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  1. Or rather, why -can't- we edit our own keybinds for Necramechs? On the same note why can't we customize our Archguns' appearance in the 'heavy weapon' and 'Necramech gun' slots?
  2. I like this, put simply. At length, though, I'd imagine any weapon with a thrown mode deserves this QoL update. Furthermore, I have a bit of an idea: Can we pair thrown melees with non-thrown melees, or enable a throwing state for most melees (building with speargun anims and function; impale, slam damage plus maybe finisher due to 'sacrificing' a blade for a time, regarding weapons like Dual Skana)? It would be cool to pair a Glaive with a Skana or a dagger with one. ...That may sacrifice a secondary weapon slot though, but I think it would be worth it. More absurd combos include G
  3. DE, there's still a pair of things regarding the Necramech that need to be addressed: 1, and most important: Transference from Necramech to Excalibur Umbra while he is roaming causes a lock that can only be removed via host migration, 'dying' (Umbra goes to T-pose) or quitting the lobby. To replicate: -Equip Umbra. -Go to Landscape. -Transfer out of Umbra. -Spawn Necramech. Transfer into Necramech. -Transfer from Necramech to Umbra. -You are now incapable of controlling Umbra as he is still in his Specter/roaming mode, and incapable of using Transference due to unnecessary nullif
  4. This can, will, and definitely has, happened to everyone who wants to use Umbra alongside a Necramech. I also commented this same bug at least twice now and there has been no fix, which is worrying because I want to use Umbra alongside the Necramech, but Transference would almost always trap me in Umbra's 'free-roam/autopilot' mode. To anyone reading and going 'wut?', if you have these: An Excal Umbra, A Necramech, You, the Tenno/Operator. Then: 1: Go to anywhere where a Necramech can be deployed (Cambion Drift, Orb Vallis, Plains of Eidolon as of this time of writing), 2: Tran
  5. There's still a majorly gamebreaking bug for people who're getting into Necramech + Umbra gameplay: When trying to transfer out of a Necramech, if Umbra is too close, Umbra will not let you in - it'd require him to be beaten into the locked A-pose by enemies before I could take control. You then suffer, trying to figure out why Umbra won't move, budge, or obey. Anyone who's faced this issue will have spoken about it. It's one of the most important blockers before you proceed to allow Necramechs to siege the system in storm.
  6. - Can't rank up due to some spines not dropping from any source, despite prioritizing fishing for a second (didn't notice fishing mass-cutting was broken, is still broken - had to cut them one by one to yield rewards). I am still to find the source and will likely be looking it up soon. - Transference'ing into someone else's active but idle Necramech causes the mech to be unable to move. /Unstuck does not fix this. There is no 'exit Necramech' button from what I can see, and no controller bind to transference back to Warframe. When trying to do just that, I was somehow still controlling a Ne
  7. This has given me reason to contemplate going to farm multiples of Ivara - having cloaking and sleep arrows on Umbra in lieu of slash-dash would give him a lot of utility... A second Revenant to throw his Reave on Chroma in lieu of Scream is going to give him a lot of survivability, too. I'll need to sort a list of frames and how many I'd want to build. That said, a few questions about their powers: Would they run on the same animations, sounds, and effects as the original abilities, or would there be a bit of customization room there? I'm asking this for those who want to hear Umbra
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