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  1. Enemy toughness seems really inconsistent. Junction spectres die with a sneeze. Steel Path Vay Hek was just a T E D I O U S bullet sponge. The drop chance boosters are nice. The 1000 creds or a lith relic from finishing a mission with level 150 mobs is pretty meh.
  2. Panthera Prime! I like Inaros but his kit needs a kick, which would have been better to come with a delayed prime. Nezha was in a better place for his prime honestly.
  3. Sony makes me think of their Sony Online Entertainment division which turned into Daybreak Games, which then trashed many of their long running and well selling MMOs, leaving the IPs for dead *cough*everquestfranchise*cough*. The nickname wasn't TheyBreak Games for nothing. All in all I'm none too keen.
  4. Blah. The time limit was the bit I hated and wanted removed, because I wanted to listen to the lore and the story to get a feel for who/what it is. It's the bit that spoils what is otherwise an interesting investigative aspect to the nightwave.
  5. Or at the very least increase it somewhat. I was trying to listen to the glassmaker and as I landed on the very last platform after answering the very last question the timer hit 0 and it dissolved out from under me, throwing me out. I got punished for wanting to hear the lore instead of just blitzing through it at speed. Given the focus of the initial investigatory phase I thought this questions phase would be similar in style. Feeling extremely baited and switched here.
  6. Elevator music for the Technical Issues please. Also for the actual in-game elevators. 😛
  7. Relic sorting is still busted. Order by Name seems to be Order By Randomly Different Order Each Time.
  8. So this reads as a buff to the first half of the starchart, then at best, an irrelevance to everything everywhere else. It's a nerf to powers which were previously able to do noticeable amounts of healing on static targets. I get trying to balance things and reduce inconsistency, but it seems as though you put the balance point somewhere around Ceres. Beyond that, the occasional stray bullet from a random mob will out-damage all of this healing, making it a waste of effort. Will defense targets get shield gating?
  9. All of my older moas now have the new chunky legs and actually, I'm not at all happy that I didn't get a choice on whether to keep the old ones or not. My sleek moa now looks distinctly un-sleek.
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