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  1. Reproduction steps: Assign Helminth ability to Mod Loadout A, B or C - e.g. C. Go to Arsenal and swap the order of the Mod Loadouts - e.g. swap A with C. In the above example, the Helminth Ability remains on C. I personally consider the Helminth ability to be part of my loadout, along with Aura, Exilus and Arcanes. So, I would consider this a bug. Example situation: experimenting with a new build for Nekros that includes a Helminth ability. You decide its really good and want to make it Nekros' default loadout - so you move it to Mod Loadout A. Issue is that the Helminth
  2. Yes, a million times yes. I'm "too new" (or functionally new, since I took a huge gap after being new and starting playing for real) - so I can't recognise whether an item is vaulted by item name only. Due to the gap I actually have a huge stockpile of vaulted relics, so I can't even use the quantity I own as any metric.
  3. As much as I would love that in principle - it's definitely beyond the scope of this thread. My issue is just the accessibility of the feature - not the feature itself. I fear that going too deep into discussions about how the feature itself functions would just distract from the point, and bad-agents will likely quote our wishful thinking as the secret agenda. However, with it clarified that we're not discussing the main topic: some games do offer both. For example, in another game I play you can buy an XP booster for 10 wins (game time) or for 3 days (real time, but also includes losse
  4. The rules discourage resurrecting old threads. I can boost interest in that thread instead, if you prefer. "They" never responded to the issue last time. I don't expect them to see every piece of feedback scattered over the internet. Design philosophy can change in 6 years - 6 years ago they would have never added an on-screen indicator for grenades, and they admitted that in the developer's blog. Why is it unreasonable to ask for an accessibility accommodation? It doesn't hurt anyone to ask, and the request also wouldn't hurt anyone if was implemented. And while the reas
  5. Sorry, I reported it separately since the Railjack update predated Call of the Tempestarii - and so I didn't realize that this sub-forum was also for the Corpus Proxima/Railjack update. Bug Report: I am having extreme difficulty starting missions as the captain without explicitly choosing to play solo. Reproduction: Attempt to start a mission from your own railjack. Get whisked away to an exist crew. Often I'm not even taken to the mission I selected. Get angry. For all I know, the only reason I've been able to enjoy reliably starting missions as t
  6. I thought I'd come back once I'd rested and was more calm, and restructure my frustration into something more palatable. However, the first two missions I attempted to start went as follows: I loaded into someone's dry dock. I loaded into a grineer tileset despite selecting a corpus tileset.
  7. I imagine most of those people are Americans and the reset happens at ~4-5pm for them. This means people who are at home all day can fully utilizes two daily resets in one day, and people who work get to come home to a fresh reset. Whereas I'm someone who works evenings/nights and so maintains that sleep schedule all the time - resetting at midnight (my time) means I just miss out on daily rewards.
  8. I'm on my Railjack. I'm using the Navigation console on my Railjack. I select to begin a mission by selecting the node directly - i.e. I do not choose the option to join someone else's crew. I get whisked off to someone else's mission. Sometimes I don't even get taken to the mission I selected. Sometimes I don't even get taken to a mission - I have on numerous occasions spent ages loading into someone's dry dock. I've just spent nearly 20 minutes trying to start a mission on my own fricking railjack and I'm just so exasperated. And before
  9. Sort of like discounts, can we get the options to "Claim and use" OR "Claim and use next session". I can't be the only one who stays up passed midnight, but doesn't plan on staying up for 11 hours after midnight (or however long the short boost lasts). After I started writing the thread, I was informed that the server restart happens at 00:00 GMT+0 internationally. Well, the ruins my example - but that means how useless short duration boosters are increases/decreases based on proximity to the GMT+0, so some of you may have never experienced an issue and some of you might even have it wor
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