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  1. The fact that it works so so well and looks good on the wing Syandanas that do fold up when not aim gliding just makes it sting harder that actual wings (as opposed to attachments) are just permanently spread no matter what. And then flicker on/off all the time when playing. The animation itself wouldn't even be difficult for them to add. Idle = folded Aim glide /double jump etc = unfurled to full sprea as they are now. Its not as if the structure of the wing prevents that kind of animation. Just would have been a small addition to both wing ephemeras that would make them look far better than they do currently. The devs put a lot of art work into making the texture of it look amazing, its just kind of let down by the stiff spread.
  2. Half the problem with the Codex is how badly written it is lol. It doesn't tell you even half of what it should. Prime example is in fact, Mods. Followed by Warframe Abilities >_< The Codex happily tells you that mods go into weapons and frames, it even helpfully points out where to see the upgrade level of said mods. But fails completely to tell the player that you upgrade mods manually via the FUSION button. That made a bit of sense back when we literally did smash the mods together to upgrade them, But not now. Many other "looter" games utilize better drops instead of building permanent weapons and upgrading what you get like Warframe does. It wouldn't be a stretch to consider that some people expect better mods to drop as they play, But that never happens. The reason I'm big on suggesting gameplay tutorials over text popups is because this current generation abhors having to read things. For some, its laziness. For others (like my brother) its actually a learning difficulty whereby they can read a comprehensive guide on how to do something but not understand it. For my brother, Visual guides work best. And I'm not just referring to games, he is very much that way in learning real life things as well, like cooking. Give him a recipe andd he has no idea what to do with it, but show him how to cook it just once and he'll be able to cook it himself immediately. I'm sure my brother isn't alone in that either. Its not a disability, nor is he an idiot. Its just that people learn things in their own way. Some learn best by reading instructions or guides. Others prefer to dive headfirst in and figure it out themselves. Still others learn best with visual guides. The game only stands to benefit from making the core systems as easily understood as possible. The easiest way to accomplish that is with skippable quests instead of text popups. People hate text info dumps. Integrating the teaching into the gameplay is the surest way of making sure that someone who goes through it gains an understanding of the process. You may not have noticed, But that mission where you first pilot Snake? Yeah, that was a tutorial disguised as a quest. Railjack was the same. As were operators and Archwings. The act of completing the quest taught you enough about the system that you were ablke to figure the rest out yourself. All i want is for DE to apply that same logic to Mods and Star chart progression. Early game direction is important.
  3. A more interesting way to do a loot based frame would be to have its abilities interact with dropped loot to do things with. Kind of like Mirage's ability to explode pickups, But more around buffing itself and squadmates through picking up (or generating pickups by marking enemies etc) Exmaple could be something like turning primary ammo pickups into ammo efficiency buffs for short periods, Secondary ammo gives bonus multishot to guns etc, If nothing is present to interact with, the ability would just grant itself a weaker version of the buff. Theres always tons of pickups laying about everywhere, particularly in Endless missions. So a Frame that can utilize/interact with those drops would be kind of fun to use, IMO.
  4. A good tutorial is one that combines gameplay with instruction. I've always maintained that system introductions should be done through quests. A simple one for teaching how to use mods would be something as easy as having Ordis direct the player towards an Endo cache and then get directed to use it to upgrade a mod after installing the requisite module in the Orbiter. Player connects missions to Endo and Endo to Mod upgrades without needing a text infodump to explain it all. You can never please everyone, its impossible to make a perfect system. What's important is whether or not the presence of an active tutorial to teach a new player about important systems improves the play experience for a large enough crowd of people. I also believe completion of the Star Chart should be a permanently tracked mission, as i managed to get 400 hours played before working out that the handful of nodes i missed were blocking me from Arbitrations ... Some sort of simple reward for clearing all nodes on a Planet with a UI marker indicating that doing so will grant a reward (Could be mods, Endo, Credits. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as there's a visible benefit to clearing every node), essentially incentivising the new player to run those missions despite not being well rewarded for each one individually. Reason being that when i first went through the Star Chart, i skipped non essential missions. They were just identical missions to ones I'd already done a million times before and gotten nothing for doing, so they just sat there unfinished. These sort of additions would not be stressful to develop but would see new players given early direction to hook them into looking deeper. Gotta remember that for a lot of us who've been around for years, the systems we have now were introduced to us over time. We had time to learn existing systems before a new one got thrown at us. A brand new player right now has 8 years of systems layered in to learn all at once. Some people may like being thrown into the deep end and figuring out how to swim on their own. Lots more dont.
  5. It's like to differentiate it from Ash and Loki invisibilities. Ash's is short duration, requiring constant recasts. Loki has a longer duration but he doesn't do anything special while invisible. Ivara's provides headshot multipliers for a damage buff AND a built-in pilfer mechanic at the cost of mobility. However, if you use her Infiltrate Augment with good power strength and take advantage of rolling, She can cover a lot of ground quite quickly. Especially if you use Motus Leap on her. You can build a decent amount of momentum and go into an aim glide to get around as well. For sure, its less mobile than Ash and Loki, But it also uniquely offers that headshot multiplier, making it a dual offensive and defensive buff. That's probably their justification in the penalty. Also, dunno why you'd think Artemis Bow is weak. With Concentrated Arrow augment and 295 Strength, My zero forma thrown together trash build one shots level 155 Heavy Gunners. Admittedly, i dont play her in Steel Path for damage purposes, so I'm unsure how well it'll scale outside of testing.
  6. My issue with how incoming damage works goes beyond just Hydroid lol. Recently I've been trying to bring all my frames up to be capable of playing in Steel path, but the problem I keep running headfirst into is how ridiculously squishy every frame is that doesn't have an immortality button. PS: Adaptation continues to elude me and i refuse to buy it with plat. After a bad experience on my Excal Umbra (72% Armor DR, 1050 HP) getting absolutely slaughtered when a crappy confluence of bad mechanics hit me (I have the clip >_>) on an infested Survival, i went and actually confirmed the amount of damage that a single Charger does per swing. At level 155, that baseline number is ... 3000. So even shaving that down by the 70% Armor DR my Excal has, i still take 900 damage per swing from just 1 singular Charger. Checked in with basic Butchers, they did around 400 per swing and then checked in with normal Crewman to find that they took all of about 2.5 seconds to kill that Excal. Well, when they hit. Stormtrooper syndrome is strong in them. This wouldn't be a problem with normal spawn rates or multiplayer to divide attention, But since i primarily play solo, I am a bullet magnet. Parkour only avoids so much damage, Its the odd handful of hits that do connect that are the problem. Death comes too quickly to trust Grace to heal. Too quickly for even a triple stacked Blood Atar to heal through. Hell, Its even a problem my Gloomspore Saryn can't heal though, despite taking upwards of 2k HP/s in densely packed rooms. A lot fewer frames would be considered useless if DE could figure out how to threaten Frames like Inaros in a way that didn't unjustly punish opther frames that cant achieve his level of meatshield.
  7. That puddle is one of the better emergency safety buttons in my opinion. I get that the meme is for Hydroid to just sit in puddle mode forever, but its better used as a tactical GTFO button. Especially when combined with it's augment to heal him while down there. The main problem is the amount of damage getting thrown at him. Maybe it's just a solo issue, but even when I run him with Parasitic Armor to push him to Inaros levels of Armor DR, he lasts all of about 5 seconds in Steel Path, so I end up 8n puddle mode more often than shooting at things... But I guess that's a wider problem with the game as a whole, Hydroid just suffers pretty badly from it. Though for fun times, use Blood Altar instead of Tidal Surge. Watching a puddle pounce 50 meters across the room will never get old. An easy big tweak that would mean a lot to Hydroid would be to remove the hold cast effect and just have it at full power on tap. If also love for that tentacle passive to apply on every third melee hit in addition to Slams with no limit on number.
  8. They could actually copy over the Parazon/Requiem into an Infested Lich scenario. Especially if they went with the Infested Adversary being a Hivemind instead of a singular unit like the Lich or Sister. The Requiems would just be used sever the hiveminds connection to the swarm, preventing it from just shifting to a new body when you destroy it's current one. Basically, use the Reqiuems to trap its mind in the void while you destroy it's body. Conversion of the Adversary would basically just be us letting Helminth do a hostile takeover of the Adversary, forcing it to obey you as the Helminth does. I'd actually like to see Thralls be unique to each Rank of the Adversary. Set it up so that the Hivemind is the one you stab to start the whole thing, and then it hides itself away and spawns proxy bodies so it can fight you to bootstrap its evolution. With each Rank up, it would gain access to stronger morphs that it can trial against you. Culminating in a final RJ fight with Jordas Golem style ships, then you bust your way inside to fight the hivemind unit itself. That way, they could create a bunch of potential morphs based on the Element you chose, and have the final Rank 5 Adversary have any combination of 5 within that theme. Bonus points for DE if each potential morph has a visual effect on the adversary itself, Kind of like how the Deimos pets have slight visual changes based on what was used to create it. Even more bonus points to DE if they make converted ones into pets instead of crew.
  9. Did you miss the part where i explicitely stated it would work exactly like how warframe.market does? To educate you, You need to manually contact the person listing the item and then organize a trade in person. If you manage to get scammed by a bot that yoiu have to invite to your dojo and personally engage with, thats on you. So anything being sold for 1 plat would need the buyer to contact the person, set up the trade, go to the dojo and then complete the trade. The fact that warframe.market exists is indicative of the playerbase wanting such a feature. And notice how it hasn't just devolved into everything being either 1 plat or 1 million plat despite operating for years? So yes, DE should absolutely put that into the game. PS: You fail to recognise that MMO's don't use premium currencies for their auction houses. People don't tend to place any value on a costless, infinitely generating currency.
  10. Its almost like we should have an in-game Marketplace so people can check prices in the game instead of relying on third party sites. Oh, and just because i know the immediate reply to this will be "But it'll crash every price down to 1p!", No, it wouldnt. The supply of 1p items would be instantly removed from the market any time they showed up and then resold for a much higher price. Don't believe me? You need only look at MMOs like FFXIV and WoW to see it in action. Any time something absurdly cheap shows up on the marketboard, it is immediately snatched and resold for profit. In addition, People wouldn't be willing to let go of anything of value for 1p due to the static nature of Platinum prices on DE's side. It is in the community's best interest to maintain Platinum prices in the market at a decent level. Lastly, It doesn't have to be a traditional MMO auction house. It can literally just be a big board in Maroo's listing the prices people are willing to buy/sell an item for and a Contact button on the side. Functionally behaving exactly like warframe.market but inside the game. Except there can be limits placed on the number of items you can list at once. Probably setting that number to the same limit we have on the sign you hold up when trading in game would be a good idea.
  11. To be fair, the Infestation already has a bunch of different Strains. Wouldn't be hard for them to just say this new Strain is purposefully sending a unit to be sacrificed to 'learn from the frame used to kill it and thus create an adversary to fight us and evolve further. The infestation already thinks of Frames as being one of them, so a new Strain who wants to use that connection to evolve itself would be interesting.
  12. If you don't already get it, you're probably too young to understand XD
  13. I'm just going to slide in here between you blokes and clarify my position. My goal is not nerfing. Its a reduction in achievable numbers across the board. Naturally, enemy health and defenses would be adjusted accordingly. TTK Pre and post change would be the same for regular mission mobs. I want DE to fix how multipliers affect numbers (Starting with crit as it boosts damage by the largest factor). To put it in a visual way: Changing multipliers so that a fully built weapon does 50k DPS at maximum forma investment instead of 500k. Following, Change Armor/Shield Scaling so that TTK on average remains the same pre/post change for non-boss mission fodder enemies (Lancers, Crewman, Gunners etc). What does this change in the grand scheme of things? Well we wouldn't need Grineer to achieve 99% DR, granting certain units (Looking at you Heavy Gunner) up to a million EHP. Would also fix some scaling issues frames like Hydroid has. Bosses wouldn't need damage caps, Status caps or reduce us to Nihil level "mechanics" to prevent us from one shotting them. A good example of just how badly the various multipliers affect our damage is the Primary Vermisplicer. On Overframe, go put together a Vermisplicer with maximum crit. On the build i use for mine, It achieves a 5.1 crit multiplier. Its base damage is a measly 491. But turn on all those modifiers and watch that 491 damage per 'bullet' become 130k DPS. Now, just remove the Vital Sense, putting its multplier back to 2.3. That DPS falls to 59k. The math says the damage would be doubled. Great. But the problem was never the formula, It was the numbers themselves. I would actually be perfectly happy if they removed Critical Damage entirely as a mod option in the current environment. Run it all off the base crit multiplier of the weapon. The Vermisplicer can also be used as an example of how much better Crit is in general. In the example above, I used a full Crit build. But what happens if we go with a full status one instead? Vermisplicer being a Kitgun allows us the oppurtunity to actually change the crit and status while keeping all gun mechanics and base damage the same. So what happens? A Vermisplicer built for full Status achieves a whopping 44k DPS with all the same modifiers as the crit one excepting the actual crits. Despite going to 171% Status Chance But we see something interesting here, As the difference now between the 2 setups is only 15k when the crit based Vermisplicer has Vital Sense removed. If you slide Heavy Calibur in its place, It goes to 69k DPS, pulling the gap out to 25k. Which is still within a decent range, as the Status ticks afford a playstyle difference of loading up a target with status and trusting that status to kill while you move on. Unfortunately, It also shows the harsh disparity between building a gun with Crit vs building for Status, As the gap widens into a chasm of 44k vs 130k. Almost tripling the Status build. The DoT damage being tied to damage dealt rather than base damage also means a crit build triggering a Slash/Heat etc proc is going to deal significantly more damage per proc than a Status build. Status cant Crit, But Crits can Status lol. But yeah. Enough rambling from me, Sorry for the wall of text. tl:dr i guess. Fix modifiers to bring our numbers down while also fixing the absurd defenses on enemies s our TTK doesnt change so we have a much smoother play experience with a wider variety of viable weapons and Frames.
  14. They haven't yet lol. Probably wont either, given that its a defensive one and they don't seem to mind defensive buttons being absurdly strong.
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