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  1. I really hope Xaku and Protea get their alt helms in the shop this time around. I need to fill out my collection but I def don't wanna buy them lol
  2. I've never had any sort of restriction placed on my account in the past. Like I said, no forum warnings, no chat or trade restrictions either. I'm a very "by the books" kind of player, not a repeat offender
  3. Already contacted them with an appeal request. Was just wondering if anyone has had a ban turned over after sending one in
  4. I know, I was just wondering if it was possible to appeal the ban on my account.
  5. A week ago I received a suspension on my account without knowing why. After sending in a support ticket and getting a reply back I was informed that a third party application was detected running while I was playing Warframe. I'm no stranger to using trainers in offline singleplayer games to modify my characters but I'm always VERY careful to close those programs before hoping into Warframe or Destiny, so if I did leave the cheat software open it was completely on accident. Since those programs give you audible cues when you enable options I certainly would have heard a ding if I tried to modi
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