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  1. I would strongly recommend going for your own Necramech and then coming back to finish RJ. Since you can call down your own in ANY RJ mission including while hijacking a Crewship, they have quite a bit of value across all of RJ and even find uses in open worlds too. It doesn't take as long as it used to due to changes to the Vaults in general. You also get a "free" Mausolon when building it which is arguably one of the strongest Archguns we currently have. So yeah.. strongly suggest building your own.
  2. I juat want Cy as a mission director lol.
  3. It's not really overblown. Slash really is broken. Thanks to the new Impact = Slash mod, my Chakkhur can, in a single shot, get a Slash proc that then ticks for 60k+ against a fully armored fresh Bombard. The shot that produced it did maybe 25% of the Bombards health, the slash proc just straight up kills it. Another example is my Dual Kamas Prime and Kronen Prime. I can just tap E twice on a mob and see dozens of slash numbers ticking at an insane speed that kills armored enemies in seconds. They die even faster if couple of Viral procs got in there, which usually does.
  4. Best solution is to be able to crack multiple in a single run. Solo only, So no sharing a ridiculous loot pool. Scale the required Reactant by the number of Relics you've dumped in. 1 Relic? 10 Reactant. 10 Relics? 100 Reactant. Then just make it so the full amount is required, anything less than the full required amount to open all Relics is a fail and you get nothing. Wouldn't really be able to do that on a 1 minute capture run, But it makes the endless ones a great place to crack a massive pile of relics in a single sitting. Could even make it unique to Void S
  5. My preferred update to the mod system would be to be have 12 total mod slots broken up into Raw Damage, Utility and Exilus. So you'd have specific slots that could be slotted with things like Serration while we also have dedicated slots for things like reload, elements, status types and ammo. We would end up being able to customize the weapon in every aspect, from damage to bullet behaviour. I'd also quite like to see Elemental mods changed to convert the base damage into the Element rather than adding a new number on top. Would love to see Viral and Gas etc become mods th
  6. Gloom is how Well of Life should have worked. Which is why i switched them lol. It's pretty fun on Trinity. Sadly EV can't regen energy if you have Gloom active. I kinda want an Augment for Blessing that makes it do a blast wave when doing it's heal with damage scaling based on how much HP and Shield is restored.
  7. The problem with a lot of Frames right now is that once you reach a certain point, most of their kit is rendered pointless since only one ability is spammed or used in general. Older frames have this problem a lot. Ember is a good example. When was the last time you saw an Ember use her first ability over her 4th even on a single target? A lot of frames could benefit from thematically appropriate ability based energy economies. I actually can't really think of any that wouldn't. The specific mechanics behind that energy generation would obviously vary from frame to frame in keeping with
  8. I think the AI for mine is broken. Literally all it does is circles in place while making absolutely certain the front of the ship never faces an enemy ship under any circumstances. I'm not exaggerating. When I forget to change the Pilot to Gunner and immobilized a Crewship, it'll hop into the Pilot seat and 180 the ship (Which was pointed directly at the immobilized Crewship) while I'm getting into the forward artillery. Likewise when I decide to use the Slingshot. It'll actively ensure no Crewship ever gets within sight of the Slingshot. It's broken as hell lol
  9. A better system is to have part of the kit generate Energy and the other part spend it. Leaves DE room to tailor generation and spending to balance out the power of the abilities directly.
  10. The issue isnt the nuke Frame itself at all. Its the energy economy. Ember being able to nuke the map with one button is fine, if there was a heavy cost to doing it. But there isn't because we have so many ways to have infinite Energy that the cost is negligible. Most games have tradeoffs for specialized roles. Tanks tend to have very low damage output to balance out their mitigation, Damage Dealers are fragile. Healers sacrifice mitigation and damage to keep the other two alive. Energy originally was the limiting factor and still is for new players. A brand new player with no
  11. The problem is that the game is balanced around the worst offenders. Prime example: Inaros and other immortal tanks. The only way to threaten them in high level content is to have mobs dealing astronomical amounts of damage that their DR effects can't just shrug off. So then what happens when you take another frame that lacks those DR effects? Those frames get deleted when a mob so much as glances in their direction. Following on from that, weapons. Its precisely because of weapons that can pump out millions of damage with ease that we have bosses like Nihil and others wit
  12. The problem with Trinity is not Trinity. It's the nature of our damage intake. Warframes have one of two states. - Dead - Immortal (Shield gate, eHP tank, immunity buttons etc) You are either immune to damage or outright dead. So you either die too fast to be saved or you're immune to damage and don't need to be healed. Every frame is also perfectly capable of keeping it's own Energy topped off thanks to Pads, Arcanes and Zenurik. So why bring a support? CC Frames have the same issue. The best CC is death. Why spend energy to stop a mob when another
  13. Or just Galvarc at close range? One or two shots is all ive ever needed to break that barrier.
  14. It could also be argued that "Catastrophic Failure" isnt referring to total ship destruction. It's more likely that Cy has a damage threshold for the ship where it becomes non combat viable and forcibly extracts (Mission Failure) upon reaching that point. Unless the game explicitly states that the Railjack is destroyed, it's probably easier from an in universe or lore perspective to say that the ship has sustained too much damage to be repaired in the field and has to leave the mission.
  15. Its probably because our Railjacks are so much more advanced. A Crewship is basically a Reactor surrounded by layers of armor. Unless you take out the reactor directly, that ship is just going to patch the holes and keep coming for you. Low tech means considerably less things to go wrong when shot at. Then you have our Railjacks, which are highly advanced and filled to the gills with important parts like the Forge and whatever the system is for allowing the turrets to have a 360 degree firing arc etc. When there are so many more things that CAN go wrong, it's much m
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