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  1. A most Peculiar workshop.

    Extremely late to the party, I know, but if these things are going to chew up a whole regular mod slot then they ought to have no polarity and take little drain. Preferably with no levels to have to spend endo and credits on á la Coolant Leak. All this talk of huge drains and stuff means you'd need to forma a frame just to fit a comsetic-only mod. Yeah I like fashionframe too but I thought DE learned their lesson (finally) when they decoupled installation of Arcanes with cosmetics. Other games have added appearence slots. Visuals and looks and fun are important to people but not so important that they're willing to make huge sacrifices to ability to perform their role in game. I like fun stuff but my builds have become very finely tuned and balanced, and would be thrown completly out of whack just for a small joke. If we had more build slots - like a D, E and F - would help that. I'd prefer a dedicated Peculiar slot honestly, but I get the feeling that's considered to be making far too much of a new game mechanic out of what's supposed to be a bit of a giggle now and then.
  2. Plague Star: What the hell is one shotting me

    The Hemocyte damage seems extremely inconsistent this time around. Sometimes I hardly lose shields from a scythe swing. Other times I am one shot from full HP from... I have absolutely no idea because i didn't see anything and I was a bit of a distance away (and no not on the boil). Also at least 1 of the 4 hemos on each run I did last night was acting very glitchy. Not a pleasent surprise.
  3. Banshee Sound Quake - Please change it

    My favourite part of sound quake IS the CC. I couldn't care less about its damage because I have plenty of other nukeframes for that. Silence CC is 3 seconds and that is useless if you want to properly CC a bunch of mobs instead of just provide a temporary short blip. Taking the CC off soundquake is the worst fix they could do IMO. Nix its damage if anything really has to go. (Resonating Quake augment could perhaps flip that around and take its CC out while doing damage?)
  4. I Can't Sprint Jump

    It's very irritating. I don't think the people who test these things at DE regularly play with Toggle Sprint on because it seems to be broken in a lot of ways (see also: plains archwing, the huge delays in resuming the sprint after you stop firing a weapon which are faster to use manual sprint for etc). I always run toggle sprint and have done since day 1, and the latest changes have completely effed up my muscle memory.
  5. For Fans By Fans Warframe Merch is now available!!

    I neeeeeeeeed Baro Keytar poster as an orbiter decoration. Please make it so!
  6. Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    Beam ramp up per target hit rather than per trigger hold makes absolutely no sense...
  7. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    I'm very glad the range nerfs got walked back. Though, deciding what to sacrifice on my Ignis W to fit P Shred to regain some punchthrough was tortuous.
  8. Dev Workshop: Beam Weapons Revisited!

    What's with the total butchery of the range and ammo efficiency of "beam" weapons? Ammo efficiency loss + ramp up time = painful to use because fire control to avoid running out of ammo harms your damage, but -not- controllign it runs out out of ammo in a few seconds. Amprex already had to make use of tight fire control, ammo pads and a Carrier in any mission lasting longer than a few minutes.
  9. Zephyr Prime or Khora

    The wording employed by the Dev team in the Dev Stream indicated that work on converting Khora had stopped while focus was on the other frame changes. They've also stopped teasing Khora info and images. No idea how far they got before hitting the pause button. Said Dev expressed an interest in further rounds of warframe balances and power tweaking in the near future so who knows where finishing Khora up will fit into all of that.
  10. Devstream Overview 106

    It wasn't clear to me in the stream but what is going to happen to our current Dark Sector missions? Are they all going to be taken away and replaced with the new one? I sincerely hope we aren't going to lose those. Some of my favourite nodes to play are DS.
  11. Lootboxes would help...

    Absolutely not. I would quit and uninstall without hesitation should WF go down that path. Far too many of the games I've loved over the last few years have done it, and have ruined the feel fo the game as a result. Already the Mod packs and Rivens are borderline, thankfully they are easily ignorable.
  12. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited Part 2

    Not sure I fully get what Resonating Quake is for any more then, if it only does one tick to an enemy. You get a longer stagger from silence.
  13. Thanks For Watching Prime Time #195!

    Wait, the unvault relics are going to be locked to bounty rewards? Oh my god that's terrible. How many day cycles (i.e. hours) for the reward rotations to make availble the relics we want to farm? And limited to only the Plains Bounties compared to being able to run any one of a ton of different nodes at any time we like as the current relic farming options give us? This is going to make Plague Star feel positively groundbreaking and original. DE, please rethink limiting these to just the Plains! Why not have them replace the current relics in the Void mission nodes or something?
  14. New player here! Worried about endgame

    Well, as someone that has played a lot of MMOs as well as Warframe, it sounds to me as though what you're looking for is a more traditional MMO-style endgame than Warframe offers. WF has a ton of progression but much of it is horizontal as well as vertical and it's predominantly based on collecting and grind. As others have pointed out, Trials are basically Raids but there isn't anything like a "raiding scene" in WF. It's a power fantasy horde shooter, not a survival sim. Challenge is about what you want to pit yourself against and what loadouts you take - bringing sub optimal gear to a hard mission will give you a challenge if you so choose. (WF suits me just fine because I'm pretty much over the classic MMO endgame raiding scene phase of my life. )
  15. The new "quality of life": on bullet jumping

    This has been driving me up the wall. Or rather, this is -stopping- me jumping up the wall as I do some stupid little bunny hop instead of the nice bullet jump :p Using Mouse + kb on PC with toggle sprint, with crouch assigned to a key on my mouse.