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  1. You're forgetting that the amount of targets affected also scales with power strength. That'd make it 87 affected enemies.
  2. That was generally speaking. I know that steel path doesn't follow that rule. And that's the issue that people are pointing out. If it was working just fine then you wouldn't see the same thread pop up every day.
  3. Difficulty and rewards go hand in hand....and that doesn't have to exclude gameplay or fun. You can have both. I don't even know why you bring stuff like Cookie Clicker or "bitcoin mining" in like wtf.
  4. But the rewards are what make this game fun in the longterm. New players get excited from the gameplay itself. But the veterans? Aka the ones that are asking for tougher content that doesn't put them to sleep? They keep playing because of content and things to grind for. Steel Path is a "do it once for mastery and hope you got enough steel to buy your teshin armor" kinda thing. That's it.
  5. Normally people wouldn't have to ask for rewards because common sense should take care of the rewarding part. Sadly this doesn't apply here. It makes no sense to fight tougher enemies without anything to go for it. Even less so in a game that's all about grind. A good example of higher difficulty = better rewards in this game would be Arbitrations and Disruption. They reward players that stick to it and not leave after the first rotation C
  6. This tbh. It's either power creep or fodder. I'm interested to try out so many different combinations out so I for once in a long time, am actually highly awaiting the upcoming content. Warframe has always been a game of power creep anyway since it exists.
  7. I agree with you but i'm trying to not overhype myself if we end up getting disappointed. We all know that tennocons are pure hype material and in the end we're usually disappointed. I do hope that this isn't the case but we'll have to see.
  8. I have a feeling abilities will be adjusted to not be too OP or to fit into frames. Similar to how they reworked healing abilities to work on defense objectives so all work but aren't too overpowered.
  9. Absolutely agree. As long as they don't butcher it from what we've been show and told on pablo tweets, i can see having lots of fun with it and spending time in it. Thankfully long term players are being rewarded for their efforts too since they can feed Helminth with all their stocked up resources.
  10. Broken frame is the void energy frame, not sentient.
  11. Imagine making a reload time worse on a PRIME weapon for one of the most underused weapons. Like what's the point? Don't even get me started on the accuracy.
  12. Cmon man don't forget to press Shift sometimes and there goes your problem. I can't honestly believe you're having trouble against infested out of all things...
  13. Spot on. Primes became so bland and boring, i'm not willing to grind the Inaros Prime Access. Nothing interesting in there for me. Until we can reach MR30 then i will probably grind it out especially when it becomes easier to get. And i used to enjoy farming every PA because there was at least an interesting frame or one interesting weapon in it. Now we get golden weapons inferior to their base versions. Coolio...
  14. Not only that but can't wait for the +5% more crit chance, +10 more mag size but also +0.5s longer reload times. Something like that. At the cost of a HUUUGE riven dispo jump. Just look at Panthera vs. Panthera Prime. Why would you use the prime over the base one with a riven? And that nerfed accuracy...just why?
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