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  1. this is not the new warframe we are seeing on there , i think its ember deluxe beacue im sure ive seen this allready on past devstreams
  2. 2 and 3 work together .... while you are using 2 for each nourish u get stack on 3 ( 3 has no energy cost, only stack cost)
  3. Even with primed flow , his energy goes out too fast if u carry enemy inside his belly
  4. Hello there! My name is Niblo. Trough out the past week I have been collecting infromations from other warframe players. Category : GRENDEL. With their help i was brainstorming and thinking how to make this warframe feel better. Under each ability i will write what the player base wants for that ability and how we can change it to feel better. Ive asked around 15-20 random and grendel players trough out the week , their reactions were pretty similar, they like the concept but they want to make him stroger .Before we start i would like to tell you that i come from Europe so my english
  5. WARFRAME BUG: Hydroid ABILITY: Tidal Surge PROBLEM: While casting tidal surge you can cast it again to stop it right? After casting it hydroid will stop for a second and then automaticly recast tidal surge , meaning that you usually get stuck or hit objectives and stuck yourself.
  6. they come with command, she just didnt mention, but it was mentioned before
  7. You choose to spend plat, either cosmetics, bundles, rushing, thats up to you. You cant demand ur plat back, the same if i bought khora skin and they reworked her and id demand refound year later, thats not how it works
  8. Skill Tree for each warframe ( not giant buffs and borken passives but lets say once that you put forma on your warframe skill tree opens up ( lets say 5- 10 options) and each forma would be 1 point for skill tree : a )1 forma ---> one point b) one point -----> Skill tree ------> Vitality , Mobility, Shield, Strenght ..... c) Vitality -----> 0/3 (get bonus 150hp per point, if you max Vitality you also gain 1 hp regen per sec) 1 :Im not a pro designer or whatever, but i saw a lot of games do that for "endgame" content for veteran players 2: i think it would make forming w
  9. Questions For Devstream : - Is queen pin part of update 30? ( if not, are we geting it before tennocon?) - Covid situation in ur country ( when will you be eable to go back to work); New War , Paradox (equipment) - Is The Paradox Update ment for 2021 or will you rather go slow update to update and make sure those updates are as polished as they can be? ( community doesnt realy care for more and more and more , we care for stuff that was left behind in the openworlds and other places, would be nice if you finish those before you move on) - Skill Tree for each warframe ( not giant buff
  10. but they changed old scale beacue people were complaining too much ( bullet sponge) ..... they made it better by changing scaling, then people cried for harder missions , DE gave them steel path and people complained its too hard and they had to nerf it and then people complined its too easy.... make up ur mind
  11. i think its ephemera, if you remember last devstream the new queens liches will have ephemeras like ( angel halo, skirt, corpus encripting codes flying around) so i think this is ephemera ( pink one)
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