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  1. I would, however, absolutely love a feature where we could mark parts to auto-sell or trade to Baro. I personally have no use for the gazillion Vitality mods I get, so it'd be lovely to add a personal tag to it saying, "Yes, sell this as soon as I get back to my Orbiter and add it to my mission credits." Similarly, when I go through my inventory looking for things to sell, I like to mark down which Prime parts I need to hang on to, and every time I think, "Man, it sure would be handy if I could set these aside and sell everything else." There are other games that have similar systems--I believe Borderlands has a "junk" category that you can sell to vendors in one click. Something like that would be useful.
  2. I know I'm in the minority, but I kind of like the idea, mostly from a story perspective. Also, I tend to avoid the bosses since I had most nodes unlocked before they existed, so something to force me to run them occasionally would be good. Otoh, the people pointing out the lack of variety do have a good point. I love Exterminates but apparently everyone else hates them, Interception is the absolute worst imo, etc, etc. You can't please all the people all the time, so better the system we have now, where at least some people are happy when Their Favorite comes up. I do really like that story concept though. Kind of like a daily mini-Nightwave episode.
  3. It's a nice idea, but the issue is that there are legitimate reasons for someone to want those things for their own sake. For instance, suppose a weapon comes out that requires a Gorgon as a crafting component, or someone likes to have a Vitality of every level to accommodate being just one mod slot short, or whatever. Yeah, it's a little bit of a pain sorting them out to sell, but you can do them in batches every so often and it's not too bad, at least imx.
  4. Same! I was so disappointed when I put Wisp's animation on Ember and she just... walked around like normal. (Also with Titania's, but I was disappointed that Titania walks normally too.)
  5. I'm an idiot, this should be in bugs. /facepalm ...and I guess I can't delete it. Oops.
  6. As per this video: It's impossible to view the information for Jupiter because hovering over it opens the Venus list instead and if you try to hover over Venus and go down, you wind up over the construction information. This has happened a few times and while it doesn't actually break anything (I can always go to Jupiter and check manually), it's kind of annoying.
  7. Hm hm hm. Glad we're going with the "assembled from other Warframes" idea instead of "haha it's like bugs but on purpose." Also agree with whoever said this looks way more like an Eidolon than Revenant does. Figured a broken 'frame would have more jagged edges and mismatched parts. [shrug] My passive idea is a bit complicated (although in 152 pages I'm sure someone's already thought of it). Ideally a team has four 'frames on it, labeled 1-4 in order of connection. Broken Boy's whole deal is scavenging from things around it, so in a mission with other players, BB's abilities are replaced by the other Warframes' on the team, respective to each number. So, for example, Ember is the host, Frost is 2, BB is 3, and Oberon is 4. BB gets Ember's 1, Frost's 2, its own 3, and Oberon's 4. If there are fewer than four people, the replacements only go up to the number of players (so, in a squad with Ember, Oberon, and BB, BB gets Ember's 1, Oberon's 2, and its own 3 and 4). Ability stats would be based on BB's level and mods, not the original frame's. Better be ready to adapt quickly, Tenno! Honestly that's really all I've got but I'm not sure if I have to also come up with four abilities to qualify so uhhhhhh 1. Rupture: AOE (horizontal radial) blast of energy that applies as a status effect whatever the target is weakest to (choosing randomly if there's more than one). If this ability hits a Sentient, instead of applying a debuff it clears any resistances currently built up. 2. Reinforce: yanks the nearest enemy to it, killing them and adding their armor type(s) to itself for a certain amount of time. Be really cool if you could get some kind of visual effect for this (Grineer armor parts, etc) but it would probably be a lot of extra work. Not 100% sure how this would function up against a high-level non-boss enemy (esp Sentients). I guess... if the ability doesn't do enough damage to kill the thing outright, stagger it and apply an armor debuff? Idk, I'm not a game designer. 3. Cascade Failure: grabs the nearest enemy and rips it in half, using totally-not-magic/Void energy/whatever to mirror the action across a chain of enemies (a la the chain lightning weapons). If damage done is less than the target's total health, applies stagger and bleed effect. If more, target also suffers spontaneous morphological failure. (Possible addendum: targets killed extend the chain by some number. Not married to this though.) (I'm not sure if this works for Corpus proxies. I can't remember seeing a vertical split gore for them. Otoh it'd be hilarious to see a MOA walker snapped like a wishbone.) 4. Discretion: Warframe suppresses its Void energy and scatters itself around the room/area in a whole bunch of itty bitty parts (nuts and bolts sized, probably easiest to make this a large AOE stopped by walls a la line-of-sight powers). On second trigger (or when energy runs out), the tendrils of Void energy reassemble the Warframe, turning each part into an impromptu bullet as it takes the fastest path to its origin. Presumably this would do significant puncture damage to any enemies in the "line of fire." Warframe takes no damage in its discrete* form, but can't move. *Get it get it because "discretion" is from "discreet" meaning "secret" but it sounds like "discrete" meaning "separate" I'm so clever ughhhhh. Please change this name, it's not good. Amalgamate? Accretion? Scattershot? You Never End Up With the Same Number of Screws You Started With? Oops, Hope That Wasn't Important? I hope the devs get to pick and choose abilities rather than having to take all or none of someone's.
  8. Could we get a "hide mastered" filter along with the "hide owned" and "blueprints only" in the market? That, or at least the ability to sort items by newest instead of alphabetically.
  9. It has been previously, but there's no mention of it in the rules this time, so either someone forgot (likely), assumed it went without saying (more likely), or wanted to leave wiggle room for those of us who have no friends but wanted a shot where the Warframe was posed instead of just standing there (unlikely but what I'm hoping for, since that's exactly what I did).
  10. Your link doesn't work because it's a link to a location on your computer, not somewhere on the internet. When I paste that in, it tries to find the image in the C/Users/Student folder of my computer, which of course I don't have. Upload your image to a site like https://imgur.com/, right-click the image, select "open image in new tab" and paste the link you see in your address bar. Warframe's forums will automatically embed it.
  11. You need to right-click on the image on imgur and select "open image in new tab" and copy that link from your address bar. It won't work without the .png or .jpg or whatever. Also, you should be able to click on the quote above to jump to your post so you can edit it instead of making a new one.
  12. The number of people who are disqualifying themselves by not including a description is frankly astonishing. Well, maybe not astonishing, but certainly remarkable. Also your image link is borked, use imgur.
  13. I hope it's okay to do a little editing; my entry is a composite of two shots, for obvious reasons. These are Apollo and Artemis, the Greek god and goddess of the Sun and Moon. The fact that it's lighter on Artemis' side and darker on Apollo's is definitely a deliberate artistic choice and not just because I was fed up with the Captura controls and ready to take whatever I could get. I wish I could've gotten the amp actually firing at Ivara, but I only have one I can change the colors on and it was too many buttons to press at once, even in slow motion. Oh well. Also I guess it wouldn't actually have been able to hit her, so....
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