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  1. Another point of feedback on Sevagoth, namely his Shadow. For a while I thought he simply couldn't slide, because there was next to no visual feedback on the matter. Turns out he can crouch, but while moving the slide shifts the reticle down a negligible amount and that's the only indication. A simple qol: give him a more "proper" slide animation, such as dragging a claw along the ground behind him (loosing the same bits of sparks fx as our normal slides). It would add functional visual feedback useful to parkour, and feed into the feelsgood factor of his whole dread wraith theme.
  2. While I'm sure many others will cover much-needed power issues, this is one thing I absolutely can't leave unsaid for the record: Popping into kiddo form during Shadow state force-deactivating the Shadow and dropping you back off into Sevagoth is a massive technical kneecap feeling. Jarring. "Oh hey, we know you were just doing what's become a core gameplay reflex at this point but uhh, sucks to suck you gotta top off this bar deal as skinny lad before you can play that form again." First thought: don't have kiddo mode force-deactivate the Shadow. Simple. It just feels janky and ba
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