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  1. In aid of the Nightwave Daily, I took my levelling Octavia Prime out on one of my forma'd up KDrives into the Cambion Drift alone (Friends-only mode) to get my 20 kills. I encountered several issues: 1. My mouse-bind for swapping weapons does not work properly when on a KDrive. It brings out my Secondary weapon for a fraction of a second before automatically re-holstering it. I use my mouse keybinds to swap weapons all of the time in regular game play with no issues. I had to look up what the keyboard version of the keybind was set to, and use that in order for the Secondary weapon
  2. I don't suppose there's a Mandachord-possible rendition of the Octavia Prime trailer theme?
  3. We are getting that song from the Octavia Prime trailer in game, yes? Yes?
  4. Only 24hrs to claim is terrible. I can see that forever claims might get unwieldy for people who are very active across many channels, but Twitch should make it a week at least.
  5. Run a quick mission when you log in. That seems to be the trigger for the in-game mail once you've claimed the drop from Twitch. OK I only have 2 data points so far but that's how it's worked for me and my clanmates for both days thusfar.
  6. Not keen on having to open up chat and interact with anything in that panel in order to manually claim the drop. I suppose I would like being able to see the drops progress so that we can have an idea of whether it's working, at least.
  7. Please, please make the Neon Wings an actual wearable ephemera, not just a ship decoration. I am much more keen on those than I am the regular wing ephemera.
  8. Hah, upon running a mission and then extracting, it belatedly awarded the points.
  9. Mine registered but gave me 0 points (I checked my Before and After totals).
  10. As we reach the final few days, I have only one thing to add and that's my voice to the chorus of those who largely enjoyed it apart from one major rage-inducing frustration:- Rent-a-mechs being everywhere, simple transference being all you need to end up stuck in one, and the assembly animation for the voidring being so long I might as well go make a cup of tea and tell my squad to manage the next Orphix without me. Nothing, literally nothing, has caused as much annoyance, frustrated swearing and general irritation to my clan in our many runs as accidentally getting dragged into
  11. Full squad doing the level 2 bounty in the Orb Vallis had stage 2 as Seek and Destroy Corpus Drones. We get to the yellow marked area as normal, it turns red as normal, a few mobs spawn in, we kill them. Then... well nothing much. Occasionally a few more spawn in but otherwise that's it. We eventually fail because in the whole time allotted to us with all 4 of us scouring the whole area we managed to find and kill half the numbers we needed. It's sometimes been a bit close in order to keep the bonus in the past, but I've never had it fail because not enough spawned.
  12. Since yesterday's hotfix, sometimes when I open up my Foundry a few of the icons will be randomly squashed vertically (not horizontally like the Lens images when you are awarded them as a Bounty reward).
  13. Yep this is happening to me to. In the Arsenal the correct skin shows. In mission the default skin shows.
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