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  1. Operator, have you noticed? Your Argon Crystals... Arr-GOOnnnNnnN!! - have degraded!
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: I let Protea hold the Opticor and Arca Plasmor. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Just equip Opticor or Arca Plasmor with Protea. A bigger gun with lower forestock. EXPECTED RESULT: Her left elbow. and wrist will be seen twisted, holding up the gun all weird in both of her agile and noble stance. OBSERVED RESULT: Same as above. Limbs act weird. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time Protea holds the Opticor or Arca Plasmor, it happens.
  3. Okay, aight I guess. Guess I was wrong.
  4. Well the Corpus got... 1. Alad V in many different parts of the quests, with 3 versions of himself 2. Nef Anyo playing a clear role in Fortuna 3. Revamped boss fights 4. Complete overhauled maps 5. Abundant lore fragments (Fortuna, gas city, Khora) 6. Updates that carry lore with them. 7. Enemy variants and weapon variants. See what Grineers have. 1. Big outer circle lores without depth, only added with cinematics. 2. PoE, where it's more about Cetus people, not the Grineer. Even then, Grineers are just re-skinned normal mobs. 3. Liches, yes. But still without context or lore. 4. Earth which is just a remaster, not a revamp or remake. 5. Ghoul data fragments? That's just one. 6. Same bosses. 7. Enemy designs with no real diversity. Content wise, Grineer does have a lot. But it only is there for the sake of the game. No lore or fun. Corpus always comes next, building the update on the feedback on Grineer updates. Grineers are just lab rats. In-game wise and update wise.
  5. Cinematic quests, liches, railjack and all that. Sure. Grineers do take up majority of CONTENT. But when it comes to lore, integrity, stability and diversity, they just don't stand any chance against the Corpus. (Let's put aside the Infested and the Corrupted for a moment.) Grineers are always a labrat for testing the new mechanics. After the bugs and feedback, the better version of the new gamemode/mechanics get implemented to the Corpus. Through Plains of Eidolon/Cetus, the Orb Vallis/Fortua was set up to be the better version of the open map game. Now, with all the feedback from liches and first railjack, the Corpus, once they get THEIR versions of the gamemode, will have far better version of it while the Grineers will be abandoned, stuck with the old and relatively bad version of it all. While the Corpus have all the mob variants with diverse designs, Grineers are stuck with same old potato design. Even when it comes to weapons and stuff. And the rework and revamp. While the Corpus got a new set of mobs with new Jupiter and are about to get a brand new ship tileset with THEIR new version of mobs, Grineers are still stuck with the exact same stuff from years years back. Now don't go "But they got remastered Earth and Kuva Fortress!". The earth remaster was a straight up REMASTER. No real new "rework" anywhere. No newly designed mobs or layouts. Kuva Fortress was a new map, sure. But the mobs were just re-skinned same old bois with re-skinned old guns. It's a sad truth. Grineers only get the beta version of everything, only to get stuck with it. The lore is provided only with the cinematic quests, which doesn't exactly provide any "inside" lore that explains details of things. Corpus is always loved more than anything, filled with meat and bones. They even got main villains narrating on the lore, for crying out loud.
  6. Sure thing. Will do! Edit: well darn. Too late, I guess.
  7. http:// LOOK AT THIS! The LEADER was pointing an invisible gun at us this ENTIRE TIME! Disagreement to violent Corpus doctrine, my ass! NEVER TRUST CORPUS! Join the Grineer Bruddas in their true neutral and pacifist gang of Steel Meridian!
  8. WWW is a small Rank 10 Shadow clan with a dozen members, looking to grow to be a relatively noticeable sized clan. Anybody is welcome to join. Active policy isn't strong. I just need you to be online once or twice a week, or not stay dormant for longer than 60 days. We don't have any edgy cringe elite gamer veteran species anywhere here. If you are looking for a peaceful and a little dumb community, this might be the clan for you. We have most researches done, except for 100 pizza blueprints, Hema blueprint and Ignis Wraith blueprint (Which Baro brings from time to time, so no real need? Maybe?) Come around, join us. Notice me in the Wiki discussion board. We also got a stupid little discord where we S#&$post most of the times. wait, you already have a clan and don't really want to throw it away? No problem. We also got an Alliance called "The Intellectuals". Geddit, cuz.... cuz we, we on a wiki, and wiki is very smart and... you know... Okay, I'll just, wait for your replies.
  9. While other, much bigger decorations such as orokin cell array, costs only 5 capacity cost, one single articula decoration costs 100. I don't really get why this is the case. Does it have something to do with the coding? Do too many action figures crash the game? But then again, 1000 roombas don't exactly shut the game down. Could you please reduce the capacity cost of articulas to, say, 20 or 50?
  10. Reinstalling the game right now. The game is optimised.
  11. http://http:// Is this happening only to me? What is wrong here?!
  12. Probably about that tonkor grineer shield boi. eLiTe GaMeR vEtErAnS hate them so much.
  13. http://http://http://http:// Please fix this ASAP!! I dunno what is happening!
  14. THE WHOLE CRIME SCENE IS WRONG! The floor tiles are standing UPRIGHT, piercing the heavens! And the framerate drops like crazy!
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