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  1. Aye, but they've been against adding other on-screen indicators too - I was hoping that (perhaps) now was the time with all the other UI improvements they've been making lately.
  2. That is a good way to implement the feature, but my umbrage was more that I didn't feel like adding the ability to ban during matchmaking was the appropriate solution to problematic frames (or frames/mission combinations). But that's just my opinion on the matter. Given non-public games exist: the net-consequences of allowing a custom filter might not outweigh the positive-feedback.
  3. I meant for his task. I would obviously keep it on private for the scanning of random enemies - I can't rely on random groups to not alert them. :') The quest reward for completing his task does not count toward the daily limit - so it's definitely worth doing.
  4. Trinity is easy - it's just boring. I think that the 2 minutes is meant to be a defensive phase - but the spawn density is practically non-existent, and the enemies that do spawn are trivial. Mesa requires farming a specific resource and then waiting an hour PER ATTEMPT - again, just time consuming. Nidus is frustrating due to the low drop chance and also the fact it's only a C rotation reward. It's also a mission type that a lot of players don't enjoy - so forcing players to complete 4 rounds and not even be near-guaranteed a part puts him high on my list of worst farms. My friend
  5. As someone who's been grinding Simaris for base-frame BPs over the last fortnight (to feed Helminth, I had already sold my originals), I've been on Private just to ensure target-spawn - but it's hella lonely. :(
  6. Graphics make suggestions easier to follow: As the title says, would it be possible to add some additional options for public sessions? Example situations: AVOID HOSTING: Your connection is too bad to host (particularly for staged fights, like Ropalolyst: bad hosts causes buggy gameplay). AVOID EXISTING SESSIONS: You're doing content that requires mission-start to trigger (e.g. Simaris). WAIT FOR PLAYERS: You need help with a Steel Path Assassination (as opposed to sitting at the start of the mission waiting). Some of these options might achieve the same th
  7. Any enemy that drains your health/energy. I'm not referring to a specific unit - I'm referring to an effect. As far as I'm aware "leech" is a prefix/suffix that many enemies can have - but what they do is the same, and I'm asking that they should all be given a telegraph.
  8. In the same vein as the recent changes you made to grenades, can you please improve the ability to locate leeches? It could be a locator pin, or just a tether between you and the leech. I would rather it's not an audio cue (my least favourite part of Disruption), but that would still be better than what is basically nothing at the moment. I hate that the only indication that there's an energy leech is when I hear the "insufficient energy" noise.
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