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  1. (PS4)drollive96

    Kuva siphon missions actually being kuva flood

    SOLUTION : always keep at least one powerful weapon on you at all times,
  2. (PS4)drollive96

    Okay, I'm gonna have nightmares tonight...

    Have you ever watched a horror movie?!?
  3. (PS4)drollive96

    Archwing Meele To Regular Missions Soon

    This glitch looks cool, how?
  4. (PS4)drollive96

    Gara needs to be nerfed, hard.

    Gara is rarely used anyway, ( unfortunately shes very underrated given what shes capable of ) so why nerf her?
  5. (PS4)drollive96

    My take on Warframe's situation

    I say having a good pvp mode that people actually like would be a great idea. Pvp games in general have much more replayability, and it would help veterans pass the time in content droughts, (Like right now) while also possibly bringing in a new audience of players, it never hurts to have more people playing the game, even though i personally Could care less about conclave i still think making it better Could be beneficial
  6. (PS4)drollive96

    Content Drought & Ideas For Improvement

    I just want stuff to do , I spend 90% of my time sitting in my ship doing nothing, when the raids existed it was better,they were fun and actually required teamwork, warframe is is very similar to an mmo, there are certain warframes that fill certain roles, cc, support, damage etc. so why not give us content,that ACTUALLY ENCOURAGES US TO PLAY THOSE ROLES, in most missions people just do whatever they want and kill things, content like that might encourage people in my half dead clan to actually play the game
  7. (PS4)drollive96

    Founding warlord quit the game

    Really? How long did it take and are there any requirements before they can remove someone ?
  8. (PS4)drollive96

    Founding warlord quit the game

    I am the warlord of my clan but there is another warlord in my clan that doesn't play anymore, is there a way to remove him from the clan or Is my clan stuck like this?
  9. (PS4)drollive96

    Aggro pulling? When?

    We have plenty of other ways to distact enemies, there are TONS of cc abilities that can do just that, so theres no need
  10. (PS4)drollive96

    hey kiddo

    Rap tap tap
  11. (PS4)drollive96

    Why can't we donate Eidolon statues to the treasury?

    I have like 50 eidolon sculptures and have nothing to do with them, I know exactly how you feel
  12. As a veteren who has been around for 4 years I have noticed something. most new players never get to the really good quests ( the second dream, The war within etc.) and they just assume the game has little to no story or lore. I feel like if we had an awesome cinematic quest earlier in the game newer players would take the game more seriously and be more likely to actually finish the main quests of the game. If we started with a really good quest accessible at the mars or ceres junction more people might be interested in checking the rest of the game out. Currently, from what I have seen It can take a new player hundreds of hours to get to the second dream, hundereds of hours is a lot of time for people to invest into a game, especially for people who don't expect much from a game that is free to play. It would be really nice for more people to see the amazing story that warframe can tell. In the gaming world currently, many people are assuming that games with good stories cannot exist ina free game, I say that warframe could easily prove them wrong
  13. (PS4)drollive96

    Is water wet? (Discussion)

    Lol why are we having this discussion ?
  14. (PS4)drollive96

    i but the free stuff with PlayStation plus for free when you start with

    I'm not sure what youre trying to ask
  15. (PS4)drollive96

    Warframe on Nintendo Switch: Date Announcement!

    Seeing as though one of the selling points of the switch is portabilty, is it possible there will be an offline mode so we can play anywhere? (I know it sounds silly but it would be cool)