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  1. My returns:I play mostly solo but for me depending on the mission, its difficulty and / or time to do it, I also play in a group (random). Compared to alerts, this system is less flexible because the choices have rather "directed" (because of the duration of the series), and more flexible for the rewards (shop) that are there not a few hours but a week. Simply replaced "with a friend or member of your clan" with "with / in a group". The coop aspect remains present taking into account different combinations (friend, clan, random, invitation) without being limiting. It potentially allows more players to attempt or be tempted to do the act (s); Add 1 or 2 daily acts; Reduce the duration of survivals (defenses, ...) from 60 min to 30 min perhaps; Reduce the number of exits to be made from 5 to 3. This may encourage players who do not (or have little play time) to test / make them without being so restrictive. Increase the reputation given by capturing a prisoner from 50 to 100 and / or give a bonus of 100 for capturing the 3 prisoners. Ditto for the Wolf (not yet seen). If I understand everything that has been said and written, it must at least take 3 levels per week (30000 reputation) so feasible. For Wolf creds, it's 300 creds in total when level 30 is reached with the possibility to have more after. But for those who have little time or who will not reach this level, would it not be possible to allow them to obtain otherwise creds, for example, by giving 15/20 creds to have completed half of the acts of the week.
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