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  1. Nekros Shadows are back to spawning friendly units that don't decay/despawn meaning you can't complete a defense wave until the Host leaves. In this case it was Mine Osprey summoned by something in the new Io. I lost an awful lot of Hexenon as the Nekros/Host that had to leave to save the the other player 😠 Nekros Irkalla skin is stuck with default emissive colour.
  2. Oooh, Primed Pack Leader coming in the hopefully near future! But... how am I going to fit it on my animals who are already fully forma'd up and don't have any wiggle room?
  3. Some 60 80 90 kills to get 1 Motor (I'm ignoring the Mask, as far as I'm concerned it doesn't exist). These drop rates are terrible. EDIT: Through the TA alone. Wolf visits throughout Nightwave Seasons 1 has been many times more than that.
  4. Yup, this bug is back. Has ruined two missions this evening for me too.
  5. Prime Time is the perfect opportunity for DE to experience first hand the changes they make to the game. I've seen fixes come about as a result of Prime Time-encountered issues, so maybe this will help?
  6. I honestly thought this next unvault would be Loki + Ash, especially as Volt relics are in Baro's rotations. No love for Ash P 😞
  7. Tusk Thumper Doma now drops Spring-Loaded Blade and Kinetic Diversion instead of Target Acquired and Stinging Thorn. I have been waiting for this! Finally!
  8. I was very concerned about the issue regarding Itzal being everyone's preferred mode of transport across the open world maps. It was suggested that the solution isn't to bring other transport up to speed and convenience, but instead to nerf the Itzal. That's an absolutely terrible way of resolving this! I note that this was not mentioned in the Devstream Overview above...
  9. What about the missing Christmas decorations? The front of my Orbiter feels so desolate and quiet without them... *hopeful look*
  10. Where did my carefully preserved orbiter XMas decorations go?!
  11. I forgot to add to my post earlier in the thread:- 3) Can my unbuilt Zaw Arcane BPs be converted into built ones please? That's the only thing I'd really request.
  12. Having farmed and grinded to build the full set of operator cosmetics, all of the operator and amp arcanes, and about half of the zaw arcanes, I have 2 comments to make:- 1) I'm glad others after me won't have to go through all of that! 2) Can we get an Operator TShirt that says "I survived the old Wisp/Gem/Breath/Fish grind and all I got was this lousy TShirt!" please?
  13. Excellent! One of the most jarring changes was when Loki's 4 was patched to no longer be castable in air. I used to (irradiating) disarm mid-bullet jump and that change totally messed me about for a while. Glad I'll be able to do it once more.
  14. I'm wondering about the extraction things too: if, say, 3 folks are at extraction when the timer hits 0, will the 4th be given an option to join them leaving? We've often used forced extraction to help rescue someone who is very badly lost, or stuck in geometry, or got downed at the other end of the map, or who's had a gfx error so severe they cannot see what they are doing. If they can't then choose to join extraction from where they are, we can no longer help rescue them. tl;dr can we get an option to extract with the rest of the team if they're at extraciton as timer hits 0?
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