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  1. I know it wont completely stop all the ridiculous nerfs we have been receiving, but it may help minimize it. Every time they make a video showcasing an op build, they should carefully consider that DE can see it and may nerf things based on those videos if they see things they dont like. I'm keeping all my powerful builds secret now unless its in a place where DE has limited access to, such as within my close circle of friends, or my clan. Everyone else should heed this warning, your actions and what you share can have consequences
  2. What "actions" would take place in this house?
  3. We're on different platforms so its pointless either way
  4. I'm betting 20p that this topic is going to get moderated
  5. You fool, you have reminded DE that the community has a favorite mission for leveling, now it'll get nerfed
  6. Make wukong an actual monkey i should be able to fling poo at enemys and eat bananas just like the actual thing
  7. Its like they dont know what they're doing anymore, perhaps there is some internal conflict going on behind the scenes that we're not aware of?
  8. Idk it seems like every update in recent memory has infuriated PC players to no end, i cant remember the last update that has been well recieved, which complaints are overreactions, or which complaints are justified, but what do I know? I have never played on pc
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