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  1. IceColdHawk

    Arcanes + Rifles

    Affects any primary that isn't a: 1. Bow 2. Sniper 3. Shotgun Similar to the Assault rifle condition of sorties.
  2. IceColdHawk

    Beeing killed by allies

    You can't proc radiation at yourself.
  3. IceColdHawk

    Upcoming Exalted Weapon Rework

    There is no non prime hysteria. Just "Hysteria". The same ability on prime and non prime. Primes don't have individual abilities.
  4. IceColdHawk

    Upcoming Exalted Weapon Rework

    Your face looks like a potato. ❤️
  5. IceColdHawk

    Upcoming Exalted Weapon Rework

    The original and first "exalted weapon" is called "Exalted Blade". And so people refer to similar abilities as "exalted weapon" to give an insight on what is meant. Kinda like how catalysts get called potatoes.
  6. IceColdHawk

    Spores solution

    Oh c'mon are you serious? Here you complain about her FIRST SKILL (being spore) being deadlier than her ULT. Most probably miasma you're refering here. then you answer Monkey in regards to how you should not view Miasma as an "ultimate": >first skill deadlier than ult >ult kills Most effectively now ???. Last but not least, Saryn is dedicated to only DPS. Want you want to do is get rid of her DPS. I hope i don't have to comment that.
  7. IceColdHawk

    Spores solution

    Oh didn't know Miasma is Saryn's ult and also first ability. Carry on then.
  8. IceColdHawk

    Spores solution

    If you want to nerf abilities for no reason, i suggest you to try that with Khora. You might even get people to laugh then. Make up your mind.
  9. Content for vets to stay in the game for more than to just grind the latest frame or weapons.
  10. IceColdHawk

    Banshee & Onslaught

    I can agree to one thing that is ragdolling enemies at spawns away without killing them is simply annoying and doesn't help the efficiency at all. Sadly not every banshee players knows that armored enemies at lvl 50+ laugh at the quake. Just wait for the next console update that will fix the cost being 100 energy instead of 25 then you won't see any banshee quakers anymore. But dying and reviving other players as sad as it sounds is not really recommended in onslaught due to efficiency. Game mode requires killing over other things more than any other game mode.
  11. IceColdHawk

    DE can we pls skip Limpo Prime?

    Think positive. The earlier we get Limbo Prime, the sooner our fear is gone.
  12. IceColdHawk

    Cassowar riven, keep or reroll?

    -finisher damage is like the best negative you could ever get on a melee. Besides, if finishers are your thing, Covert Lethality and daggers cover it already perfectly.
  13. IceColdHawk

    When will the next update come out?

    Yes, unfortunately.
  14. IceColdHawk

    When will the next update come out?

    I mean, onslaught was pretty much unplayable at its release. I don't know how things can get worse than unplayable. But if released somewhere not at the last day of work in the week, they would have had more time to fix stuff and also more informations on what needs fixed. And yes i do remember Specters of the Fail and the last update reminded me. Don't get me wrong, i'd prefer playable and stable updates but past history has shown that this doesn't seem possible. So it should be no surprise that people just want the updates not get delayed anymore. The moment when you wait even longer than expected for your finally new content only to see it being frustrating and a bug fortress for the whole weekend.
  15. IceColdHawk

    When will the next update come out?

    Better rush it and fix it the next days than releasing it on a friday as a buggy mess that stays unfixed for the whole weekend. Because delaying Beasts of the Sanctuary totally worked out just fine, right?