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  1. Prime Trailers: Did some not exist?

    Still waiting for a Ballas-voiced Hydroid Prime trailer... :(
  2. "Eyes of Cerulean" guy - STFU!!!

    "DISPLAY YOUR LOVE..." x34629483276 Oh my god stop cosplaying that Queen from Rift's Prophecy of Ahnket zone Xarth Mire already. I heard it to absolute death over there and I'm hearing it to death in Cetus at Konzu >.<
  3. Limited Time: Day of The Dead on All Platforms!

    The weird too-high positioning of the Igaro Day of the Dead Syandana with PoE has messed up a bunch of my appearences. The regular Igaro still sits as it should so what's up with the DOTD one being suddenly wonky? I've been using it since last Halloween.
  4. I'm getting to like the new naramon

    I use Naramon for focus farming with melee Warcry Valk. The increased affinity gain + combo counter slow decay is really handy. Actually the combo counter decay thing is easily my favourite part because I can keep most of my combo multiplier across def waves and even through the 5 round pauses with only Drifting Contact. This makes actually going full combo melee more viable for other mission types than Survival. Got a Vazarin for Bless Trin if helping the undergeared (used once since PoE), but otherwise it's 90% Zenurik, 10% Naramon and what even is Unairu/Madurai.
  5. Archwing in Plains of Elodion is horrible

    The janky inconsistent controls + momentum around toggling sprint are a real pain. That and being knocked out of archwing if anything so much as sneezes at you. It should knock you out of archwing if your wing hits 0 HP, not before. Also sad that arch melee at the least can't be used. And how come there's a Grineer ground troop with a Grattler when we're not allowed ours? Razorwing is a way better archwing style combat experience, but is glacially slow compared to Itzal.
  6. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.5

    Equipping the basic gem mining tool then switching back to weapons removes your targeting reticle :/
  7. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.4

    Looting Sentient cores as the Operator doesn't actually give you the cores. It just removes them from the playfield and no one else can get them either. You get the audio cue that you've picked one up and it vanishes, but no message at the bottom of the screen and does not appear in mission screen, nor does it arrive in your inventory once you've gone back to Cetus.
  8. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.2

    Well, 100K people all trying to log back in and patch at once on a friday evening counts as a pretty effective, if unintentional, DDoS :p
  9. Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.2

    OCells for Gara is better than Kuva, but still stops new players until Ceres...
  10. This is why we can't have nice things. I know people are disappointed about the time its taking to release but tearing into a couple of streamers over it, focusing all your frustrations at them as if they personally were to blame? Sheesh.
  11. So this has been going on for several weeks now and it's become extremely tedious. Valac, Crossfire node on Europa, is advertised as a Neo Crossfire Fissure. Once you actually zone in it turns out to be a spy mission. Or at least it does whenever I have tried to run it (either on my own or with clanmates). Happened again just now. Sick of it. If you want it to be a Spy then please list it as a Spy. If it's meant to be a Crossfire then please uncross the wires.
  12. Needs to be a radio button in the arsenal (add focus school to that too while we're at it). Divorce needing to wear the sigil once earned with standing, from the way you earn the rep. Keep the sigils for fashion and instead select which syndicate to run for with the % being determined by the best sigil you've purchased. Voilá, a lot of slow tedious menu swapping and hasssle eliminated in a big QoL upgrade. (The Focus School menu is still needed for fine tuning, such as activating or deactivating branches, spending focus etc. But for swapping school, one click in Arsenal.)
  13. How did you get into Warframe?

    Dragged in March 2016 by friends because the game I was starting to get into - Firefall - was failing. (WTB Plains of Eidolon type areas that are properly multiplayer open world to get some of that FF feeling). Had a bad first impression but was prodded into sticking with it. Here I still am, almost mr 24 (albeit taking regular breaks), having overtaken nearly all the folks in that friends group :p
  14. Keybinding Woes: Simple fixes and the larger problem

    I'll add that my pet keybinding peeve is that I swap around middle and right mouse buttons for my muscle memory, but that royally effs up melee because something about those keybinds are hardcoded into the game and I can't aimglide/block with that setup. The middle mouse button does nothing. So I have to put it on another key entirely which messes with my reflexes.
  15. As someone that used to make plenty of use of Ash's old 4, the new one is pretty useless to me because of how much slower it is. I can kill the same mobs faster with other means than with his 4 these days. if I'm in a squad, it's not just slow it's an actual waste of my time as I get nothing done except marking and... oh they're all dead. OK mark some more... nope dead too. Sigh.