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  1. Know what, i'm gonna apply to DE rn tbh and hope i'll get into a high enough position to decide all these things to make the game truely the best out there.
  2. Nah, remove those too. Add captures instead.
  3. Ember is a great frame indeed, when i bring my best weapons.
  4. Okay i'll admit. I was just being a bit silly. So take it with a grain of salt 😛
  5. Nightwave Intermission is part of warframe though :x
  6. Nightwave Intermission has just came out. New Borderlands 2 free DLC. Arch-Tempered Nergigante still out for a week. And y'all want plague star too like, right now? How do you guys hold all this content. I'd honestly not mind it coming out next week. Though i can understand the bitterness after hearing the reason for this.
  7. It can make a lot of sense actually. Ever thought about what kind of "NPC"s that guy has killed? If he killed 3 corpus techs and you killed 5 elite crewmen, he will still end up having dealt more damage than you.
  8. You're comparing apples to oranges. Rivens are actual ingame content which became popular. Rule 34 stuff isn't but just some fan fiction. Stop confusing people with nonsense.
  9. Best advice !!! When I hear beeping I just move...regardless of what frame im using... I would prefer not to take any damage if I don't have to... A while ago...uff, don't remember exactly when but it's at least over a year if not 2 ago. Fun fact, it even goes through snowglobes.
  10. The grenades are freaking OP and despite being able to destroy them before detonation now, you are barely able to see them. So if you hear some ticking and you're not playing a super tanky frame, get the hell out.
  11. I'm living proof that this is not the case. And i know what we've been doing. Just because they trust the script and hope it goes clean doesn't mean it actually is 100% clean.
  12. DE wasn't playing fair either. I was doing a legit run very early on up to 33k without -cd rivens, oberons, magical round 41 10 hp demolysts, no lokis. Nothing. Had to extract because lacking dmg and survivability. What happens? I read patch notes and see exploits got removed and scores wiped and i was like "Hey, nice. Finally a fair competition!" but then i saw my score got wiped too and i was like "Excuse me? What was THAT for?". And on top of that, due to some oversight during the script (probably), you'd have to beat your old wiped score in order to increase your actual score. Which is just not fair either.
  13. Who cares about whether the script blocked out people ABOVE 41 or starting AT 41? You guys should start addressing the real elephant in the room that is preventing people from scoring.
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