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  1. >One thing stands out as being mediocre than the rest >Lets better nerf all the others to make that one mediocre thing, good Now find the flaw in this way of thinking.
  2. IceColdHawk

    Network issue's anybody else?

    Yes, and fortuna gets me freezes as well. Can't play bounties not even buy a dept bond without freezing. Love me some daily standing caps.
  3. IceColdHawk

    How is Garuda

    Ash can teleport too. And it's even possible to oneshot them while at it + make use of invisibility for that stealth damage and general safety. Ash = Best melee frame change my mind. 😉
  4. IceColdHawk

    Do you use shield disruption or CP in fortuna?

    If you need lots of CP or SD to fight lvl 60 enemies, then i'd highly advise on improving your builds. While i usually bring CP in most missions, namely Sorties and Arbitrations so everyone can get rid of enemies quicker, i find Enemy Radar to be lots more useful in large maps such as Orb Vallis. Considering lots of the bounties consist of finding enemies and taking them out and most enemies you encounter have no armor anyway.
  5. Problem was, we didn't have any sort of balancing back then. Some low MR weapons being the best, high MR bad etc. But now we do and i think it's time to move on and adjust the system to a fixed weapon roster. Or just set all rivens to a 1.00~ dispo and just let it be some kind of "endgame" mod instead of trying to make bad weapons, hold out longer (at the cost of lots of plat or RNG).
  6. Tell that Hikou Prime. Or current Simulor. Besides, DE currently seems to get a better balance for progression by making higher MR requirement weapons have higher stats. So MR 0 - 7 are usually weaker than MR 10 - 15 weapons. Why not balance accordingly?
  7. I mean, that's just cherrypicking now, isn't it? If people go for a maximum build and using a riven and their riven gets nerfed, then ultimately their weapon is nerfed. Not base stat-wise but practically it still is weakened. Then again i find balancing dispos around usage instead of actual power nonsense, but that's just me.
  8. IceColdHawk

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5

    What do you mean, it's already here only to be found by the true elite gamers who have entered the realms of end:
  9. IceColdHawk

    garuda requiring 4 tier gems

    One serious gripe i have is, why do Garuda parts drop from bounties? They drop so incredibly often you pretty much get them gifted just by doing T1 - T3 bounties. And after that, they're just cluttering the bounty drop tables which once again ruin the replayability of said bounties. By the time you can finally craft Garuda, you must be swimming in 50+ parts of Garuda. What is this? Might as well get all the parts from the quest when DE decides to time-gate the frame instead of RNG.
  10. IceColdHawk

    Lower the Amber Star BP Credit Cost

    You're better off just breezing through a map to get 1 - 3 amber stars in a few mins than wasting so many resources and time for 1 amber star. It's just incredibly inefficient.
  11. IceColdHawk

    Steve's Stream: Riven Disposition Remark!

    ^ Would save everyone from trouble and worries. Changing dispos once a year will only create new metas and make powerful weapons even more powerful whilst already unused weapons still stuck with unusable/very weak rivens.
  12. IceColdHawk

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    You should ask yourself if we really need a 1000th way to heal.
  13. You're making up things that aren't even true and shame the community for something they haven't done + rude remarks. I'm not upset about the word children or something but rather about the creation of this very thread.
  14. IceColdHawk

    Marelok Riven debate: is low disposition justified?

    Must be new, sadly. It used to hit pretty accurate before the weapon rebalance. Don't be deceived. This is a common misconception that just because the crit multiplier isn't 3x or higher that it's not worth to build crit. It's the exact same as saying you don't need Serration on Soma because of it's low base damage. All you need in order to build for crit is a usable crit chance that gets you crits often enough to profit off the crit damage. Then, a crit damage mod with +110% crit damage will always give you 110% more damage on crit. No matter how high the base multiplier is. While throwing more and more elementals loses it's effectiveness instead since you're adding more and more additive boni instead of multiplicative. I highly beg to differ. I do agree that corrosive isn't worth using (for status that is) on low fire rate weapons. You just take way too much time procing corrosive on enemies that you could just, you know, kill instead. But some weapons are eligible to build for slash procs. Fortunately, Vaykor Marelok has a high enough slash stat in order to be built for it. Not all weapons can do this. This is what i'd use to fight against grineer/void: Frostbite because more status chance and cold procs help to prolong slash procs which translates into more damage. Can kill a Corrupted Bombard lvl 155 just fine. It's definitely not the best weapon anymore. But it's certainly still viable and a good choice for those who'd like to play a hybrid revolver-style secondary. No comment about the justification of the riven dispo because, as explained above, it's a widely known issue that dispos are all but balanced.