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  1. I can confirm this. When I was 10 minutes into a Lvl 100 Kuva Leech Exterminate I noticed I had 2 kills out of 140 lol I also tried killing enemies without using Enthrall, those do not count either apparently.
  2. When exiting the Pulse Turbine via the main entrance, if you hit Space Bar the game asks you if you want to Skip Cinematic, If you accept, you are left in a circular room with no exit. /unstuck seems to be able to get you out np I dind't mean to skip the Cinematic, I just keep resting my hand on the mechanical keyboard lol So I don't know if this is an issue with any other structure. EDIT: I just started a new mission, I tried this while exiting a Crewship, I spawned inside the same room, inside the walls of another Pulse Turbine structure that was 12,000m away lol
  3. Just came across an invisible diagonal wall blocking the path to the 2nd objective in a Shipkiller Platform. Here I'm standing on top of the wall. The wall seems to go all the way through the crack in the left side of the stairs.
  4. We need a Gunner Sensitivity Setting. Railjack Look and Aim Sensitivity Settings only affect Pilot sit's sensitivity while Gunner sits are taking the normal on-foot Look and Aim Sensitivity. It's really hard for me to be an effective gunner since Warframe is the only game that I play with such high sensitivity because of Aim Gliding specially.
  5. Yes, Please! I was Okay with the way it was, the reintroduction of the Hold to Heavy Melee keeps messing me up everytime.
  6. This is regarding the Crew Ships specially. 1. Ramsleds should stop launching from Crew Ships that no longer have Pilot/Gunners in them or at least no crew at all. This goes for the Asteroid Hangars as well, You would think killing everyone and destroying everything in there should be enough to take them out for good. This is a lot more noticeable and annoying when playing solo, Since you don't get the alert about the boarding party while out of the Railjack, when you come back there are 1-4 Ramsleds stuck to the ship and a bunch of Grineers sitting there waiting for you, they don't seem to move at all when the Railjack is empty. 2. Killing the whole Crew of a Crew Ship should count towards the mission objective, Right now even if you kill the whole crew and capture the ship instead of getting a +1 in the objective you trigger another Crew Ship, instantly spawning in as you touch the ship's controls. Instead of taking the ship for your use against the little ones you feel you are getting pushed to destroy it because since you are not making any progress towards the objective doing that, another ship will just jump in and you will have to deal with that one too. A Crew Ship with no Crew should be a Dead Ship. EDIT: Another thing I would like to see added to this game mode is an option to Stop Auto Roll. The game keeps trying to Auto Roll the Railjack to either Face Up or Face Down when the Railjack is not turning enough in any direction, Dog Fighting and having the Railjack keep trying to accomodate itself can be annoying, messes with my aim as well.
  7. After using the Forge, the HUD disappeared. While quickly tapping Interact key I noticed, after pulling down the materials cage with the Parazon, the game acted as if I had hit ESC and got me out of the Forge window, I thought maybe I did hit something since I was panicking but I'm not sure if this is when it happened because I rushed back to the forge. Not even the weapons have HUD.
  8. Grendel Missions: Grendel: 1.) Feast 2.) Nourish 3.) Regurgitate 4.) Pulverize The fact that all of Grendel's abilities deal Toxin damage feel a little bit weak against Grineer, and more against infested, well at least for me. I have to admit, I didn't actually expect this Warframe to be so fun, I would love to see some QoL improvements made to him very soon. *Sigh* This may even end up being one of my top Warframes in which case I guess you can say that Grendel is gonna make me eat my own words >_> Awesome work!! Sorry for dem misspellings and bad english!
  9. I'm loving Ember Rework so far! Vauban is really well done, too. Though I don't feel comfortable playing him since Vauban is one of the Warframes who lack survivability. Ember Prime is my 2nd most used Warframe ever, I got her Prime variant WAY before getting normal Ember, her Accelerant CC was enough survivability for me. So I have been playing the New Ember for a bit and there are some "Things I feel are a little off": 1.) Energy Rate. 2.) Immolation. 3.) Fireball. 4.) Fire Blast. 5.) Inferno. Thank you all so much at Digital Extremes for all these years of entertainment!! And so sorry for any mispelling lol
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