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  1. I would have to ask my friend because even I dont know how the hell he did it
  2. Lol people who think rivens are even necessary to be overpowered (they are not if u know what you're doing )
  3. Wrong, rivens are not necessary in most scenarios, i have a friend who can kill sortie level enemies easily with his mk1 paris (and he has no riven for it) any weapon can be powerful if you put enough forma into it and you know what you're doing, rivens are just a way for people with no modding skill or knowledge to become powerful without any effort.
  4. I agree that scarf umbra has can really mess up my fashion.
  5. I am providing feedback on the price of an item
  6. Use rhino, put up iron skin , and just ignore the enemies,
  7. They have one of the highest crit chances for melee, so I would assume they are good. Put some forma and work into them and you'll probably be able the kill sortie level enemies easily
  8. I want to buy more roombas for my dojo / orbiter but they're 100p each! Can the price be reduced to at least 50? All i want to do is put enough roombas to clean all 100 of the rooms of my dojo. Come on my floors are dirty
  9. YES!!! Make it happen DE
  10. Get used to it, thats just the way waframe works. dont like it? Too bad
  11. I want vay hek narrating my mission , simply because i think it would be funny
  12. Great ! now nwer players can get their nitain extract and aura mods again. Thank you !!!
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