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  1. Prisma gorgon has always been powerful. The recent rifle ammo pickups help it a lot too. The thing is that the Tiberon P is a crit+status weapon with double the base damage. In burst mode the tiberon is a massive powerhouse with crit and status procs. Auto will melt with a decent crit and immense status.
  2. It does consume it when you put the thermia in, but it is buggy and would reward you with thermia at the end anyways. Personally fought it around 20 times, mostly for the resources, and still have enough for another 20 or so. Also the thermia you pick up was affected by the regional resource boosters from the event after a certain number of fractures were filled.
  3. Simply put, shove extra coolant in and get extra stage completions at the cost of increased enemy strength and defense time.
  4. Deadoon


    Beside your point that somehow the strongest rifle subtype is lacking. This point showed your lack of comprehension for many things. Tipedo prime is the absolute strongest staff weapon in the game right now, with the broken scepter coming just behind for status builds. Tipedo has 76 damage compared to the 50 of the original. 24%/2.4* critical stats over 20/2.0, which isn't small, that is a massive increase. An additional 4% status which is kinda meh, but makes up for the loss of 12.5% speed loss. You get 52% higher damage, 20% higher critical chance, 20% more crit damage, and 20% higher status at the cost of 12.5% speed. Just multiplying off of damage that is a minimal loss. As for the spear guns, you got the status-aoe automatic of the scourge, the light hybrid cannon of the javlok, and the precise critical cutter of the ferrox. The scourge might be the worst statistically, but it has the benefit of being a safe to use aoe weapon, and with innate corrosive and a good heaping of multishot added on, you get some impressive status output if you build for it. The javlok is a powerful, but risky, weapon; good damage, crit, and status. If you can handle the stray butcher suicide bombing you with your own weapon, it is a quite powerful one. Then you have the ferrox, the mini-sniper and conga line cutter. It has so much punch through innately that you could skip primed shred. It is really funny that you say they need a new one to compete with the tigris prime. The tigris prime is powerful, but lacks in consistency. It's most valuable stats are status and reload speed. If you are building a tigris prime you usually have all 4 dual stat mods, primed point blank, hells chamber, chilling reload, and either vigilante armaments for damage/status count increase or ammo stock for getting a third round. You get 2-3 rounds with a ~1.3 second reload. Odd that you are looking for a crit power weapon and ignore the powerful shotgun with high crit. The corinth. Has the accuracy of the tigris, has an airburst grenade secondary, has a 5 round shell by shell interruptable magazine, and has good damage and crit stats. I mained that thing for so long it is funny. Overall, if you are looking at stuff that has been made and left alone, warfans were that way for quite a while but are getting a new one recently, or maybe nunchaku, 2 made, not touched since. Gunblades only recently got a new addition. Rapiers have 3 variants with 1 being a prime of another but hey, they got a zaw too. 3 claw weapons,1 primed, no zaws. So many categories of weapons are made and left to languish as the developers move on to other projects. They'll be picked up again later and either get a new addition or revamped.
  5. When something outperforms compared to everything else there are two options; nerf it or buff everything else to compete. Which is easier to implement? The one with less changes, the nerf. The devs do listen and interact with the community, and that is what is shaping the game. They aren't just going nerf bat on everything, they held off on the melee re-balance due to the new features they wanted or got brought into it. They didn't want to re-balance it and have to do everything over again a second time, when those massive changes came out.
  6. The original idea of the game was placing weapons at random MR tiers and running with it. The community was what found the best weapons, some were even MR 2(boltor prime) or 0(lex prime was here). You are the only one here which is making no sense. People wanting alternative interpretations or liking them doesn't make them haters. Especially if you say it in comparison to the "old system". Heck, the telos boltor was originally a sidegrade boltor prime with 30 more rounds in the magazine at the cost of some fire rate and 5 damage.
  7. Weapons are binned into tiers based on mastery rank now. The top tier weapons are mr 14. The opticor and opticor vandal are the same tier of weapon, MR14. Using your logic combined with the tier system, you either need to make more tiers or you end up with side grades at the top tier weapons. This is ignoring the trade off of the vandal isn't even that big of a deal. It turns a single shot alpha strike weapon into a flexible use powerhouse. You trade 60% base damage and 50% aoe damage for 70% less charge time(3.33* faster fire rate), improved Critical chance, Critical multiplier, status chance, reload speed and magazine size. In the end you are dealing on average about half damage per shot(crit accounted for), but over 3 times the fire rate. Much lower commitment to each shot, still does extremely respectable damage, Then you have the stealth buff at some point to rifle ammo pickups(60 ammo boxes) which makes both nigh impossible to run out of ammo.
  8. Twice the damage of the Prisma Grakata, 1% less crit chance, .1 higher crit multiplier. The Stradavar Prime has vastly more ammo efficiency at the cost of fire rate and status chance if you compare them in that manner. Additionally the recoil is very light and consistent, so you don't have anywhere near as much jumpyness that could affect accuracy. That is ignoring that the stradavar has a semi auto mode with a notably high damage output with very high precision.
  9. Noticing a lot of transitions simply aren't there. No mobile defense notifications either. Don't have them disabled either.
  10. But then you deal with the expansion ratios and burn rates of the propellant. To propel it at the same velocity as a larger barrel of the same length, the pressures would need to be much higher, which means the barrel has to be thicker, which would in turn make the weapon even heavier. Remember the only difference between high explosives and propellents(also known as low explosives) is the burn rate. Then you have to deal with the heat generation which is not being wicked away by the casing, which if the chamber gets too hot, you end up with premature firing. Funny thing is, we got the concept of casings down almost perfectly with the pressed brass(not the precursors, paper and brass foil). Draws a significant amount of heat away, provides corrosion protection to a significant degree, and isn't brittle so it can flex to handle slight firing chamber deviations and better sealing. Caseless firearms might seem futuristic, but unless they are hybrid weapons with a small starter charge launching into some form of rail/gauss rifle system, you will suffer from the unavoidable issues of heat generation, premature detonation, corrosion, ammunition volatility(exposed violent chemicals isn't a good thing), and increased strain on the mechanism(gas seals).
  11. That is a sub-caliber munition. Sub caliber munition means that the projectile is smaller than the barrel of the firearm. The name even says that "sub caliber", or below caliber, as in less than the bore(barrel diameter) of the firearm in question. He is wrong though, the bore of a weapon is the maximum size of what can be fired. A small barrel with sub munitions doesn't make the external's of the barrel any smaller.
  12. Since OP seems quite confused on why these weapons are different, lets look at the difference between those classes of weapons. Argonak, Cernos Prime, Larkspur, Stradavar(Prime) The toggle modes you mentioned. All of these weapons the other mode is something that changes the weapons focus but can be independent on it's own. Argonak is semi/full, for Crit/Status. Stradavar is Semi/full for Precision/saturation. Cernos changes the spread pattern. Larkspur is the oddball here, it changes between chain lightning to heavy blast gun. The other way of looking at it is the commitment needed to use this mode means it must be brought forward first. All of these weapons the alternate mode is something that would work well as a second primary function, even the larkspur to a limited extent. Now for the alt fire mod weapons: Ferrox, Scourge(and javlok), Tenora, Hind, Quanta, Phantasma.(and corinth, which you didn't mention) Every one of these,barring the hind, the alt fire is a significant departure or something that is meant to be used conditionally or less often than the primary. Ferrox/scourge/javlok, these weapons remove themselves when thrown, having a switch makes no sense. Tenora you remove your ability to shoot instantly for a single higher damage shot. Similar to the larkspur in this regard, but the larkspur gets a pass for being an imprecise weapon, while the tenora is inherently a precision weapon. Quanta NEEDS to have alternate fire separate. It's shock combo effect is immensely powerful and requires both fire modes to work together to function.Phantasma/corinth: The alternate fire is something that cannot be used consistently, corinth having a set range, and the phantasma using up to the entire magazine. All of these are conditionals and special modes. Hind is an outlier, the secondary fire mode was an afterthought added long after release. It should be in the toggle category, but it was probably forgotten about mostly. Notice the difference? Trade the larkspur and the hind and you have 100% consistency. Hind's alt fire was introduced in update 20, after the stradavar's release. It is a really weird situation which I consider mostly an afterthought.
  13. Like I said, ignoring it. Auto feature in the prime is actually more competitive than the original. The original was a rapid light semi auto with a mediocre auto mode, the prime is a good automatic with a specialized slow semi auto. The prime doesn't have a huge emphasis on the semi auto, the semi auto is slower than the original and costs two ammo per shot(it isn't a two round burst, it is literally 2 ammo for a single 80 damage bullet). Full auto is a straight upgrade, semi auto is for when you need a bit more precision and has some innate punchthrough. Using the build of: Serration, heavy caliber, vital sense, point strike, split chamber, vigilante armaments, primed cryo rounds, infected clip. My big crit hits build. As above, the Prime with semi auto deals ~3.39* the damage per shot of full auto, 70% more damage per ammo(costs 2 ammo), and 13% more dps. The standard Deals ~1.99* damage per shot, 99% more damage per ammo, and .8% less dps. The standard is more ammo efficient in semi but generally the same, and the prime you get less ammo efficiency, but a bit more dps. The dps here is very much "theoretical" in semi autos because you will not have a perfect tempo. The timing gap to have increased dps over full in the prime is less than 1/20 a second. Also it ignores vigilante set bonus, which benefits semi auto a lot, but only procs every so often so is too inconsistent for my taste.
  14. Your frame gets 25% of all ally kills within affinity range, 50% of your own weapon weapon kills, and 100% of ability kills. Your weapons get 75% of ally kills split evenly amongst them(37.5% each for 2, 25%for 3), and 0% of frame kills. 10, 10 minute round run gained you 128k frame experience with booster. That is really not "fast and efficient". Your method is actually really abysmal. Considering You can level a weapon from r0 to 30(450k affinity mind you) in 10 rounds/10 minutes on hydron with a significant 20%+ overhead being common, the tighter corridors and consistently full affinity range both are very important, there is a reason behind it's popularity. Bring a single high powered weapon and shred enemies close to you. Keep close to your team and get the experience from their kills as well, you were leaving affinity range of one or both often due to your bad decision making. Also your comment of a level a round is actually VERY wrong, you got 128k affinity, you need 900k to level a frame. Yes, you do get more experience from higher level enemies, but the difficulty scaling will go by MUCH faster and is generally not recommended. Read all of this before you embarrass yourself further : https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Affinity
  15. You got a picture from Reddit, which allows hotlinking, and rehosted it on Photobucket which puts massive black bar ads on their images and has been really anticonsumer. Why? Atleast use imgur.
  16. Stradavar standard semi auto is half of the main modes fire rate for close to double damage(originally was double damage but has since changed). +78% damage -50% fire rate. Stradavar prime on the other hand is a third the fire rate with closer to triple the damage, costs two ammo, but you get innate pt. +167% damage, +1M PT, -67% Fire rate, -2 ammo per shot. Combining with the critical modifications, this is a much more powerful weapon than the original, although mediocre compared to the tiberon's insanity, it's still quite functional. The original was in some sense a subpar semi auto with a mediocre automatic mode attached. This is a powerful(ignoring Tiberon p) automatic rifle for spraying down enemies unusually precisely with the ability to get precise high powered shots off that can get through cover a bit. The semi auto mode is like a slower, higher cost with pt Latron Prime with a large magazine and fast reloads.
  17. Question: was the VN an untranslated one running with a machine translator? Most machine translators have memory injection abilities to be able to get the text. Warframe's anti-cheat is very hair trigger. It doesn't check if it has been affected it will ban you for having a program that has mere potential to cheat with running. I still find that to be a bit absurd. Actually Vac doesn't ban you if you have cheat engine even running. It will only ban you if you actually inject it into the game and go on a secured server. Most programs simply refuse to run or do an "untrusted" kick if you have it running because of how common it is.
  18. 99.37 mitigation? That's level 300 range enemies range, and is well beyond most everything. Maybe 1 in a thousand players do that stuff if you are lucky. Like I said, my build isn't a bragging rights build, and you are doing exactly that. I consider end game is the highest level content the highest challenge content that gives a unique reward, sorties, open world bosses, eso and similar are the current highest tier content. You get nothing special(except prodman poster) by going to your level of extremes. Your build doesn't even work that well in one end game setting, eso, due to it's bane mod is useless against multiple factions. My build has a sprinting start of ttk but starts to fall off rapidly in the level 100-120 range, which is the highest normal tier of content. Yours will slower ttk at a lower level, but faster at a higher level and will just progressively take longer as enemies get stronger. If you think fighting level 300 enemies is normal, you are really not in touch with the game anymore. My builds are for normal content, not player created endurance running.
  19. All rifles get 60 ammo per box now, it was an undocumented change at some point. I was mistaken and put that on the wiki, because I hadn't used an ammo hungry rifle in so long. The fact that you didn't notice that yet either says the same for you. Heavy caliber is a universal damage amplifier, unlike bane, and the double dipping is a very minor influence unless you are going with a semi auto build to use the slash procs or gas build(fire doesn't stack so 1 and done), both specialized which benefit from high base damage. You are 100% wrong about viral though. It is an effective double damage if you can keep it active until their health hits 0, which at the damage output, it shouldn't be an issue. Cp*4 you are better off front loading the damage, as even without viral you will melt them in a fraction of a second(60kdps vs level 100 bombard is 2/3 of a second), and high scale corpus you would be better with a form of toxin build to bypass shield scaling and amplify vs health. 60k dps is enough to shed most enemies in this game barring the toughest in a moment, even at sortie tiers. I have been running a viral riven build, shreds bombards, gunners at level 100 in a second or so. My build is a universal build with high dps, some swap out capable components(as mentioned), and high innate damage. It is not built for bragging rights of fighting level 200-300 enemies which don't even appear under normal circumstances, it is built to be functional and reliable. If I wanted to be a meta slave I would be using the Tiberon prime in burst/full auto as my normal rifle.
  20. Honestly, you are kind of being a bit excessive with the exposition. Also primed bane without heavy caliber is actually worse than using heavy caliber. Heavy cal gives a 62% damage boost against all targets( vs serration alone: 4.3/2.65 = 1.62). Secondly: Primed cryo is a single slot 165% Modifier. To be fair, I see neither the soma nor the stradavar as hybrid guns, they don't work well for that role due to their rate is so low. Also you messed up your status/second significantly, using that build for the soma prime would net you 6.3/second. Build I am using for no riven crit: Serration, heavy caliber, split chamber, vigilante armaments, Point strike, vital sense, Primed cryo rounds, vile acceleration(-3.5% damage +90% increased fire rate, 83% dps boost). Could drop vigilante for 90% toxin for a slight boost to both dps(like 1.5%) and get viral, which once active will double your effective dps further, but against most targets I feel is unnecessary. Could swap vile for toxin to get improved ammo efficiency at the cost of fire rate and burst damage. As for the calculation, you can even pop these in windows calculator and it will pop the damage per shot. Base * (1+[damage boosts]) * (1+ [elemental]) * (1 +[multishot]) *(1 + [Base crit chance]*(1+[Crit chance mods])*([Base crit damage] *(1+[Crit damage mods]) -1)) Stradavar Prime has : 30 * (1+3.15) * (1+1.65)* (1+1.5) * (1 + .24 * (1+1.5) *( 2.6 *(1+1.2) -1)) = 3160 damage per shot average 19 rate of fire. 60k burst, 42k sustained, all targets affected equally. Soma prime has:12 * (1+3.15) * (1+1.65)* (1+1.5) * (1 + .3 * (1+1.5) *( 3.0 *(1+1.2) -1)) = 1715 damage per shot average, 28.5. rate of fire, 49k burst, 29k sustained. Ignoring vigilante effect, due to it's weirdness, but it can be considered a separate 5% chance to double crit which amounts to a ~14.1% damage boost for the stradavar, and 21% for the soma. It isn't tiny but since it only affects 1/20 critical bullets it is very inconsistent and unreliable.
  21. Considering what the end of the barrel looks like, I think the stradavar prime is more of a pulse rifle than a traditional rifle.
  22. Is this a joke? Stradavar Prime Full 30 damage, 24%/2.4 crit, 12% status,10 fire rate. Stradavar prime Semi 80 damage, 30%/2.8 crit, 22% status 3.33 fire rate, 1m punch through, 2 ammo cost Soma Prime 12 damage, 30%/3.0 crit, 10% status, 15 fire rate. Karak wraith 31.2 damage, 13%/2.0, 25% status, 11.87 fire rate Braton prime 35 damage, 12%/2.0 crit, 26% status, 9.58 fire rate Has 2.5* the damage of the soma prime and slightly better statsu but less crit stats and fire rate. Semi Auto is even higher damage per ammo and shot, innate punchthrough same chance, slightly less mult but is very slow. Has damage comparable to the status rifles with double the crit, thus a focus on damage is here. Oh and apparently all rifles pick up 60 ammo(I made that wiki edit before further testing), no clue how long that change has been there but even testing on my switch with a Prisma Gorgon.
  23. Further testing: After the original post I did a few more tests and came to realize the Stradavar does not have a special passive. All rifles now get 60 ammo per box apparently.I aknowledge my mistake in this. The reason I thought this was a special thing was the supra vandal for a time had 60 ammo pickups, while all other rifles got 20 ammo. After testing I found that all of my rifles now pick up 60, even with an unmodded frame, no companion, and unmodded gun(inaros with only an argonak in one test, capture target took like 30 bullets). This undocumented buff to rifle ammo makes many of the more wasteful weapons viable again, even if they aren't as efficient as higher tier guns. Original Post:At a glance I thought the Stradavar was going to just be a weak but fun gun. Full auto was a bit anemic compared to semi, how does 30 damage per shot with a highrate compete with the Tiberon primes full auto even? Semi auto seemed really slow and people said it used two ammo as well, like it was a worse Latron prime with punchthrough, right? It is almost like a very weak rendition of several nearby guns, one of which does it's job even better just a few mr higher. I can gladly say I was quite wrong. What changes this is how it's ammo supply works. It snags my favorite passive, even if the gun it was on isn't my favorite for several reasons, the supra vandal's 60 ammo pickups. You are expected to expend a lot of ammo with this thing. Reasonably fast reloads with a large magazine, you will be dumping mag after mag into groups of enemies. The original Stradavar's semi auto eclipsed the full auto significantly, the prime is a bit more gray. Full auto will work quite well against most opponents, spraying them down without much of a care, but it isn't as ammo efficient nor has the utility of punch through. Semi auto has precision, higher power, utility and consistency on it's side, it's nearly a laser pointer in accuracy, has the ability to deal with heavy units without much expenditure, deals with hiding enemies and conga lines with ease, and has a higher crit chance giving you more constant flow of crits. In terms of ammo economy the Stradavar has a significant advantage because it gets triple rifle ammo boxes. It would be akin to a 90/120 damage per normal ammo full/semi auto rifle with critical focus, and either high rate of fire or punch through. It's not going to be winning any awards for damage, dps, or even ammo effeciency(except maybe in the full auto rifle category), but it is in a good place.
  24. Not ammo mutation, it has the supra vandal effect of 60 ammo rifle boxes. EDIT: Apparently all rifles now get 60 ammo per box, that is really unusual. They used to get 20. Weird undocumented change apparently.
  25. Secondary fire deals has 166% more damage per shot, increased crit stats, status and innate punchthrough. The downsides are 2 ammo per shot and 1/3 the rate of fire. Overall increase of 33% raw damage per ammo, with the improved stats otherwise. I would say that is a good tradeoff for a semi/full auto weapon, makes both modes reliable and usable. the improved ammo drop passive is also amazingly fun. EDIT: Apparently all rifles now get 60 ammo per box, that is really unusual. They used to get 20. Weird undocumented change apparently.
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