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  1. Could you un-fix this for 24 hours or so, pretty please? This is comedic gold for content creators to meme the void out of.
  2. To be clear, will the Tennocon "Twitch Reward" ephemera also be available if you watch it on Mixer?
  3. > Why to dedicate time to WF event when at the end they will give away everything anyway? Because it's fun. (I fail to see how this "give everything away" shtick is demeaning my enjoyment through the event)
  4. Kitguns If you don't mind being sub-optimal, Pyrana Prime, Vaykor Marelok, Mara Detron, Arca Sisco and Pandero are all worth looking into.
  5. Negative platinum is a result of transactions being canceled. Its possible that whoever payed for your Warframe prime packs later canceled the transaction, causing the resulting platinum to be penalized. This is notorious for affecting innocent players that trade valuable in-game items for platinum, which would be deducted regardless of it's current holder when a transaction is canceled, potentially causing platinum to drop bellow zero.
  6. This is sad, soon it will be time to shelve my Easter fashionframe until next year.
  7. There is also the potential murkiness of purchasable umbral forma being "pay to win". From all appearances, It's going to be doled out sparingly and in fixed amount(s) for the foreseeable future, having a paid option to bipass this restriction while Umbral Forma remains timegated would lead to controversy.
  8. Side note: Virtuos Spike rank 1 is the best arcane for non-eidolon amps. Void damage is ineffective against cloned flesh, but 50% void 50% puncture is relatively effective against all enemy types.
  9. Because the set effect for sacrifical/umbral is to power up mods in the set. Other sets have different effects.
  10. I'm perfectly fine with the cost, there are only 3 frames out of the entire lineup i'd put it on anyways.
  11. I've reached Nightwave rank 30 and haven't encountered the wolf once. I'm glad you're raising his appearance rates, hope to be able to obtain his unique items before he is gone.
  12. I commend thee for the creative solution to this discrepancy.
  13. I've used the opticor as my main weapon since the great Tonkor nerf of 2017, and have a god-rolled riven for it. Here is my 0.02$. Vandal is a good upgrade, and requires nothing more. Opticor's hidden potential has always been status. The original Opticor had high base damage numbers, but moderate status and crit that did not create a solid identity for it until Hunter's Munitions came along. The generous wide-load laser, coupled with the explosion allow a single shot to cover a large area at once. The Vandal upgrade has capitalized upon this, massively increasing the status potential without a loss of DPS. It even has higher crit stats, even if this isn't the true focus of the variant. At this point, the weapon's main weakness (and imo only) weakness is that the proc of it's main damage type is useless. I understand that the Hunter Munitions people won't like it, to them I say use Ferrox instaid.
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