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  1. Still waiting for Kinetic Diversion to drop from anywhere other than the planes of eidolon.
  2. P-l-e-a-s-e add Kinetic Diversion to Railjack in some way. It is a rare, effective and tactically unique mod that is also one of the rarest in the game. Please consider it's useage, corrected for archwing usage bias.
  3. Could Kinetic Diversion be added to the assassination targets' drop tables? It is, without any doubt, the rarest archwing mod yet also one of the most valuable . (Also its untransmutable).
  4. Attachments (sugatras) appear twice on nikana zaws - at the end of the hilt, and midway through the hilt. Please fix - nikanas are the one weapon type i like using attachments on.
  5. I would recommend looking at archweapons that are used less in Railjack archwing portions. The fast enemies and lack of hitscan is brutal on some weapons in particular, such as Velocitus and Fluctus. Keep up the good work!
  6. This is a legitimately useful starter pack, nice and nonexclusive.
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