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  1. We wanted to add some clarity: a Kuva Lich can only be traded once. A player can convert a Kuva Lich which then can be traded to another player as an active Kuva Lich for the recipient. If that Kuva Lich is converted again, it will not be eligible for trading. Should the traded Kuva Lich also have an Ephemera, then both the original Tenno and the receiving Tenno will earn the Ephemera upon defeat or conversion. As for the Ephemera’s themselves, we are going to be doubling the drop chance of Ephemera for all newly generated Kuva Liches. We still have more changes to make and discussions are still ongoing.
  2. Greeting, Lich Hunters! After the release of the Kuva Lich System in Update 26: The Old Blood, you have been providing us a lot of feedback on what you do and don’t like about hunting your personal Lich. While we have made many improvements over the past week, we have more to come. We are adding the following very soon, based on your feedback: WEAPON RNG REDUCTION - Your Kuva Lich will no longer have the same weapon twice in a row. While you may get a duplicated weapon down the road, your Kuva Lich will have a guaranteed different weapon than its immediate predecessor. RECYCLE YOUR REQUIEM - 4 Defiled Requiem Mods can now be Transmuted into a random, fully charged, Requiem Mod. This gives them some additional use, as well as helping you clean up your inventory. TRADE YOUR LICH - If you have a Converted Kuva Lich, you may trade them with another player, who may be looking for a specific Kuva Lich Weapon or Ephemera. This system will be coming soon, including the use of a brand new Dojo Room inspired by the early ‘War Room’ design from the King Pin System! MORE TO COME - We are looking at other ways in which we can make the Kuva Lich system more rewarding and unique, although there is still a lot of internal discussion surrounding the ‘hows’ while maintaining the design intent. More on this as it is finalized. Monitoring, tweaking and balancing this new process is an ongoing effort, and we rely on your feedback to let us know what you think. Please keep your feedback constructive and succinct, making sure you give suggestions to systems you do not like, while detailing why you do like a system, should that be your opinion. The hunt continues! UPDATED: 11.13.19 @ 5.23PM
  3. This issue is unrelated to the bug posted in this thread. Make a ticket to support and they might be able to help you.
  4. Yep! We are aware. We are looking into a fix.
  5. Hey folks. We are aware of an issue surrounding Valence Transfers not working. We are looking into it right now.
  6. Annnnd... it's locked. I don't think anyone on the forums can answer the question for you, really.
  7. This is also something we are discussing. We don't want players to be held hostage in their own progression, but the execution of how to prevent that has to be handled correctly.
  8. Hey Lich Hunters, It is obvious by the impassioned responses here that the last hotfix and Murmur changes left a bad taste in some people’s mouths. The initial granting of Murmur progression was unintentional, but in those 24 hours, it seems that many of you have enjoyed the incentive to play together for shared benefits on Kuva Lich hunting. As a result, we are discussing internally about incentives and ways to mitigate some of the pain points many of you have. As always, new systems take some time to settle in and we will be doing several balance passes. Your enemy is a personal one, but Warframe is ultimately a co-op experience and we want to make sure that is encouraged and rewarded fairly.
  9. As we have hit the end of the month, the Warframe Inktober thread is officially closed! Thank you to everyone who participated, and great work on all of your submissions!
  10. Yep, here is what we know: We have identified an issue whereby certain ISPs and/or certain types of router can cache and then serve outdated, or stale, versions of web requests made by Warframe (thus causing old alerts to remain visible, or build timers not to progress). We are currently developing a solution that would prevent such caching. Until then our best advice is to attempt to disable any caching on your router (power cycling it may temporarily purge its cache), and ensure all Warframe-related ports are open (more information on this is available here: https://www.warframe.com/firewall) Thank you for your patience, and we suggest that if you are not fluent in how your router works, you should contact your ISP or look at your user manual. Some routers may have these settings shut off, so you may need some help from your provider.
  11. Doing some cleanup in here. Be civil to one another please.
  12. A reminder; everyone loves a good lore discussion - including to motives, morality and everything in between, but that does not mean that the discussion has to degrade into personal attacks. Keep it civil please folks.
  13. Hey folks. We are absolutely looking into the issue and seeing if we can get it fixed. I will post here when I have something solid to report.
  14. Since the topic has derailed for the majority and it's moved into uncivil territory, it is getting locked.
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