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  1. completely remove the player to player pvp interaction. Allow players to use their pve build. 4 player squad defence 99 squads. Each kill makes every other squad's waves harder. last surviving squad wins. warframe99 letsgo
  2. I just wanted to get the amalgam mods. like 80% of the runs was me having all the amalgams except for the daikyu one. Only took about 5 to get all the components to the wisp warframe though
  3. Only issues I've run into it is some progression stopping bugs where the synovias become invisible and the target can't take damage or the boss does the same insane spinning animation non-stop. That and the "one shot lasers" which; I'm fine with "untankables", but only if there's counterplay through player action. Right now there isn't, you get locked into a cutscene and the lasers get set up while I am "stunned" watching a cutscene of my character appearing on the central platform which results in an instakill upon the cutscene ending (this sometimes happens, and sometimes happens to teammates). Also extracting sometimes puts you into this weird softlock of falling out of the map every 2 seconds which resets you back to the beginning, but you aren't actually falling out of the map (which makes it impossible to reach the extraction zone) but usually only 1 person gets affected by this which is fine in a group but I can see issue if people do this boss fight solo. There's also some bugginess with being locked out of switching back to warframe from operator form throughout the fight, but I can only assume these bugs will be ironed out with hotfixes over time (and hopefully the insta kill lasers are also improved). Beyond that it's an excellent fight. There's a lot of interaction (like how you can use operator void dash to cancel the channeled red death beam the ropalyst shoots at the lamp) and positioning involved to control the fight. There's a small learning curve to figuring out the fight but once you figure it out and start grinding it for the remaining amalgam mods and wisp parts you realize it's actually enjoyable. My favourite thing about it would be the part where if you accidentally mess up (like hitting the super blue platform laser switch when the boss isn't stunned by being low health) , then Alad V will actually go in and tell you what you did wrong, and then instruct you to do this instead which is a massive improvement over past boss fights. Riding the boss is also really cool and fun and is one of those "haha that's epic" kind of moments when you figure it out. Getting grabbed I find to be hilarious.
  4. if you gate your arsenal to only crit scaling weapons then yes. I've got a fair mixture of rivens that I've rolled specifically to cater to certain stats. Plenty of melees where I strove to get them to +70% base attackspeed (which is very nice on melees that can't do berserker due to inferior crit chance), plenty of shotgun rivens where I went for status+multishot for the 100 status builds that otherwise were impossible, a handful of status guns where I went for firerate/multishot for even more procs and also some guns I went for -100% recoil so they became sniper lasers.
  5. You're probably talking about Gaia's Tragedy, who's charge attack combo does 14 (fourteen) hits of about 200% base damage over the course of about 2 seconds (well if you don't have attackspeed mods, less if you have attackspeed), a total of nearly 2800% of your fist weapons damage, also building melee combo counter at a very quick rate. Only downside is it lacks range/mobility but it does in fact apart liquefy anything in front of you in an instant.
  6. because melee now forces you into your stance mods If your stance mod controls your mobility like brutal tide or twirling spire then you are now stuck doing that instead of simply bopping your opponent and then moving on.
  7. If you are leveling up your warframe it is most ideal to level it in an area where your powers can very easily kill the enemies directly. The strategy of having the other 3 players in your squad do the killing is useful for leveling up your weapons as the exp is distributed 75% to weapon and 25% to warframe. But doing the killing yourself using specifically the powers of the warframe gives 100% of it to the warframe. Also be aware that warframes take twice the exp to level to 30 (compared to a weapon), which means having your squad level your frame for you is especially slow.
  8. you don't have to take damage, just be low on health garuda pressing her 3, twice puts her to 2 hp which makes her very easy at enabling the sigil
  9. It has nothing to do with itzal's entire kit the only reason people bother with hopping into archwing is to move from point A to point B, which itzal does faster with it's blink and higher base thrust speed. if bounty segments didn't involve you travelling literally 500m-1000m distances then no one would even bother with any vehicle to begin with.
  10. it's actually very useful after testing on a few missions. with it you completely negate the grakatas biggest downside of "terrible ammo economy due to absurd firerate". It basically changes playstyle in a very interesting but satisfying way. If there's more than one guy on your screen, then you m2 and clear, ammo refunded. If there's only one guy, you tapfire them down and usually break even as a result. ammo economy fixed. If you've avoided using the grakata because ammo economy, or felt that ammo mutators were mandatory to use this gun, then those can actually be taken off in favor of running this mod which both fixes economy and adds firepower
  11. sadly despite being described as "shoots until magazine is empty" if you are corrupted, and press m2, the gun will only shoot bullets equal to your maximum magazine size instead of infinitely firing forever 😢
  12. they actually changed the lighting system as a whole so it's not just the opticor and staticor when you point blank that blinds you and kills your frames Try using any sparring weapon in the game, you can't see a thing once your fists go flying. Turning off bloom doesn't do a thing to help.
  13. I feel like the issues with Titania aren't really being addressed Right now her biggest strengths are in razorwing (mostly for boss fights like sortie Lephantis, and also for it's mobility on the plains with augment) and her bullet jump passive. Her energy pool is small despite being a warframe who's meant to constantly cast all her powers on enemies, along with long cast animations that take two-hands to use. Her 1 and 3 are both cc and compete with each other for utility. Her 1 alone has this weird "it makes enemies float, but it also disarms them" which means no one ever notices (or even knows) it has a disarming effect because it is two cc effects competing. her 2 isn't just the fact that it's something to spam, but that the buffs it provides just aren't good. Like all of them are kind of just mediocre in utility. Also the thorns still falls behind the issue of "enemy power levels aren't equal in offense/defense making damage reflection generally bad". In fact that's kind of why Nyx was getting her rework.
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