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  1. Thankfully, Jean wasn't quite up to speed on Team Infiltration's shenanigans, so she didn't have to fake surprise and confusion, and managed to not blush at the man caught in a...Compromising situation, by the looks of it. She shrugged a bit, flabbergasted at the newest developments. She shrugged. In a way, this was weird...But she had seen weirder. "...I've got nothing."
  2. While she managed to look calm, Jean very nearly flinched when she received that stare, completely sure she had burned their cover and she'd get everyone under trouble. The rifle she bore was a burden, and the hidden ceramic blades hidden all over her felt oddly comforting. As it turned out however, it was just the man's paranoia, all was (mostly) well. His instant dismissal of her was both good, being underestimated was always profitable, and infuriating. She was torn between sighing in relief and whapping him behind the ear just to show the man what she was made of, and did neither, until things started to go wrong. Cargo checking...That was bad. That could go from zero to open battleground fast, and she really didn't feel like spilling bood right now, so...Bluff it was. The good news was, she knew, just what to do, who to emulate. Channeling 'Uncle David' at his finest, she kept a calm smile and a tone of voice that felt disturbingly cheerful, lightly tapping on her rifle as her eyes sunk into Jin's and simply didn't let go, suddenly intense. "I am repercussions, by the way. Start something and I'll gladly end it. So let's not go that way, shall we?"
  3. Jean simply stood by Annika's side, silent. Both because that's how she figured a bodyguard would act and because she had no idea what she should say. She stood there, wearing the same suit she used for the previous gig and doing her best to look menacing. While she was in no way a good actress (being noticably terrible at lying), there was enough truth to her role that she played the park. If anyone did a wrong move, they would end up with a gun to their head, and she was faitrly certain her reaction time oustripped any of the ordinary humans here. The one big issue, the thing that made her shiver inside, was what would happen afterwards? Could she actually press the trigger? Could she get away with just knocking the enemy out, would that blow her cover? Worse, would that leave the other teams in danger? Would that leave the Ciphers in danger? They were just humans, not nearly as resilient as the rest of them. She might have just met them, but she already felt some attachment to them. So stood Jean Ellis, wrung out by worry and stress but looking appropriately somber and threatening and strongly hoping Annika knew what she was doing.
  4. Jean recoiled almost physically at Cyriann's remark. "I wouldn't! I couldn't! I-I'm not...That's kind of why I wanted infiltration, uou know. So I wouldn't have to hurt someone as long as we did our job correctly. I'm not sure I could hurt someone without provocation like that. I'm not sure i could...Kill someone. And I though...I thought maybe what I know on electronics might be useful to the infiltrators. But if I'm needed in recon, then I'll go there. Alpha, keep an eye on them okay?" The cat gave everyone a hesitant look, successively staring intensely at Hayden and Annika as if to say... 'I do not like this. Do not mess up.Or else.' It was a very expressive stare. It was followed by an almost mournful meow to his pack leader, before he fell silent. "...Don't be like that, I'll be fine. Miss Annika, I'll be in your care."
  5. "Um...I managed full contact with the hackers, learned a few things. One we probably need to know...Sakuraba seems to be in cahoots with a few syndicates on the topic of the plane. I think this might be important?" She took a second to think. "If we're still going with the old play, I'd like to join the infiltration team if that's fine."
  6. Jean nodded, hesitating. It wasn't fear so much as worry. When they had met, Annika had seemed professional. In control. It seemed quite out of character for her to explode in such a fashion. Could the virus still be affecting them, in a more insidious fashion? Slowly changing them, shaping them from the inside after they managed to resist the primo-infection? Could she still turn feral, no better than the monsters she fought, like her old nightmares used to show her? She felt a panel of sensations,real yet disconnected from reality. A few notes from a lullaby. A warmth entouring her like a coat. A fantom presence like a hand in hers. Emet's work, a communication finer than words. They were right. It would be okay. "I-I'll be fine. I'm sorry." She joined the group on their way to the CIC.
  7. Jean felt happy. She had managed to gather a lot of intel and felt the need to share that with everyone. Well, everyone except thge mad scientist on board, but still.It seemed like there were finally some good news to be appreciated. She walked out of her room... "Gather up everyone, I have grand...Guys?" And found no one. Worried, she started looking, until a scream cut through her woes. Keen ears guided her as she ran through the Liset's corridors and found the scene. Flashing back to Shane's finale, she turned white as a sheet. "Please don't?" While she barely dared to speak up, her voice barely in audible range, the Brit couldn't help but feel sick and tired of all of it. People kept dying. Lasria itself as dead, all that was left was a place where hope went to die. So why? Why couldn't things run right for once? Why couldn't they stop trying to kill eachother while the end of the world kept unraveling? Could they really survive while spending more time fighting their own allies than solving the actually problems?
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