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  1. Fun fact: Nezha was one of the first warframes I built when I started playing this game, I absolutely hated it and it had to make room for other warframes I was building at the time, because I didn't have plat or anything to get slots (+ the usual excuses). After this revisit I decided to rebuild Nezha and try it out again and I can say onle one thing: I like it, I like it a lot. So good job on this one. I also think I should mention that the first time ever I saw Revenant played and presented by Rebecca, I was very sceptical and almost outright dismissed it as mr fodder. However when Revenant was released and I started testing it I realized that the final version was actually pretty good and I started liking it immediately. With the changes we see in this patch makes me like it even more. Some of the latest work in regarding warframes has been really positive for me, with the exception of Vauban who is still a lackluster, but maybe some day even Vauban becomes interesting(?).
  2. Feedback incoming: Now danse macabre energy drain is way too much, not even remotely comparable to Mesa's peacemaker and guess which one is much more efficient in killing things? Lower the range and make it scale based on ability range and also limit the energy drain to the Mesa's peacemaker level.
  3. I don't even... Why don't you just limit the range and make the drain equal to Mesa's peacemaker?
  4. Simulacrum doesn't reflect the real gameplay, as you can disable AI and make yourself invincible so it's more for testing the power of your warframes, abilities and weapons. As for testing the Revenant more today for 2 hours + already, I am convinced that the cast time of mesmer skin should be halved and the same applies to the reave, as they both root you in place before the ability cast is finished. For enthrall and dance macabre this is not that important from my experience.
  5. It scales up to level 155 pretty well (in simulacrum at least). The ability changes element according to the enemy defense type, so armored enemies will get hit by corrosive damage and shielded enemies will get hit by magnetic damage. The ability also deals status procs, so armor stripping and magnetic procs are a thing.
  6. Ah yeah my bad. What I meant that if you enable your ability 4 while you are sprinting with toggle sprint and then disable the ability, you are no longer sprinting after using the ability.
  7. I guess this is a bug, but I am giving it as feedback here. Using the ability 4 seems to disable sprinting much like Mesa's 4 did before it got fixed. As for the abilities, I played a bit more than 2 hours and I have some general idea how they work and what they do: 1) The first ability is kinda meh to me, especially at the highest level the enemies are not doing anything to each other as was stated earlier in this thread. If I could leave the enemies fight each other for few hours and come back, I don't think they would have been able to kill each other. 2) The second ability was confusing me when I saw 0 charges left and the ability was still grayed out and I could not recast it. What is this, a rounding bug? 3) The third ability was ok in my opinion, good range and all that, combined with fourth ability it felt pretty decent. Maybe the cast time should be reduced a bit? 4) The fourth ability, oh the fourth ability. This one is actually quite fun and effective, but at the same time it seems to cost a lot of energy. I was using 130% efficiency and 152% duration and it was draining energy quite fast. I am not particularly sure if the energy draing should be fine tuned at this time considering how effective the ability is.
  8. @[DE]Saske As the topic suggests, the headshot target indicators that are being shown on the enemies when using Zenith's secondary fire mode are actually colored according to the equipped warframe energy color. Since it is the Zenith that generates the headshot target indicators, shouldn't the color of them being affected by the weapon energy color instead?
  9. @[DE]Saske When you are in a kuva mission and have started capturing the kuva ghosts, you will see "wrong" Lotus icon on the hint transmission when this specific line seeing in the screenshot is being said. I might have seen this happen somewhere else too but I am not that sure, but this particular one is 100% reproducible.
  10. @[DE]Saske I finally remembered and had time to do a bugreport of this just now. Basically heavy caliber breaks the spread of miter blades completely when used in combination of multishot. I made a video demonstrating this using 150% and 280% of multishot, so one can see how two, three and four blades shot simultaneously gets affected by the heavy caliber.
  11. runx0

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    My friend said he got the drop last night, but I did not get it. I was watching the stream from way before the tennolive went live and I watched it until the end. I made sure I was logged in and I have received warframe twitch drops before, so something went clearly wrong.
  12. My Poor Saryn! I don't know how this happened, but here's a screenshot of it.
  13. @[DE]Saske@[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Meganor someone, please confirm and get this fied fix as it is getting a bit old by now. This long standing bug was supposed to be fixed in a patch some months ago, but it simply is not. When going solo, doing something like a syndicate mission that is located on the tileset with ice and snow, will stop spawning enemies at some point or they spawn very rarely or they are hiding somewhere. I took a video of some minutes and cut the duration a bit to show how I spent 20 minutes trying to get 500 cryotic but in the end I could no longer be arsed with it because of this annoying issue. Here you go, have fun watching me jumping around alone:
  14. runx0

    Is Mirage's Eclipse bugged?

    I have noticed the same thing. I think some of the buffs like eclipse are additive to the weapon mods like serration, hornet strike and point blank, which could easily explain the lower than expected damage numbers. Or these buffs are completely broken and someone from DE needs to verify how they are being applied. On that note, a buff of 500% should be 6x more damage, not 5x (100% more damage is double the damage).
  15. @[DE]Saske As the topic suggests, kuva guardians have had this tendency of keep coming at you after being hit by the operator void dash, at least worth of one or two actions. They also might not get staggered at all by the hit. I made 3 videos of this happening: 1. In this one the kuva guardian just keeps coming at me after being hit by my dash, doesn't take a swing at me though: 2. Here the guardian makes a dash and then swings at my friend after I did the void dash on it: 3. Finally I dash two of the guardians, in return both of them dash at me but didn't actually take a swing at me: