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  1. The hunt is the process that ends with capturing or killing your lich.
  2. Fight fire with fire. Ignoring them doesn't work anymore. Be toxic back.
  3. wave 8 itself is a legend or really anything beyond wave 1
  4. It's a stronger and auto fire javlok with infinite ammo and usable with one hand. Obtaining a riven is frustrating right now but give it time it will get to 1 dispo in a few months.
  5. It was something to pine for. Something to show you're insane and feel good that sane people don't have it. Why can't that be a good thing?
  6. Prices are already at an all time low. Could be interesting to watch most of it go lower.
  7. I like my easter egg hunts and tenebrous was fine where it was. Why not just guarantee it drops from the red winged cache so finding a rare cache actually means something?
  8. dreadgame


    Everything works as it did before melee 3.0 except the orvius not capturing an enemy.
  9. thanks for the preview. Now I know I want it even more.
  10. What's hard about it is getting enough motivation to go through the whole process of capturing/killing a lich when you know beforehand that your reward is locked to S#&$ tier.
  11. We support this. We also want to buy our choice of options in a riven of a weapon of our choice just to flip off at all the nasty dedicated grinders. If they're not rich they're not allowed to excel even in a video game.
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