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  1. Zephyr Prime or Khora

    The wording employed by the Dev team in the Dev Stream indicated that work on converting Khora had stopped while focus was on the other frame changes. They've also stopped teasing Khora info and images. No idea how far they got before hitting the pause button. Said Dev expressed an interest in further rounds of warframe balances and power tweaking in the near future so who knows where finishing Khora up will fit into all of that.
  2. Devstream Overview 106

    It wasn't clear to me in the stream but what is going to happen to our current Dark Sector missions? Are they all going to be taken away and replaced with the new one? I sincerely hope we aren't going to lose those. Some of my favourite nodes to play are DS.
  3. Lootboxes would help...

    Absolutely not. I would quit and uninstall without hesitation should WF go down that path. Far too many of the games I've loved over the last few years have done it, and have ruined the feel fo the game as a result. Already the Mod packs and Rivens are borderline, thankfully they are easily ignorable.
  4. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited Part 2

    Not sure I fully get what Resonating Quake is for any more then, if it only does one tick to an enemy. You get a longer stagger from silence.
  5. Thanks For Watching Prime Time #195!

    Wait, the unvault relics are going to be locked to bounty rewards? Oh my god that's terrible. How many day cycles (i.e. hours) for the reward rotations to make availble the relics we want to farm? And limited to only the Plains Bounties compared to being able to run any one of a ton of different nodes at any time we like as the current relic farming options give us? This is going to make Plague Star feel positively groundbreaking and original. DE, please rethink limiting these to just the Plains! Why not have them replace the current relics in the Void mission nodes or something?
  6. New player here! Worried about endgame

    Well, as someone that has played a lot of MMOs as well as Warframe, it sounds to me as though what you're looking for is a more traditional MMO-style endgame than Warframe offers. WF has a ton of progression but much of it is horizontal as well as vertical and it's predominantly based on collecting and grind. As others have pointed out, Trials are basically Raids but there isn't anything like a "raiding scene" in WF. It's a power fantasy horde shooter, not a survival sim. Challenge is about what you want to pit yourself against and what loadouts you take - bringing sub optimal gear to a hard mission will give you a challenge if you so choose. (WF suits me just fine because I'm pretty much over the classic MMO endgame raiding scene phase of my life. )
  7. The new "quality of life": on bullet jumping

    This has been driving me up the wall. Or rather, this is -stopping- me jumping up the wall as I do some stupid little bunny hop instead of the nice bullet jump :p Using Mouse + kb on PC with toggle sprint, with crouch assigned to a key on my mouse.
  8. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    The slow tedious marking business is my issue with it now. Sure it's nice to be able to opt out if you want to get other stuff done but stopping to jiggle the mouse around as if you're having a seizure just to get 3 marks on each mob in the time it'd take you to just shoot the mobs to death is pretty useless.
  9. Glitched into new cave for upcoming plains event.

    Looks like one of the caves that Plague Star would sometimes cycle through.
  10. Veteran players, what keeps you playing?

    Playing with my friends and helping them to get hold of stuff, especially when something new pops up. But my attention wanders a fair bit and I will sometimes not log in for days because I'm playing something else or I'm too busy socially.
  11. The levels of the mobs displayed should reflect the levels of the mobs in the mission. I did the alert for some newer guildies and the moment they fell out of my Amesha bubble they were toast. The mobs were around level 30ish, not 12-17, and it would be helpful for newer folks to be given this information so they can plan accordingly.
  12. Do sentinels feel worse than kubrows/kavats?

    Feel worse? Good lord no. Every so often I'll pull a dog out of the freezer for a laugh and the lack of vacuum is so painful it's like pulling teeth. I have to spend so much more of my time micro-managing ammo, loot drops, energy orbs etc. Going back to a sentinel afterwards feels like such a freeing release. Vacuum alone means the only time I willing run without a sentinel is when I want a Smeeta on the off chance it'll grant me the loot buff for mining rare gems or farming void trace, or my Adarza for Eidolons. But even leaving vacuum aside, my sentinels are a utility wonder. They look after my frame with shields and health, bring radars, autoscans or eases ammo hunger issues or cloaks me in a pinch depending on which I bring, keep 100% uptime on CO or Growing Power, and when properly modded get to be pretty tanky. They don't charge off on their own, get stuck on doors, sit in Nox puddles and require all that faffery with stasis and stabilizers. Sure a fully modded Helminth or something can probably OD the sentinel but compared to my own personal DPS it's an absolute drop in the ocean (I run Artax anyway for the utility). Yeah the animals look cooler and provide entertainment value outside of combat, but I'll take the usefulness of a vacuum'd sentinel thanks.
  13. Bullet jumping bugged in 22.10.0

    Yup, noticed this after the update last night. Initially thought I was just having an off night with my parkour (I was One Punching my way through Lua farming sentients for mythical War parts so I wasn't bullet jumping that much anyway). Then I saw someone else mentioning it. Then someone else...
  14. Music in orbiter

    I can't get the Somachord to play for visitors to my orbiter either. Quite a shame.
  15. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.8.3

    You completed Chains of Harrow? That's a pre-requisite for the orb.