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  1. They either are free mod slots or they'll never get used. Or or or...they introduce a way to add further mod points into your weapon for further investment.
  2. The last reward was a Link as well. Just UI glitch. 😇
  3. To find out if you're truely a god, you shall enter the conclave.
  4. Unless Atlas gets a proper rework, Tekko releases with melee 3.0 (cuz fist weapons are so bad) or dethcube gets a better/reworked precept, this looks like the most meh prime access since a good long while, rivaling trinity and volt prime.
  5. Embolist, Stradavar, Viper. Nobody plays them, yet they got nerfed. I've already adapted by not trying to get certain rivens. Except melees. At least they're still interesting ^^
  6. Oh i do understand loud and clearly. It's almost like you're taking the words outta my mouth. I was so deflated leveling Gauss a 2nd time (1 forma) that i couldn't help but decide to leave him to collect dust. What does he bring to the table? Some attack speed buffs that other frames can do as well much easier, a worse avalanche, a damage reduction ability that gets worse the more you get hit and speed...whilst not only being very limited in mobility but also not even the fastest method we have. Not to mention how energy costly it is to fill and keep up your battery. He is far from OP yet requires effort as if he was.
  7. 100 formas and not a single umbral mod in it. Disappointed to no end tbh.
  8. I recently (before gauss came out though) found enjoyment in Harrow. Very active gameplay compared to so many other frames and also offers nice stuff. Heals and energy for every kill and well, speed buffs. The more enemies i savage with my weapons, the more effective i am for me and my team. That's cool. So what i wanna say is that I don't think that Gauss is being criticized for having to play the game but because playing the game with Gauss doesn't show too much of an effect/not reward enough. I gotta spend lots of time not killing enemies and running around in order to charge my battery only to end up for some bit of duration left for those sweet speed buffs. I don't like how +duration also brings a negative. Narrow Minded already cuts your range.
  9. Understandable but i do find baro at least worth "something" even if it's just disappointment most of the time. Meanwhile Ghouls...nobody cares about.
  10. ? Baro is required since everyone and their mother and their cousins too keep asking "When baro?" so they get notified when he's there. And Plague Star...only appears like what, once or twice a year? Unlike Ghouls which is every week or two.
  11. I know right? It has become a meme already at this point.
  12. I played Gauss. Then i went back to harrow again and i was reminded, why does Gauss exist again? You build Gauss by selecting Harrow. Operator Void Dash covers the speed. Penance covers the speed buffs without the tedium of having to charge and keep up your battery and well covenant...keeps you invincible when needed. And yeah, free energy for everyone after each kill.
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