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  1. (PS4)drollive96

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    You sir are a troll, just trying to get things nerfed to get people angry, this game was NEVER difficult since i started 4 years ago and nerfing everything into oblivion wont make it more challenging or less challenging . It will only anger players and cause arguments. (Like right now) Thats all this will accomplish.
  2. (PS4)drollive96

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    DE is going to run their game into the ground. I have never seen a game developer with OCD this bad. The whole reason warframe is fun is because it makes us feel powerful, becoming an unstoppable killing machine is fun. Spending hundreds of dollars on a game grinding 12 hours a day grinding on a game, then having all the stuff you've earned be nerfed into the ground is not fun (at least in my opinion). I threw so much money at this game because I loved it, but now it's becoming more of a love hate relationship. Granted some nerfs were needed, (Resonating quake was broken, and getting 99% percent damage reduction with trinity was a bit much) but sometimes things in this game change too fast. I dont expect everything to be pefect either (everyone makes mistakes ) maybe there should be a survey with major changes to see what the community really wants, it would allow everyone in the community to feel like they have a say. Ok my rant is over have a nice day
  3. (PS4)drollive96

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Just nerf maiming strike then , I don't see the need to change everything so drastically. no one was complaing about melee. You guys are trying to fix something that wasn't broken .Rather than going through all this, why not just tweak the stats and change the mr requirements like you did for primarys / secondarys. All this is going to do is irritate people because EVERYONE will have to change their builds on all thier weapons, I like the idea of strong and light attacks and channelling definitely needs a rework, but removing the melee combo counter isn't necessary. It will take away one of the things that made melee unique. Yes doing nothing but slide attacks is boring, but what is less fun is having all your builds altered, which is just annoying
  4. (PS4)drollive96

    Can i play fortnite

    I can't even escape fortnite on the waframe forums *Sigh*
  5. (PS4)drollive96

    Coming Soon: Devstream #109!

    Could you please fix the camera for decoration mode in the dojo ? I find it difficult to use
  6. (PS4)drollive96

    TennoCon 2018 Tickets (SOLD OUT)

    I cant wait, see yall in Canada :)
  7. (PS4)drollive96

    Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    switch weapons? like in bloodborne, That would be awesome!!!!
  8. (PS4)drollive96

    Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    So what will be the purpose of alliances after the new dark secors come out?
  9. (PS4)drollive96

    Trade chat not working

    I'm on ps4 and I cant trade, i ve tried inviteing to my dojo but the my squad wont show up with me , the bazaar isnt working either, it says nobody is there, all of my psn friends are having the same problem as well
  10. (PS4)drollive96

    Save the Date: TennoCon 2018!

    Cant wait for my second tennocon
  11. (PS4)drollive96

    Dev Workshop: The Features of Focus 2.5

    Nice it's going to be much less of a grind getting focus
  12. (PS4)drollive96

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update 22.3.5 (LIVE!)

    That was fast
  13. (PS4)drollive96

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update (LIVE!!)

    5 days?! [DE]layed
  14. (PS4)drollive96

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update (LIVE!!)

    Woooooo finally!!!!!! LET THE HYPE BEGIN
  15. (PS4)drollive96

    Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

    When is poe coming out for console? Ive been waiting patiently for almost a month . Also if you choose to make other landscapes for other planets which planet would be your most likely choice? I'm just curious.