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  1. It's intended mechanic, otherwise why would DE ever give players control over the drone spawn by tying it to their position? Do you say they have no idea what they are doing?
  2. It's pretty bad we also have to mod for attack speed on a heavy attack builds, because we have to hit the air first. The current mods don't allow to hybrid builds to be as effective as a dedicated combo or heavy attack build.
  3. Yes, the angle is decreased, and it's not ok.
  4. What about the melee ground slam attack angle? It's clearly not as good as it was. The maximum angle we can slam from the air is greatly decreased. Edit: Oh, I see.
  5. I thought it was only my imagination. Another undocumented melee nerf. I hope it gets reversed as the follow through changes were.
  6. I just wish I could lock the gunner seats to AI only, because so many players love to afk in them. I can confirm the FA experience, which is if you are not in the FA, no one is in the FA, especially if you are the pilot. Most of random players on railjack are like AI without a role set for them.
  7. It can be also funny, for example the true black arca plasmor turns to be an unusually deadly air cannon. I played back then when there was a synoid simulor mirage in almost every squad, so there is no way I will ever choose eye cancer. People have suffered enough.
  8. DE sees that aoe weapons are really popular. Tinfoil hat on: DE waits a bit until most players give in and invest massively in aoe weapons, then they nerf them and buff something else to be OP to create the next investment base. Tinfoil hat off: DE have no actual idea what they are doing, so they release the popular stuff according to their statistics to try and make players happy until the next content. Flow like the water.
  9. I do absolutely the same. I have like 9 colors in my favorites and 5 of them are just shades of green and black/white to make frames look good to me and I simply use copy frame colors on weapons whatever frame I just equipped it for. I might change one or two colors if it's absulutely S#&$ty, but the moment I see some unnecessary particle effect either in the skillset or on the weapon, that's an instant true black to me. My default energy color is orange with black, but I had to change it to black-black a lot to make stuff playable. I would like to share my experience that kuva nukor has a special particle effect when enemies dying (like nova molecular prime [4]), that is based on either warframe energy or accent colors, so the visual effect won't disappear whatever you color your kuva nukor. You have to recolor your frame to change it. Sorry, but I can't remember which color part exactly. It was changed by a patch in recent months, or just happened to be appearing when I updated my nvidia driver, don't know. It is the most disturbing S#&$ though.
  10. I already saw your logic. You don't understand that nerfs won't make single-target weapons desirable. If aoe gets nerfed, people will go back to melee, if melee gets nerfed, people will go back to nuke frames. The game either needs mechanics like nox, that promotes single-target weapons or bend the single-target weapons towards aoe, by giving them cone punch-through damage or ricochet like some beam weapons have.
  11. Ah yes, and then nerf assault rifles to be a reason to use bows as well. I see your logic.
  12. I honestly despise how the mouse cursor is invisible for a few seconds after the loading is complete. I want to hover my profile to leave squad, but I have to wait until the cursor becomes visible, and it always ends up being the dumb mouse moving and looking for movement on the screen. Or brace for host migrations and repeat. Yes, I also want the auto-leave checkbox option. I leave the squad almost always. Keep the statistics screen up though, and stay down with the monkey paw.
  13. I thought the problem is the melee meta and it needs further nerfing to promote gunplay. Wait...maybe both aoe and melee are good because those are good damage on multiple targets in a horde shooter? Hmm that would explain why chain-beam weapons are also popular. I'm seeing a pattern here. The conclusion is that only single-target weapons are bad, because those are single-target weapons. However aoe outshines melee at the moment, I still think single-target weapons need buffs in either their own mechanics, or the previously suggested "more enemies like nox" instead of bringing the better methods down to single-target level by nerfs. Melee/aoe are simply better suited for general gameplay and as long as you don't need precision, melee/aoe is the efficient way. You can start digging with a knife, but it's easier with a shovel.
  14. I did todays radiation hazard mobile defense with a semi-range limbo solo and my dumbass kavat kept running out of the stasis to die. I wish I could just cut its legs and wear the kavat tied to my warframe as a backpack.
  15. Nope, it's definitely khora, the bdsm frame.
  16. I think they spent more time writing the description texts on these arcanes than thinking on them. These arcanes were the most comic hill for DE and for the "you can't call it trash until you try it out" people to die on. That being said, I kind of want those to stay this way to keep this memory alive forever.
  17. I mean if they ask back "why?", there is room for an explanation, but they usually don't care and stay hidden. Though they still feel they do something wrong after being told to stab if they don't and if they want to absolutely chill with their own way, they might choose solo for not stabbing or straight up just stab next time to avoid being told to so. If they don't want to know why, or get full defensive, that's on them. Because using the chat to communicate more efficient ways of playing the game is toxic. Like telling people to stop moving away from the group in survival or stop putting power cells into a 100% charged excavator. How fragile did you become to think people can't even express their preference? It's still up to that player what gets done with that information.
  18. I want them to be delusional on their own in solo and stop taking up the squad slot of people who don't just leech the public murmur while don't give back any, because they think it would cause them a minor inconvenience. Applying pressure by saying "stab it" works just fine, and they are mostly cowards too as they don't even respond, so no one knows who didn't stab. If any of them moves away from public when they don't want to stab, it's a win. They don't have to understand why, because if they cared, they would already know, or they finally start stabbing and realize what's up.
  19. I stab even before knowing the first mod, because it means a really fast spawn and it's just free murmur and I can already progress to the next rage meter and having my favorite mission types open on the next planet with some extra murmur. People who don't stab are delusional and they are indeed harmful for efficient farming, so being even proud of "playing smart" is laughable. They will also never realize their mistake if they don't get called out. These are my statistics counted from the sisters of parvos update: sisters level: 4 5 4 2 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 4 4 2 3 4 5 2 2 3 liches level: 4 4 3 3 1 3 2 3 2 sis: 23 lich: 9 total: 32 5 x2 5 x0 5 x2 4 x6 4 x2 4 x8 3 x10 3 x4 3 x14 2 x5 2 x2 2 x7 1 x0 1 x1 1 x1 Edit: If your lich spawns too early and you don't stab, there is chance of not spawning on the next few mission as the rage meter is still low. The rest was already explained previously in this and in many other similar topics.
  20. Single target weapons would need cone punch-through or kuva nukor ricochet to compete with aoe weapons. A baseline punch-through would be a nice start on every single-target weapon that doesn't get interfered by it. I really like assault rifles, but slapping on knockdown immunity and going apeS#&$ with an aoe weapon is much more efficient. RIP regular bows and snipers though.
  21. I think it's because the capture target is just getting scanned and torn apart on a molecular level which essentially kills it, then it gets rebuilt later for interrogation. You wouldn't kill a rescue target, would you? (stupid question) Are enemies just carry random (planet specific) materials with them that we loot when they die or is their armor being made of different materials on each planet and we take that? How do we get the loot?
  22. Uhh, but sustainable content needs to be...sustained? The new stuff is what brings people back to an existing system that they already finished before. Sure it takes development resources, but not even close to the development resources of a new system. Rivens would stopped to be sustainable content if there were no new weapons and changes. Kuva liches got sustained by simply getting new kuva weapons, fissures are sustained by new primes. In my opinion valence fusion was a really important part to sustain the nemesis content. If there was no option to progress slowly, but surely, I 100% wouldn't even have tried to get weapons to 60%. It's just not worth it. Now players have a long grind before them which is progressively rewarding, and it also gives DE an excuse to keep the RNG harsh. I'm still really really far from getting each weapon to 60% and by the time I will, there will be even more weapons probably.
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