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  1. I've started using the mech today so I have no point of reference for what issues the community has had with the sword, but my current "request" of sorts is to let players cancel swing animations with movement commands. And also reduce the freeze-up with melee slam attacks. Those two would make the melee feel much better.
  2. I'd much rather get endo than copies of necramech hydraulics. A single copy for a bounty reward is basically like getting 10 endo.
  3. the status beam vermi secondary uses flutterfire (the maximum status, minimum crit, fast reload smaller magazine) as the loader. The grip is Ulnaris (new grip). the crit sporelacer secondary uses killstream (maximum crit, minimum status, fast reload smaller magazine) as the loader. Haymaker is used as the grip.
  4. here's my vermi build (I don't know how to put the vid in the post): https://imgur.com/a/RbgaCPB chews through high level armor fine, and I haven't put any forma into it. It's just a status beamshotgun. Which means like the phage, convectrix and phantasma it's capable of stacking status higher and faster than any other weapon in the game allowing it to tear through anything in the game. The sporelacer secondary build (which is also unforma'd) has a 100% chance to crit for 6.9x, and it's base damage is 4k on direct hit+6k aoe. If I'm direct hitting a guy, I'm doing 69k da
  5. after completing the iso vault bounty, exit via esophage the mother closest to your esophage exit point will have the new bounty. If you want to get better rewards, do a tier 2 vault run or a tier 3. The tier 2 arcana bounty awards parts to the arum spinosa (new warfan) and the tier 3 arcana bounty awards parts to the spinotrix (new sniper rifle with 1% base crit chance). All bounties also award the new arcanes. You'll find endo and also necramech mods as part of the rewards. There's also new bounty objectives like: paint enemies then kill them, escort a ju
  6. I feel like it might be new player syndrome where people just don't understand the mode. I did it solo, so I only needed to get 3 tumors (each worth 33% of the bar) and kill 15 marked enemies. Only had to chuck it twice to get things done.
  7. you can just kill the necramechs and leave (heck, the necramechs are the valuable thing to fight since necramech weapon parts are worth 300+ plat and they drop scintillant. No you do not have to do the mobile defence escort that takes like 5-10 minutes while loid re-activates the 4 nodes. That part is completely optional. and all you miss out on is the 2-40 lucent teroglobes, argon crystals, void traces and biotic filter that let's face it, deimos has been out for months.... you probably don't need. You can once you've extracted and gotten the rewards, constan
  8. the part where there is no fast travel to the blessing font makes me only do it if I feel like I need the 25% affinity bonus to max something Usually I pick orcus relay since it's a low population relay that has little lag. and also once I did it at maroo's to see if the wooden oberon statue would change (it doesn't).
  9. if you are in danger of dying if you are going to stab your larvling, an activity that gives you an i-frame for several seconds, then you aren't ready for kuva liches
  10. To summarize the vid, the video points out an experiment done with kids: a group of kids is told they will be rewarded to make art a group of kids is told they won't be rewarded to make art (a third, hidden group of kids is given a reward after they've made art) The result is the first group stop making art because to them, there's no reward incentive unless they make it. The second group continues to make art. Making art is fun. Playing games is fun. The third group also continues to make art. They think if they keep making art they might get surprise ran
  11. My choices would be Nidus, Harrow, Baruuk, Nezha and Protea All 5 are frames where in regular gameplay you'd feel obligated to use all 4 of their powers rather than neglecting or completely ignoring a power. There's synergies and feedback loops with all of them. Because all powers are usable, there ends up being incredible diversity amongst community mod builds since unlike most frames, players will mod around keeping all powers viable and usable. They also aren't dependent on augment mods for powers to be viable (like how rhino has to run ironclad charge to make charge a worthwhile
  12. A very powerful frame that, like baruuk and khora, are really only appreciable once you take them into high level missions like steel path, requiem hunts, or arbitration missions. The 1 power (balefire charger) is a high base damage, no crit, status rocketlauncher. Standalone it's not that great but the augment makes it so your shots restore your shields to full with every direct hit. The augment is nice because it allows you to continuously regenerate shields during aegis storm and it lets you generate shields against infested units who lack armor/shields to steal from. The 2 power
  13. there is a warning there's a solid 2 second windup animation that if you are paying attention and not just brainlessly mashing the e button standing next to them that you can genuinely dodge away from. It's also quite survivable. I've fought nearly all my liches as banshee and when I do mess up and get grabbed I've lived through it every time. And this is pre-giving every warframe 100 base armor mind you.
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