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  1. Glorious community. You don't need to give a reason because you don't have one. 2020 and yet there's still people defending the most ancient and unnecessary game elements. An anti-coop element in the game is being defended with "coop arguments". I must be in the wrong movie or something. Outstanding, honestly.
  2. Still waiting for the good reason to keep them even in solo mode. Looks like you don't have one either.
  3. I've edited my previous post which explains how solo is not a solution. You guys keep saying we need cooperation and i agree with that completely but y'all think that friendship doors help cooperation when in fact, they work AGAINST cooperation most of the times. Also if nobody else has mentioned it yet, i'm gonna. Fissures as solo is a handicap. So please get rid of this thinking or do i have to send everyones favorite comrade limbo after you to tell you to go solo if you don't want to deal with all that rift stuff, in order to remind you how silly that argument is?
  4. D) Playing a mission together and cooperating. Fighting enemies with more hands available. Allowing to do multiple things in a mission due to people able to take side tasks such as scanning simaris, doing the kuva siphon when the other(s) is/are doing the mission objective, getting murmurs, etc. Also more enemy spawns = more action, loot and affinity for everyone.
  5. Funny because wrong. Solo has them as well. Not as annoying as when with others but it's still a 2 second stop. I'm just expressing my honest feelings on that ancient mechanic that somehow still hasn't been improved/removed. No need to focus so much on a single word i've said.
  6. What if people would like to investigate the map, open lockers or look for something where as someone else would like to continue but cannot due to these doors? The waiter will be annoyed and the investigaters will either be cold and sturdy or they gonna feel guilt and the need to rush through just to open that door. Disgusting.
  7. I can't even count on one finger on how many times these doors have had any meaningful use.
  8. I can't help but feel that all those against removing "friendship doors" have yet to reach the point where they're grinding the same thing over and over and over again and the last thing you'd want is...waste everyone's time. Also fun when people are stuck and can't reach "friendship doors". A fast runner will always be a fast runner and a hurdle like this ain't gonna change anything it just makes them say "hi" to whoever 2nd reaches the door.
  9. Probably because everyone sold him after he got his speed "fixed".
  10. There is begging explaining their miserable life situation. Then there's begging coming up with stories for a miserable life situation. We've also seen begging that's just copying stories from others. And then we have this, begging without even putting in the laziest type of effort. But i'll still answer your question: DE is gonna buy you a Prime Access. If you get lucky in Devstreams or Prime Times.
  11. There is a solution to this already in-game. I don't know how to say it without sounding rude but i truely mean it. Grab them and kill them before your mates do. And if the enemies don't survive a single second, chances are that you're not really required to stack up much due to the mission being too easy.
  12. Good work yea...keeping the hottest and saltiest topic, which literally serves no good purpose on discussing cuz the fact remains that this was just a matter of time when it comes back, open for people to continue slinging mud at each other. 👏 Meanwhile other threads stay locked just because of 1 or 2 trolls derailing or the OP having snapped for a moment due to being trolled...
  13. Let's go back on having a constructive discussion about this topic! We already 32 pages in!
  14. (you know that was inevitable)
  15. Any Primed Bane mod would be better in that case. 2/2 shots with 55% increased damage is higher than 1/2 shots with 100% increased damage.
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