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  1. Theres no point. On next gen it will still be the EXACT same game just with a fresh coat of paint
  2. You are not a warframe fan, or you were and were just brainwashed by the toxic players and have lost your way,
  3. The pinnacle of warframe's golden age started with the second dream update, it was the quest that blew the entire communitys mind, its hard for some people to understand but back in those times, we had been speculating on what the tenno were for forever and it took everyone by surprise. The second dream also added the focus system which added more depth to the gamplay, and sorties which (At a time before we had all these overpowered mods) were actually somewhat challenging. It was a very exciting time to be a warframe fan. After that each major update seemed to add something new that was actua
  4. Those are the core game modes that i actually enjoyed grinding in, i would rather take good old fashion warframe over open worlds any day of the week
  5. Ooo look prettier graphics.... I dont care because literally nothing else about the game is changing
  6. Please stop with this open world stuff and release content that focuses on the core gamplay, players like myself feel alienated by all this crazy experimental content, i dont want to use a necramech, i want to use my warframe, i dont want to fish and mine, i want to be a space ninja, i dont want huge open worlds, i want close quarters in your face action. And most importantantly i want To experience the rest of the story, i rarely ever get invested in story based games but warframes story has always been special to me, please finish the story, dont break my heart like this
  7. I dont touch deimos anymore now that I've done everything, i'm really tired of open worlds, warframe NEEDS to go back to its roots and focus on the core gamplay, or it will slowly fade into obscurity
  8. *sigh* thats not how gambit works, the two teams are normally on separate maps and can only occasionally invade when a portal opens up
  9. Remember, you Wouldn't be directly fighting other players, you would still be fighting the regular enemys. Plus in destiny im pretty sure you can bring any weapon you want to gambit so thats just not true,
  10. It Wouldn't nessessarily be hard to balance, and also once de got it right, it probably Wouldn't require much work to maintain, once a few maps are made and the core systems of thd new game mode are in place. The content will play itself, all de needs to do is toss in some rewards people would want and boom, people would have a reason to come back to it
  11. YES !!! i'm all for it, gambit is one of my favorite game modes in Destiny, and i believe if executed properly, it could actually be a fun competitive game mode , and if It really is just a race to see who can kill a boss, (with some added ways to interfere with the other team of cousre) then balancing it may not be as hard given that you would just be killing normal enemies. They might not need to make a whole alternate set of mods like in conclave. Also, making it an actual challenge Wouldn't be too difficult, given that the difficultly would come from the other team there would be no need
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