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  1. Nice that u found time to give rewards until we get Nightwave 2, much appreciated! Need to save up something for the Tennocon 😄 However... U finally gave purpose to clans for more than ''ill use this to grab bps/to trade'' and now u are removing it because of the special cookies who refuses to play with a friend or clan mate. Sorry, if it doesn't work for them, they are free to skip those quests and do something else. It's fine to have things adjusted for lower MRs but u gave literally nothing to veterans. Game overall has nothing for veterans. I just find it stupid to increase standing + quests stay longer but then u remove like clan mates/friends, 5 sorties (''nerf'') etc.| If something should be removed, that is ''use 3 forma'' considering that we had twice that quest while Nightwave rewards gave 2x3 forma...Which basically means we didn't get any forma, considering that we used 6 in order to finish the quest. And Eidolon ephemera really shouldn't be here as a reward.
  2. Absolute highlight of this topic is how ppl act like they are not adults capable of understanding one simple rule even after multiple explanations that got ignored by side of ones who broke the rules. Veterans in this game who got ''surprised'' how DE is banning for something that was painfully obvious exploit. And on top of it they also got the nerve to insult other ppl that wanted scores to be fair. And some things are even worth printing to slap on the wall and have a nice laugh whenever I wake up.
  3. @Eldirian m8, give up honestly, I think it's pointless. xD
  4. Last time I checked, statue wasn't 3mil for storm tier. +1 for try and positivity, had a nice laugh. By ur logic, game mode isn't fair, so ppl exploited it so that's ok exuse. Ppl who did it reached req for rewards looong ago. The reason to abuse it wasn't because of the rewards.
  5. I do agree on this, I don't see why it would be a negative thing to go for 1st place or any other on leaderboard if u/ur clan care about it. I don't mind even if it comes more often like every 6 months or something even tho I don't care about it much. Rewards are nice and gives something to work for, even for most casual clans/players. Cheers, nothing negative, just a discussion! 🙂
  6. I was thinking this answer will be obvious by now. Because if u find exploit, u report it and don't use it. Even if u were curious about trying it out, u don't push to 200k score. U are missing my point. I worked with my clan for that gold trophy and we got it at the end. Many did work for it. But as Warlord, I openly told them to not try any of exploit because there is a risk to get banned. Isn't that my job as Warlord, instead of supporting them to get banned?
  7. I don;t think u figured out what I meant to say. Most of the people don't care about leaderboards. Clan events are not the only thing to check or to score. If people are playing this game for 1-2 years or more and never bothered with it to check, it says enough. I would agree, but this is just amount of people and pressure to put on them. Plus spare time and will. Is this game competitive? It is not. Does game need any skill to play/achieve something? It does not. 1st is something to be proud of, yes, in real life. Game? Hardly. Many ppl aka Warlords didn't even care to bug ppl with a certain score. While others, how u say ''competitive'' clans were like ''get this score or u are kicked''. Is that something to be proud of? Again, I have no issue with that, nobody is forced to be there or do that. Own choice. But calling urself competitive and using obvious exploit with knowing most likely u gonna get punished for it just cuz being greedy? Which part of it is competitive? Who gonna exploit longer and more?
  8. I'm failing to see what clan event has to do with checking the leaderboard - anything regarding it.
  9. Check again all events, names, then do bit deeper research about same names, u gonna have ur answers. Yeh, it is not literally 5, most likely first 10 places of each tier, but that is still far from 80-90% while in reality they make under 5%.
  10. Sorry but it attracts like 5 clans lmfao. Majority of ppl never even checked leaderboards, even after 1k hours of play.
  11. I understood very well what u wanted to say. I am working as QA and I know how these things works. Not every single thing can be detail checked. It can, in smaller games, but not games like Warframe is. From what I understood, they don't even have hired QA team (many companies don't cuz extra $$) but several ppl who are willing to do it. Regarding QA tool, actually QA gets same version as players do, just it's not published/live by the time they check it. There is no such a thing as ''having tools''. Thats something admins/mods have. Or eventually dev build. Many knew for this exploit,yet not everyone used it. The ones who did, they are veterans, know rules and how this works, yet decided to do it. Greed.
  12. If u ever worked as QA, u would know that in this case because of time limit isn't possible to check every single thing and make it work perfectly fine. It's kinda hilarious how the only ones who were on top of it are self called competitive clans (competitive in Wf ayyy) And how those same ppl didn't go to try out does it work but literally stay for hours in mission to get top score and no other purpose. So not like they went and ''ohhh a bug I accidentally found''. Please.
  13. Yep, thats alright! Tell me, how much do I owe u and when u gonna be able to trade?
  14. Hi, without silver please because we had issue with silvers before (bright and ends up as white in game 😞 ) so some darker color would be better (#2C3539 maybe or something similar) Ouline can stay gold like on first logo u did This gold shade is nice, but letters bigger (similar to first logo u did) and thicker font, if it's not issue Regarding crystal color, maybe something like #82CAFF (top of it instead of lighter purple u used) and #15317E (bottom part) And a little bit of some energy glow in lighter purple shade. We getting there slowly 😄
  15. Hi, we discussed finally and might would be for the best to ditch whole idea with smoke because it doesn't seem to look good as cropped. - flat letters and just a bit less yellow (still gold, just dif shade) - moon might would work better is 3D; metalic outline is ok (and to get rid of stars/pattern inside) - colors ended up as...a bit too much - more simple is fine Rough concept with crystals instead (seems better to work with, I think?) or something like that^ And to avoid something like this But make it fit the moon ^^ Thanks
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