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  1. (PS4)drollive96

    valkyr 3.0

    With a melee rework already on its way, I think one of the forgotten melee frames needs a revisit. from what I have observed people only use valkyr for her high armor and not so much her abilities. These changes could make her much more useful and give people a better reason to play valkyr New passive- rage- Add a meter that fills up as valkyr kills enemies with hysteria, and buffs both her power strength and power range as it fills up, casting an ability will use up some of the rage that has built up Ripline- leave mostly the same as it is a good tool for mobility Warcry- make warcry recastable, buff it's range and slowdown, and change the armor buff to increase armor by a flat 100 instead of a percentage Paralysis- buff the range and damage slightly, convert the damage from finishers into health, the amount of health restored is affected by how much rage valkyr has built up Hysteria- to make this ability better for killing enemies at high levels, add a feature that increases the damage of this ability as valkry takes damage(it makes sense, valkyr's powers are fueled by anger and hitting her just makes her angrier) , leave everything else the same
  2. (PS4)drollive96

    Archwing Is Awful

    Dude youre overreacting , there's only 1 archwing mission in the quest RELAX
  3. (PS4)drollive96

    Archwing Is Awful

    It does look very promising (And cool) that archwing is being used in a new way , who knows
  4. (PS4)drollive96

    Archwing Is Awful

    DE has been trying their hardest for a LONG time to make archwing fit in with the rest of the game,
  5. (PS4)drollive96


    Xini , eris , you'll get lots of neo and axi relics
  6. (PS4)drollive96

    Archwing Is Awful

    Thank you for stating the obvious , archwing was never well liked since it 1st came out years ago, i take it you're new here
  7. (PS4)drollive96

    Removing conclave isn't the answer.

    DE has already done this to some extent, all the weapons in conclave do have differents stats, as far as i know at least, I just wish u could have more mods in conclave thats the real problem , part of what makes pve so fun is the endless possibilitys that mods allow , if DE came out with more mods specifically for conclave that would definitely get me playing it
  8. (PS4)drollive96

    Account migration (Ps4 to switch )

    I'm a ps4 player , does anyone know if i'm going to be able to migrate my Account to the nintendo switch?
  9. (PS4)drollive96

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Are we just going to take down corpus ships in railjack ? Or will we be able to attack ships from other factions?
  10. (PS4)drollive96

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Yay at long last umbra will be mine, Hallelujah
  11. (PS4)drollive96

    DE, Please do NOT introduce Exalted Weapon Rivens

    I dont think DE was ever planning on doing that
  12. (PS4)drollive96

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    This is why I love DE they listen to their players feedback better than any other company and they are quick to respond when and error is made, I went away to get a snack and they had already adressed the issues when i returned
  13. (PS4)drollive96

    (XB1/PS4) Virtual Cursor Feedback Megathread

    Well looks like we will have to go a few weeks with the the terrible cursor ui . this is totally not going to be torture (Sarcasm)
  14. Please remove the cursor , from the ui , its just annoying, I want to push buttons to navigate the menus, It works fine with a mouse and keyboard , but its HORRIBLE , with a controller, it's giving me a heache
  15. (PS4)drollive96

    Coming Soon: Devstream #112!

    when are we getting more operator hairstyles?