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  1. "you can always trust somebody who is a signature fister." I beg to differ... Not everyone is as good a fister as Atlas...
  2. Upvoting for visibility, but there are still points to discuss... so... -some are already bad weapons even in archwing mode (for instance, Double decurions used to be supremely bad) probably would need some general buff like the projectile having a very high punch-through, or for those that already have this, some aoe effects on impact... wouldn't change a thing on the OP ones, but would definitely allow for more gravimags to be built. -I think the nekros/oberon interactions have already been looked at. -Nyx and Vauban are rarely used correctly, and this is a fact... Still, not saying Vauban couldn't use some TLC buff, like, removing the cap on his shred-nade or non-stackability. TBH, they should add some max HP% dmg to the teslas, and some effect like, "if you target an enemy directly, the tesla stick to it, have only THIS target, thus deals the damage in a very short period, overloading, going out with a BANG", upgraded if the damage or the bang killed the enemy (like, not only some arcing electric dmg, but also a guaranteed status proc). With the tesla wire, it could hold the targetted enemy in range of the other attachment points, allowing up to 4 mobs to be electro linked to a 5th tesla wire, itself attached to a nearby wall or w/e... The grenade selection need to keep bounce but rework it a bit, and especially rework the shred-nade : shred-nade going off should do an AoE storm of magnetically induced shrapnels, dealing some slash dmg, removing shield and armor... The longer duration you get, the longer the storm goes on, the higher Power you have, the more status chance per second you get... you could have a duration build with slightly negative power, and still strip the enemy of all their armor/shield, given enough time... -saryn mesa etc... You can't modify those anymore without completely removing them... they're powerhouses, and they are clearly needed when facing such a powercreep from DE. Equinox is dependant on her build and the others builds too... if you lack a good build, you won't do that well, even with good teammates, if you're the only one holding the team alive, you won't be able to do the damage you expected, but, if people can hold their own, and you have enough range, and you can stack enough damage, then yes, once in a while, you unleash a powerful nuke... the more range you have, the less of something else you get too, either you're made of paper, or you have a negative power... and if you have a good efficiency and power, then, you only have a limited range, requiring multiple casts to clean everything... it really puts the EQUI in EQUINOX... Also, if you "need" to have the highest dmg/score/whatever then maybe don't pick a defensive frame... well, you get the idea... -spin2win : a viable solution for certain weapons, not for others... I'd recommend you try this with daggers. There are other solution than nerfing everything to the ground. Also, it seems exalted weapons can't use some of those mods (at least, I can't put maiming strike on wukong's iron staff -back to scanner after melee, sometime it works, sometime not... Maybe I was on wukong with the iron staff when it worked... strange... then -opt out of buff ? Newsflash, people can actually release the shift key to stop RUNNING FULL TILT with an uber-speed-buff... (not directed at anyone, just that I frequently see people unable to stop sprinting and still complaining of speed buffs.... you know, the kind you get from 300%+ power Wisp...) yet being awfully slow without them, and slowing everyone down, not getting to the exit in 60 seconds, even when it's less than 200m away... Also, those buffs come with reload speed, attack speed, reduced enemy accuracy, etc The limbo one is particularly annoying, having to roll constantly and wasting the rolling guard effect for no reason... I'd suggest the ability to use an emote, in-game, to "waive" the ability of another player to affect us with those buffs, 1 emote for "Disallow/allow everyone", and one to disallow/allow a specific player (either by targetting or by pressing a specific subset of keys, like fishing etc) -regular alerts : the problem was "those alerts were live only for a few dozens of minutes, some people couldn't play at those time, and missed numerous opportunities to have some items" And you can't go back to that. Or you'd have to make the alerts with much longer durations, like 24-36h, to ensure everyone get a fair chance of getting the items... the Nightwave solved this, but at the same time, forced people to use rare nightwave tokens to get anything from the previous alerts. I'm ok with catalysts and reactors being in there, even nitain, but what I find really HARD for new players, is to have the regular vauban, the weapons, and ESPECIALLY THE AURA MODS using the same tokens a new player cannot get everything with the current cost, even if he did abandon any idea of getting a catalyst/reactor from the start... AURA mods are meant to help oneself AND others, I even used to give them for free to new players, USED TO, because even though I've got nearly a hundred reactors and 40+ catalysts, I'm not sure how long this stock will last with the current rate of obtention, and I certainly prefer to use those token to get more or what I need than more copies of aura mods... -Ephemeras are fashion-frame, because of this, you cannot put it behind a "number of logins" wall without an uproar, and you cannot put it with a 100% drop rate either, because "rarity", and as far as it goes on the "badge of honor" side, it show you actually did something significant in the game (farm the vitus, defeat boss X, etc) all this, with enough patience to go through the RNG... The cost in ress/credits is a part of this too.
  3. In case it hasn't been mentioned : the mod "repair kit" doesn't drop from "Domestik drone" for CLIENTS. The host see the mod and can pick it up, if a mod happened to drop after anyone killing the Domestik, he can mark it too, but other players see "MOD" on the marker instead of the name, and there is no sparky visual effects for client, and no mod to retrieve...
  4. I'm angry just looking at those builds. It feels like seeing a drunkard unjustly berating his hardworking and patient wife in public, or someone proudly saying he'll cut the tail and ears of his dog for "esthetic reasons". Not having the """best build""" is okay, but don't gimp your frames to underperform by putting 8 tons of malus at once while at the same time cutting their toes and fingers off just so it can "fit" (cinderella style)... also, by now, you should have so many formas available (since you barely use any for your frames), so you can probably do them one by one without taking the risk of "not having a specific type of frame" for a mission (as in "don't start forma-ing all your tanks at the same time" ). You can safely add at least ONE forma per frame, more might require thinking it through, as, at some point, a specific polarity might make some builds cost MORE points, in turn needing another forma on a different polarity to compensate and allow more builds. As for the leveling part, there are plenty of things you can do, to do it faster and smarter... random picks out of the bag-of-tenno-wisdom : 1) Higher levels = higher affinity 2) Stealth kills give a bonus which can seriously help, and stealth kills aren't required to be done in melee, there is a logic to it. Tip : Knowing where to attack is half the thing, so don't forget about the enemy detection aura... from 1 and 2, you should seek some mission like Adaro on Sedna. 3) Hydron's 1st 10 waves are crap, people rushing like "1->5->Exit" are the worst, and they have no excuses (not "credits", there is a dark sector next to it, do it for credits, or better, INDEX; not "XP", there is a spy next to it too that gives way more affinity and way faster if the player isn't a total –BEEP–; not "loot" either, because if a player comes to hydron for loot, and go at wave 5, he actually hasn't paid any attention to the A-A-B-C cycle of rewards, or their actual content). At wave 10 and up, you'll see Nox(e)s and eximuses much more often, so... 4) Eximus units : worth way more than your standard enemy. Even more so if they are eximus of some ELITE or HEAVY units. Especially it the level is higher. (A.K.A. stay to wave 20 in hydron, and watch how much you got, then stay to wave 25 and watch how much you got. Of course, this depend of another little thing. 5) The quantity of enemies : the more players, and the higher the level, the more "points" the game can use to spawn enemies,( and there is a limit to how many enemies can be spawned at the same time, 1st, for performance reasons, but it is also limited by the number of players) with a bonus for a full 4-players squad. You will want higher level, numerous, enemies, but what happen when the max amount of enemies is reached ? The game starts using more "costly" units (heavies, elites, eximus, elite eximus, etc) so it is able to spend its points as required. It means "get into a group dedicated to reaching a higher wave, whenever possible" via the recruitment chat, if no one answer, try your luck anyway, and don't forget to educate those who would go in "just for half a level" or "for credits" etc, as they'd surely prefer to actually have the thing they came for, in the least time possible. 6) Syndicate. Weapons. Rules ! : The syndicate primary and secondaries, as well as melees with the syndicate mods, have access to a whole panel of effects, one pack for each syndicate. They all give you a buff of some sort, they all give you a recharge of something (HP/shield/energy...), but more importantly, they give you an AoE explosion with a 25m range, with guaranteed status proc, on a base of 1K dmg. Use those you prefer or those which damage type fits better with your enemies, or have the best overall dmg amount/efficiency for you. All those kills from the AoE or subsequent dmg, they count 100% toward your FRAME. Not "HALF" because it was a weapon, not 25% because someone else made the kill... Have 3 of those on you, use them in order, in the right spot, and you can wipe a room clean in 2/3 hits. Even in Hydron. (what would happen to those poor grineers if they took an armor reduction proc, then a viral proc, and then a gas proc ? 7) Affinity boosters are a thing. They do actually exist. If you cannot stand a """slow""" pace of leveling, then get one and use it well. DE isn't so cruel to never let you have one unless you spend plats. There are rare crates with 30Min/1hour boosters in it, (enough for 1/2 formas I'd say), but doing sorties or even simply login in can get you one of those for hours/days. Then you just have NOT to sit on it and remember to put a forma on a frame and go with it. Now you Know, You better not be cutting that tail or ears, and be nice to the lady !
  5. A really bad use of it, I'd add... Considering that being an MMO doesn't mean you have to actively PLAY with so many other players, then YES, this part of this otherwise excellent patch is a turn-off for solo players. There are plenty of examples available supporting this, as many of the MMO type are NOT things like "WoW" where you raid a dungeon-thingy for fight a boss with you 40+ guildmates. Warframe is actually one of those "play with up to 3 other players" type of MMO. It is MMO because SO MANY people play it, and all of them can, if they WISH SO, play with one another, on a limited scale we call a squad (4 players in the same mission instance simultaneously). What doesn't qualify warframe as a MMO though, is the fact that the games/mission we play are not hosted by DE, but by player #1's computer and bandwidth. This is Peer-to-peer (and quite a good netcode at that, if you omit the few bugs now and then mostly due to some high latency). Compare WF to "LoL" and you'll notice there are MORE players in the same game (even if you don't count the enemy team, it's still mostly 5v5) and the games are hosted on THEIR servers, and they still boast a high amount of users as well. WF is a story/content driven, SOLO/COOP game. Mostly. I don't know the useage of lunaro/conclave these days, but i'd guess there are more players on the ludoplex than those 2 "pvp" modes. Well, DE still remember the tons of discontented player's messages they got when they did an event involving forced conclave participation... and History is on the player's side when it comes to DE's current team and "players versus players" game projects...( sorry for the knife in the wound, to whoever was working on it,) but I shall remind @Jabberwocky887 of "Keystone" a.k.a. "the amazing eternals", which was scrapped after a few months only... decent concept, nice art, needed more work, but the commercial/grinding aspect of it clearly killed it –at least in my view– . Yet DE was behind one of the most successful "PvP" game ever : Unreal Tournament, and this needs to be remembered too. So, "players wanting the difficulty to reflect the number of players in the mission they are playing" should not be shunned either way, and adding every few seconds "burps" of the most HATED, anti-fun elements existing in the game to it (like those insta-nullifiers, or those instant unavoidable radiations, not only means you might kill allies, it means you WILL kill objectives too), WHILE forcing a high level of alert in exterior settings on the vallis, (which means giant spin-multi-lasering-nearly invunerables-giant-ninja-teleporting-raknoids popping left and right and doing damage to the quite fragile canister) while thermia farming already made certain frames mandatory to avoid "accidents", all this IS causing grief to SOLO players. Forgetting to take those players into account might mean a net loss in profits for DE (not even counting the fact that even "non-solo" players see this as a bad move too) And before you try to justify it by "it's an online game", remember that some players don't have the exact same vision of the game and don't experience it as you do. Some have "poor" bandwidth, and/or high latency, and nothing they can do about it, and they still enjoy the game on their own. Some like a challenge, like "can I do this alone, like, picking just the right gear for all those things I have to do in this mission ?" (not like "hurrdurr me kan doo manee numberz for damege ! I iz so stronk !" ). Some prefer not to interact with another player in game, for various reasons, like these few ones : they don't want to receive free hate msg just because they don't speak english, and the game has no chat/setting for their specific language, or they had previous bad experiences with online communities (which warframe isn't exempt of... you DO find people helping freely, but at the same time, there is those nutcases once in a while, or those that belong to a bad "james bond" fanfiction, like that guy who caused semlar's ban not long ago...). As others have noted before, your answer reeks of selfishness
  6. "Much needed defensive ability" *ahem* like, I don't know, some sort of effect centered on him, like something radial, which would disable enemies temporarily by, let's say... fitting to the excalibur theme, maybe BLIND them ? How about we call it "radial blind", sounds good, right ? Else, I hope they –at least– add *ahem* some sort of stagger or stun to it, you know... If they could also add some sort of frontal defense to the Exalted Blade, that'd truly be awesome, don't you think ? It's true that its U16.9 rework only raised it's armor to 225, they surely should add some variant of it with more armor sometime soon... Now, in all seriousness, How about giving it back its SUPERJUMP ? (P.S. : to address the "squishy against high level enemies" part, when did you ever feel you could AFK in "sortie and up" levels without any frame being obliterated... how comes people can use novas and such low shield/hp frames in sorties and almost never die with it ? Maybe they rely on their skill, the frames skillset, and not impersonating a tree, instead of just relying on "stats" )
  7. You win some, you lose some, Believe me or not, if you do the right ones, you actually GAIN standing. But yeah, if you dont want the hassle of managing that, you could still do 6 of them per day (e.g. meridian+suda, or redveil+loka)....and, depending on your timezone... still doable on a monday.
  8. Well, you DO have to redo the mission with no extra rewards, anyway, and what do you mean by sooner ? I have access to 12 syndicate missions/day, as I'm only enemy to Perrin and Loka, this can literally be done on monday.
  9. Nah, Not what I meant. (Don't take this personnally, cause it's not, I'll just rant-ishly explain what happens regularly in Profit-Taker's fight in public matchmaking) More like, in profit-taker : you get trillions of adds popping left and right, because, figures why, some people think it's not their role to survive AND/OR deal dmg AND/OR clean the adds/reinforcement beacons right in front of them, you know, the type of guys that come into that profit-taker fight, end up with 2% damage at MR20+, having been revived 7 times and dead 5 times, ...which... proves they DO have arcanes ... Okay, maybe they haven't got a good enough heavy weapon, I'm ok with it, mine on a 300ish% power chroma will be enough, but, then, there is the time you spend reviving them. Which happens for 2 reasons : Bringing in paper-made frames AND not dealing with the increasing sources of damage, a.k.a. the adds. I'll add a 3rd reason : I feel compelled to help them up, fully knowing they'll do squat and waste more time a few seconds later, because if I don't, there is a chance I'll get endless messaging about how I'm a -BEEEEP- for not reviving them, and have them throwing tantrums and being even less helpful as is (Hard to imagine, I know, yet, very possible....Ever been chain-exiled by a limbo when you try to squeeze your damage in ?) This loss of time can be fought by Killing said adds, and destroying the Reinforcement beacons they lay around ASAP. Which I cannot do while i'm reviving the guy (guy who didn't deal with it before). Want to know what the worst part is ? The boss (Profit-Taker) is only vulnerable to a single damage type at once, and the operator dmg can force a shift in those vulnerabilities, but with a 5 seconds cooldown, as you probably know. These guys that need a thousand revives per minute, what do they do ? They are waiting for THEIR dmg type. Emphasize on WAITING and TYPE (singular). Like they literally ONLY put ONE damage type on primary, secondary, and HeavyWeapon, and they just WAIT for this dmg to show, except that when they do that, they actively force-shift the vulnerability with the operator, until some of their weapons start doing something else than grey zeroes on the boss. By doing so, the increasing number of adds, which also gain in difficulty/size, are becoming a serious threat to yourself as well, even though you were actively cleaning them up too. At some point, you have to swap weapons because you have no time to reload, as heavy hitting primaries/secondaries tend to have longer reloads too, and you end up forced to reload your pistol as well, despite strategical use of heavy melee strikes to dispatch the mass of lesser threats. Then you look at Profit-Taker, and notice one of your primary weapon main dmg is its current vulnerability, and you try to get it done, because that shield won't go down by itself, but swap time + reload means there is a few seconds were you're unable to do damage in that 5 seconds window of opportunity, before the "tourist" decides that he "doesn't like the look of that logo on P-T's forehead", -zap- it changes to something else... one damage type you don't have...forced for 5 seconds, so you go cleaning adds again during that time, except you still haven't reloaded your pistol, and you either have to do it now and face more adds later, or kill adds now with your primary, and face another "waaaaaait I'm reloading, this is my damage typ- Oh COME ON!" episode. On top of this, remember that Heavy weapons are slow to deploy, limited in ammos, and in-between deploys, unless you go scavenger-hunting for the yellow ammo packs, and that they limit access to other weapons as well, Also, there are a number of enemies able to interrupt your reloads by staggers or knockdowns. What isn't limited, (yet ?), is the passage to operator form. Some Amplifiers work great in that case. I personnally use a cantic/propa/certus with the critdmg arcane ("virtuos strike" I guess). But what is even more useful, is the magus lockdown. When your operator dies in about one hit anyway, the HP magus doesn't look that impressive to have, but the lockdown one, able to link to 8 enemies per cast, needing about 3 cast per pack to kill them without wasting a single ammo, when you can have enough energy to do 7 of those in a row, —that— magus lockdown, suddenly becomes very interesting as a way to deal with adds without wasting ammos, and without having to explain for 15 minutes to "Mr Tourist", that zapping the P-T's vulnerabilities "just cause he feels like it" isn't the right thing to do. You keep your weapons available, sleep/kill the adds (or Propa'em up), and at the same time, your presence in cloaked operator gives back 20% hp/second to those paper-frames if they happen to be in the 20m range. Win-Win. (also, since you mentionned it : I'm done with focus, the use of lenses for me now is like a "favorite" tag, that puts most of my usual weapons at the top of the list)
  10. It still puts them asleep, and it still deals damage accordingly to the damage type/resistances, to all the "non-boss, non-vip" enemies. Which is already incredibly useful. If someone fails to see the use of that, I'd advise that person to start working his/her way up the starchart (pro-tip : that earth->mars junction isn't that hard to do ) Seriously, it's free damage, and free AoE crowd control, long enough for you to actually kill the mobs without them retaliating or raising an alarm... Using that with a more-or-less fully upgraded operator means you can actually rack up some serious affinity/points/whatever, stealthily. (without a stealthy frame, or stealthy guns, etc) Also, this arcane is essential, along with the healing one (20%/s in 20m radius to frames), to ensure a speedy takedown of Profit-Taker without wasting too much shots on adds. If anything, it could use a hidden toggle, something like "if you dash while aiming, the effect doesn't occur", which would be great when you have to get somewhere fast (like, say, reviving someone 200m away...) without raising a fuss in the spy vault you were just entering, just because you ended up "Magus lockdown-ing" one of the mobs inside while trying to go help a fellow tenno. That choice could actually be a global thing on operator... like for all the effects that go on operator's dash : -zenurik's lightning orb ( ♫Danger! Danger! High voltage!♪) -Madurai's firetrails/meteor (♫I don't want to set the woooooorld oooon fiiiiire...♪) and the others (unairu/vazarin/naramon) too, as well as the more generic "throw the enemies the muck away" effect, which would allow the operator to STAY unnoticed. I mean, by the time, haven't we mastered our inner tenno power already ? We should make Spacemom proud.
  11. regarding melee and binds, the old tweaked setup was ideal, all we needed was to get rid of the extra slow swap animations. I used to bind this : LMB = Fire, Melee RMB = aim/glide, Block/glide Mousewheel tilt (usually refered as MOUSE4/5) (and who doesn't have a tilting mousewheel in 2019... they litterally cost less than 30$ even in the "hype brands" ) : left tilt = reload (actually, it's my MOUSE3 rebound, I prefer not to "push wheel down" so as not to trigger the wheelup/wheeldown) right tilt = swap firearms (a.k.a. "go to the OTHER gun") WheelUp : secondary fire (great for quanta vandal's explody-cube parties Wheeldown : Fire (on each tick) takes some practice, but with some weapon, you may actually master the firerate and adapt it to your "scan" movement when shooting loads of enemies, and avoid wasting ammos on walls, while getting more accuracy %. There is, even on those cheap mices, at least 2 thumb buttons, let's call them thumb1 and thumb2, usually dedicated to tab scrolling but you can actually rebind it to whatever. Thumb1 (front) = quick melee/channeling when held Thumb2 = swap to/from melee Now, this setup meant you kept the SAME button (LMB) to DEAL damage the SAME button to glide/block/aim, whatever the Same reliable, used-to-after-years-of-it, buttons for weapon swap, reload etc and the "Oh s#!t" button aka Thumb1 : You are shooting, emptying the clip, and start reloading, when suddenly a teleporting butcher grineer pop right in front of you... ---> Thumb1 -> quick melee -> problem solved you are meleeing (real melee, able to block and all) and suddenly, you get hit by a massive shot that deplete your shield and the bigger part of your HPs, or you notice any other immediate danger : --->Thumb1 -> lifestrike -> you're not dead -> keep calm and keep farming you're playing stealthily, and you notice a guard coming back on your minimap, and as you are cloaked you just started to execute this other enemy... problem, the guard will see the body, and start a ruckus (resulting in less XP/focus/failed challenge, etc) : ---> Thumb1 -> Channeling -> body disappear out of view as it disintegrate at the cost of some more energy... You have to send back the bullets because ...reasons : --->Thumb1 -> Channeling parry ->ting-ting-pew-pew-argh, they eat their own bullets... Basically, as "press this when things don't go your way" button, that you have to use sparingly (it may interrupt your reloads, cost you too much energy, etc) Why they would move away from that is beyond my understanding...
  12. 2nd part, yeah, the old tweaked config was way better. but 1st part, the "press aim (rmb) to get back to pistol" is a problem too, for multiple reasons. Some people aren't fond of the zoom effect popping in and out (kinda motion sickness inducing, just as with the sometime "forced ON screenshakes") Many others would like the RMB to be back to blocking/glide, so using it to go back to "previous firearm" isn't good either... also, it is a compromise, sure, but it doesn't change a thing for whoever doesn't want to use it... Not wanting a solution to this sound like "there is that chocolate flavored ice cream and that vanilla flavored ice cream, but since I like only strawberry, I don't want anyone to eat vanilla or chocolate". What we need are more possibilities regarding what to bind, not less... and I'm afraid devs are following a "dumb the controls down to make it console gamepads compatible"-trend that has always been seen badly on computer games (controllers, or UI even... anyone remember the Elder Scrolls original UI past Morrowind? nah, that's what I thought, 99.9% of PC players use "enhanced" UI and controls whenever available...) Also, this could come with options to toggle the behaviour, like "invert tap/held on weapon switch" and/or "tap always goes to primary, held always goes to secondary", and why not, a customizable delay that can be set in the options panel (like "50ms to 300ms" slider). Configure defaults, have more options, inform the players about it, let them choose what suits them best. if this is true about frames and weapons, and about almost anything else, why not for controls and keybindings ?
  13. The Slots already cost a fortune (seriously, 60pl for 3, basic math, that's 20pl per slot... you could have a reactor/catalyst/warframe slot for that price); Yet, the need for more slots is there, AND the limitation is needed too, as these rivens are stored in a database, which has to be fast enough, to answer the dozens thousands of simultaneous players at peak hours, which means there HAS to be a limit on the number of active rivens, unless you want your rivens to fail to load on the host's side, and yourself be left with no dmg/incomplete build. There is still a solution to this : a secondary, bigger, slower, database, made for trading/storing the rivens. In-game, you would achieve that by crafting a specific new item, with a craft time of about 8-to-24h would be good, made from, whatever ressources are currently underfarmed/underused, that would be like a "high-tech blister case", in which you can decide to put a riven you don't use so often, or wish to keep for future use (that is, when you have enough time and forma to deal with the weapon it's for) or future sale. You would have a special tab in the Mods section, listing those "case-ified" rivens, which you wouldn't care if it takes 5 second or more to load, any of those rivens you link in chat would be visible (well, since you send the message to the server, it knows this particular riven is gonna be looked at by many potentially interested players, keep it in "cache" for a while, people trying to see that riven mod by clicking an old "hour ago" link would have a "please wait, retrieving infos" for a few seconds, nothing out of the ordinary, it's just like buffering) This would solve a lot of those problems, without putting more stress on the main riven database or players. And as a gesture of good will, DE should probably hand some of those blister cases to be ready to use for people that invested in riven slots. Also, this probably wouldn't hurt the plat economy, since a fused riven isn't traded either, and people can only hold "so many rivens" before not having the possibility to buy more ANYWAY. that's gonna be a problem for people using the "use melee with fire button", as going back to the previous weapon will then take longer. A solution would be to detect "tap or held" on that switch key, one sending you back to your previous gun, the other switching to the OTHER gun. Considering most of the quick melee movements started with the 1st move (and somehow continued in a 1-2-1-2-1-2... infinite pattern), maybe, if quick melee isn't back like it was before (dedicated key), could we expect something like "HOLDING melee as a 1st attack/start of combo will automatically chain with the "quick melee" endless combo flurry until released" since we CANNOT do a charge attack from the 1st move anyway (it always do "one hit + charge"). Doing so would just put the charge attack commands to MATCH what already happens (consistency) while allowing for the "quick melee" moves to happen, unrestricted by combo limitation, YET not getting the advanced modifiers some of those combos have (more dmg, multihits, guaranteed status/effects...) Side note, there need to be a BLOCK key to actively block frontal attacks, and the possibility to have a "melee channeling when held" key and "this particular melee hit will count as channeling" key available. Please, do not dumb it down just because some players play with controllers, as by doing such a "favor" for some, you actually prevent others' ability to play in a way that suit their style or disabilities/limitations. (For those needing a detailed explanation, how about people that CANNOT press so many simultaneous keys, to achieve the desired effects, BUT can play with a mouse/keyboard since there is (oh surprise) so many keys they can bind to various things...) Definitely NOT running in prowl, but the ability to manage a higher jump from a still position DID feel integral to her stealth... how are we supposed to pass the nullifiers undetected with those huge null-bubbles now, and how to keep cloaked when simply moving from zipline to zipline when climbing. This nerf killed the use of Ivara by those creative enough to use her (and not die) in high lvl content... that, or allow for smooth, mid/long ranged transition to happen between ziplines without breaking cloak... much harder to do IMHO. Tagging Space-Mom @[DE]Rebecca and Ginga Ninja @[DE]Megan just to be sure the suggestions aren't drowned in a sea of "GG DE/ Y U NO/PLZ FIX" posts. (also, they'd probably explain it in a much more concise way to steve/scott than I could ever do.)
  14. hmmm it has always been 4 charges... at some points, a group of lure could "feed" on the same vomvalyst and every lure got a charge when the vomvalyst was turned to "ghost" and instantly sucked by the lure, but it has been fixed long ago. 4 charges per lure is and has always be the magic number.
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