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  1. Would it be too much to award the pearl to everyone who damaged the opponent before the kill?

    Because it really sucks connecting to game after a game where I do 80% of damage to an enemy and someone shoots it once for an easy pearl. There is always one or more people who just follow others around and steal the kill once the opponent is at low health. Really takes away from the fun when you end up carrying others and getting penalized for it.

  2. Whooboy. While itis nice to see improvements and less grind to the nightwave acts, I can spot some "acts" that actually make things more difficult/bothersome to do.

    "6 different conservations". You need to have a higher standing/rank with factions than before to get access to 6 different echo-lures.
    Also the "5 different bounties" might be a little bit difficult for some players unless the easier bounties are considered to be "different" after the bounties are refreshed every couple of hours.

    These two should probably be considered "elite".

  3. I have discovered a strange phenomenon with Vazarin instant revives during the Wolf encounters.

    When a player is downed by the molotovs thrown by the invincible, annoying wolf-fanboys (Seriously guys, who thought it was a good idea to make them invincible meat-shields that block shots and can spam AOE attacks to an already bullet-spongy boss encounter?) and gets revived by another player, the revived player gets instantly downed again if the ground is still burning. It is as if there was no invulnerability timer after the revive or it was bypassed for some reason. "Normal" player revives by other players may be affected too but it is most obvious with Vazarin when you lose them all in less than 5 seconds. I think this really could use looking at.

    I was using Octavia at the time.

  4. 18 hours ago, RocketShep said:

    I want to corroborate here. At launch, I was having no problems grinding. Around the time of the first or second hotfix, I started stumbling randomly off of grinds, even in a straight line, with proper camera control, at decent speeds.

    Same here.

  5. To me the whole K-Drive seems a bit flaky at best right now.

    The grind needs to be a bit stickier I feel and landing on a rail (while holding Ctrl) should initiate the grind instead of slipping off like it now does 75% of the time. It really doesn't feel rewarding when the game mechanics are this unstable and fickle.

  6. Mine just closes and drops to the background processes. It has been doing this for over a month now. Really aggravating.

    It does this if I leave the launcher for more than 10 seconds.

  7. 16 hours ago, -Morioh- said:

    All this is caused by the Engine.

    I though we are not talking about frame drops and video lag. This topic is about NETWORK problems causing disconnects, nonworking doors, host migrations and general flakiness of the MM.

    Sorry to say but your frame rate issues are irrelevant to the thread. They are most unfortunate though.

  8. Oh, you, too? It has been like that for last few months for me. It has been so bad that I haven't been able to do Orokin rifts without getting host migrated back to orbiter right after the extraction and I lose all my rewards and the relic.

    This has been going on for months.

    Region is set to EU (I am Finnish), ping limit is 150, network analysis is fine, I have manually opened the ports from the router, ping is fine... What the hell?
    Every other game runs fine and without issues.

    It is definitely not my rig: i7 Skylake 6700K, 16GB RAM, MSI GeForce GTX1070 16GB, connection 110/10Mbps ADSL2+

  9. Update: On solo mode the game seems to work, but that will force me to play single player...

    And the reward loss keeps still happening.

    If anything it seems to be getting worse? I can't even get into a mission until my 15th try only to be sent back to Liset.

  10. 5 hours ago, --Q--Animan8000 said:

    That wasn't a joke.

    Well, I didn't do that often yet but considering ALT + F4 does count as a "crash", so if hopefully possible (probably has to connect with the servers while the run) you get the stuff back. I also do recommend not playing solo. Also Host Migration = making a new game and that can easily fail without saving any rewards.

    Hmm. I need to remember that. But I'd prefer DE taking action and fixing it. :p

  11. You mean "See you 47 years ago"? :p


    I just thought of something. 

    Solli, I suggest you check your system time. Because I remember some PC's revert the system time to year 1970 when the CMOS battery fails...
    Which is 47 years.

    But that should not use system time for the coold-...


    Could really be something as simple as that causing a whole load of issues. I'd imagine a server being decades off time would most likely be timing out all the outbound connections because they were sent decades ago and refusing incoming ones because they are "from too far in the future".

    I will be rolling on the floor and laughing if this is the case :D

  12. Yes, I am still having these issues. I have stopped doing rifts for now. The reason why I stopped bothering with Rifts, for now, is that I lose the relic and never get to keep anything from the mission (credits, mods, resources, affinity, focus, end of mission reward) because of a host migration failure at extraction or right after reward selection screen.

    Sometimes I am really wondering if the hosts I have been recently playing with are running the game on a potato and carrier pigeons.

    When I am a host, I rarely see any disconnections aside from the intentional ones.

  13. Just get some sprint speed for your frame, and take a gun with a large mag or fast reload. Ignis and beam weapons (phage) may work too. They allow you to just "hose" in the general direction of the target if accuracy is a problem. You don't really have to cheese anything. Just keep calm, don't overshoot your jumps and don't stop for too long to shoot at a target. And don't worry, there is a small margin for error so it is not end of the world if you miss one.

    I think I used my Excal and a Braton when I did it ages ago. :P

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