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  1. Not to rub salt in the wound too much, but a profound realization hit me this morning. "What's amazing to me is that Monster Hunter World - a game that's already felt complete and you don't expect further updates from - has been outpacing Warframe - y'know, the game that built up its entire reputation on a rapid update cycle - on updates this year." Granted, I know it's not entirely fair to compare a 15 year pedigree to 8, and this is only regarding actual major updates (not counting hotfixes) but still. What a wild statement to have actually be accurate.
  2. Oh boy. A small clip of 1-3 base-level mobs attacking at a time. Totally irrefutable proof right there. Decent energy colors on the nikana skin there though, I'll give you that.
  3. Sounds like you're looking at it as, "the whole point of shields existing is for the shieldgating," and ignoring the narrative that the previous functionality allowed for them to be a legitimate sustainable defensive measure outside of a gating gimmick. How it works now, upon testing, is exactly as I described - non-functional garbage compared to what it used to be. Upon full shield depletion, there is a 4 second delay before they begin to recharge. 4 seconds of not taking any damage from anything whatsoever - in a situation that popped them down in the first place - aka not happening. Having half the proc chance for double the arcanes for half the benefit duration is only the tip of the iceberg - the real nail in the coffin is the fact that said effect can't even proc upon health damage now, meaning once your shields are popped just the once for a shieldgate, the arcane in question might as well not even exist. As if it were able to exist at all before that, in its currently pathetic state. There is legitimately no point in something with a 3% proc chance, let alone when said proc exists on a catch 22 scenario only, even if the payoff was massive. Which in this case it isn't. As it stands, Aegis is actually useless right now.
  4. This isn't a kneejerk reaction or anything. The language on Arcane Aegis as it is now looks like a catastrophic nerf to it in any measurable feasibility, which is in stark contrast to the entire spirit of the rest of the rebalancing overhaul regarding shields: which appeared to seek to legitimize them as a mechanic. The language reads as though it's supposed to be a 3% chance, for 12 seconds, at rank 5 Aegis. For 30%/s shield recharge. Proccable only upon taking damage to shields. Shields that need to still exist. That is an absolutely itembreaking drop in functionality compared to what it was before. Barrier only saw use as a meme on Hildryn because that 4% proc chance could see that rare but massive return, but this? Even less of a chance to work, for a far smaller and weaker scaling return? Rank 5 on arcanes takes 21 copies. Rank 3 was 10. Rank 3 of Aegis used to be 6% for 20s of 60 shields/s. - "Oh, but 30% of your shield values usually means a much bigger return than a mere 60/s"? Issue is, it functionally was not a mere 60. Stacking sources of damage reduction multiplied the functional value of that "mere" 60/s to many tens of times over, and 6% proc chance over a 20s span had a reasonably good chance to be refreshed for what could serve as a pretty respectable defense feature. If damage rates outpaced even that rapidly-regenerating bulwark and that decent proc chance wasn't feeling cooperative for a time? Damage to your health had just as much chance to kickstart it again. 3% over 12s requires one to be shot an average of 33.3 times to be statistically likely to refresh the buff within its duration. If it doesn't get reactivated within that time and expires? Well, I'm scratching my head to come up with a scenario where you can eat that many shots within that time, and where your shields could last that many more hits again without fully depleting, at which point you're no longer eligible for even that minuscule chance, because it only exists on the instance of taking damage to one's shields. Which need to exist. In other words, it has zero capacity to bounce back now. The flat 25% damage reduction on player shields still does not even begin to tip the scales to netting anything close to a comparable result. It absolutely cannot do the task it could do before before (not even for twice the number of copies), a task it still very rarely actually saw being picked for. The smaller benefit time and microscopic activation chance - let alone the now extremely limiting proc condition - absolutely gut this arcane's already previously fringe functionality. They gut it like a fish. Is this intended?
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