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  1. Yeah, I've been thinking about it on and off all day. I guess if it is bugged and reload / magazine capacity / fire rate are not working right, then there isn't much else to mod for outside of straight damage and status. Just kind of feels wasted since the thing does no damage. I have been enjoying it though. I've been using radiation and viral with a some punch through. It really does provide some nice utility with the debuffs and Synth mods.
  2. According to the Cryotra wiki: "Increasing the Cryotra’s Fire Rate with Mods such as Speed Trigger or Shred also increases its status chance." "Increasing or decreasing Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Magazine Capacity has no impact on beam duration nor delay between beam firings; it always fires the beam for 4 seconds, then reloads for 4 seconds, before firing again." I found this post: I decided to try this and it's actually pretty fun, though I think I will use Radiation / Viral or perhaps the suggested Gas / Cold. However, I'm really unsure as to what mods I should use. As mentioned by the wiki listing above, Fire Rate, Reload Speed, and Magazine Capacity seem to not work. And as this is a Sentinel weapon, the damage is basically non-existent. So... what should I put on the thing? I've been messing with it to try out this build, but all I actually have on the weapon is Thermite Rounds, Rime Rounds, and Speed Trigger. What else should I really use considering how it seems to be kind of heavily bugged (or... perhaps it's intentional that it fires for four seconds then stops for four seconds?). Suggestions appreciated.
  3. How does trading a Kuva Lich weapon work? I can not simply trade for the weapon, right? I must trade for... the Lich, then kill it? How do I make the Lich spawn? I have one pursuing me right now. Will it just show up in a mission like the Stalker? Finally, is it just un-killable without the proper requiem mods and combination?
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