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  1. Plague Star was speedrunnable and rewarding. More so if you play faster. Deimos bounties contain "waiting" objectives, are buggy and everyone has been spamming these already anyway since deimos is still new and stuff from bounties were needed. Therefore all we got was a shop. Do you honestly think that people who have been playing bounties forever for tokens to trade in for other tokens, farm scintillants etc., would appreciate having to go through the same bounties all over again just now? Keep in mind that players that have started this february could have experienced a new and rewarding bou
  2. If you're going to cut 60% of a BFG's base damage, you might as well make it a new weapon. That way i could say the Kuva Bramma is also a faster, more crit-reliable and ultimately-higher-DPS Opticor just with a different model. You don't just take away what makes an Opticor the Opticor and change the stats around and say "hey but it has more dps now!". So yeah, it is a mess actually.
  3. They just read the word "kick" and get insta-triggered because they know they'd likely be the first ones to get kicked.
  4. My experience has been that when people can't seem to get any kills just because of a Saryn in there (as you said just 1 kill for example) then these people wouldn't survive longer than 2 zones anyway because of their very weak killing potential. Sure Saryn gets the most but if you're properly setup and not with whole level/leech gear, you should still be able to get hundreds of kills.
  5. You won't notice the reload due to it's not so fast fire rate but large magazine size. Reloading once every minute for 5s shouldn't kill you for the power it gives you.
  6. Honestly depends on the mission type. You don't wanna see a Limbo in say, a survival or onslaught mission. Excavation and Mdef on the other hand, most people are more than glad to see a Limbo in their team.
  7. Feels good to use but is ultimately a wet noodle especially in Steel Path.
  8. You can thank the people that were crying and hoping for steel path to not be any rewarding because then they would have to put in some effort to get things. One would think you can get better rotation rewards from endless missions but no, not even that.
  9. Yup. It's gotten pretty yucky. With PoE it was all new and exciting but after Fortuna and now with deimos, it's just becoming tiresome. Especially since it's almost literally the same boring stuff that people have been complaining about for the past 2 open worlds. If that's the content we've been waiting and surviving content droughts for, then sadface really.
  10. I'm not talking about the helminth stuff. The amount of all kinds of resources he demands is, for the exact reason you've mentioned, fine imo. Some variation for once couldn't hurt either. Believe it or not, but i actually found fishing unique and interesting back in PoE. Since after that it became more and more annoying. So even if it has to be some sort of "RPG Minigame" what not, does it always have to be the same things?
  11. Woah hold on there Mr. Elite Esport Pro-Gamer of animal capturing, when did i ever say that i can't do it or that i don't know that conserving is the fastest way to max standing cap? You might wanna get your logic checked if you think that me disliking having to capture animals, fish or mine in every single new open world we get (which drains so much time for other more unique and productive content that could've been created btw) equates to me not knowing how to do it lmao. Vault Bounties were a good thing. I also like the new infested enemies. Look so much more menacing than base infested. B
  12. As expected you couldn't answer my question. Anyway, I made a point. Its fine and dandy that some people enjoy fishing just...idk, come with something new up instead and don't force us to do all these tedious tasks? Some people like conclave yet we don't get that shoved down our throat.
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