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  1. 1. The removal of the "punishment" for getting the wrong requiem made the whole thing even less organic. It already lacked the sense of consequence in terms of creation of a lich- now it doesn't even feel like a nemesis at all. Not scary or threatening. Just another random poofing out field boss kind of mob for another gun farm for yet another min-maxing. At this point, in the standpoint of being relatively organic, it seems to me as if the G3 and Zanuka have better system to it because they come at you based on your actions and actually give you a penalty for losing the fight. Hell, the liches don't even have any sort of mocking voicelines when they "run away". 1-2. Maybe change the description of "Mercy" as something like: "injecting the right amount of kuva to separate the soul from the body, relieving the pain and granting the victim swift death" or whatever. And correct requiem mercies could be "injecting the right dose to overload the lich with the boiling old blood, weakening them". That would make more sense why using the wrong requiem would power up the lich. 2. I really, really need to see more variations in quirks and personalities. Male liches are funny guys, and female liches are all serious and logical- it was fresh when it first came out. The excitement lasted a week. But after that, the voicelines became old and repetitive. The patterns bored me out way too quickly. The liches, at the very least, need different voicelines with swapped personalities to feed it some fresh air. And I don't mean differently pitched lines that sounds like another. I mean actual new voicelines. New lines for serious male liches and wacky female liches. Please.
  2. Weapon exilus mods are there, I believe based on what the team told us, to provide the use of utiliy mods without sacrificing a mod slot. However, from what I see, the currenlty available collection of pexilus mods doesn't exactly look complete. I don't get why, for instance, Fast Hands isn't a weapon exilus mod while Ammo Drum is. The way I see it, one of the categories of "utility" for a gun would be faster reload, more bullets in a magazine, increased maximum ammo, and more chance of picking up ammo- but only the increased max ammo option is available. And, you know what- I think mods such as Wild Frenzy, Firestorm, or Shred (to some extent) should be available for the pexilus mod slot. They all do not fiddle with the stats of the gun, but simply provides "function" or "utiliy" of choice. I hope one of the staffs replies to this. I'd like to know, if these can't be done, why.
  3. Tbh, the whole lich system feels like "press x to get gun". Doesn't really feel consequential, you know? It'll be great the next Corpus nemesis works like shadow of mordor, where nemesis is created through your choice of actions. Like: the head engineer in charge of Ambulas' maintenance got pissed because you just won't stop breaking it. I gotta cry beeg since Grineer bruddas always get the meh prototype when it comes to new stuff for Corpus capitalist bastards to learn and improve on/from its errors/shortcomings.
  4. Wh-what? So I don't get punished for guessing wrong? Where's the frustration and fun in that?
  5. Well forward artillery does have an avionics that boosts its damage. It's just rare. But you know what, that's not what you need at the moment. You need language school, that's what you need.
  6. In case you western bois are wondering why rat would symbolise intelligence... One of the 12 animals is paired up with one of the 10 letters in the the lunar year cycle to name the year. First comes the rat. There's a story behind this. See, it is said that these 12 animals raced against each other to number themselves- obviously, to see who's the best. The rat knew it couldn't win since it was so small. So the rat decided to ride on the back of the cow who was the most diligent. Long story short, the cow was about to come in first when the rat jumped off its back to come in first place instead. There you have it. A story behind the whatever you couldn't care less about.
  7. Something like this, maybe? The current animation for of her Sleight of Hand and Eclipse is identical- except one side is faster than the other. It makes her abilities look so boring. I would really love to see some diversity in her animations, you know.
  8. Elytron really needs some touch-ups. You see, I believe this particular Archwing was designed to hold down one spot and deal some damage in a large aoe to repel general space units. But here in Railjack missions, fighter jets aren't slow or still. You can't really hit anything with 1 unless you go pop it in the face, 2 doesn't work since the map is too wide and there are simply too many enemies, 3 can't be affective since the area is so wide open, and 4 -the "tactical nuke" as strong as a firecracker- works even worse than it did in archwing missions: it either flies off into nothingness or hit a rock, harming nothing (unless you throw it at a missile battery.). Sure, we have archguns, but what is the point of having an archwing if it does not serve its purpose?
  9. All this "sliding is a playstyle". No it isn't. It's called an exploit. Edit: Well yeah, sliding itself is not an exploit. But if you start sliding non-stop thorugh the whole level bajilion times- now that is an exploit.
  10. Any plans on adding more personalities? It would be really nice to see (at least) the jovial/serious personality switched between genders of the liches.
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