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  1. @[DE]Danielle in regards to the fae path ephemera situation for consoles, could you guys just make it attainable through redeem code? Y’know like the “freesword” code is/was? Seems like simple solution but i dunno.
  2. @[DE]Taylor quick question. Is it possible that we could get coloring options just for the helmets of our warframe separate from the rest of the body?? I ask this because often times wanting to put a certain tennogen helmet with a different body is thrown off because either the colors or textures don’t match up. Giving the helmet it’s own coloring options would help alleviate that issue greatly, much like you guys did with giving syndanas their own coloring options a while back.
  3. Usually when an update drops, you are required to hard reset your Xbox then launch the update from the “my games and apps” feature to prevent the current problem you’ve experienced. Idk if you tried that way
  4. One big problem regarding our operator customization menu. All of the sliders in the operator customization menu do not work at all. This includes both arrows AND being able to click on the actual slider bar itself to adjust the position/look of our operator features. This has been an issue since the sacrifice update as it pertains to Xbox. Idk about the other platforms. Can it be fixed?? other than that, preciate the update. Thank you to all who made the tennogen items as well. Looks good
  5. @[DE]Megan the player credit amount is bugged. I have 1,150,000,000 credits but when I downloaded update my amount was down to 999,999,999. Also when I tried to make something in the foundry it took credits from the 999,999,999 meaning as of now the I’m literally missing at least 148 million credits. Luckily I aborted the build in my foundry but this really needs to be fixed. I did a lot of grinding for those credits. The amount is also capped at 999,999,999 at the moment so credits earned from missions can’t be added to it either
  6. Also to add to absorb problems, she’s left vulnerable on deactivation animation with no way to defend herself. A random well timed shot can easily kill her. Been an issue since she’s been in the game.
  7. All this time you guys had. All the unique ideas in the forums and everywhere else aaand this is what ya got? Sounds very underwhelming. it doesn’t really tackle most issues the community has with the frames in terms of QoL changes especially Titania. This all seems very... meh. Y’all can do better and you know it
  8. Looking good, looking forward to playing nezha now. Also DE Pablo it you’re reading this, could you please be in charge of my bae Nyx’s rework whenever it comes? Every frame you touch just makes sense. We appreciate it greatly
  9. I really like the scaling login rewards. I still think you should place the weapons and primed mods in eso (or other content that’s challenging) while putting peculiar mods in the login system as it’s seems for fitting imho. As far as trading login rewards, I don’t mind it at all, I logged in for it. It’s mine and I feel like I should be able to do what I want with it but if it stays the same then it’s whatever. But yeah my only problem is that these weapons and mods are behind a time wall, that’s not a good way to do it imo.
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