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  1. My personal opinion for a good compromise on her kit would be to change her 1 to a hold-to-charge 'air spring' aka super bullet jump, also 1 will become a held 'air brake' while in the air (can fix bounce glitch). Her two could become an 'air punch/ force push' by creating a cone of cc from a simple hand cast animation. Her three should not be altered in any way. Her 4 should be an AOE 'hurricane' getting rid of the glitchy tornadoes altogether. This way it's minimum change in code with mostly only animation/texture changes and she feels more like a wind warrior.
  2. At least Nyx has like 12 high end skins lol XD
  3. I main Zephyr and am well aware the vast majority doesn't. However I don't think that means she should be neglected and allow her so called improvements to be so half-baked. Her rework at least didn't take away her most important features like her 3 which is currently her only real useful power; and there are still many issues I can't understand why they still exist: infinite bounce glitch, 3+ years deluxe skin delay still no eta, her first power is so bad that Wukong makes it look better with his recent rework, her tornadoes STILL cause random massive friendly fire damage when hit by enemies, her second power 'rework' is clunky and not fun or even really useful at all.. maybe it's not that she needs an overpowered rework like the powerhouse frames, but more like she needs people who actually care to make her better be in charge and understand what Zephyr players like and want to see changed. Hope other Zephyr mains can back me up on this because I feel sad to see less popular frames and their respective players be abandoned for new money frame hype.
  4. I seriously hope the resources are rethought now that the railjacks are useable. From what I'm seeing, just using the railjack costs enormous amounts of resources only found through the grueling exercise that is mining. I would like to play railjack like I play normal Warframe: Not having to worry about all the supplemental missions and resources I'll need just to play the game. I've spent an hour just trying to gather less than 100 pustrels.. almost all parts cost 1500 of them. This is just disrespectful that loyal players who have been looking forward to this for so long just to learn how much of a pain it will be to not only get started but continue using the railjack system. Is is really okay to the devs to expect a lone dojo owner to spend 15+ hours of MINING. For ONE thing? I hope I'm missing something here because I'm not impressed with the outdated implementation of resources in such an important addition to the game.
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