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  1. runx0

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    My friend said he got the drop last night, but I did not get it. I was watching the stream from way before the tennolive went live and I watched it until the end. I made sure I was logged in and I have received warframe twitch drops before, so something went clearly wrong.
  2. My Poor Saryn! I don't know how this happened, but here's a screenshot of it.
  3. @[DE]Saske@[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Meganor someone, please confirm and get this fied fix as it is getting a bit old by now. This long standing bug was supposed to be fixed in a patch some months ago, but it simply is not. When going solo, doing something like a syndicate mission that is located on the tileset with ice and snow, will stop spawning enemies at some point or they spawn very rarely or they are hiding somewhere. I took a video of some minutes and cut the duration a bit to show how I spent 20 minutes trying to get 500 cryotic but in the end I could no longer be arsed with it because of this annoying issue. Here you go, have fun watching me jumping around alone:
  4. runx0

    Is Mirage's Eclipse bugged?

    I have noticed the same thing. I think some of the buffs like eclipse are additive to the weapon mods like serration, hornet strike and point blank, which could easily explain the lower than expected damage numbers. Or these buffs are completely broken and someone from DE needs to verify how they are being applied. On that note, a buff of 500% should be 6x more damage, not 5x (100% more damage is double the damage).
  5. @[DE]Saske As the topic suggests, kuva guardians have had this tendency of keep coming at you after being hit by the operator void dash, at least worth of one or two actions. They also might not get staggered at all by the hit. I made 3 videos of this happening: 1. In this one the kuva guardian just keeps coming at me after being hit by my dash, doesn't take a swing at me though: 2. Here the guardian makes a dash and then swings at my friend after I did the void dash on it: 3. Finally I dash two of the guardians, in return both of them dash at me but didn't actually take a swing at me:
  6. @[DE]Pablo I think this iteration of Saryn (or the spores) is actually quite decent. I played some ESO (solo) and also some normal missions with Saryn and I think I am liking what I am seeing. No longer will one be able to just spore an enemy and go hide in some corner, but keeping up the spores actually takes some effort. This is really good, because playing warframe actively is much more interesting than waiting passively something to happen. The spread of the spores is much better now, which was not really the case before this patch. I checked the damage ramp-up in simulacrum, because it would be difficult to see during the normal gameplay and I can see the nerf there easily, but it is not bad at all considering I am testing against Lv.155 corrupted heavy gunners. While playing ESO it was still killing enemies to the last wave (8) good as long as I was keeping the spores up after enemies died to it. I also did some normal start chart missions (syndicates, alerts, etc) with Saryn and it was fine, I could easily see the spread being better and while the damage ramp-up was slower than before, the low level enemies still got killed quite fast, faster than I could shoot them down with my shotgun in most cases, especially if the enemies were behind geometry or just otherwise scattered a lot. For the first time ever when I am playing Saryn, I feel I am being active thanks to the change of spores not spreading on their own. Thanks for these changes, they were much needed.
  7. runx0

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    This has probably been mentioned before (I haven't read the whole thread) but I will mention this anyway. I've been playing a bit with melee lately and I have noticed that your melee swings can actually be blocked by other enemies. If there are two enemies so that one is behind the other and you swing at the enemies, the one that is behind the other enemy does not get hit for whatever reason. By all means, if my great sword cleaves enemy in half and there is an enemy behind the splitted personality, that enemy should definitely get hit too. Melee weapons should have similar punch through as ignis has for example. It goes through enemies, but not through walls.
  8. @[DE]Saske This is still happening. I managed to somehow fix it by swapping to my primary and secondary weapons and reloading them both, after few swaps I could throw the disc again but it was a pain to swap out of the zenistar as it basically took 2 minutes of trying to do that.
  9. As mentioned before, stealth is almost completely broken now:
  10. runx0

    Update 22.20 and broken stealth

    @[DE]Saske As the topic suggests, the latest update broke the stealth almost completely. It is very difficult if not impossible to keep the stealth multiplier going because enemies can and will detect you all the time even when they have been put to sleep. I made a video where this clearly shows and also one can notice how the grineer are actually noticing player while they are on the sleep and start yelling. I did the test with my strun wraith and silent battery, but it is exactly the same with melee weapons.
  11. @[DE]Pablo @[DE]Saske Saryn's spores are still broken. I am not exactly sure what triggers this, but it makes spores unusable as the game thinks they are active somehow. As you can see in the image, the damage counter is up there but no enemies are affected, also the small ability indicator is active.
  12. runx0

    Melee: Present and Future goals!

    Please, make it go away. It would also be much more interesting if the melee range did not exceed 20 meters like it does with some builds as this is completely absurd.
  13. Ok I just spent an hour or so playing around with Khora and I have to say that the changes are pretty decent so far. Some opinions: #1 The whip: Nice damage output and range, but seems to still miss obvious shots sometimes #2 Entanglement: For some reason it still feels very inconsistent on grabbing the enemies #3 Venari: Very good changes here, but I also feel that Venari is a bit lazy sometimes. Can you increase the ferociousness of Venari and make her attack/use abilities with less delay? It's like there is sometimes some delay when the cat is just taking a posture and not doing anything for some seconds. #4 Strangledome: I am not sure about this ability, it feels a bit out of place. It does grab enemies and even deals some damage to them, but I don't know in the end. If it has to stay like this, I suppose it could use some more range and maybe even damage.
  14. runx0

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #205!

    @[DE]Rebecca I absolutely and completely loved the reaction for "never seen before thing in warframe". is that.... inappropriate? did someone propose, is this love? what is it, what am I looking at? And then the realization finally came. Absolutely beautiful, keep up the good work
  15. runx0

    Ongoing Sanctuary Onslaught Recalibration

    These changes are exactly what I was hoping for and what I also told my friends / clanmates as what I would like to see. For this, I shall reward you with: +1000 respect points! Thank you for doing this change.