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  1. cloth physics are objectively bad the game is designed around high speed parkour and bullet jumping which will always lead to horrendous clipping of cloth parts no matter how much they waste time trying to fix it like the patch just before this, they fixed banshee soprana's skirt cloth from clipping! hurrah! ...except it still clips because it's cloth physics based and in this game not a single person past MR 3 does not do the bullet jumping that breaks the cloth and causes it to clip and ruin the fashion
  2. It has nothing to do with itzal's entire kit the only reason people bother with hopping into archwing is to move from point A to point B, which itzal does faster with it's blink and higher base thrust speed. if bounty segments didn't involve you travelling literally 500m-1000m distances then no one would even bother with any vehicle to begin with.
  3. I feel like the issues with Titania aren't really being addressed Right now her biggest strengths are in razorwing (mostly for boss fights like sortie Lephantis, and also for it's mobility on the plains with augment) and her bullet jump passive. Her energy pool is small despite being a warframe who's meant to constantly cast all her powers on enemies, along with long cast animations that take two-hands to use. Her 1 and 3 are both cc and compete with each other for utility. Her 1 alone has this weird "it makes enemies float, but it also disarms them" which means no one ever notices (or even knows) it has a disarming effect because it is two cc effects competing. her 2 isn't just the fact that it's something to spam, but that the buffs it provides just aren't good. Like all of them are kind of just mediocre in utility. Also the thorns still falls behind the issue of "enemy power levels aren't equal in offense/defense making damage reflection generally bad". In fact that's kind of why Nyx was getting her rework.
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