dance and make it work? To be totally honest I don't see myself using it as much because of this. It's a bit too slow to make me want to Rewind and get resources back, At least from an endgame perspective. I mean, I know this is probably the drawback to the ability but making the ability cumbersome is just bad. I wish the ability took effect as soon as you hit the button because the smoothness such a change would add to the ability would make it 100 times more accurate and instinctive to use. I also thought about deleting the whole "Must activate First before Rewinding" and that wouldn't be such a crazy change either if the ability takes you to the last X Seconds back in time, Disabling the ability while Downed to compensate and also a X Seconds cooldown is added to the ability. The Cooldown is the balance here. You must decide quickly if you want to Rewind those last X Seconds to get back whatever resources/health you used/lost and try not to die waiting for the CD or keep going leaving it behind and risking it. Everything you can do now, you can do with such a change but WAY faster and WAY more accurate, the drawback is that you will have to be sparingly with it because you wouldn't want to get into trouble while it is on CD.
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