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  1. and also make the tube emphemara permanent
  2. Can't make the best when they keep removing the best
  3. I don't go in to succeed. Just to vent because i consider it a complete waste of resources to code it in when they're just going to remove it anyway. I honestly don't even know why I'm still playing this game honestly
  4. Make the tube emphemara permanent. I can deck people's halls with my bell fists, i can slice and dice enemies with a candy cane. All while having the appearance of an angel with my wings. But an inflatable tube is too goofy? Get outta here with that. Don't bother putting it in the game if we can't keep it. Same goes for EVERY holiday cosmetic. I want my moustaches, i want my bunny ears, i want back all the stuff you removed from my inventory for no reason. Yall are making this game less fun.
  5. How dare you suggest something viable, fun, and easy to do. And no less on this, the days of dogs summer
  6. Once again removing items from our inventory for no reason. Sick of the temporary S#&$. Just don't put it in the game if we can't actually KEEP the items we get.
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