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  1. Bump! I am also having issues unrelated to my internet. I tried reinstalling Warframe and it did not help. I cannot play the event because I cannot remain connected long enough! Network Not Responding multiple times in an hour. DE please help! The game is buggy for everyone!
  2. Shadow Stalker isn’t exactly worthwhile for veteran players, and even some newer players get all of his drops early on if your luck is on par. What if DE changed how his items are obtained, and added some other items to make it more well-rounded for all players to benefit? Below is my suggestion, please feel free to leave comments! Shadow Stalker direct drops: • Stalker Tokens: Affected by resource boosters and Kavat procs. Stalker tokens can be traded in at a given location for rewards. Every time Stalker is killed, he drops a single token. •100,000 credits, drops every tim
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