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  1. IceColdHawk

    saryn spore and melee influence

    10 minutes and Juggernaut is still standing. Yeah neither do i think it's intended for Saryn to be that weak ^^
  2. IceColdHawk

    Tenno battle royale??

    Battle Royale games carrying big chunks of players and Warframe, despite being a PvE game, constantly updates and brings out new PvP elements into the game. Somehow everyone is like "Bad idea". Really makes you think. I personally don't care either way. Can't be worse than K-Drive, Fishing or Mining anyway.
  3. IceColdHawk

    Revenant surprised me

    Sorry but Gara instead of Frost is a no-go. I should've gone harder actually....okay okay i'm just kidding. So i was being on your side all for nothing? Welp...maybe the anti-revenant people are more cooperative comrades.
  4. IceColdHawk

    Revenant surprised me

    But does Garuda stay alive against enemy levels, where such scaling damage is required? I can see her getting support from either a Limbo or an Octavia to stay undamaged but...without team support? Revenant has Mesmer Skin and doesn't need to worry about getting rekt as long as you pay attention. And that's the part where i'm thankful for since you can't just shout "OP IMMORTAL" since you still have to pay some attention to it at least.
  5. IceColdHawk

    Revenant surprised me

    You mean that frame that goes ragequitting for whenever a proper DPS frame joins and hinders him from getting stacks?
  6. IceColdHawk

    Warframe Steam's Pinnacle Pack

    The pinnacle of uselessness. Seems pretty right to me.
  7. Best you can do is set off your ping limiter and just reclick the node every time the timer starts counting down, with you being the host.
  8. IceColdHawk

    Magnum Force should have same dmg as Hornet Strike.

    Explain this then:
  9. IceColdHawk

    Revenant Rework

    Because yet another 90% DR ability is what we needed....right? Let's rework 100% DR into 90%, and remove stuns that could also help to turn off dangerous threats... Now i'm not sure anymore whether you're just very inexperienced or trolling? I thought you think he's trash then why do you want to make him WORSE? Subjective and depending on the user.
  10. IceColdHawk

    Is Mag "Sucks" a meme?

    It was, yes. Now it's "Revenant sucks". Cuz ya know, sitting on the same old meme for ages is not how it works.
  11. IceColdHawk

    KUVA Farming suggestion

    This. I don't ask to play 30 minutes and be able to roll a riven a hundred times. I'd like to work for it just pay me appropriately. Give me a reason to play and not get bored after 2 days, please. I see very good potential not being used. Kuva is the only resource that you can literally never have enough of due to rolling mechanics and the amount of weapons. Which speaks for a high replayability value.
  12. IceColdHawk

    KUVA Farming suggestion

    Yes for endless Kuva scaling.
  13. IceColdHawk

    Revenant, The True Eidolon Warframe (Rework idea)

    I can agree with that. Mostly because i consider the cap of 7 thralls still too low and the range to cast it is just TOO DAMN LOW and it also costs a fortune of time to finally cast it which further makes Natural Talent a must have mod for Revenant. With my current build, i have to go into melee range to thrall enemies, in which i can just kill them. And i'm not building for range at all since the rest of his kit doesn't need it. I'm actually all for some neat improvements towards his 1. Just that some people in here should finally get real and not exaggerate and lie if they wanted actual changes. Reminds me of lots of frame actually. And Chroma is dead to me outside of Eidolons or Orbs. Rhino can get almost the same damage out and doesn't have to hug the team for them to benefit and he gets increased slash and toxin proc damage. Not to mention his Iron Skin and Stomp being very good abilities. Chroma used to be good when his abilities actually scaled multiplicatively as they should but in order to fix a bug, they of course had to completely nerf the formular... And that's coming from someone that used to play a lot of Chroma...anyway, besides the topic. I disagree. His 3 proves to be a very good mobility tool especially when modded for duration and when using Dance Macabre. Pop into the next room and spin the enemies to death before your allies could start aiming at them. Without commenting on his build stats, I gotta have to say that Range is a wasted stat for Revenant. Only his 1, which is his weakest ability, profits from it. His 3 increases in width but you don't really need it since you can freely steer at all enemies. And his 4 only gets thicker beams with range which you don't need since you spin 360° anyway. I can hit enemies from 90m afar on the Cerberus map with 34% range just fine. If i were to add some suggestion to ultimately improve the Revenant experience then i'd do as follow: Massively increase the base range of his Enthrall. Why is it that Mind Control has a base range of 60m and Enthrall only 25m? Increase the Thrall cap to something like 15 - 20 Allow for Danse Macabre-killed Thralls to not give 50 overshields but have a high chance to drop an energy orb. Nobody needs overshields. And it also supports active gameplay and counters the high energy cost of his 4 which then would only be high if you were to just play in an AFK-kinda way. Allow a percentage of your Mesmer Skin charges for your allies should you Reave through them whilst having Mesmer skin activated. Giving allies just 1 single charge feels like a wasted opportunity imo Change Danse Macabre damage against Flesh from Gas to Viral. Gas itself doesn't work well against Flesh. Well, that's what i got so far and wish to see implemented. Despite having some wasted opportunities, he's still a very valid Warframe that can be played pretty much anywhere unlike some other frames that have yet to be (properly) reworked.
  14. IceColdHawk

    Revenant, The True Eidolon Warframe (Rework idea)

    Last (postponed) devstream riven alert (Survival): trash frame btw. Damn explosive barrels counting as damage 😄 Can't remember the last sortie i've done with Revenant in which i took actual enemy damage. Maybe i'm doing something wrong. Since we all know, Revenant is clearly trash /s
  15. IceColdHawk

    Revenant, The True Eidolon Warframe (Rework idea)

    Why should he? Lore shouldn't take priority over game balance.