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  1. Does this work on things like the rare Jupiter Secret Lab variant Amalgam mod drops (Odomedic etc)? What about in conjunction with Ivara's Prowl or is it off dead corpses/Nekros/Khora etc?
  2. I have some concerns regaring paying for additional config/appearence slots. Is it on a per-weapon and per-frame basis? What happens if you sell the weapon or frame? What about if you are to later re-build said weapon or frame? I'd rather have a larger plat cost to unlock Config D for all primaries, or Appearence D for all frames (for example) than to have to pay less but then have to pay again and again and again to unlock it for each individual one. Will operators get extra config slots?
  3. I've seen this pop up occasionally to other people but this is the first time it's happened to me. Running a capture fissure with a clan mate, as we get to extraciton we get the countdown timer to pick the relic reward but there's no rewards to pick. It reaches 0. Network error. Then the error goes away, the rewards appear, we select what we want... then nothing. Enemies shoot at our frames playing their idle animations, but frames have the invulnerability that the end of mission gives you so nothing happens. No further countdown timer. Nothing at all we can do except abort and waste our time. Edit: To add insult to injury, I abort the mission (I am host) given we cannot do anything further, only to find I was taxed the relic but got absolutely nothing for it.
  4. I'm still digesting the changes for both Ember and Vauban from the devstream, but I do have one immediate concern. The penalty Ember suffers from if her heat gauge fills up is way too severe. Losing ALL of her energy? That's much too punishing. How about something else instead? Like perhaps she loses half the DR she's supposed gain with 2 running for 10 seconds? Maybe it disables her 2 for 5 seconds instead? Or maybe she takes a damage hit for her 1+4 for the next 10 seconds? Something along these lines that's an incovenience but not a gigantic nerf.
  5. Using a sleep arrow on a Sawgaw in the Orb Vallis is still utterly broken. The Sawgaw falls through the mushroom hitboxes and that's that. Lost pheromone, lost capture. If you're extremely lucky a small part of the hitbox might be poking out and you can hop in an archwing and catch it, but sometimes you don't even get that. This has been an issue since Sawgaws were added to Orb Vallis. When is this going to be fixed? I check back every time there's a Nightwave to conserve Vallis creatures in case this bug has been fixed, but as I've just found out yet again - it isn't. This is so tiresome.
  6. The relic rewards are mostly terrible. Sedna should give Axi at the very least.
  7. My orbiter's lighting is whack right now. It's too bright, though when I go into the menu to change the colours and hover over a pallette, the lighting dims back down to what it ought to be. But once i close the menu the lighting slowly creeps back up to too-bright.
  8. Ash and Trinity have been vaulted and their parts unobtainable for longer than either Saryn or Valkyr...
  9. Aw, the Samadhi Wukong skin looks more boring now 😞
  10. OK so testing it out you are awarded 1 nakak Pearl on a kill. The kill-stealing is absolutely insane so I think I'm going to be running this one solo.
  11. How about adding an incentive to be active during a match by awarding bonus pearls when you compete in the highest level version? Say a number equal to whatever the score difference was at the final whistle. Your team gets 105 kills but also suffers 5 deaths so everyone gets 100 bonus pearls at the end.
  12. I'm a little concerned at the costs of everything at Nakak. I know DE talked about dedicated players but grinding the same 1 misison for 10 HOURS in this 10 day window to get 1 of everything is too much. I repeat again 10 HOURS of the same top level water fight. That's no longer fun and silly, that's in straight up burnout territory where you log off for several weeks afterwards.
  13. Me and my squad were watching on Twitch the whole time and none of us got the drop. We always get the Twitch drops from Prime Time and Dev Streams, and we got the Tennocon drops just fine too.
  14. Clanmates are not getting the Recovered nightwave challenges from weeks they missed. It may be linked to the account not haviung logged in at all that week - which I hope is some sort of account flag oversight...
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