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  1. Keybinding Woes: Simple fixes and the larger problem

    I'll add that my pet keybinding peeve is that I swap around middle and right mouse buttons for my muscle memory, but that royally effs up melee because something about those keybinds are hardcoded into the game and I can't aimglide/block with that setup. The middle mouse button does nothing. So I have to put it on another key entirely which messes with my reflexes.
  2. As someone that used to make plenty of use of Ash's old 4, the new one is pretty useless to me because of how much slower it is. I can kill the same mobs faster with other means than with his 4 these days. if I'm in a squad, it's not just slow it's an actual waste of my time as I get nothing done except marking and... oh they're all dead. OK mark some more... nope dead too. Sigh.
  3. Annoying and tedious? A solo Vay Hek armour-enhanced *grinds teeth*
  4. Nope, it annoyed my clan greatly and if anything put us right off it because everyone felt like they -had- to spend their time grinding the Derelicts instead of doing other missions. As a small Shadow Clan barely bigger than Ghost we had a huge amount to get, and we are a clan of friends who were not interesting in kicking our less active folks just to downsize like some cold mercenary jackholes.
  5. Until a less utterly tedious and bug-filled method of farming Kuva appears, no improvements to the rolling mechanics of rivens will encourage me to bother with them any more.
  6. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.6

    Out of interest, is it just me who's not turned up a single mag/rhino relic since the hotfix even though I'm hitting all the usual relic farming spots I was getting them from previously? Wondering if my RNG is terrible or if a drop table got bugged up. Gee, I wish we had a convenient way of being able to check whether something has vanished from a drop table with the latest hotfix... (The DE drop table site has no date of latest update, and they said it would only be updated with major patches, not each hotfix.)
  7. Plains of Eidolon

    My assumption is that most of it will be server-side and implemented in the same way as the Relays and Dojos (there won't be a host, you can open your menu wherever and hopefully access all of it). I hope some optimisation work has been done though, and I do expect it to crush my poor potato regardless.
  8. Warframe Drop Rates Data

    It's those magic words in Reb's tweet: "data revealed tech error". This, ladies and gentlemen, is a core part of why the previous data mines were important. To flag up messed up drops and suchlike.
  9. [SPOILERS] Man In The Wall

    I feel robbed. When I did the quest I avoided spoilers so I didn't know it would happen back at the ship. I heard the audio very clearly and saw the subtitle, but there was no doppelganger anywhere on my ship :( I specifically hunted high and low to see if I could find where the voice had come from. Then I assumed it was just an auditory hallucination courtesy of the void demon in our heads...
  10. Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.2

    Minimap extraction markers gone AWOL again for exterminations after this update...
  11. Update 21 Deployment Status Thread[LIVE]

    And here was me assuming a thursday release, and getting weekly stuff done in other games tonight followed by a good ol' zombie slaughterfest in some classic friendly-fire L4D2. I mean I'm still doing those things and prolly won't check it out til after work tomorrow, but still. means I don't get caught by the first couple of hotfixes :p
  12. #2 Big no to randomised equipment, as that would punish you severely for owning any weapon, frame (or having a config) that wasn't fully potato'd, forma'd and sortie-worthy. Sure that's fine for folks like me who have all the frames and most weapons potato'd and forma'd, and can just power through whatever the sortie is because my gear is OP, but for the players who aren't there yet that would be an absolute nightmare. There is already a randomise button for people who desperately want to do this. #3 KUVA! Swap 4k endo for 4k Kuva please. I absolutely despise farming Kuva in its current form. It's tedious, boring and when it bugs out its frustrating as all hell. I've more or less abandoned my Rivens because I have grown to detest farming Kuva so much.
  13. Kuva should be added to Sorties

    I liked the suggestion to swap out the 4k endo reward with a 4k Kuva reward.
  14. Various reasons. Ammo and health/energy pickups for one thing, and the resources to fund my clan's dojo research whenever anything new pops up for another. Mods for new folks starting out are a big one too. All that and for the newer players that need to scrape every poly bundle and argon they can get, it's an extremely offputting experience to switch between a sentinel that can vacuum and a pet that cannot.