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  1. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    Sounds like a fair fix but, i highly doubt it's intended for atomos and amprex arc-beams to deal pitiful damage? They almost completely lost their unique feature due to this. I hope this can get a further look at. Other than that, really nice beam weapon buffs! Edit: Sorry but after further testing, i came to the conclusion that this is anything but fair. A "full-auto" weapon that needs to ramp up after every and each single target in a horde shooter? Sorry but in this case, snipers are objectively superior.
  2. Soma Prime it's the Fang Prime for Primary.

    Soma was great and meta before when the highest missions were around lvl 40 and it could clear out groups of enemies with Shred pretty easily. But it was never a high damage weapon at all. And with the introduction of sorties and kuva floods, people realized that this weapon isn't nearly as good as they thought it was.
  3. Getting over yourself should fix 99.99% of your problems. I'm being serious. This thread is pitiful. Not wanting to be fast but blaming others that want to be fast. You might want to find a different game then because this was and will always be a thing here in warframe...
  4. Seems DE has made end game content pointless

    Hm, yeah. I guess it's nothing that an MR lock couldn't fix. Then again, i don't think DE did make something pointless that didn't exist to begin with. We have yet to get a proper endgame.
  5. Seems DE has made end game content pointless

    So you got carried in an eidolon night. How is this different from being carried in a raid again?
  6. Decide: 1. Cry because vault relics must be gained elsewhere. or 2. Cry because you won't be able to get a certain relic when vault relics and the new incoming prime access relics get put into the same drop tables. Pick your poison.
  7. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.12.5

    Some people prefer to not sit 24/7 in the trading chat in hopes to FINALLY get that one buyer who pays you what? 10 - 30p? for a trash riven. I'd rather transmute 4 trash and get 1 trash + 3 free slots out. Oh hey, it doesn't have to be trash as well. Could also hit the jackpot with a scoliac riven or be happy to get a riven that i wanted so badly. A trap? Sorry, but i have yet to see a trap for being able to use a slot machine that costs nothing. If i want plat, i'd sell a prime set, mod, arcane and not waste precious life time for a pitiful amount of plat.
  8. @DeadlyCreation Don't waste your time and energy on him man. If all he can do is avoid proofs and arguments while belittling and insulting you as well as telling you what you need to do for HIM, might as well let him stand in a corner (ignore) until he opens his eyes and gets real.
  9. That's why DE keeps adding scaling abilities such as now Gara's ult, right? And stop strawmanning the chroma debate. People want chroma to have a use, perhaps be the berserker that he once was. And it does NOT mean "Hurr i wanna survive till 1k". 1 and 4 useless whilst 2 and 3 are nothing out of the ordinary - way better options out there.
  10. Oof. I guess... 5487 x 5.98 = 12078 ??? Yeah, surely working as intended. Who doesn't love to get cheated by their own ability screen? Meanwhile, ^+149% Mhm, sure. Every warframe uses "the same formular". Is this the week of spreading misinformation? As every other player? Same formular? Do you actually play the game or just blindly listen to what the Devs have written? Rhino's Roar, Mirage's Eclipse, Mirage's Hall of Mirrors, Ivara's Navigator, Ivara's Prowl, Volt's Electric Shield, Chroma's Old Vex Armor, Saryn's Toxic Lash, Nova AMD and MPrime and Banshee's Sonar all go off of fully modded damage. The only frames i can remember that use the same formular as chromas new vex armor are Mesa's Shooting Gallery and Octavia's AMP. You don't hear threads about buffing these frames because they're already very useful and good. But chroma does do pretty much NOTHING other than tank and deal damage. And both things that he does, other frames can do better. He simply has no reason to be played anymore. Be it a buffer or a berserker, he just doesn't cut it anymore thanks to nonsense formular. But i must say. For someone who's playing the big man, throwing insults at other players and telling them to git gud and learn how to chroma, you seem to severely lack knowledge. Please test and think before you're acting big instead of just sticking your fingers in ears and go "Blablabla devs said so, so it's right" to prevent further embarassment. Peace out my friend.
  11. I don't know. I'm confused. There's so many good and viable weapons now that i honestly can't tell. Feels like playing a different game. And i mean it in a good way.
  12. Might as well delete all damage buffs at this point. How are those ridiculous? Care to explain?
  13. Why you asking me? I'm just as curious and baffled as you are my friend.
  14. Yep, and that's correct. What i'm talking about is not the "applying after mods" but the "double and triple your damage bonus on elemental combo weapons" and this does NOT apply to roar. It was it's own bug exclusive to vex armor which only needed fixed.
  15. The damage exploit has NOTHING to do with our damage system. It was simply a faulty code within vex armor. Other damage buffers worked just fine.