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  1. Hi! As you know a lot of players experianced Host connection problems, i would just like to ask if you were ever thinking to make each player play in their ovn internet connection like a lot of other popular games have, in that way we can play game a lot smoother and with less lag. Also i would like to ask , if you have time how do servers at DE work and how could / will you improve them in the future, there is a lot of new players comming every day, so if you have time to answer id be realy happy to hear how servers work. Have a nice day! Love you DE, Piblo (niblo, wiblo, miblo???..) NAH PIBLO
  2. YES , that is my point.... but some people dont get it
  3. Hi! So i was thinking, a lot of players ( me included) have computers old 3-5 years, some are still running warframe at computers as old as warframe is, and beacuse warframe is evolving some computers are falling behind , some people cant afford new computers, but i know that you at DE allways care about your community and that u try to make new updates run also on older PCs, but a lot of people are still having a lot of problems with openworlds, while they can normally play warframe, openworlds dont work. SO HERE IS MY IDEA: What if you would add setting that allows you to go not under minimum but on the settings of nintendo switch, i think that the way that nintendo compressed warframe on souch a small device, you should put it on Pc also, if would be nice if players with older computers were eable to use this setting, making game clear from where they stand and object far away would be compressed , like nintendo does it. i know u might not have time, or maybe its a setting that u can just copy from nintendo and add it into the game, but pls think about it, beacue feature like that would not only help players with older computers but it would also be good for new updates, a lot of players are taping out beacue updates are just too strong, with feature like that u could keep players that are not eable to run openworlds and bigger updates that are comming. Thank you for your time DE Niblo , PIBLO ( Rebb knows xD )
  4. Im getting a small fps dropp... my comp has 160 fps in almost all games... pls fix that... its not compressed well
  5. Its normal for me now... im back on track... lets hope its stays at 5mb/s
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