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  1. 1-3 hours. One of my lich kills took 5 minutes as I instantly guessed the correct combo on the first interaction. I've killed 80 liches to get all weapons at 60% heat bonus, at that point I decided to go after the ephemeras and killed another 10 (seriously how do people fail a 20% chance 1 in 5 ephemera diceroll). At that point I stopped touching liches for months. The whatever lich converted count I currently have remaining is a byproduct of nightwave clearing. Honestly I'd run liches pretty much forever since I enjoy fighting high level grineer and go back to the system but
  2. I think nuke frames are the "optimize the fun out of the game" part of warframe. One you dumb down sanctuary onslaught to the point that all you do is hit volt 4 to auto kill the map, you stop having fun. There's no more skill growth with improving your aim, no map awareness leading to good positioning, there's no more quickly assessing the enemies before you and playing around their abilities, there's no more enemy action-interaction. No. You've found the perfect power to play the entire game for you (and maybe you didn't find it, maybe you cheated off your friend's test and copied their
  3. There was a time when void traces and refinement weren't a thing. And you had to accept horrible 2% and below drop rates. I play the current relic system still under the belief that things were worse, and the current system is a blessing.
  4. 1) disable telos boltace passive from working. It's the singular massive balance outlier to conclave and literally every dedicated veteran conclave purist I've seen despises how much it breaks the mode. It's currently the equivalent of letting the pve stat-kuva bramma slip through that one time and really shouldn't exist. 2) add bots to every conclave match/gamemode that auto-remove themselves whenever a player joins the match and auto-rejoin if a player leaves the server (using similar ai leave/join mechanics as railjack ai command crews). The actual biggest issue with conclave is if no
  5. pretty accurate review of the weapons. as for other posters I'd highly recommend just running zetki weapons as the gunnery 9 intrinsic basically instantly wipes out weapon cooldown if you press r at max. Like the tooltip reads "it takes .5 seconds" but what I've found is in actual practice, by the time you've noticed and realized you pressed r, your gun is now ready to shoot and start spraying all over again
  6. Um for your first calculation I'm not certain 117,000 "original" dirac cost but literally a trip to the avionics wiki page (link: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Avionics ) it's literally just you spend 200 for the first grid level, another 600 for the second, and then 1800 for the final grid upgrade. You spend a total of 2600 (aka 200+600+1800) to max out a single grid slot, and you do that up to 15 times (3 for the battle avionics, 3 for the tactical, 9 for the passives). Which, if you do the simple math, 2600*15 is 39000. I have no idea why you've decided to triple it and claim that's
  7. I've been using gunnery 10 with the Talyn mk3 railgun cannon. It's like a near-hitscan minigun that spools up gaining firerate the longer you shoot it. The heat thing isn't very noticeable If you tap rightclick you actually aim extremely accurately at ships, and I've found that it makes aimbotting the ramsleds very very easy.
  8. I guess my perspective on this is more "thank god the ship is invuln I wouldn't trust my teammates with defending the ship as far as I can throw'em". but I guess people also like having that element of trusting strangers in a pub to fly your ship safely while you do a large, dedicated, onboard objective
  9. go to the in game market and type in "railjack" into the searchbar and there should be slots for scrap slots for 12 plat just like weapon slots
  10. The conversion of dirac and avionics means that if you enter railjack having played the rest of the game, then you technically get a headstart advantage to getting your railjack mods set up, instead of starting at ground 0 and needing to grind your way to relevancy. It means the rest of your achievement and power growth in the rest of the game (in terms of endo) has an impact on your experiences playing railjack. It also means that if you play railjack now and earn a bunch of endo/mods in that mode, you can then stop playing railjack, go back into the main game and have endo for future mo
  11. I've actually had a crewmate on pilot+crewmate on gunner combo actually shoot at the exposed reactors in a skirmish mission. It genuinely is possible. unfortunately they were unable to do the 2nd reactor due to their ai not understanding the basics of a "shipkiller platform" and proceeded to catastrophic failure the ship by flying in front of the deathlazer in addition to letting a bunch of ramsleds plow the ship. Forcing me to re assign them off pilot, park the ship and then play as if I never had a crew to support me like how I would handle the missions pre-update. an
  12. with command intrinsic 9 you can infinitely deploy them in any non-railjack mission as a free specter holding your designated and modded weapon give'em an acceltra and you basically have a wukong celestial twin, that you can use while also having another wukong celestial twin using the acceltra (or with any other warframe)
  13. I actually hate this new matchmaking system where you can't force yourself to be a host I equip two new guns to my ship to test out and then immediately get dropped into someone else's ship, which is apparently 30 seconds from catastrophic failure and has a max health of 1000 which is absolutely awful. I mean I guess the actual intent, is for you to solo now that command intrinsic is out, but it kinda kills one of the biggest tag lines of warframe that makes the game fun, it being a 3rd person co op looter shooter.
  14. It's a player preference thing similar to attackspeed or punchthrough. You might want it for better flow and smoothness when handling a melee weapon but if you feel comfortable without it then it's fine to not include it. There's definitely context-specific scenarios where, just like punchthrough, having more melee range is extremely beneficial but those scenarios don't always turn up depending on the gamemode. For instance, a few days ago I was levelling a melee weapon as I was clearing the sortie and I ended up going blade alone into a sortie jackal. Bonus attack range wouldn't have cha
  15. The ether sword actually has a neat description that fulfills OP's idea; it's a sword that's supposedly so sharp it's used for painless executions. But of course no one really knows or remembers that detail because players care more about stats. I think a great way to make a weapon relevant is to just make it more new player friendly. Lots of people love the broken war and the main reason why it's actually great for new players has nothing to do with it's stats, but the sheer fact that it's a free melee weapon that the player is given that comes pre-catalysed so they can equip
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