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  1. Mirage prime Trailer looks fun

    I like it. But where's Hydroid's?
  2. Anti-aliasing broken by update?

    So after the Mirage Prime update, it seems that the Anti-aliasing options in the game client are not working correctly. In the screenshot below, compare the clarity of the text in the nav and conclave panels, with the news panel just slightly further away. Switching between various different AAA options doesn't help at all, and in fact on the highest, it makes certain textures very flickery (such as the corpus ship visible out of the window). I notice the patch note about -fixing- this if Dynamic Resolution is off. Well, toggling that doesn't make a difference at all either. It's hard to read and bothers me intensely because it wasn't like this before the patch. If it helps I'm using the latest nvidia drivers with a GTX570 on win7 64bit.
  3. Plains of Eidolon: Mirage Prime 22.7.0

    Is it just me or is anti-aliasing not working? In my orbiter, standing at my nav panel, the text panels more than a metre or two away are now blocky fuzzy eye-pain. They weren't like this before the patch! Did the "fix" break the in-game anti-aliasing settings? Edit: I've tried enabling/disabling AA in the game client and it doesn't seem to alter anything.
  4. Why do YOU complete Sorties?

    For the pineapples. I reason it thus: if I want the pineapple then I won't be disappointed. If I get something else then it's a pleasant occasional surprise! If it's a Riven it's probably for a weapon I don't like using, and if it is for something I enjoy I won't get a good roll.
  5. Loot boxes and why I would be ok with them...

    I'm with the "I'd rather quit than play with lootboxes" brigade. I've watched too many of my favourite games degenerate in the last few years thanks to lockboxes and the total shift in game design and play that they bring. See Rift now versus Rift before Storm Legion. See Secret World: Legends versus The Secret World before mystery crates. See Star Trek Online at the start before lootboxes clogged the drop tables. See Champions Online, mimicing it's sister game Star Trek Online. The mod packs are dubious enough. Relics are an in-game RNG mechanic that don't require any real money or plat. Ditto Rivens. (I have my own grumbles there but they're not gambling-with-money systems.)
  6. It's the 12th now. Where's Mirage prime?

    This happens every single time there's a new release. Without fail. I guess it's a tradition now.
  7. Tennobaum gifting center

    The Brakk Barrel is a lie. A myth. I've resigned myself to never seeing one...
  8. So anyone got the syndana yet?

    Capes arriving now!
  9. Why bother with breakable sections? If a section breaks you need to recast the whole thing because the mobs will go through the newly made gap. I was expecting it to get tweaked to do thngs like not trap the operative in sortie defense. I was not expecting it to require building Gara for Str and Armour which no one in their right mind focuses on once they have max % on her 2, and the have BOTH a duration and an HP limitation. Her 3 is still rubbish by the way.
  10. ARCHWING: Too much drifting

    Yes the momentum is a total mess, both in archwing and in skywing. This is doubly so if you, like me, use toggle sprint. Skywing just breaks down at that point. It's all very very annoying - especially if I want to use non-Itzal wings because then I can't even press 2 for a brake!
  11. Cryptographic Alu Drops

    Did a few AW farm runs last night and got between 5 and 11 per Salacia. No relevant boosters running. Seems about average?
  12. Solo'ing teralyst (without chroma/trinity)

    Oberon P or Gara and Health plates are fine too for the capture. Just keep up Oberon's 3 or Gara's 2 on the Lures and make extensive use of operator void mode during big attacks. It's more about clearing out grineer mortar bombards/turrets and getting the voms down quickly to prevent re-shielding. Personally I go for a very hard hitting radiation secondary (Euphona P in my case) for limbs and then a sniper (Vectis P or Vulkar Wraith) for headshot combo for the final phase. Corrosive Projection is your friend. I also have a tanky Adarza that only occasionally stands underneath during a stomp. Chew down all 4 limbs to nearly nothing in the very first phase to save having to do that when it ramps up the mechanics later. Shwaak prism amp > the others.
  13. Coming Soon: Devstream #102 Sound Showcase!

    The forgotten Riven Cephalon - were the voice lines ever done for it? Or is it still in the pipeline?
  14. Remove the Fog from Tiles

    It's the fact it's suddenly appeared in Void missions that's annoying me. Why on earth is it needed in those?!?
  15. Please backtrack lens drop rate nerf

    After the first adjustment of naramon lens drop rate for Plague Star bounties, I didn't get a single one (not ONE) until yesterday. I did massively expand my collection of Augur Message, Neo H1 and endo/kuva however. A clannie I've run a lot of them with is new and desperately needs lenses - especially Naramon. After that initial adjustment he's had NONE. So now I read it's been nerfed again and I'm wondering just how many hundreds of plague bounties a day people are running to -still- be drowning in them...