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  1. I also had this problem, It worked however when I changed to solo mode
  2. I'm giving the frame the name Hollow as calling it Broken Frame over and over feels a bit too... hollow. Being constantly incomplete drives a never ending desire to restore himself taking in whatever he can to heal and tearing away at the enemies that destroy Tenno. Passive - Repurpose: Nearby corpses parts within 3m are guaranteed to drop ammo. Ammo is automatically mutated to whatever Hollow needs. 1 - Vengeful grab - Fueled by his past destruction Hollow fires his arm with tendrils at a target grabbing them and up to 5 others nearby pulling them to him. While they are held they are ripped apart for use by Hollow's void tendrils. This restores Health, shields, and adds some armor over time. He may finish them off to restore/build more quickly but less efficiently. 2 - Multitask - Hollow twists the void energy holding him together to send a various body parts to use the weapons off hand as extra limbs form. If a primary gun is equipped Hollow automatically will attack with melee, maintaining/slowly increasing the combo meter as well as occasionally firing shots from his secondary at enemies within 15m range using ammo. With Melee equipped Hollow will use secondary to target close range 15m, and primary to target long range enemies 10-50m away. If there are no enemies nearby or a weapons magazine runs out Hollow automatically reloads. Fire rate and enemy acquisition are slightly limited for balance and to keep from burning all of Hollow's ammo pools. Perhaps 1/5th fire rate and changing targets takes 0.5-3s depending on distance from Hollow (very rough numbers). 3 - Reused Fragments- Hollow will restore/buff Health, Shields, and armor when any ally takes damage. When targeting a downed ally he can remote revive sacrificing buffs gained and a small portion of health. 4 - Reassemble - Hollow send void tendrils out siphoning away health, armor, and shields from enemies to add to himself and allies within range while the ability is active. The amount is dependent on enemies within range. Any enemy hit directly by Hollow or his multi-tasked weapons receives extra damage as they crumble apart from his void tendrils tearing away at their bodies.
  3. Sasuda

    Augment Slot When

    So it seems like the biggest reason someone would want augment slots is so they can use more of a frame's augments. The main problem everyone sees with augment slots is the power creep. I do see the merit in it, so it'd be nice if there was a way to make it work. Power creep valid. But also I think in adding augments with the exception of a very select few, usually comes as an overall loss. So the more you add the worse it is. So the, "Would it be that big of a deal," also seems pretty valid to me. So I kinda wonder if this augment slot worked very different from other slots in that: - it can't be polarized, adding any augment takes 6-9 mod points (Even this change to the slot alone accounts for a lot of the powercreep potential) - It can only be used if another augment is already equipped Because the main trouble seems to be the balance of it all. As much as I'd like for every augment to work as a frame changing total retooling of a frame, not only is that actually huge in terms of workload, it's also not really sensible as ability augments. But fixing obvious bad abilities would fix a lot of useless augments. And being able to equip more than one augment could really help their use case and have some more interesting build choices.
  4. You pretty much described an old idea I posted for a vector based warframe. I wouldn't mind if Vauban ended up having some of those traits. A little sad my frame probably would never exist.
  5. Just wanted say I support the idea since other people seem pretty ready to say no without actually having good reasons to say no. I'm for the why not. RIP triple jumping with the Tonkor. I'd personally rather see the vector pad apply a 5s 100% Sprint speed and 100% bullet jump strength like the Motus mod, seems a lot more practical to me. But adding a function to give the user more control like you suggest? Sure sounds good to me. Why not give the player more control? And with a really straightforward way to do it. I could provide counterpoints to certain arguments that other's have put forward too, but majority of that conversation simply seems off topic to me.
  6. Sasuda

    Augment Slot When

    I can see this being added in as a quest reward, like how the Umbral mods get unlocked and in that scenario I think it'd be neat. Otherwise though augments are too much of a mess to just toss in for powercreep problems. I also am fine with them having a mod slot cost. I think the forma system in general has flaws that contribute to the mod capacity problems. I don't care if it takes a lot of forma to add all the mods I'd like, I just don't do it for the sake of flexibility. So I end up having non-maxed versions of as many mods as I can. Still my builds get locked down a lot, So I'd prefer to see a way to have multiple polarizations on slots. With that change alone I'd be happier not needing another extra slot for augments.
  7. For me the change of Ember being Ability cast centered rather than Weapon and parkour centered is what killed her for me. World on Fire nerfs were obnoxious but added damage to her 1st and her Accelerant left her usable. She felt p-l-a-y-a-b-l-e as a caster, just very boring and slow. Her new animations really lockdown her movement. Haven't really cared since Gauss came out though.
  8. Indeed. Shockingly people have fought against me when I've asked for this. It can be one improvement at a time but it needs to be a number 1 priority. It's blows my mind it's been so long with nearly zero improvement in the way of automated matchmaking. The fact it's been just a chat-log to find players when the requests for matchmaking are so common. It can even be built with some code that could very easily be reused for trading improvements after matchmaking is made reasonable.
  9. The grind sucks on this. I'm so tired of every new grind. Grinding out low levels is fine in a game. But to have to grind every single time there's something new. I doubt I'll manage to get much out of the event before I'm too burned out to bother. The scoring is a confusing mess just all around as well on top of the grind. And another new currency? Another new temporary currency? I have to grind for temporary currency? I much rather have all of the old events cycling than these new ones with having to get a certain obnoxiously grindy score to achieve. I don't want to spend 3 hours sitting or leaving my computer on and having to do it for days and days in a row. I just don't really want to engage with this, like the gameplay is decent enough. But the effort to reward ratio. Feels bad.
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