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  1. IceColdHawk

    Nerf Saryn

    Anyone can copy something that somebody has(n)'t tested. Sure thing. No Toxic Lash: With Toxic Lash:
  2. IceColdHawk

    Nerf Saryn

    Not true. Toxin Lash doesn't actually increase your damage. It just gives you 100% toxin procs and the damage shown is the percentage of how high the toxin ticks will be. Ember's accelerant however is multiplicatively for heat damage. And so are all the elemental %-dmg increase augments for frames' 1st abilities.
  3. IceColdHawk

    Enough is Enough: End Ghoul Spam Mail

    No, definitely not. Just after logging in, you can already see the ghoul purge event on the navigation panel. It's hard to miss. Even harder to miss when you actually care about ghouls.
  4. IceColdHawk

    Crit Damage or Crit Chance on this Opticor Riven?

    The crit chance one has 3 positives and no negative. The crit damage has 2 positives and 1 negative which means way higher positive stats. On top of the fact that crit primaries get more out of +critdmg on rivens than +critchance, the choice is obvious: Critical Damage.
  5. IceColdHawk

    I didn't Vacuum my house for a month

    Everyone talking about vacuum and resources and how it's so incredibly useful for new players... Uh, yeah, but is that all? What about ammo, reactants, life support drops, energy and health orbs (especially for nekros) ? As far as i know, energizing dash and EV won't work with channeled abilities but energy orbs will. And it spares so much time and also picks up those that you can't see at the first glance which is just too practical to want to give it up. I've played void defense without vacuum a few times and that played a big role in why i believe pets are currently not worthy enough. First of all i had to stroll across the whole map when i want to get ammo back which you simply have no time for in the very few seconds between waves and second of all, you might lose out on that one argon that you were looking for. And to be fair, pets don't bring me enough value to consider them over sentinels. Plain and simple. Only sometimes do i play a smeeta kavat for a chance to grab that shiny double kuva. But when pets start to drag the attention of everyone away due to dying by a single napalm shot, for negligible advantages, then i'll have a hard time considering them for serious missions. But due to the grindy, speedy and loot drop nature of this game, vacuum became a standard for many players for good reasons. There's simply too many disadvantages for going without it. And the nature of this game almost asks for it to be universal due to it being so important for effective and non-slowed down gameplay. Sure, people can play without it. Has even been proven by some. Just as it has been proven how it can be very disadvantageous. But that doesn't mean people want to play without it. Nor does it mean people shouldn't be allowed to play it AND have the option for diversity.
  6. IceColdHawk

    I didn't Vacuum my house for a month

    What kind of low level content are you playing that leads you to say "My kavat is too op"? For me it's either Vacuum or Charm buff. The rest is so incredibly lackluster it's not worth thinking about. Last but not least, how are pets for combat? Bad Pet AI + the fact that you're either too fast in killing enemies yourself or you're playing more difficult content where your pets kiss the floor after every enemy breeze.
  7. That requires two frames. I just bring banshee, go into void mode when orbital strike comes (or simply dodge them when void mode wasn't a thing since, it's not really hard...) and spam sonar before kela appears. 0.5 seconds with any automatic pistol or rifle and the damage phase is already over lol.
  8. The reason why it is "unnecessarily drawn out by the orbital strike phases" is because you just can't die. 4 revives + teammates and the void mode. If you don't have these, people would see it more as a danger that needs to be avoided which makes the boss more challenging overall. But i must disagree with the title. I don't see what's "unfair" about this boss fight at all other than not being as easy and quick as other bosses.
  9. IceColdHawk

    Kuva survival

    I mean, they're also just humans. And every human does mistakes. That's simply natural. Just saying, It's not a reason to outright discard a suggestion though. Other than telling the OP to post in the appropriate feedback section of course.
  10. IceColdHawk

    Self-Revive system.

    I never said it's the only thing making this game easier. But it surely is a big cause for that.
  11. IceColdHawk

    Self-Revive system.

    Fact is, it's way too trivial compared to before. So much easier to stay alive. No care needed since all the non-endless missions you can revive yourself through. And this isn't even accounting arcanes, sacrifice mod or potential teammates that get you up. Now this isn't based on "personal occurence" but rather on simple logic. I don't wanna see warframe turn into dark souls. Nor do i want it to stay clicker heroes. Do you? Well, i'm of the opinion that it can't hurt to have a sense for achievement once in a while that isn't just RNG. Last but not least; The longer we stay on trivial game mechanics, the longer we'll have to wait for proper endgame content.
  12. IceColdHawk

    Self-Revive system.

    I think just limiting revives to 1 or 2 should be enough. So you can still revive yourself but gotta be way more careful and only do it when others cannot get you up in time. It's still worth it, just not as trivial as it is now. Overall i do believe that the current revive system is way too trivial and removes just the last sense of difficulty from this game. Especially now after things like the mod Sacrifice which gives even more revives or the operator mode and being able to revive 100% safely in void mode. Back then we didn't have all these free tickets for a mission success but still survived. Too many revives are just going to breed a carelessly playstyle.
  13. IceColdHawk

    So what's warframe end game ?

  14. IceColdHawk

    World Survival Record broken

    Welcome to warframe. Only the most patient of us will survive.