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  1. Sasuda

    Warframe Augment Tweak/Request

    Escape Velocity is an exilus mod
  2. Sasuda

    Back Button on Mouse

    Thanks will take a look
  3. I propose focusing on the other pieces of his kit and his restraint meter as the solutions to his 4th problem personally. Although it may seem counter-intuitive when his 4th is the weakest part, it's his theming and special mechanic not being particularly influential in the grand scheme of things, IMO. That being said combo meter should affect his "exalted" 4th's attacks. Why bother with the Restraint meter if it's really just an alternative energy for a pretty standard "exalted" melee? When I think of the theme and what it should mean for Baruuk, his unrestrained form should have an almost Equinox Day/Night liteTM effect. Flipping from a 'stand there and take it' / 'peaceful (as peaceful as murder gets) take-downs' to a 'Rage mode unleashed'. Why would Unrestrained Baruuk still lull enemies to sleep? While Unrestrained it should indeed feel somewhat similar to Valkyr, being ultra aggressive high damage. The uniqueness being how he flip-flops in and out of these modes. Unrestrained mode probably shouldn't be so easy to keep on all of the time, and his 4th should be usable outside of it. But when he enters Unrestrained mode his 4th should wreak havoc and unleash all Hek. So then I think his kit should have some altered unrestrained features (these are gonna be rough but whatever) 1 Elude Unrestrained -> Becomes Counter when struck he avoids 90% of dmg and returns it for (Combo Multiplier)*dmg or have it return damage nullifying defenses (armor shield etc.) 2. Lull Unrestrained -> Awakened Baruuk's full damage capacities awaken and he passes though defenses with 30% of damage being true damage 3. Desolate Hands Unrestrained -> Desolate Future where enemies struck by daggers are temporarily paralyzed (to make up for Lull Unrestrained's CC dropoff a bit) and receive 80% more damage (before mods) from attacks. Daggers also deal 1000? 2500? damage maybe? Why not? meh? eh? These would drain rather than fill restraint as well. But Restraint would be altered to having a threshold that could be stacked on further with a number/timer value that could could continue to stack by using his restrained abilities. These are just placeholder ideas I haven't figured out the math or anything but just to kind of get you understanding what I feel Baruuk's kit should feel like. It may ought to involve different mechanics entirely, potentially being more direct to damage and having other uses with energy vs restraint economy.
  4. Sasuda

    Back Button on Mouse

    Back Button has stopped working as of December 15. Tested binding my side buttons in the key bindings and they are no longer recognized. They still work in all other programs so it is not my mouse.
  5. Sasuda

    Nezha Chakram usable when no other melee equipped?

    I don't have any issue with it, honestly. I was definitely against changing the ability to an "exalted weapon", but now with Garuda setting a new potential I don't have any issue with adding it this way. This adds and doesn't take away. Although I personally actually would like to see a separate melee class developed for the chakram/ring weapons as it feels like its different from a glaive to me. I mostly don't see any reason not to now that Garuda has proved its possible and is just a nice cool option.
  6. Sasuda

    Moa begin dead in submersible missions

    Just for reference I did not title this "MOA begin dead in submersible missions" and it has nothing to do with the issue I created the bug report for, as the post I created existed before Fortuna was released. My issue and original title was Host Migration dead on respawn. Not sure who or why my post was merged here.
  7. Plains of Eidolon, just outside transition gate with Rhino on highest level mission went to the end and left squad. Once I loaded back in I was dead and had to use a revive.
  8. Sasuda

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Nezha used to be pretty safe to run without Health mods, Now he tends to need them in places he didn't before. So building for Range or Duration instead is less of an option. Still an option, to be fair. But Nezha's viable build strategies are less effective than they used to be and less likely to be good options. His builds tend to be a lot more same-y than they used to be seems to be what the poster was getting at. Didn't say anything about A bit off topic
  9. Sasuda

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    I think I know where you're coming from and I'm gonna be a bit nitpicky here. Most Warframe abilities can go through snowglobe no problem. Regular weapons can't, and I'm not asking for regular weapons to. But I think all abilities should be able to, in the same vein as abilities with Limbo's Rift vs weapons with Limbo's rift. I don't think this is really the case DE actually has huge lists of things and I think it's just never been a huge priority for them for whatever reason. Whether it's complexity or something they've put off as being a part of it'll be fixed the next time DE comes around to fixing things with Frost. There was a bug with hacking that didn't allow the puzzle to finish for years before they fixed it, that they knew about since release. Sometimes there's changes they want to make but just can't budget time for. Sometimes they haven't decided for sure how they want things to operate. Sometimes the game changes enough for them to make changes they wouldn't have before. There's a number of reasons that could be, and maybe it'll happen maybe it won't. But players requesting things for long enough usually results in some action taken. So if you'd want it to happen, requesting it is fine even if it doesn't happen or it seems like it never will. Personally I think all abilities passing through is better consistency and much better for playing together so I myself am gonna request that change. But if you still think it should be this way you're free to disagree, if you have reasons that change my mind on it go for it. No the reasons pointed out why it was bad at healing, not why Health orbs are better than burst heal. The reasons why it was bad were all available to be changed without switching to Health Orbs. I do still think it's a bad change, actually. I found the burst heal far more effective than Health orbs. The health orbs do come with certain advantages, however I don't believe the pros outweigh the cons. They are stable lingering healing, but they heal a tiny fraction of what the burst heal does and Blazing Chakram doesn't consistently hit large groups of enemies nor are there consistently groups of available enemies. The burst heal only required 1 good target which made it very consistent for Nezha who because of Warding Halo's original 100% reduction fit pretty well as a quick recovery. Nezha no longer has that quick recovery, he's now always needing to upkeep health (if you're talking about low level missions no he doesn't need to but that was already the case prior to the rework and not a good case for an example in this context). The point here is I need to spam Chakram to keep Nezha alive with health in scenarios I didn't used to. Which is why it's a bad synergy, I'm not choosing to use Chakram because it's a better healing mechanic I'm choosing to because I need the Health. Yes Blazing Chakram can stand on it's own if it didn't have the Health orbs is the point here, now that it's received all of the other changes. So why then is needing to heal with orbs the reason Warding Halo was nerfed to 90%. That's what I'm getting at here. The reason DE stated it got changed for doesn't exist when it's got other uses. But to begin with if Chakram contributed to Halo's health instead of nerfing Halo's effectiveness it would've been able to provide Healing that was useful anyway. Neither of these abilities are exclusive damage or CC. They are both hybrids which is why I compare them. Radial Javelin does slightly favor damage and Divine spears Slightly favors CC. Radial Javelin is lacking in it's damage capacity which is why it could use a tweak to give it some more damage, considering Radial Blind/Howl's CC. But then Exalted Blade is also more effective at damage so it could also be tweaked for better CC. In either case though it's not worth the cost. Radial Javelin does actually have some small uses because the radial CC and damage are both things that are useful but it's just not worth the cost for what it gives. Divine Spears is in a similar boat not because the CC it has is terrible and not because the damage is terrible but because neither is worth the cost for what it gives to Nezha. Firewalker has subtly become noticeably less useful for CC with the way Nezha operates more resembling a spam caster with less aggressive movement now, but Divine Spears CC, range, duration and Damage aren't worth 100 energy spam casts to maintain that CC or damage. Not calling for anything too major here either. just a 5m bump up in range, and availability of Firewalker damage would do the trick to make it worthwhile. I'm not exactly sure what you were saying here, but I think you're talking about why the abilities get reset. Which in that case I think I do have a pretty good idea of why that is. It's because in the early game life Warframe kinda wasn't sure if it wanted to have platforming game elements, which is why we used to have Excal's super Jump. Since then the parkour and level design has shifted vastly away from that and really become most oriented towards fast past horde killing. So anyway as a encouragement to make your jumps successfully, abilities were turned off whenever you fell into a pit. Even into pits with visible floors, modern Warframe has changed many of these pits into actual floors that no longer reset you. That's where it comes from as far as I can tell, there's a good number of reasons it doesn't really make sense in the game anymore though. One of them being players intentionally jumping into to reset abilities. A lot of abilities have been changed over time to be recastable in some form in part because of this, there are a few though that haven't like Iron Skin, Null Star, (although they kind of have become recastable with the augments) and Warding Halo.
  10. Sasuda

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Some of my builds get around 10x what they used to on returns. It's just a matter of a lack of control over it, being completely dependent on enemies is a real pain. Sometimes I'll get massive Halo health other times I'll be sitting and get nothing. Never been a fan of jump into the horde and sit still for a minute effect. My suggestion was to allow some ability damage to apply to Halo while it's building so that Nezha's own CC doesn't work against him. But the best suggestion I've seen was a few posts back here. My summary so far including that is this big post.
  11. Sasuda

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Lots of abilities can pass through snowglobe like Mesa's bullets from peacemaker. It's the fact that it's a projectile and a physical barrier that make it deflect, it's not something desirable for using the charkram in any case and removing the collision is definitely possible. Making frames play together nicely by having abilities intentionally react together of otherwise are changes DE makes regularly. Given enough request it's likely they'd allow for it to pass through. "Because you need to self sustain yourself now?" Precisely, you need to rely on Blazing Chakram now. If a synergy is good it doesn't make you need to use 2 abilities together, it makes using both abilities together more useful than using them independently. Both abilities should be independently useful though. Now that Blazing Chakram doubles damage and deals a reasonable amount and drops energy orbs it actually could stand on it's own well enough. As for, "why heal or CC when I never take any damage?" , This was entirely wrong in the first place. The burst heal actually was quite handy, just obnoxious to use because of it's tiny range, lack of indication, and Nezha's bottom level health pool. The fact it's Nidus's passive doesn't really mean much, Saryn's spore damage & spores doesn't disappear same with many abilities which are not directly tied to frames. Nullifyers should be changed to prevent abilities affects not decast them. This has bothered many players for a long time, since it affects certain frames way more than others. Divine Spears like all of Nezha's abilities, is a hybrid ability. It does alright damage and Ok CC. The point was because it does neither especially well it's in a spot similar to radial Javelin where it could use a little more of a tilt to either CC or damage to make it actually worthwhile for it's cost. He suggesting adding a slightly higher base range which I completely agree with to give a slight edge of a CC focus. Otherwise it ends up as one of the lower level CC abilities as it cannot add new enemies, damage, or otherwise during it's duration. would probably be fine as a 2nd or 3rd ability but underwhelming for it's cost as a 4th. Everything has to do with the games code. Just because it resets position doesn't mean it has to reset everything. /unstuck does not reset abilities.
  12. Sasuda

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    I agree with a lot of what you're saying, although This is definitely not the case the return is huge now it just doesn't make much of a difference beyond a certain point because it doesn't mitigate 100% damage anymore. It's effectively a timer for when the ability runs out now. It's particularly unreliable in getting returned health from damage due to being a short window of time and relying on enemy action. I'd agree with this as long as it comes with the condition that all abilities are either recastable or decastable by default. I cliff jump to recast fairly often. Which is strangely necessary. But yeah agreed on the rest.
  13. Sasuda

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    I'll move through abilities and go over good and then bad in the spoiler. Been testing things out. The problems with the current Nezha So to fix I say: Firewalker Is Channeled but much reduced energy drain. Orbs from Chakram will give good use for the Chakram, the energy recovery simply being applied while draining is also an option Animation changed from a hop to a sliding animation accelerating Nezha, this makes way more sense than the hop to begin with. Benefits from range mods allowing for a slightly more width but doesn't become reduced by negative range Pyroclasic Flow now: Can retain 10% of damage by being cast before it runs out Lasts for 15 seconds at base Range is affected as Firewalker is, also allowing for a longer trail Blazing Chakram Retains orb drop functions with either An additional burst heal with a range of at least 25m at base and slightly lower chance of Health orbs like 25% Or Health and Energy orbs are multiplied by # of enemies hit so the last enemy hit drops like 5 Teleport retains momentum Disc has a tracker akin to the tracker used on enemies in Archwing, and on waypoints allies use Hovers for a second at furthest point on charged throw allowing a chance to teleport creatively Passes though Nullifyer bubbles but does no damage on charged throw, for an emergency escape/reposition teleport Restored Explosion with firewalker, still doesn't cancel Firewalker. Warding Halo uses Crixus044's suggestion of having an initial 90% damage reduction while building Halo and after a moddable ?5 second? dunno. Duration, The Halo finishes building and becomes a health based Halo with 100% reduction until it explodes on destruction maybe only with Firewalker active and leaves 2 seconds of invulnerability to recast. It leaves a ton of variety of ways to build and Leaves room for a good variety of strategies as well all while being well balanced. And actually offering protection both unique and as effective as other frames. Very nice hybrid between old and new. Radius on stun could be increased to 2.5-3m on default Radius cannot go below 1.5m Divine Spears Pins enemies to ground/allows fire to travel up spears from ground so Firewalker and PryoClasic Flow can apply damage to targets. 2nd Cast animation doesn't interrupt movement, perhaps is represented through a set of 4 mini-spears dropping around Nezha so it doesn't interfere with his movement at all. To allow Halo to scale properly instead of hindering Damage dealt to enemies afflicted by Divine Spears from abilities contributes to Halo health. This also allows players to be in control of Halo health instead of players being dictated by enemy damage. Range cannot go below 15m Default range increased to 25m
  14. Sasuda

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    If I'm picking up correctly it's 90% while absorbing and becomes 100% after a moddable duration? This I'd be cool with. Has a lot cleaner and smarter mod potential to whats proposed. Although if you weren't already intending this, I'd keep a 1 or 2 seconds of invulnerability on the cast & decast for a nice buffer between charges. And definitely agreed on the Blazing Chakram restoring the Halo. 2 things I'd also like for satisfaction: Keep a burst heal available to Blazing Chakram, but have the orbs as an additional bonus. Nezha should keep momentum through teleports. Perhaps on charged throw disc hovers for a second before boomeranging back for some consistency. Since we're already slowing down to charge it. I personally still am also on board for some more ability to mod the range of Nezha's abilities, with the condition of adding a minimum they cannot drop below. Dream idea would be having a preview on Pyroclastic Flow by holding ability button, also allowing to bend the path by aiming. (it could have a little more range and duration than it does at base too.) Or allowing to recollect 10% by recasting before it runs out.
  15. Sasuda

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    No, we don't have any indication from the GIFs we don't know. It seems likely I would think. Otherwise that can be put on the list of things that make this weaker than Splinter storm.