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  1. The point of mortal existence is to be the bad guy or die and become a prey. The point of humanity is to make rationalizations for this and try to distance self from guilt. We're all bad guys.
  2. Either way takes time and effort. Trade chat is a pain to some people who prefer to kill eidolons instead, while some don't have the net stability / patience / equipment / time to do efficient farming. Either way you go are valid options and anyone can switch between the two depending on factors on their end. I think your problem is placing too much importance to a task completed by hundreds/thousands of people in a day anyway and multiple times.
  3. Here's a superman idea; since this is a good opportunity to make itzal feel what it was initially designed for which is speed, and teleportation maybe practical and functional but it's boring, so why not make it randomly summon frontal rings where you get a timed speed boost every time you fly through one and stacking maybe up to 5x ?
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