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  1. Hello! My name is Nick, i come from Slovenia and im part of warframe since it came out. Sorry for my english if its not gonna be correct but im gonna try my best so you can atleast understand hehe . So as i said im in Warfame for a long time. The idea that i want to share with you was in my mind ever since DE introduced us to Juggernauts and i had an idea in my head that i frogot to share back then. Now with Deimos: Arcana we were introduced to a new bounty with new Juggernaut. Now i said to myself that im gonna take my time and share my idea, maybe you like it maybe you dont,
  2. YOU SEE THIS? YOU SEE THIS? if i hear just one more player complaining that DE doesnt listen to our feedback and that they dont care imma get realy mad, you can clearly see that they care and hotfix/change updates even 5x per day if needed..... i dont understand why so mayn people were toxic on test cluster.... it was test cluster... next time dont talk bad about DE then start licking them when they give u list of changes.... just stay calm next time TY! GOOD WORK DE! <3
  3. Listen to me wery closely .... if u get offended beacue 1 thing gets nerfed whileu play looter game with 1000 things to combine and choose from you should take a brake .... legit you act like nerfs are not allowed in this game... ever game is nerfing and biffing stuff ... and the fact that you are butthurt that u got some nerfs u realy should take a brake and go outisde.... chill out
  4. i mean even now some players love him... and hes strong on high level missions... this changes will just make him better, do know that if there is a new warframe it doesnt mean 100% of people must play/like him .... it comes down to you as a person, i personaly love grendel while most people dont ...
  5. probably this month, they were talking about deimos kitguns and other mechs that were shown on tennocon but not shipped jet, they are also talking about using Loid as sentinel, so soon
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