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  1. (PS4)drollive96

    Best frame

    Theres is no "best" frame, it all depends on playstyle, want stealth? Buy ivara ( getting stealth kills in a survival is ridiculous) , want a lot of damage? buy mesa or saryn and murderize everything . Prefer to be tanky? Get rhino or inaros, prefer to be more supportive ? Get Trinity or oberon,
  2. 1. Guandao 2. Gram prime 3. ??? 4.??? 5.??? I forgot other melee weapons existed(Tempo royale is the only stance worth using change my mind)
  3. (PS4)drollive96

    big tower in front of cetus ?? why cant we go there ?

    That tower is called the unum and it Protects cetus from the grineer. You cant go there because your tenno is too short to ride
  4. (PS4)drollive96

    Warframe, new player retention and constantly pushing players away.

    And we all farm together , through the cold grind, till we're sleep deprived together
  5. (PS4)drollive96

    Warframe, new player retention and constantly pushing players away.

    Welcome to warframe, always has been grindy , always will be
  6. (PS4)drollive96

    Operator Relaxing

    YES(put it in the infested room)
  7. (PS4)drollive96

    M’y Operator Io

    Picture no show :(
  8. (PS4)drollive96

    Ghoul Bounty messages

    Nobody Does the ghoul event anyway, so yeah get rid of the annoying messages
  9. (PS4)drollive96

    Maybe it's time we dropped the daily standing caps

    Thats fair maybe i just have a short attention span lol
  10. (PS4)drollive96

    How does one mod?

    Damn, nice job i was going to add some advice but you said literally everything in one post.
  11. (PS4)drollive96

    Maybe it's time we dropped the daily standing caps

    Dude i've been playing for 4+ Years, i know, but warframe was VERY different when i started, orginally if you were to ask me 3 months ago i would agree with you, but i recently tried to create a new account on the switch and found out it is much harder to rank up for new players these days. Junctions take forever,(It used to be you just killed a boss and got a nav segment ), and early on you wont have access to good leveling spots. What also doesn't help is how 90% of the better weapons were moved up to higher mrs. Trust me new players need to be A LOT more dedicated than us veterans to get far in this game
  12. That is your opinion and your opinion is wrong
  13. (PS4)drollive96

    Operator Focus Schools & Amps.

    For taking down the eidolons shields use Madurai void strike, or unairu wisp, as for amps use the one that fires like the arca plasmor ( i forgot wich one it was)
  14. (PS4)drollive96

    Maybe it's time we dropped the daily standing caps

    I really think the standing limit should be the same for everyone and not scale with mr. It seems unfair for newer players , everyone should get an even amount of daily standing , (25,000 maybe?) This Wouldn't hurt their business model and would also make it easier for newer players to progress
  15. (PS4)drollive96

    Why has Devstream #123 been postponed until further notice?

    I'm dissappointed too, but i'm sure theres a logical reason for it