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  1. So to kill a Lich/Sister you still have to manually get it to spawn enough times to get the correct sequence on it, but then you now have the Railjack Finale as an EXTRA step? I thought the point of the Railjack finale was that you could force the encounter sooner (without having to rely on a low drop chance random beacon)! The biggest problem for me was always getting the lich to show up enough times to put the murmur-revealed words to the test. Not farming the murmurs in the first place. This does nothing to address that.
  2. With more and more stuff being added to Arbitrations, can we have an actual choice of Arbitration mission? Like have 3 different missions up at once. You can only complete one of them (the other 2 lock out until the hourly refresh) but it would at least give us some choice...
  3. Zendadaist

    Affinity Bug

    Yep, this is STILL ongoing. Took my level 27 Bonewidow into Obol Crosssing for 15 waves and the End Of Mission screen said it'd reached level 32. Back to my Orbiter and it's sitting at 29. I hadn't done one of these in a while because I was sick of my Necramech not actually getting the affinity. Oh well, back to waiting.
  4. Whatever you did with the aspect ratio changes this patch, the Aspect Ratio Auto setting now gives me extremely stretched and unusable graphics. I'm using 2x standard 2560x1440 monitors and only have WF on one of them, so I don't understand why this is even affected! Everything was fine until this patch. Taking Aspect Ratio off Auto and manually setting it to 16:9 has fixed the issue but there's something not right here if it's breaking previously-working settings on a fairly standard sort of monitor setup.
  5. Does this fix the Disruption crash issue that the mainline brought?
  6. Yep, same happened to my squad right after the update. Lost a nice Axi G6 too ;(
  7. Squad of 3 of us were hitting up Apollo on Lua to farm the new Axi relics for Gara Prime. The Sentient Influx condition had just triggered from a conduit (in round 3 or something like that) at the same time as the warning flickers for an assassination squad. Then all of our clients seized up for a few seconds before all crashing. We'd managed to score an Axi G6 too. Gone :(
  8. This also happens after fixed-length Interception missions, such as the recent Anniversary Alerts.
  9. Erm, the Drop Table page hasn't been updated with the Nautilus drop changes from this patch. Or anything since April 27th, come to that.
  10. Two issues: 1. Friends lists suddenly broke. I'm standing in a relay next to half my clan and all our FLists say there is no one online. This makes teaming up rather annoying. 2. Gloom nerf in high mob density areas is absolutely out of whack.
  11. There's 3 major things I don't like about Void Storm missions: 1. After the mission is completed, everyone is back aboard the Railjack, rewards are recieved and enemies have despawned - why does the void lightning strike continue to damage me in the Navigation menu as I set up the next mission, refine relic etc, chase my team mates and down my NPC Crew? This seems pointlessly mean. 2. Corrupted mobs and dropping reactant in Volatile missions is very meagre indeed. We got stuck at 9 reactant in a Neo Storm because hardly any mobs spawned and of those only a tiny fraction corrupted and dropped trace. Huge waste of time. Why don't mobs in PoIs and Secondary objectives have a chance of dropping retactant? It means we have to sit and farm ramsleds before going inside and that's tedious. Will be sticking to the Exterminates for now. 3. The visual noise is off the charts, even by Ludicrous particle setting standards. The giant void storm blast thigns that fill half my ship and instantly down my NPC crew hurt my eyes so much I have to turn away. And yes I normally play on Ludicrous without issue. Even the lesser green void wisp effects that show you're being targetted by a Void bolt are incredibly obtrusive when added on top of everything else.
  12. If I or any of my clanmates forms a clan/friends/invite squad (i.e. not Public matchmaking) then plays a defence mission (normal Starchart, Steel Path Starchart or Corpus Railjack), when the whole squad extracts at the same time and we return to our orbiters we find that our squad has been dissolved, so we have to send around new team invites. This doesn't seem to be happening in any other mission type, solely in Defence. I've not seen much about this annoyance which started with update 29.10, and it's certainly not been fixed yet as of last night!
  13. Bumping this because the KDrive kills daily came back around and there is still the issue of the weapon being instantly reholstered, erratic aiming, Aim toggle not working, lack of reticle. I didn't even bother trying the nukor this time and went straight to the rattleguts.
  14. In aid of the Nightwave Daily, I took my levelling Octavia Prime out on one of my forma'd up KDrives into the Cambion Drift alone (Friends-only mode) to get my 20 kills. I encountered several issues: 1. My mouse-bind for swapping weapons does not work properly when on a KDrive. It brings out my Secondary weapon for a fraction of a second before automatically re-holstering it. I use my mouse keybinds to swap weapons all of the time in regular game play with no issues. I had to look up what the keyboard version of the keybind was set to, and use that in order for the Secondary weapon to remain out. 2. My Secondary weapon was initially the Kuva Nukor but the end of the beam seemed to have got "stuck" at the point where I boarded the KDrive not far outside of Necralisk. No matter where in the Cambion Drift I went or what I pointed it at, the beam would wrap around and go to the spot in the ground where I climbed on, ignoring where I was aiming and the presence of mobs. In the end I had to go into Necralisk and swap to a different Secondary (a Rattleguts). 3. Even using the Keyboard weapon swap keybind and changing to the Rattleguts, the weapon was erratic in its aiming behaviour. I have Aim as a toggle in the rest of the game without issue, but the KDrive does not respect this setting and I have to hold down my Aim button to maintain the Zoom. 4. There is no reticle of any kind when on the KDrive and with a Secondary weapon firing. I'm not sure if this is actually a bug or an intended feature. It's extremely annoying though, so I hope it's just another bug. I hope these can be looked into sooner rather than later.
  15. So this has been going on for several weeks now and it's become extremely tedious. Valac, Crossfire node on Europa, is advertised as a Neo Crossfire Fissure. Once you actually zone in it turns out to be a spy mission. Or at least it does whenever I have tried to run it (either on my own or with clanmates). Happened again just now. Sick of it. If you want it to be a Spy then please list it as a Spy. If it's meant to be a Crossfire then please uncross the wires.
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