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  1. Hi! Its been some time since Gara came out, and i tought that i would start a forum post with my and your ideas (maybe we inspire DE) , before i start there are some things u need to know: - sorry for my english i come from Slovenia (EU) - dont argue with eachother, if you have ideas for Gara share them here and stay nice to eachother - dont spam In this post i will try to rework Gara, i will rework passive, each ability and aguments. Beacuse Gara is supposed to be glass warframe i will try to make her more glass based than she is right now ( not saying that she isnt glass based, but i want her to use glass more, make it interact with enemy and enviroment more then it is now. OKAY LETS START! PASSIVE: - When gara kills an enemy they will dropp glass shard, after collecting 10 glass shards your next shot in primary or secondary will shoot molten glass that can pass trough the first enemy and also hit the enemy behind. Molten glass will harden and slow enemy for short duration. ABILITY 1: - Lash out with stream of shattered glass, or hold for an arcing strike. If you hit enemy that was effected by molten glass the damage will be doubled (scales with enemy level) 1: Lash out with stream of shattered glass, 1st enemy hit will brake the glass and shatter it on enemy that is close to it, making them bleed ( takes max 35% of HP) 2: hold for an arcing strike and you will push all the enemy units in range on the left side, if they hit a wall or object they will be knocked down, if not they are just pushed away. ABILITY 2: (ability stays the same but has some buffs) - Gara's armor splinters into a maelstrom of shattered glass that slices enemies and impairs their weapons. Allies who contact the cloud are fortified against damage ADDED: - Range increased to 40m. - shattered glass particles 10 - 25 (based on strenght) - impairs enemy weapons, once weapons are impared shards will focus on the enemy , shattered glass particles will stick to the enemy. - you can hold your 2 ability and charge it, the longer you charge the more will glass melt. molten glass that is stuck on the enemy units beacue of the shards that sticked to the enemy will slow the enemy up to 55%, if ability is fully chared, molten glass will stun enemy for 1sec. ABILITY 3: (changed from sationary cc to mobile cc) - Gara covers herself with thick skin of glass ( it brakes if shot at the same spot, similar like her ultimate right now in the game) - enemy projectiles are bounced off of the glass right back into them, covering them into the glass skin also. - when you or the enemy is in the glass skin, other enemy units will be attracted to it and forced to attac it, causing them to get coverd in glass skin and making chain reaction - duration 15sec ( cooldown 20sec) - max 4 enemy units can be coverd in glass skin + you, duration starts when they are effected by it. ABILITY 4: (NEW!) - Gara starts to heat up, glass on her starts melting, once fully meted you can spam 4th ability and start splashing meted glass around you and on the enemy units, making them slow . covers them in glass skin and stuns them , all abilities deal double damage + scales with enemy HP, weapons and melle attacks will be dealing bonus damage also and will spread glass shards from the enemy effected by the ultimate, shards flying around will cause the enemy to bleed, some of those shards have a chance to stick to enemy units and you can recast 2nd ability making molted glass explode and burn enemy around. - Gara also has Glass metter, picking up loot will restore Garas glass (no synergy with her passive) - Glass meter shows you when you can use her ultimate and its the only way you can cast it. - Enemy unit effected by ultimate will have a chance to restore your used glass and put it back on your meter - The amount of glass in the glass meter is also shown on Gara herself ( the amount of glass armor she is wearing, its starts to rebuild depending on your collected glass) - Glass from the glass meter can be also used for defense, if you are about to die Gara will use all of the glass to protect herself from being taken down ( 1x per mission) (2x in survival, defense, interception and excavation) TY FOR YOUR TIME AND SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH! if you think this was good leave a like if you have your ideas leave them here lets hope DE sees it! HAVE A NICE DAY TENNO! NIBLO
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  3. Operator .. when will you ... PUT MODS INSIDE MEEEE..... show me your new weapons
  4. Where can i see patch notes for tomorrows update? Also nice stream, love u all !! 🖤🖤🖤
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