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  1. Also to the people that say "there's no pleasing this community", it was DE that decided to nerf melee after seeing how it is being used and disapproving it. Not because people have been asking for it. And anyone that plays Warframe for longer than 2 days must have realized that (especially in the early game) spamming E is the way to go. It reached a point where the melee class doesn't matter and only like Glaives or Gunblades play differently. The rest is spam E and things explode. And almost every melee has a long reach now too which basically reduces melee diversity and makes Whips nothing
  2. Agreed. It's mostly just melees making guns look useless because they overpower them in most aspects by a long shot. Remember when shotguns and snipers have been useless until they got their own class-specific pack of buffs? And then they became THE meta. Tigris Prime...Vaykor Hek...Vectis/Rubico Prime...you name it. But guns themself feel balanced enough IMO. If we toned down melee and buffed guns even further, we'd probably end up in a "Melee trivializes all content" situation except you replace "Melee" with "Guns". I also want to add that a big part of melee being OP is the fact that i
  3. Imagine grinding a weapon or frame when it drops for basically free on twitch a year later :^)
  4. That doesn't explain anything. Acrid doesn't deserve such a low dispo. It makes no sense whatsoever. It's one of if not the weakest secondary right next to the stug which by the way has a much higher dispo too.
  5. Acrid never being used because of it having low base damage, almost non-existant crit and status. Can't get any weaker than that. "Peak performance ceiling" with 1.33 dispo on acrid? My question remains. How does that work?
  6. You showed us that Acrid has been the 4th least used secondary of 2020, how comes it has never gotten any disposition buff ever since the introduction of dispositions? How does that work?
  7. Dude, are you really that dense or just deliberately being ignorant? My goodness get off this thread or try to quote something that people ACTUALLY have said in this thread instead of being obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious and trashing on peoples threads. You, giving me build advice i just can't even. Go ahead and show me a quote where someone said they couldn't kill a thing with a prime weapon. You're just misconstruing arguments so you can make them look bad for something they have NEVER said simply because you don't have a single counterargument to the problem that the OP has provi
  8. Oh look, another brainy. Another useless comment from you which doesn't really surprise me. If you can't see that a very clear strawman without anything adding towards the discussion isn't productive then i don't know what to tell you honestly. Ah yes, the sarcasm couldn't be more extreme or stupid. Have yet to see an actual counterargument to the problem that is new primes being no worth for people that own a riven for the base already due to 0.5 dispo on the prime and miniscule stat increases on the prime vs. the standard. But you guys seem talented in grasping for straws and cherryp
  9. You sure love putting words into people's mouth and twisting things. Well i guess thank you for at least admitting to being passive-aggressive instead of adding something productive. Someone on the internet: "How are primes now better than the base for users that own rivened builds for said weapon?" TARINunit9: "Wow so you're saying that just because they're not the literal best, they're the worst?" big brain time.
  10. I sadly must confirm that the hype about getting new prime weapons is NOWHERE close to being as good as it was 3+ years ago. Nowadays primes are either down/sidegrades or have got VERY miniscule buffs compared to the base version. And everyone that owns a rivened build for a weapon that is about to get primed, will get their entire hype nullified due to exactly what you described. A Tenora's 1.1 dispo vs. a Tenora Prime's 0.5 dispo. A rivened base weapon will be better than the primed weapon with the riven due to stupid dispositioning and miniscule prime buffs. Sadly, this is what are pri
  11. Oh but we know. And this is where the problem lies. Game is too focused on adding "minigames" such as kdrive, necramech, fishing, mining etc. than focusing on what makes Warframe, Warframe.
  12. Uhm, first of all, when they removed self damage and replaced it with self stagger, they made every single aoe weapon like basically every fart and their cousin able to self stagger you. Even those that never did anything to you before. So i can totally understand that people did not appreciate that. On the thing about people pulling out the torches regarding Railjack or Necramechs but not so much on raids well i mean people actually have been reporting bugs to raids and also memed around Jordas Raid bugs so that was always a thing. Otherwise i'd explain it with that people actually liked
  13. I'm aware but i didn't want to jump to conclusions so i was polite enough to ask. Since he could have changed his name at that time and it wouldn't transfer over to the new name.
  14. The guy that couldn't wait to jump a thread only to say "Never Hopefully" also the first guy to call someone a troll because they hit them right where it hurts? Ironic. There was no good reason to remove raids whatsoeever. You either like it and play it or you don't. Simple as that. But now there's no option anymore.
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