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  1. Lemme shown some concept what I feel it can be there, also other concepts what popular. Flora Wish this frame really. Vespa Widow https://www.deviantart.com/thestardweller/art/Warframe-Widow-406750980 I like her design aswell and I think Khora is not really spider frame she is just a beastmaster with a net to capture prey. Drider A little bit trinity in look but I could imagine this frame too. ------------------------- Also other concepts what would be nice but this one for the male pattern. Furion This one is a nice concept and the Grendel already can turn into a meatball, hydroid can turn into a pond and Wukong can turn into cloud etc. This body changing concept is still fine.
  2. I am just speculating on what will be the next frame after Grendel. With Gauss and Grendel the male-female pattern will be balanced again and there must be a female frame as next in order to keep this pattern. What type of frame you can imagine and what frame realistically can be implemented? My bet would be Vespa ( the hornet or wasp frame ), Drider / Widow - both are female frame concepts with spider theme or Flora what I most wants right now because she is a plant / nature based support frame. We do have frames with nature motives but true nature based frame is still missing from the rooster. There are more themes and fan concepts and I do like to hear your ideas on what would be the next frame theme. Also what do you think when the new frame could come? My bet is next year early february or april. Feel free to share your ideas. Also sorry for the grammar.
  3. There are many frame but I would say Titania needs some minor rework or tweak. Her abilities are not bad but she needs more fluidity and hopefully the archwing updates will makes her better later. Lantern is useful ability but it needs to be locked on a place to be efficient. I disagree however with those whom wants merge her spellbind and lantern because these abilities works differently. Spellbind indeed can make enemies fly but you can cast on you and on your allies so you can make them immune to status or remove procs. Lantern's only problem is the no position lock when you cast on target. Razorwing is fine ability and tribute is also useful but that may can see some tweaks. Other than this I see no real problem with her. Nyx is okay but she is in more needs of rework.
  4. I am 18 but I mostly met with similar or younger people in this game. The oldest person I know is 35 years old but good to see there are a wide variety of players play this game.
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