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  1. Will the spin attack spam meta ever end?
  2. 🅱️Uddah man says: "🅱️reh it's you's that's 🅱️roken, not the world." And then he said "Sto🅱️ the time three thousand."
  3. Metalics look like smooth plastic. It's as if I'm looking at the old Void materials. Where did all the shiny stuff go?
  4. Oh boi thanks for all these fixes and hard work! But, still. I am also waiting for this issue to get a fix, pretty please?
  5. 1. When will the new fortuna amps' pieces' placements issues get a fix? 2. Any updates on Zephyr [DE]luxe? 3. What is next on the list of melee 2.9999999999999999? 3-1) Duel wielding? 4. What are the plans for the pets rework? 5. Any new status updates on movement 3.0? 6. What can we expect in the archwing rework coming with railjack? (If it is indeed planned) 7. When will that sidequest of Ordis come out? 8. Any new Ephemeras? I'd like a ground cracking ephemera.
  6. Ah darn, you right. My bad. But nah, don't call me that. I'm just a less invested gamer that didn't try enough to understand that.
  7. Ye KnOw WhAt Ye JuSt HaTe It BeCaUsE yOu SpEnT a LoT oF tImE aNd MoNeY oN tHaT rIvEn. Come on bois. You did fine even without the rivens. Let's not be so boring angry bunch of people.
  8. Rivens are there to balance the old and new weapons based on their usage and keep players try out different stuff the devs make. Keeping certain popular things ridiculously strong is not quite balanced or helps the diversity, right? DE always tries to keep the meta from staying too long. We all know this.
  9. But what about these issues here?
  10. Why is Mesa Prime missing that Prime Details option?
  11. Then people will complain yet again saying it's basically Gara.
  12. Operator masks still become bigger when you transfer out of your warframe in a place other than your orbiter...
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