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  1. This definitely needs addressing, though I feel like the melee blocking will be addressed with the full release of melee 3.0. At least I hope. Mining gear definitely needs addressing ASAP. Constantly re-equipping the drill every time you have to kill something gets very, very old.
  2. I'm not sure I really believe people won't eventually get bored of creating new accounts just to exploit their way to the top of leaderboards, just to get taken down again. I'm certain the vast majority will cut it out, even if a few diehard scumbags keep going at it. Especially if it's only a handful of clans notorious for this kind of behavior.
  3. I'd actually argue that it's fine to run competitive events like this, and in fact, these situations weed out those who are determined to cheat the game while letting everyone else compete in peace, legitimately.
  4. Does Nyx get a visual retouching along with this, too? PBR on psychic girl? Pretty please?
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