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  1. So its been a few weeks since Nightwave 1 ended, veteran players have nothing to do, new players cant get items that went from alearts into the Nightwaves, no challinges and rewards, I would just like to ask you DE, can u give us some updates on Nightwave , is it comming before Tennocon? im just asking, beacuse if we will have to wait weeks or months between seasons , its better if u put normal alearts in untill season comes. Thank you! niblo
  2. Im getting a small fps dropp... my comp has 160 fps in almost all games... pls fix that... its not compressed well
  3. Its normal for me now... im back on track... lets hope its stays at 5mb/s
  4. Would you consider NEZHA¨ring as exhalted weapon, so it can be linked with Glaive type weapons, seems fair casue every warframe with weapon can be linked to weapon types, pls if u can, MAKE IT. Love u guys.
  5. IGN: niblo MR: 25 Hours Played: 1949h Country: Slovenia (EU), Language: English, Slovenian Current clan : Bloody Vanguard About me: i started warframe in 2013, i play it pretty much 24/7, i play as much warframe as i can, i try to play atleast 1h per day if i dont have a lot of time. Warframe for me is a childhood game that i am super attached to, i was 13 when this game came out, now im 18, it sounds silly but i cinda grew up with this game, thanks to DE. I am very nice person, i like to contribute to dojo, i can also decorate, i love to help new players if they need me for taxi or just help in general. Discord: NibloKernNik #6219 i would like to join: Quasars, Quasars lite clan Thank you for your attention!
  6. Hello there! I play this game since it came out and with my experiance i would like to join and help new tenno, any date for new Gudes Of Lotus applications? Love you, Niblo
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