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  1. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Bear Hey guys, seems like a pretty heated situation here, regarding chat moderation. I think the 'best ending' route here would be to ask for public apologies from the chat moderators that haven't been professional. Set up a short community stream, have your chat moderators appear in person if possible, or remotely via VOIP. People make mistakes, but if they don't apologize and continue making mistakes, you have a problem. Players can be salty, but in this case they are in the right, and must be acknowledged. Rahetalius, although being a bit snarky and bringing up old issues that may have been resolved already, has a lot of good points. Threatening him with partnership termination was a bad move. Lastly, as a game developer and moderator myself, I look up to you guys as examples, keep fighting the good fight. Cheers, -Zeth
  2. Yeah, I actually agree with this; twitch drops not working really sucks, and those who got 7500 credits and a bunch of fireworks? It's free, but not free if I waste more money on electricity AFKing in Twitch, than running high index once. You didn't miss out on anything this time, but this whole twitch drop thing is a convoluted method of promoting Warframe anyway, and there needs to be better solutions. Who uses third party stuff for their game anyway? That's so janky. You're raking in enough cash to make your own streaming platform, DE - and no, I'm not waiting around to watch a streamer hunt some stupid 'twitch monster'. That's even worse. However, the community managers did their jobs, it was an entertaining and informative stream, and I think that is of merit. I don't like complaining without giving a solution, so how about this; put a in-game TV on every relay in the game. Have them tuned into a warframe twitch streamer. Have Darvo put up warframe-related market ads, or even real-life warframe store ads. Broadcast the amount of people watching # to Twitch, and have them add that number to the twitch.tv audience count, so that Warframe gets attention, without eating Twitch resources. Give the streamer a percentage of store/platinum sales based on time streamed/number of people watching, etc. You guys are game developers, and variables like these should be second nature. I could whip up something similar in UE4 in no time, and I'm sure you guys can figure out the rest of the details easily. There's so much potential here. PS: careful with the shareholders. I don't want to see Warframe die like Blizzard at the hands of Activision.
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