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  1. The music was nice, but that's about all I can give it. Completely cinematic so nothing to really go on, but the track record lately indicates that you guys have been struggling with reward incentives... so I gotta wonder. How exactly do you plan to make it NOT go down like: > everybody hops on, excited > gameplay's decently fun, bugs aside > new-and-shiny luster wears off > people get bored and go back to their usual, more lucrative digs Will it be generally more lucrative than star chart farms, will it allow for even narrower focus-farming of targeted items? What will keep us wanting to keep hopping back into it, in regards to the actual progression that drives us forward in the game? Gameplay is one thing, but when the reward is non-existent, one-time, or irrelevant to our bigger agenda, you get dead content.
  2. Not to be the resident stickler but... I was high-key looking forward to that Eidolon Ephemera being from oh, say, I dunno, an achievement to do with the Tridolons? Y'know, a reward thematically appropriate for the activity, not unceremoniously plopped into some random lowest-possible-octane basically-glorified-login-reward-system? I genuinely don't understand why you guys insist on making it look like you struggle so hard to make design calls anywhere near even the ballpark of sound.
  3. Khora still uses default spike models while fitted with the Mithra skin, instead of the custom spikes that come with the skin, that it's supposed to use.
  4. When are the emissives on kiddos gonna function properly with dual energy tones?
  5. You know, everyone would have had a much better time if you'd broken up the Jovian Concord into several pieces spread out over a few weeks. And you would have had a much healthier feedback/fix cycle, being able to give each portion of it the attention it deserved. > Week 1: "Hey guys, tileset revamp! And new resource to start accumulating." > Week 2: "Hey guys, new enemies and game mode!" > Week 3: "Hey guys, new weapons and fixes to all the things so far, and Hostile Mergers event now that Disruption's been cleaned up a bit!" > Week 4: "Hey guys, new boss and frame!" > Week 5: "Hey guys, some more polish and fixes to those things." You could have had a much more sustained buzz for over a long time. Same way snacking throughout the day is healthier than 1-2 binge meals, regular helpings of content do better for retaining attention than this feast and famine model you've been subscribing to.
  6. Komorex could use a buff. It's passable on standard star chart, but starts falling off fast past that. As it currently stands it only really holds up as a status vector, past level ~40 enemies.
  7. So when can we expect the next update after this one, at this rate, late October?
  8. The weapons and Wisp look fun. But I can say with confidence right now that a lot of people are going to hate the player debuffs in Disruption. Notice what's never popular: taking players' power away. Hazards and enemy buffs, generally affecting things outside of us, we can deal. Many like that, in fact. Tamper with our stuff? Nobody enjoys that.
  9. You know what? I was antsy to be El Big Mad over here, from how small the post looked. But each of those bullet points are actually all big-value items, that could very well have each been their own update. Can we EVER revert from these huge slow chunks, back to a more regular output like back in the day? It feels like drought after drought in WF lately. This coming update looks like it'll have something for everyone, and that's all well and good and all, but according to the pattern we're gonna see like 3-4 dry months after it until another one.
  10. I like how Squako's post absolutely ratios the main announcement. Can't get any clearer than that, that you guys missed the mark here. Have some people really play this stuff, and not from merely a technical standpoint of, "ok is it functioning?" but have them ask, "Ok but is it fun? What's making it not fun? Whatever's making it not fun, let's focus on fixing that." Pretty clear, here, that the permadeath was not the main turnoff.
  11. Just make sure that the Archgun rivens are actually very powerful; 5/5 dispositions, never nerfed, maybe even include a stat line that's the Hunter Munitions functionality. So far the Larkspur has been the only one to even begin to deliver on that "moment of power" feel that you guys said, on a devstream, was the intent.
  12. Mmk. And how about Limbo's Tarock thrown skin not applying properly to the Pox?
  13. Wow that Atlas skin is a trip. The rock and crystal are salvageable, even if hard to use with literally anything else in this game. You can set up a nice cosplay as the one Argon crystal that'll never leave you. That's nice. But the metal bits: helmet and the ribbons and the little cages around the floaty metal balls, might be the worst graphics I've ever seen in this game. They honestly look like something copy-pasted out of The Forest or some other indie-esque game that's nowhere near Warframe's visual league. It's even worse than the Volt proto. Now this isn't just me slinging dirt, it's me having an involuntary reaction to something that genuinely doesn't belong in this game from a visual design standpoint. For it to meet standards, those metal bits need a lot of polish: - Actual, articulated mounting points on how it's secured to the rock. The materials looking like an actual sheet or whatever of metal fitted into there, not some abstract arbitrary polygon tacked on by the power of the modeling tool. - Consistent polygons and styling. Even on a design that's intentionally asymmetrical, there are repeating themes that unify it to the eyes in some way. You guys have done this plenty of times before, you know exactly what I'm talking about. - Consistent and complimentary planes and textures. The wavy damascus-like texture on much of the metallics looks like it was just hastily selected to camouflage otherwise extraordinarily plain and unworked polygons. The front ribbons don't even have a thickness to them - that's so amateur hour it hurts. - The fleks of imperfection of the metallic color channel 4 on the upper forearms could use a consistency pass. Is it a thin layer flaking off here and there from wear and age? Or are those spots where that top layer got scraped off by impacts or bullets or something? Put some accompanying scratches there, or dents, breaks, cracks, anything to dress it up to look more convincing. - The cages around the floaty metal balls need to either use a different metallic channel than them to offer some visual differentiation, or just not be there at all. They're unnecessary visual clutter that don't actually do anything for the overall image. - The ribbons carry obviously-clashing texture planes and it's awful. The entire skin's design concept may have been going for "raw", but this is not the kind of raw you want. They look very obviously underworked, like a literally-last-minute obligatory tack-on because "something dangly" was on the list of boxes that needed to be checked off. They need to go, altogether, or be redone with some proper work. They need polish, depth, trim, mounting points, proper physics, and a proper texture pass. Again this isn't me giving the artist flak or singling them out, this is feedback. Some good work obviously went into the stone and crystal geode parts of the skin, but for whatever reason the metal pieces all uniformly look bad like they were rushed. So, DE, if you do all "lift together" or whatever the motto is in the office now, lend this artist a hand. Take care of each other.
  14. Cool. Now we just need Secondary energy colors to work on accessories, sigils, companions, sugatras, our ships, and
  15. What about his energy pulse bits? And all glowy energy bits on everything else, still?
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