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  1. If you wish to dispute a ban of any kind, you will need to contact support by opening a ticket at http://support.warframe.com No one can assist you here on the forums.
  2. I think that is enough back and forth on this thread. Since it has failed to keep civil from page one, it is being locked.
  3. Thread cleaned. Since the discussion quickly became an insult match between posters (thank you folks who kept it civil) I am locking the thread.
  4. I want to remind the posters present that civil discussion is good, but disagreeing with a topic does not give you a free pass to be abusive to other players. The thread has been cleaned. Carry on.
  5. I am locking this thread, as there appears to be a bunch of contradictory claims going around. At the end of the day, the premise is simple - don't trade for promises. If it cannot be put in a trade window at a Dojo, then you should not be trading it. If something were to go wrong with your trade, such as being scammed, a disagreement down the line, or something was done in bad faith, you lose the ability to go to support to have it fixed. If someone is offering you a large amount, you also run the risk of having that platinum reversed and a deficit being placed on your account, leading t
  6. There is a large difference between working with newer / undergeared players to help them complete an event (a positive thing), and standing in a corner while the rest of the team do all of the work (AFK farming). The latter should be reported, and there is an option to do so if you right-click their name and use the report function. You can also submit screenshots to support via http://support.warframe.com. Since this topic has degraded into insults back and forth, I am locking this thread.
  7. If you need to talk to someone about your chat ban, you should open a ticket with support at http://support.warframe.com No one here on the forums can assist you.
  8. Tenno - we are looking at issues with Lavos’ Catalyze Ability having some problems affecting enemies on the vertical plane (above and below the point of casting). This issue is currently being addressed internally, and we are planning on fixing this with a hotfix - hopefully coming very soon!
  9. With the release of Operation: Ophix Venom, you can snake your way into a new Warframe, Lavos! Lavos has some new mechanics, a new style of play, and a lot of adaptable skills for you to experiment with. Lavos does not use energy in the same way as other Warframes, and his abilities have some nuance that is important to learn while mastering! PASSIVE Energy and Universal Orbs give Lavos status immunity for 10 seconds. Hold any Ability to imbue the next cast with additional Elemental Damage and Status. OPHIDIAN BITE Lash out with a toxic serpentine strike, c
  10. Greetings Tenno! Operation: Ophix Venom is live and we are looking to hear your thoughts on the latest battle between you, your Necramech, and your Sentient enemies! Remember, you do not have to own a Necramech to take part in this operation, as there will be deactivated Necramechs in the mission for you to Transference into. You will have to have completed the following quests to take part, however: Heart of Deimos The War Within We want to know your feedback on the following areas: How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to suc
  11. Greetings Tenno! A new challenge has arisen in the Origin System against the ancient Sentient foe! Operation: Orphix Venom is now live, and we are looking to collect any issues you have with the new Operation in one place. If you encounter a problem or bug with Operation: Orphix Venom, please submit them below. BEST PRACTICES Include a video or a screenshot if possible! Visual references can help direct us to issues faster than without them. When taking a screenshot, use the F6 key, as this helps generate valuable metadata for us to be able to reference! Steps
  12. Since this thread has degraded into back and forth, I am locking it. The issue was a sadly unavoidable one, and we will be re-running the missing part on a stream next week.
  13. If you have a question about a ban, then support are the only people who can help you. Locking.
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