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  1. Please just STOP with the hiding of all of the info at first glance, forcing you to hover over tooltips and - even worse - press tab whilst hovering just to flip through a few pages in a tiny box. I want all the numbers and info straight up front without having to faff about clicking and hovering and so forth. That new end of mission screen doesn't show AMOUNTS of things like creds, endo etc on the face of it. Having that information hidden away annoys the absolute ever living eff out of me and it's the reason I absolutely despise the new UI schema. Sure it looks nice and all but its useful information display aspects are beyond ATROCIOUS. tl;dr stop hiding all of the info behind tooltips!
  2. If someone is aboard an extra Crewship and the mission completes, that person's UI freezes up and if the squad tries to return to Dry Dock they are stuck in endless warp tunnel. Host has to force a host migration to fix it.
  3. Since the hotfix dropped my UI has been very badly behaved. Sometimes Right-clicking a mod won't unequip it, sometimes clicking on escape menu options does literally nothing except take me out of the menu.
  4. And on the Grineer Ship tileset, the targeting issues I was having on the Earth tileset are mostly gone...
  5. Inferno's enemy targeting is extremely weird. Running Tikal just now it seemed like a couple of blades of grass was enough for the mob to be considered Not In LOS. Also it wouldn't work if the mob was on a branch above me even though I could clearly see all but it's feet in my targeting reticle. Cast animation, but no meteors.
  6. Any chance that the additional appearence tabs can be obtainable on the operator?
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