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  1. Me: Orbiter decorations? Who has time to waste on that? Also me: spends upwards of ~3 hours painstakingly finding a pixel-perfect holster position for a Thanatos scythe to look partly like it's impaling a Phryke Nidus up through the spine, partly like its hilt is part of the armor - an extra spike coming out the front point of his collar
  2. I was quite happy with other peoples' Lich appearances actually helping everyone, it made putting up with theirs something to actually look forward to. It encouraged multiplayer. If you guys think the previous rate of other players' Liches counting just as much as our own was a tad too generous, then how about let us still get something for them as an agreeable middle ground, such as half of the murmur progress ours is worth. Unintended or not, it undeniably had a positive effect on peoples' disposition toward the whole Lich system. Everybody likes the positive feedback of feeling rewarded for what they're doing. If it's just extra work with nothing to show for, then it's just a chore and annoyance.
  3. Go back to weekly single-item updates like in the olden days instead of these huge multi-topic chunkers once every couple of months. This monsoon-like model does not feel good. Downtime between these updates feel like droughts, and then once they do drop, the volume of feedback on the 4-5+ items you drop simultaneously is so torrential you always end up tourniqueting it off - leaving tons of things unaddressed forever (or until a large overhaul to it at least a year later). When the entire game had a single current topic-of-the-week for discussion to focus on, it felt like feedback got heard and things actually got done about it. Nowadays it's like a Black Friday mad dash every time an update drops and there's no telling whose feedback will even be seen before the flood gates are forcibly shut again, just by way of the sheer volume of it from so many things all dropped at once instead of drip-fed as a manageable stream.
  4. Allow me to preface what I say with... this. This figure hasn't changed for the past... I want to say close to 2 and a half years? Ever since the WoF range nerf. Core concern that'll be THE deciding factor on whether or not this rework will meaningfully revive Ember for me or not, is in regards to LoS and AOE. Couldn't help but notice that you mentioned her 4 will be, "enemies in sight," which implies that anything ducking behind any piece of level geometry or other obfuscation will not be targeted. The above image's stats did not come from terrorizing low level missions, contrary to the popular accusation leveled at Ember - it was all from top-of-the-star-chart void key and relic farms. The gameplay hinged entirely on using World On Fire, with the Firequake augment, as a form of on-screen damage-based radar (the insignificant damage numbers, varying from enemy type to type, functioned like very informative radar pings [fodder, heavies, ancients, disruptors, nullifiers {discrepancy between lack of numbers but a huddle of enemy markers on actual radar}]) and momentary pre-emptive engagement cover, precisely because it could strike and knock down enemies behind walls and out of sight, before I'd have to turn the corner for a facefull of automatic hitscan lead. Damage reduction on her 2 sounds nice, but in high levels of play if that figure constantly fluctuates or is able to just disappear from using other abilities "too much," it doesn't meet the exacting standards of what's required of a useful survival ability. When enemies start dealing real damage, a few single digits percent on damage reduction sources make the difference between shrugging and laughing hits off, and getting one-shot. So if the damage reduction figure has to fluctuate from having to regulate the heat gauge via discharging her 3 periodically, and that spelling a dip in the protection amount, it objectively makes the move more of casual-tier fluff than anything to actually count on and place much real stock in to play around. To illustrate: Let's say for the sake of this example that Immolation grants 90% DR when at high heat. Combine that with a healer specter that supplies another 90%. You'd be looking at a combined 99% DR. Let's say we happen to pause to look at this dynamic at a point in the mission where said 99% damage reduction is enough to not get one-shot by something looking your way - now if you have to use Ember's 3 to drop that heat meter, so that it doesn't escalate to full and basically kill you, and let's say it drops your heat meter by 20 or 30% (just a ballpark guess), and that'd bring the damage reduction of Immolation down by the same amount, the amount of damage you'd be looking at, at 97 or 96% total DR is 3 or 4 times what you were taking before at 99%, or even more if you had been using more-yet sources of DR, and now what would have been a livable scrape is instant death. To have the DR fluctuate by even a little bit results in it being no more useful than its lowest potential amount where it counts. Now with this new iteration of her 4 being as it is, it's not a total deal-breaker for it to be limited to what's in sight. However, the lack of reliability in her survivability aspect, as mentioned above, leaves her new kit with a glaring potential weakpoint - the LoS constraints. So the most pressing question I have is: do any of her other abilities get to keep any old-tech AOE functionality - the kind that ignored obstacles in the terrain and worked purely off of range - can her 3 keep this aspect, to use for at least some measure of fleeting cover for engagements?
  5. Can't help but notice that Atlas prime, himself, stands out the least here. The other things here are pretty good. But uh, you sure his kit - as it is right now - is really presentable for the prime limelight?
  6. Thanks for the clarification, and return of function. Suggestion: Raise the extra loot figure on Atlas' Ore Gaze augment to something comparable to the others to let him join the ranks of the looters, and have it grant a passive that awards him more stuff from resource nodes and mining.
  7. Will you be doing anything for his kit? I have a hard time picturing anyone being particularly excited for this one, with the gameplay he currently offers.
  8. Honest feedback on this update from the exact demographic that this game mode is supposed to be aimed towards: - The mods? Bad. Just wholly, objectively bad. You do realize that they're in the same ring as Corrosive Projection, Steel Charge, Growing Power, and Enemy Radar, right? - The arcanes? Actually useless, given that they're competing for prime real estate against things like Energize, Barrier, Aegis, Guardian, Grace, Fury, Avenger, Acceleration, and Velocity. Things that the people that you want interested in this game mode already have. - Still keeping the revive system? Bad. Read any of the innumerable explanations by others why it's bad. I'm not adding another 74 page thesis on the subject to the already sky-scraping pile. - Vitus Essence shenanigans: the only thing that's improved by it is the ayatan star crafting, and that's only ever so slightly. The new Kuva reward is utterly laughable. Please explain to me who thought that it was going to incentivize anyone to return to a "new level 60-80+", scaling, endless, invulnerability-granting-gimmick-drone-filled "high-bar-to-entry endgame level activity," by having it be endlessly less worth bothering with than an old, non-scaling, non-endless, lowbie level 30 activity that nobody's been happy with the stingy rewards of since day 1, several years ago. - No more Ghoul spam, finally: Yey.
  9. 25 Vitus essence for 10k Kuva. That's about 9 essence per reroll. The 3x Vitus essence bundle has a 7% chance on each reward rotation. Vitus essence is entirely missing from the arbitration drones' drop tables, contrary to what was stated, if the drop rates data (as per https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html) is to be believed. In-mission metrics then have you looking at about 40-45 waves of defense, for example, for one reroll on a riven. Mm, mm, rewarding.
  10. Alright, so what are the Kuva rates though? 100 per 10 Vitus wouldn't surprise me at this point. Everyone is thoroughly sick of siphons, nobody likes the Kuva survival, everyone is thoroughly disappointed with the disruption's abysmal rates, and everyone is confused as to why you guys treat it like such an inconceivable notion to just make Kuva a dropped resource in all of the Fortress' missions and reward tables. It's one of the most counter-intuitive things I've ever seen in any game.
  11. Kuva guardian demolishers' pathing gets them stuck on this overhang. Needless to say, Kuva disruption mode.
  12. Well then don't call it 'Universal.' A lot of people ground Disruption specifically in hopes of using it to finally finish Conclave. Because it's virtually impossible to actually do Conclave itself, between awful and dead matching and it being a genuinely, objectively bad mode. People can queue up for it and not see a single match for hours, and on the off chance they actually manage to get one, it's more-likely-than-not physically unplayable between unserviceable hit registration issues, astronomical ping, and the maybe-one-other-person either DC-ing due to the poor connection or leaving because they had the misfortune of being a client, because there'll be maybe one other person foolish enough to attempt to waste their time queueing up for it on the entirety of the globe at any given time: and overwhelming chances place them close to the opposite side of it. Does that sound like playing the game, to you?
  13. The 'Etheria' chestpiece from the Harrow Reliquary collection has this random square patch of extra channel 4 mesh in the center.
  14. It's depressing to think back to that whiteboard 'roadmap' from the start of the year that Steve made. An alright update on its own, but in the context of this being the first real content drop since late May, and the last one before that one was what, early March? If this rate is anything to go by, you'll understand if we dread that we won't see even one of the major three until late December, and the completion of the other two will drag on until late fall of next year. Please for the love of god prove me wrong. Monster Hunter World's 'Iceborne' expansion hits PC January 2nd. War Within, Empyrean, Duviri - can you get any of them out before that?
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