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  1. Comments on frames i actually use with some semblance of frequency. And Rhino, because the joke. Ash (Prime): B+ Atlas: B- Banshee (Prime): B Baruuk: C+ Chroma (Prime): A- Only two abilities worth using, but two vary good abilities worth using Ember (Prime): D Nerf me baby one more time Equinox (Prime): A Excalibur (Umbra) (Prime): B Does a lot of things well, but is also overshadowed by a lot of other frames that does a lot more better Frost (Prime): A- Lots of good abilities, but the augments combined with lots of different builds requiring different, uh, builds prevents him from wearing the jack of many trades hat effectivly. But freeze force update is worth a bump from B+++ to A- Gara: A++ Garuda: B- Gauss: A Harrow: A Hildryn: C++ As clunky as she is chonky, but does what she does well enough if you can get past it. Hydroid (Prime): B Inaros: A++ Ivara: A+ Khora: B+ Limbo (Prime): EX Limbo main, not gonna pretend to be unbiased. OP listed him as A, so go with that. Loki (Prime): C++ Fast, annoying and invisible. Hasn't aged well. Mag (Prime): B- Mesa (Prime): A+ Mirage (Prime): A-- Nekros (Prime): A- Nezha: A Nidus: A+ Nova (Prime): A Nyx (Prime): C Oberon (Prime): A Octavia: A+++ Revenant: C++ Rhino (Prime): B Opticor Saryn (Prime): A+++ Titania: C++ Trinity (Prime): A Valkyr (Prime): B++ Melee 3.0 is gona hit Valkitty like a brick wall Vauban (Prime): D Has aged even worse than Loki Volt (Prime): A-- Still relevant. Wisp: A- Wukong (Prime): A--- He hits things with a stick and doesn't die. That said, he doesn't kill things fast enough or provide any team utility to warrant putting him with the rest of the A lineup Zephyr (Prime): B-
  2. Even though you say not to involve Rivens, Nikana is a special case where Rivens cannot not be mentioned. Simply put... use a riven. If you're going for Nikana type weapons, Skiajati is the best status, a Sepfahn zaw is the best crit, and Nikana prime is a hybrid weapon. So I would reccomend trying to use a hybrid setup with a riven. Nikana's normal variants are jack of all trade weapons, but you'll need a riven's power and three stats to make it good at everything at once.
  3. Could you make a glyph of Emissary Emblem? The deeply symbolic aesthetic is 100% something i would use to represent!
  4. Could you un-fix this for 24 hours or so, pretty please? This is comedic gold for content creators to meme the void out of.
  5. To be clear, will the Tennocon "Twitch Reward" ephemera also be available if you watch it on Mixer?
  6. This is sad, soon it will be time to shelve my Easter fashionframe until next year.
  7. I've reached Nightwave rank 30 and haven't encountered the wolf once. I'm glad you're raising his appearance rates, hope to be able to obtain his unique items before he is gone.
  8. I commend thee for the creative solution to this discrepancy.
  9. Limbo Deluxe looks lovely. Ventkid operator stuff looked unexpectedly nice.
  10. Limbo Deluxe looks great! Can't wait to see more of it.
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