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  1. I saw something similar in grineer tilesets mostly on the asteroid ones. There are also a lot of map parts which is good to have but totally unused but it has a lot of secret potential.
  2. I don't think we needed at this point a melee 3.0 the only major issues were in the last system the damage type balances and the elemental balance. Sure, they wanted to implement the block in some way and force us to use our combos but now the whole system is feels clunky. I personally hate the slow animations which blocks you to do sucessfully any melee attempt. Without the stances the problem is the same and you just lose a lot of mod capacity by not using them. For me the autoblock is not that bothersome I can live with that but if you want to kill fast and be efficient (in a lot situation is useful) you need fast attack animations which not blocks your movement. Behind the scenes hopefully they are working on this issue too but we cannot be sure. This is an important thing and widely affects the playerbase so they should not leave it in halfway otherwise they could lose a lot of players whom tries to melee.
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