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  1. Zavenosk

    Buff request: Arcane Barrier from 4% to 40%!!!

    IMO if shield gating ever becomes a thing, than this would become legendary-worthy. Though it does still kinda need a buff, particularly as-is.
  2. Zavenosk

    Shield Only melee weapon? just an idea

    I'd like to see a shield that could be duel weilded with single pistols once the melee rework ships.
  3. Zavenosk

    Which opticor riven would you keep

    Probably the first one. The second one is subjectivly better, but inconsistant. I suppose a major factor is how good you are at headshotting enemies with Opticor, as it would allow you to make the most of cd with less cc investment.
  4. Zavenosk

    Top 6 frames that need attention in 2019

    +1 for including my top 3 (Vauban, Wukong, Revenant) needs-rework frames.
  5. Zavenosk

    Defeating Profit-Taker

    2/ There is no reason why you cannot have each member bring 7 elements (3 physical, 4 of the 9 remaining elements) if you coordinate beforehand 3/ Guns are weak, the new arch-gun mods are strong 4/ The Fluctus wielding enemies drop pickups that refresh arch-gun deployment cooldown
  6. Lets not forget that Steam takes a 30% cut, and the creator of the item gets a share of the revenue.
  7. Zavenosk

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    I cannot thank you enough for this!!!!!
  8. Zavenosk

    Limbo cannot do endgame content

    You raise good points. My main rejondor is that Miter's augment does not work on Terra Shield Osprey bubbles. My Catchmoon has no problem killing corpus by the hoard, but nothing short of Lenz seems to work on the nullifier bubbles... but Lenz is a complicated weapon in itself.
  9. Zavenosk

    Ivara skin process(update)

    Ivara. She's the only frame i use regularly for non-warfarming purposes.
  10. Zavenosk

    Fortuna Personal Room Decor?

    I want the fortuna cup thing for the Orbiter. And maybe the radio that the Business has.
  11. Zavenosk

    Limbo cannot do endgame content

    Nullifiers can't trump rolling guard.
  12. Zavenosk

    Amps (How Bad Did I Screw Up?)

    One of the tabs should be for the main standing page. Go to that, and one of the tabs bellow the display of standing tiers will be "Offerings".
  13. Zavenosk

    Amps (How Bad Did I Screw Up?)

    amp parts are meant to be bought through the quills standing, rather than the market. If they are not showing up, try putting a screenshot of the Quills vender offerings in the bugs section fo the forum.
  14. Zavenosk

    Amps (How Bad Did I Screw Up?)

    You buy blueprints for amp parts with quill standing. At any point you can attempt to create any part you have the requisite standing for. In fact, you should endevour to build one asap, as the free one is greatly inferior to any of the custom amps. PS: Prisms grant mastery affinity.
  15. Zavenosk

    Limbo - QOL Tweaks and Rift Surge/Banish Balance

    He was a rift assassin before Octavia Anthem rework. Not sure which version of Limbo i'd prefer at this point.