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  1. I have noticed new issues yesterday but it was 1am when the update came so I didn't have the strength to update the thread. So far I've noticed Trinity Prime's helmets emissives remaining red/orange no matter which colors you pick, same goes with Nekros' deluxe skin remaining blue etc.. So it's still not properly fixed for all frames and skins, but it's definitively an improvement. These are some examples of emissives not taking in your chosen color even after the update 25.0.1. Here's Nekros Deluxe skin, I use color Red but it's forcing this blue emissive. Same thing, Valkyr Deluxe, using red showing blue wings. Here it's the other way around, using blue but it's showing red/orange on Trinity Prime's helmet. And for Atlas Deluxe I'm not confident about, I don't remember whether or not it had any emissives other than it's shoulders, but it looks weird as it is, feels like it used to have some emissives but now it's blank. Edit: As I posted this I saw my screenshots aren't showing for some unknown reason, I don't know what the issue is but I can't be bothered to look into it so I'll just drop it if it doesn't get resolved with time.
  2. How very interesting that you can solve it by reinstalling and deleting every trace of it, but it's still not a viable fix for this, I hope DE doesn't expect all of us to do that in order to fix this or any other issue.
  3. Since the introduction of the Secondary Energy Color I've began to notice that some things have started losing their Energy lights, it took time for others to notice it too on their favorite gear but now I'm seeing some of it being posted so I'll try again with a new thread since unfortunately they haven't fixed this for a few weeks now.. From what I can tell they aren't just gone or removed, they are defaulting to a black color rather than taking your chosen color and therefore look like they're missing. Why do I think this, well because some things such as Ivara's Skirt are still barely visible under a certain light and angle, but it takes a lot of squinting to notice. I'll use some examples to show exactly what I mean, but not all of these will be mine and I hope people I borrow these from won't mind since I haven't asked all of them for permission. (And if this is against some rules let me know and I'll delete those images from the thread) And the last thing to be noted is that these are not all the cases of it, there are plenty more of them I've seen from other posts but their pictures aren't clear enough to be used as examples so I decided to leave them out. So if you've noticed something else, please share it here or on your own threads so there's more awareness and maybe then it will catch DE's attention and they'll fix it. Green are the points that can still be seen if you look closely and that's why I think it defaults to black and it's not actually GONE/REMOVED. And now for some examples that aren't mine From: Cicada144 From: TJakaIK
  4. There have been a lot of these issues on warframes, weapons and even landing crafts, I posted about it a few weeks ago and have been posting it on all update/hotfix threads ever since but it's never fixed.. I'll make a new thread soon, I'll use your screenshots if you don't mind. Some examples of what I've noticed besides Ivara.
  5. Fix this, please. I'm getting kinda tired of sending this every time there's a hotfix and you don't fix it, but I'll keep doing it for as long as it takes....
  6. Please fix this, it's been weeks and it doesn't seem like it's a big job..
  7. Please fix this, my favorite warframe's fashion is still suffering due to it :(
  8. There are missing energy lights that need to be fixed ASAP, please.
  9. Since the introduction of the Secondary Energy Color I've began to notice that some items have started losing their Energy lights on certain points for no obvious reason, therefore it's a bug (duuuh). Since 24.7.0 I've personally noticed Chroma Primes Helmet missing the four energy "eyes" because he's my favorite warframe and he's obviously been ruined by this. I've also noticed Skiajati missing 2 of it's lights on the pommel since I use it on my Umbra build and for others ..I don't know, there are far too many weapons and warframes and skins that could potentially have this issue now and I didn't notice any more on the gear that I use, but that's not a big variety since I mostly rotate between a few frames and weapons that I most enjoy playing with. Please fix this ASAP, my fashionframe is suffering 😞 Edit: Ivara's energy skirt is also gone ..well not completely I can still barely see parts of it under certain light but it takes no color from primary or secondary energy color therefore it's "black" and almost gone like the others I mentioned. Edit #2: There are also a number of Liset skins that don't have working engine energy during mission loading screens, this is a minor thing but should still be fixed obviously. Unlike the ones I mentioned previously I don't think this is connected/caused in any way by the secondary energy color since it's been there before secondary energy was a thing, but it could potentially be the same problem where it's defaulting to black color rather than taking in whatever you placed. Chroma Prime Helmet (4 eyes are missing but only 2 can barely be seen due to the angle) Skiajati Pommel (2 upper lights on the pommel are missing) Ivara's Skirt (The whole thing appears to be gone, but the points of it can still be seen under certain light, I circled them in green) Dex Liset (These engines are completely lacking any glow, same goes with the ones on the side which I didn't mark)
  10. Agreed, a lot of ignorance is going around this issue. I also posted about this in greater detail and most people just laughed me off and gave me the norm of "just don't use it" and sarcastic remarks such as "literally unplayable" as if that will help fix all the issues this pointless feature nobody asked for brought up. It's not just the horrible mixing and blending, it's also making certain things brighter and in turn lower res because the lights become pixelated, I've noticed certain lights simply not working now such as the 4 "eyes" on Chorma Prime's helmet, and 2 lights on Skiajati's pommel (who knows how many others). Orbiters lights are really washed out and white and you can't even change it due to secondary energy not being available.. It's a mess, I suggested it be removed and re-added if it ever gets fixed, but I guess that's just funny to everyone.. Yikes
  11. I don't see how upgrading my GPU will help in any way, I'm already running this game on maximum settings and 144+ fps. It's not my hardware that's faulty, the problem are all these bugs that keep rising in number due to this feature that just simply isn't ready yet and is causing way too many issues.
  12. Don't use it? We don't have a choice in this, what do you mean don't use it. They are breaking everything while trying to make this irrelevant thing work. If I don't apply a secondary energy color my chorma's helmet will still have no lights, my liset will still have white energy instead of blue and all these other issues that came with it will remain.
  13. Secondary Energy is getting worse, it's bringing up more and more issues rather than making things look cooler and better..
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