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  1. I've spent the past 5 days just farming all the "difficult" frames, such as harrow, nidus, khora, equinox. My foundry is very stuffed and looks like this right now: Personally I would love it if the helminth system was simply "if you mastered the frame then you have their power for transfer". Which would mean the grind for all frames is no longer doubled. This is coming from someone that actually has all frames and variants (but would prefer obviously to not get rid of them) I don't think the double grind is that horrible, it took me like 2 days at worst for any of the frames to re-grind them again. But some genuinely are awful to solo from a gameplay perspective and you basically need to run a squad or need to run a specific loadout to get. I'd say of the ones I have grinded for the noticeable annoying ones were the grendel one (mostly because it's horrible to run without like a trinity in your squad to give you energy so you can cast powers), mesa one (because mutalist alad v coordinates only happen once or twice a week which forces you to keyshare which forces you to potentially interact with keyshare scammers), the octavia one (because you need to go 20 minutes per run to roll a 20% diceroll). And obviously anyone that's gated behind that simaris grindwall. Because having to go into steel path captures to stealth scan every enemy for 5 minutes isn't really what I'd call fun gameplay. I'd much rather just replay the quest again to get the main bps. There's quest replay as a feature in the game, but hardly anyone touches it, so why not make it a thing again with an actual use?
  2. I drop 1 (ancient healer) specter and killed things at a rate of about 1 guy down every 1-5 seconds. no cc, just me playing banshee with a weapon I was leveling up You do it for 5 waves then extract. Node cleared. Sometimes I didn't even use the specter if the objective didn't look hurt enough.
  3. I'd rather they get rid of the health/armor/shield bonus if the gamemode is meant to be a 1 hour, 100 level headstart for those endurance runners that play for hours in mot, then why not just leave it at that
  4. if you're on controller you can gently nudge the joystick to walk slower
  5. After doing the full star chart minimalist style just for the mastery exp (all 232/232 nodes) I am left with 51 Steel Essence. I also have 50 riven slivers but that number is extremely mixed as I basically never turn in riven slivers and I estimate a solid 30+ slivers I own were already in my inventory before the update came out. If we account for the 18 teshin emails that give 2 steel essence each for completion of an entire planet sector, then that's 51-36=15 out of 232 nodes where I never hit a 2nd the rotation reward. I've heard that apparently doing tricap 6x3 on steel path is actually viable; you can still oneshot shields and synovias with good builds, but it requires all 4 players to be extremely focused, prepared and experienced.
  6. I think most peoples expectations of minion/summoners is: "the minions should play the entire game for me; if they aren't killing everyone while I afk in the back, then they are worthless" my expectation of minion/summoners in warframe is "if I see the enemy isn't shooting me and instead shooting someone else, then I'm happy"
  7. Catchmoon primary is incredibly bad. The upside compared to the Catchmoon Secondary, is the primary is automatic and has a high firerate. The downside is it does reduced damage to compensate for the fullauto mode (also there's recoil but that's correctable). The issue is that the upsides of playing full auto don't work since it still retains the same magazine size that the normal catchmoon secondary has meaning, to go full auto you empty your entire magazine in 2 seconds and then are forced into a 2 second reload (or if you did killstream instead of splat, you empty the magazine in 1 second and are forced into a 1 second reload). Imagine if you switched from the tigris prime to the boar prime, (trading a bunch of damage for firerate to become an automatic spray shotgun), but the boar prime still had the magazine size of the tigris prime. Yeah, crippling right? That's what the catchmoon primary suffers from that makes it so bad. it's also why the boar prime has a magazine size of 20. The rattleguts is probably the most straightforward works-the-way-you-expect it to be. A plain simple hitscan automatic rifle. Nothing special there, stats are how you make it, You can do a lot of firerate like the grakata or a more reasonable braton-esque firerate. Mine had some annoying recoil to deal with and a smaller than comfortable magazine size but both were stats I traded off in favor of damage and crit. You get what you pay for. The tombfinger may as well be an entirely new barrel type. It's functionally a rocketlauncher like the ogris or more comparable, the recent bramma a bow that they nerfed the ammo reserve/ammo economy in the patch this gun came out;unlike the bramma you can just slap a pax charge on the kitgun and now you have infinite ammo forever and are free to spam as much as you'd like. It is important to note however that the charge rate is much longer than any actual bow but it's otherwise very strong. Really easy to spam (the paxcharge regeneration will actually fill as you charge your shots meaning you literally never have to wait for a recharge from 0) You didn't mention the gaze but my opinions are somewhere in the neutral rattleguts camp. Unlike the Gaze secondary, the primary gaze kitgun doesn't chain, but it has this sort of aoe star to it on contact that doesn't seem to be as great as the chain from an aoe perspective. The only issue I personally take with gaze primary is in cqc, that star basically covers most of your screen making it very visually annoying to use in cqc scenarios. Otherwise I'd rank it on par with the rattleguts. Again you get what you pay for I traded a lot of range for damage and such.
  8. which boils back down to "I don't want to fight him at higher levels, I'm not prepared to kill him at that level" which boils back down to "I can't kill a higher level lich in the same time it takes to down a lower level lich". Which is unpreparedness. Which is literally the point of "fear/unpreparedness" that I mentioned earlier being the root cause for not stabbing.
  9. fear/unpreparedness for high level content is the only reason anyone has to not stab the lich. some people will try to mask it as "I choose to" or "I want to" but it's equivalent to saying "I choose to not fight a level 110 boss" or "I want to not die because the enemies become signficantly harder to fight". You can choose to not stand in the middle of a busy traffic intersection, but we all know it's because you don't want to get hit by a car. There's only one effect from the cause of not stabbing that everyone can see. It's always objectively faster to stab the lich at every opportunity. Any stab test has the potential to save you hours of time by instantly killing the lich. And the literal only actual cost for doing so, is fighting higher level enemies, which shouldn't be an issue if you are set up to handle them. By the time you face liches it's expected the player be capable of killing level 110 enemies as quickly as level 60 ones. Fearing this penalty, aka choosing not to stab means they chose to run a mission to progress their lich hunt (aka they wanted the lich gone, that's why they even play that mission) but chose not to speed up the progress as fast because they aren't prepared to handle higher level content.
  10. there was a challenge to stab a thrall a few weeks ago actually defeating a lich has not been a thing yet
  11. I did it with banshee and a melee weapon (the mios). Just mashed e on everything. this guy did it with excal and a melee weapon Mesa is fine if you are genuinely afraid of failure and don't have faith in the strength of your currently equipped frame/weapons to do the job.
  12. For thematic balance purposes, Zenurik energizing dash has been replaced with dominating dash; it no longer gives energy, instead, void dashing into enemies dominates them into becoming your ally for 10/15/20/25/30 seconds. For balance purposes as set by the precedent of air support, all restores of any type (ammo, energy, health, shield) now have a 10 minute cooldown between deployment.
  13. the moment I saw the challenge I checked the day/night on the nav menu, saw "1h till night", then waited a full hour (and by wait I mean doing other productive missions for the hour) then when the time came I equipped trinity prime and a lanka (no riven) and went to konzu and started a public bounty. I got matched with an oberon, a chroma prime and a volt (surprisingly not-primed version). Like usual, since I only ever do tricaps because of nightwave which happens once every few months, I completely forget how many lures to grab so I just grab as many as I can (PS if you intend to tell me how many, understand that I won't remember the next time this nightwave rolls around, so unless you can specifically alert me how many in 2-3 months when this challenge comes back again, it won't help) We (the pub squad) capped all 3 with 26 mission time. The volt died a bunch because they refused to run vitality/redirection/defensive mods in their build but we revived them. sometimes. I think they understood why they kept dying and just accepted it. I honestly barely shot my lanka and mostly just sat in operator form, blasting at the shields and periodically once I ran out of amp juice, would swap to trin and bless and then go back to amping down the shields. Either nightwave done, moving on. Not a big problem. All in all I don't think it's a bad challenge and if it really needed, it could be reduced down to "complete a basic eidolon hunt" (aka just get the teralyst). But it's justifiable why it's there because what nightwave is meant to help, is to get returning (or new) players try out content they may have missed or never known about; but it's also skippable enough that if the player isn't ready for it, they can look it up, and keep it in mind as they naturally prepare themselves by getting stronger to get to the power level to handle that challenge the next time it comes around. Also if you wanna talk about "time gated" nightwaves, I still haven't done the "complete 3 sorties" because, you guessed it, with each sortie refreshing once a day, it would take 3 days or a minimum 72 hours to complete. If that one could be reduced to one sortie that would massively cut down on the wait.
  14. Of 3673 hours of gametime 2/3rds (or about 2000+ hours) have been with the kavat I don't think it's actually possible for me to increase the amount of kavat usage more than it currently is (which is 100% always)
  15. TYPE: In-Game (enemy) DESCRIPTION: I was doing an infested arbitration when I noticed a lot of players dying instantly, upon further testing I found that the Tar Mutalist Moa enemy seems to being killing everyone in one hit (at levels that they definitely shouldn't)! VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I spawned in a level 75 Tar mutalist Moa and tested on various frames to see how much damage it was doing. EXPECTED RESULT: The damage should have been much lower, something in the 300-600 range. High durability warframes like inaros and hildryn should live longer than 3 seconds to a level 75 enemy. OBSERVED RESULT: It dealt several times more damage than it should have. The frames take way more damage than what they normally should. REPRODUCTION RATE: Seems to be very consistent. Every simulacrum test (and in the 3 infested arbitrations I ran as well) the tar moas seemed to be capable of instakilling players with exceptionally high damage. I also asked several other players on the warframe community discord to test and they also confirmed that the damage output was far beyond expectations.
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