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  1. It feels like we have been stuck on a cliff-hanger ever since the sacrifice ended years ago, its okay with me if the cinematic quests end, but i just want a satisfing ending to the main story, please be honest and tell us what is going on, the game doesn't technically need to end completely just because a story arc ends
  2. I was actually excited for something in warframe for once, changing raljack to feel more like the core gameplay is EXACTLY what needed to be done, playing raljack should feel just like the gameplay that we have been enjoying for 7+ years, and feel connected to the rest of the game, the damage types from the core gameplay are there now, thats GREAT, you aren't limited as much by ghe stats of someone elses ship, thats good, you can now sprint in your railjack forever now, good., the regular mission types we are all familiar with from the base game are there, thats great. This is what railjack
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