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  1. IMO they are both very well worth investing into. I have kept and use both, for different tasks and situations. I don't even have Rivens for them. The investments into the VHek as detailed above (Primed mods) make it excellent for assassinations that I'm not bothering to be stealthy with. I have my regular Hek set up more for room clearence and up until very recently it was my most used primary.
  2. A slider would be nice, though I do much prefer the smaller nod to the original proportions instead of the massively over inflated overlay we got a while back.
  3. It's in the same pile as the Nyx Assimilate 'fix'. Not intended behaviour that actually allowed those things to shine, before being fixed and as a result, nerfed back into a waste of time.
  4. He's my go-to for Sentient killing. His 1 is great fun, especially if you don't sacrifice power range because AoE punching is the best. I'll us his 4 and 2 situaitonally, normally if I need to pick up a teammate, or if the objective needs extra defences. Otherwise, it's 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 extraction :p
  5. Yep, I have a ship's puppy I keep running about when I'm not planning to make use of my Smeeta or Huras for a while. The chubby lil derp tends to pop up randomly and bark at my syndicate console when I'm just lazing around Navigation. It amuses me.
  6. UI fix? Assimilate un-nerf?
  7. Happened to me too. Invading hit squad autofailed the undetected condition on my unveiling. it's annoying but it's just RNG. In my case I got a shield osprey spectre out of the encounter so it wasn't a total loss :p
  8. The Warding Halo augment Safeguard makes Nezha a much better babysitter. That and the only frame I am missing is a Rhino Prime, so a regular Rhino doesn't appeal to me. If I need pure survivability I take my tank-spec Inaros. If I need the support I take my Nezha; anything you can Stomp CC, I can Spears CC.
  9. Does the Boltace still have to be in full melee mode to trigger Stormpath or can it trigger with quick melee? If the former then it's back to the display case it goes. If its the latter then I will still have a use for it.
  10. The trouble is that currently, some UI elements are the old size whilst the rest are the new one. If this is fixed as a new default, then downscaling the newly upscaled parts is going to also end up downscaling the unaffected parts too!
  11. Obligatory Nyx Assimilate un-changing question.
  12. I got invaded by Suda during the Octavia Anthem's quest... while helping Suda. Thought it was funny more than anything else and kind of fitting to her "malfunctions".
  13. Have stopped using Assimilate in any team situation. Even teammates trying their best NOT to troll your bubble will end up trolling your bubble.
  14. When in doubt, Atlas. He's my go-to for Sentient killing when I know I'm going to go up against some. Load up a good impact + elemental damage buffed melee and spam 1. Collect loot. Failing that, take a potato'd shotgun and a hard hitting secondary. Spec them up with completely different damage types. Failing even that, space brat hand beam will reset their resistances. Also stand directly under the discoball, if you can't get around a corner.
  15. If you mean the simon says music memory puzzle, the chassis spawns above the puzzle. It does not spawn in the container that awards 1k creds (and once, just once, Forma). As I understand it, the chassis is 100% spawn. A quick bullet jump up is all you need - and if you're playing on the crossfire for the Caches for the systems, there can sometimes be caches on that level near the walls too.