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  1. Just here to ditto the same things. This happening to a lot of players. And now it's a bounty for Nightwave. 🤦‍♂️
  2. On mod Configs? As in spend 20p on a Warframe Slot and get 3 configs? Or if you're intent on getting 6 more slots or intent on spending 40p buy 2 Warframe slots for 2 more Equinox's that you can actually freely polarize without affecting your other builds? Or for 40p for 4 configs which you can only buy 3 per frame on? Using an Equinox & a Prime for experiments? Regardless how did your builds turnout? Which ones are the most fun?
  3. Been there, done that for drivers unfortunately. Like I was saying I really haven't seen issues outside of Warframe, so I genuinely don't think this is a case of Windows 10 or anything I would think if I've run plenty of other programs without issue it seems pretty unlikely my Windows 10 is installed incorrectly. And yes I've also tried reinstalling Warframe. When I looked through error logs I'm pretty sure it said something about a missing shader. Which I would guess to be a Warframe installation problem, but I've reinstalled several times.
  4. It is possible I guess, I haven't tested DX11 games extensively, but I've only had issues with DX11 Warframe like I was saying. My computer specs are nothing special, I'm waiting on a chance to grab a 3060Ti so that's why my graphics card is old. My graphics card isn't getting along with it I'm 95% sure. GPU: GeForce GTX 670 CPU: Ryzen 3600 Mobo: ASUS Tuf 540 RAM: 16GB GSkill FlareX SSD: Western Digital SN750 The games that I know use DX11 that I've tested with are Civ V (not all that useful I know but I wanted to get an idea of whether it may have been my CPU), Skyrim, Farcry 3
  5. The problem of intel, AMD, or Nvidia? It seems like DX11 Warframe being the only thing that crashes my Graphics card would be a DE problem since nothing else crashes using DX11. Warframe DX10 is running significantly better for me right now.
  6. When I run Warframe my PC crashes, it was working before the last update but also was frequently crashing early October. Screen suddenly goes black, Warframe game audio drops and changes to the login music. Plays for a short time before cutting out. Sometimes a single color will appear on the display. The color displayed varies.
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