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  1. The thing with previous posts is they can be very very many... and I definately don't read all when the list gets long. =) For this reason, that info might have been nice to have in the initial announcement.
  2. Deimos Open World (Cambion Drift) tested again since this is where I had my biggest problems. These things seem to have helped a great deal with above mention issues: Graphics Engine - Enhanced (beta) works well but only if I stayed with DX 11. It seems using DX 12 was the biggest culprit on my system. Switching back to DX 11 suddenly made tesselation and Flip-Mode available again. It also seems to have solved the big black squares/blocks showing up randomly. Other things that does effect FPS drops significanlty though - especially on Deimos: Effects Intensity - Dr
  3. This has started happening to me as well now. Didnt used to BUT ... I just recently upgraded computer to this: MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 32 GB System RAM My NVidia GTX 1060 6GB is pretty much the only thing left from old computer. Rig has only SSD drives now. I feel I need to add some additional info here such as: Warframe is installed and runs through STEAM but it was on separate drive earlier so the game was NOT reinstalled when I did a clean install of: Windows 10 Pro x64 wich in turn has just a few days ago updated itself. I simply re
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