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  1. runx0

    Atmo Systems

    I have done nothing but p2 and p4 of profit-taker the past week and I am still unable to rank up from my 44k/44k because these missions simply do not drop atmo systems even if they are listed as an uncommon reward. This is nothing but very tiresome and extremely uninteresting, these kind of progression "stoppers" should not exist in the first place. This is truly the worst of warframe.
  2. runx0

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    I got my rhino prime noggle but I have not received my mesa prime noggle. I purchased mesa prime access immediately when it got released.
  3. runx0

    Max Framerate

    It worked for me before this patch and I was not asking for help, I was reporting a bug. Login screen: After logging in:
  4. runx0

    Max Framerate

    @[DE]Glen This has to be the most accurate fps limiter I have seen in any game so far, really great job. I am running PG279Q monitor at 165Hz with gsync enabled and vsync disabled and I was having issues with gsync getting disabled randomly in missions for few seconds + stuttering and tearing, which means that the fps must have exceeded 165fps even if I had 144fps limit in the game settings. The new fps limiter (still running that 144fps at 165Hz) feels very, very, very solid. 60fps is not really playable for me, 72fps is getting there and 120fps is really good. While I would not use 60fps or 72fps in game, they are definitely better. I always liked high fps and high refreshrates, even in the 90s when CRTs were still the thing 😂 One thing I noticed is that when I end up in the login screen after starting the game (where you input your password etc) the fps limiter here is disabled and I see fps exceeding 450fps or whatever. Seems like a bug to me, so maybe fix this in the future patch?
  5. runx0

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10

    For the first time ever, today, while I was leveling up two of the last kitguns and my last moa model in hydron, I actually started seeing a performance drop over time. My fps actually went down to 60-70fps while standing in the middle of hydron after running the game for over an hour. The degradation happened slowly, one run at a time and finally it was at the point I could no longer tolerate it. After restarting the game the fps went back to the ~140fps or so (144fps limit in-game options) at least for a few more runs.
  6. While I kind of agree about some of the riven re-balancing, because some of the weapons were basically greatly superior to others (take tiberon prime with a good riven for example, it is MUCH better than any other rifle in the game), but some of the changes were quite harsh. I have pretty good tiberon riven myself, but I don't use the weapon too much because I prefer shotguns, even so seeing losing over 15% of the overall dps output of my tiberon build makes me sad. I currently hold 74 rivens. Majority of these rivens have actually been bought with plat. My style is to get a riven, check the weapon the riven is for and then roll it some times to get something. If I like the weapon I most likely sell my own riven (because I don't want to roll 40+ times to get a really good one) and buy better rolled riven for the same weapon. I never get any "profit" from this, the riven I sell is always much cheaper than the one I replace it with, and this is actually the reason why it pisses me off when a riven gets changed to something that can be over 15% worse than it was before. If riven rolling was a lot cheaper to do than it is today (3,5k per roll for 10+ rolls) this would be a non-issue, or if one could lock riven stats and then roll the remaining stats with increased amount of kuva (ie. lock one stat, pay twice as much for the next roll, lock two stats and pay 3x as much for the next roll). All in all, I recommed DE staff to check how "awesome" riven rolling is from Dimitri V2's 100 riven reroll videos. Most of the rolls dimitri gets in those videos are absolute garbage and it takes 336k kuva or so to do those 100 rolls...
  7. I noticed the same thing. My HEK riven stats are exactly the same as they were before.
  8. runx0

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

    I am also having trouble downloading the update (EU), it keeps downloading at slow speeds (200kB/s or so) and gives me the update failed error message as well. Not what I am used to with 100Mbps connection...😂
  9. runx0

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    @[DE]Megan This is NOT fixed. In fact it is more broken than it was before. I have already used Rhino prime successfully with the +300% buff, but now it doesn't work at all anymore. Also the damage bonus was NOT applied to my braton prime. I will show you screenshots: Rhino & Braton +300% buff: Ferrite armor 5900, stomp damage 1600, roar buff 100% are all normal 200% power strength values! A critical hit of ~5700 points of damage is very typical Braton prime +riven hit against flesh: EDIT: Maybe this caused it, I was too hasty to check the enemy levels.
  10. For the love of Lotus, please remove any and all ice planet tileset defense and interception from all the possible tilesets. These are awful and terribly bugged every single time they appear. I was in an interception just now, on one of the outdoors ice planet tilesets, where the enemies did not get to the interception nodes at all. Why? Because they were stuck in the starting point of the map and were waiting there doing nothing.
  11. Another complaint incoming. I just finished a LUA survival mission in public, where the enemy spawnrate was actually worse than what it is when doing solo survival missions. Not that much of a fun running around trying to find enemies just to find 1 or 2 after searching 10-15 seconds...
  12. Defense mode in arbitrations is way too long. I just exited a 25min 10 wave defense on an ice planet. Considering already too long 10min survivals would have rewarded me with two things in this same time, I have to say I will pass all the defense from now on just because of the time it takes to finish those 10 waves. Yeah and about those survivals, they should be shorter as well.
  13. runx0

    Warframe Builder

    We got a new mod, the primed charged shell for shotguns:
  14. Fun fact: Nezha was one of the first warframes I built when I started playing this game, I absolutely hated it and it had to make room for other warframes I was building at the time, because I didn't have plat or anything to get slots (+ the usual excuses). After this revisit I decided to rebuild Nezha and try it out again and I can say onle one thing: I like it, I like it a lot. So good job on this one. I also think I should mention that the first time ever I saw Revenant played and presented by Rebecca, I was very sceptical and almost outright dismissed it as mr fodder. However when Revenant was released and I started testing it I realized that the final version was actually pretty good and I started liking it immediately. With the changes we see in this patch makes me like it even more. Some of the latest work in regarding warframes has been really positive for me, with the exception of Vauban who is still a lackluster, but maybe some day even Vauban becomes interesting(?).
  15. runx0

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Feedback incoming: Now danse macabre energy drain is way too much, not even remotely comparable to Mesa's peacemaker and guess which one is much more efficient in killing things? Lower the range and make it scale based on ability range and also limit the energy drain to the Mesa's peacemaker level.