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  1. Since Atmo Systems is only a 5% drop, I am farming bounty 2. Completing bounty 2 quickly means characters such as Eudico and Profit Taker continue their chatter for another three minutes while the player has already engaged the bounty table. This makes the player stuck, and unable to use the table until the previous mission's dialogue has been complete.
  2. zetheros1

    How would you rate Fortuna part 2?

    Honestly, if you don't have a few blue potatoes lying around, you're not ready for Fortuna's end-game content.
  3. zetheros1

    Profit-Taker Feedback

    I haven't tried frost, but the 20-30 nullies roaming the field would make short work of frost bubble.
  4. zetheros1

    Profit-Taker Feedback

    0. The dialogue upon accepting the bounty is... well, I was able to make some toast and coffee in the time it took to end it. Please add an option to skip, or remove the dialogue after the first time. 1. Four-star bounty difficulty is ok, but it gets too difficult when you throw the profit-taker in there, which launches rockets and constant AoE. It's easy to get 1 shot in this fight, and not know what hit you. Keep in mind I'm one of those players who advocate for higher difficulty in Warframe. 2. In PuG; there is no coordination to bring different elemental weapons. Most new players to the fight will only have corrosive modded, and I have a feeling the pale green symbol is difficult to see against the white sky for colour-blind people. 3. Glass cannons don't have any role in this fight, it's too easy to be hit by stray AoE, even with a volt shield, and similar glass-cannon defense tactics seem to be bypassed, save for limbo's rift. The AoE and rockets will annihilate anything that isn't a umbral-modded and adaptation-modded Inaros, Oberon, Chroma, etc - and even then you must move constantly or die in maybe 10-15 seconds. Wukong shines in this fight, hilariously enough. 4. There are bugs, big ones - sometimes pylons don't spawn (may be related to host leaving during a certain stage), and other times the elevator door doesn't open for some people. I've noticed people who don't have a heavy weapon equipped can still join the match. 5. Getting more Archwing weapon ammo is a bit troublesome, and I didn't know you had to kill mobs for the ammo to drop. 6. The hitboxes on the legs don't feel good when you hit them. It seems there are specific places on the legs that you're supposed to aim at, but it's hard to tell where - and if they are damaged/destroyed already. You get a lot of 0's in your damage numbers if you just fire anywhere at the legs. Other than that, congrats DE, I'm sure you're putting out fires right now, but cool fight. It's honestly fairly easy with a coordinated team, but could use some adjustment so that you can bring more than just a tank frame.
  5. Can't seem to kill profit taker during 4th phase, she just stops moving and fires rockets. I've looked everywhere for something to do to take her out of invuln, kill enemies, scout for terminals/interactives, nothing shows up.
  6. zetheros1

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    It's a hasty generalization to say difficulty is about bloating numbers, and I don't think that's DE's plan for the future. More recent introductions of difficulty include the bounty system, flying nullifiers, and arbitration drones. Sure, they're nuked like the rest of the content, but it's a step in the right direction. We'll have to see what the Orbs bring us in terms of difficulty. I see you're going meta.
  7. zetheros1

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    We all know it sucks to lose an argument, but using logical fallacies to defend oneself is disappointing.
  8. zetheros1

    Best melee option for Volt Prime?

    Just take a look at their stats; most weapons in WF are either crit, status, or hybrid. Figure out which stat is highest, and slot in mods for that. If both are high (usually 25% or so) you can go hybrid and use both crit and status mods. Usually you just want to build weapons that are best vs grineer, since all other enemies die if you blink at them, save for ancient healers, sortie hyenas, etc. This could help
  9. zetheros1

    Best melee option for Volt Prime?

    oh yeah, if you're looking for fun, use sparring weapons with maximum attack speed mods. I recommend hirudo.
  10. zetheros1

    Best melee option for Volt Prime?

    well, atterax or scoliac is definitely the way to go if you want to speed clear rooms with melee. They are expensive builds though, if you want a cheaper alternative polearms (plague krippath) or an atterax without maiming strike or riven will work well.
  11. zetheros1

    Best melee option for Volt Prime?

    you don't use melee to clear rooms with Volt, you use max range Discharge. Press 4, everything in 100m radius is dead or paralyzed. If DE nerfs volt, I have several more nukeframes up my sleeve, lol ...I mean, if you want to use melee, then nothing beats maiming atterax unless you're talking multiple hour long survivals on Mot. It is the best option, except for perhaps a scoliac with a meta riven, or atterax with a maiming strike riven.
  12. Larger enemies require more work, and are more technically difficult to implement; materials, animations, and total polycount. Texture sizes for a normal corpus or grineer is probably 1024x1024px, more likely 512x512px or even 256px if DE is efficiently using UV space. A larger creature like the Teralyst will be made of multiple 512,1024, and perhaps a 2048px texture map thrown in there. The larger the creature, the larger PBR maps you'll need, and the more polys you'll need, meaning more processing power allocated to rendering a larger character. Animations are an entirely different beast. Tenno are smaller, and thus larger creatures will need unique animation sets idle1, idle2, idle3, jumpstart, jumpmid/falling, jumpend, walk, run, sprint, shoot, melee, etc - All while keeping combat with the Tenno and/or other smaller enemies in mind. Larger creatures will also need inverse kinetics as collision with the environment is basically inevitable - and perhaps even specialized navmeshes, or some other technique to allow walking and climbing on walls, like what we're seeing with the new Orbs. TLDR; it's a fair larger amount of work compared to simple reskins.
  13. zetheros1

    Fortuna and Garuda disturbing and morbid.

    I agree with OP. It's alright committing genocide on the corpus and grineer (they're not really human, are ugly, and deserve it tenno master-race and all that), but just as long as there isn't this much gore. Violence is okay, but we need to keep this PG, DE.
  14. I think the new mining mechanic is more difficult than the old version; before I was able to get 8-10 ore consistently (4-5 stars), now I'm usually getting 4-6 which doesn't feel so great. Having to time when to release LMB also feels more stressful and annoying than doodling circles into rocks. I've tested this on both the nosam advanced, and the sunpoint, doing my best to release LMB right at the middle point. Both yield worse results than when I had to draw circles, and it seems as if drawing circles was faster, except for the nodes that have only one point. This might just be a personal thing; perhaps I'm better at drawing circles, and worse with timing. Does anyone else get this?
  15. zetheros1

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    The Warframe community is the best, most generous, least-toxic gaming community there is. I am proud of all of you.