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  1. I tried manually entering a scale but it just brings it back up to 100 minimum. This is ugly and pixellated and gets in the way.
  2. For me it's alll about the secondary fire. Primary only to pop cameras/sensor bars from afar. Might have to reforma it a bit depending on how the new stats go but hey. Looks like it'll be slashprocs for days. Correction, critting slashprocs for days. \o/
  3. A self-knockdown seems fair; being knocked down is usually a death sentance in high level content anyway so this is at last providing a possibility of being lucky. Or change self damage to be % of your max health. Or introduce the Shield Gating mechanic. Or allow the explosives to fly through the idiotic Kubrow that just ran in front of you.
  4. I shall now be accompanied by TWO rollerballs \o/ Not so sure about how the powers will pan out in practice, but I can't wait to get cracking with the sequencer...
  5. It's an overlay map issue. Minimap in the corner retains the extgraction marker but the overlay map does not. Thsi is very irritating for people that use the overlay map like me.
  6. PSA

    While the item itself (random secondary Riven) is fairly inconsequential, what I'm an extremely uneasy about is the precedent this sets. I buy and spend and trade platinum for things you can't earn by playing because I'm here to actually play the game, not to pay-to-not-play. I enjoy the quests, and acquiring the parts to build each frame. It seems as though despite the fact I do financially support DE with buying Platinum now and again, people like me are considered to be secondary to those that directly buy the frames pre-built with plat. OK it's just a pistol riven now. But what about the next quest or frame or new release? I mean, when you buy the bundles you get platinum-only cosmetics included already. Same as Prime Access gives PA exclusive cosmetics. It's not like there is no incentive to buy the pre-made frame bundle already, but limited to non pay-to-win items. This just reminds me of what happened to Rift when it went Free to Play. Thoss of us who'd held paying subscriptions since launch weren't really regarded as anything special in terms of customers. We were made to feel 'lucky' that they didn't outright take away the things we'd originally paid for, but those of us that continued to pay the now-optional sub for a few perks to try and emulate what we had with a sub before F2P were seen as less worthy compared to those that paid for the item shop currency and lockboxes. It created a very bitter feeling among us 'Patrons' because the way we showed financial support to the dev studio came from a different avenue to the one they'd preferred, and we were neglected as a result of it for the longest time. (Yeah Trion has tried to make up for it later but that's closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.) I don't want to see that happening again. That's why this new direction has little alarm bells ringing for me...
  7. Hoping for an accuracy bump, personally. I want to like the Supra but the terrible accuracy is just a bit -too- bad for me. Not when far more accurate bullet hoses are a thing. (My Ignis Wraith is modded differently to my regular Ignis, and used in different situations. It is excellent.)
  8. fyp
  9. Needs Laser-shooting Keytar primary and Axe-guitar melee.
  10. This has been annoying the hell out of me. I play with overlay out as much as possible and the constantly vanishing extraction marker both on the overlay and actually in the mission is an extra hindrance in exterminate.
  11. It's a giant magical void-powered space... crowbar. That looks like a hoverbike.
  12. Octavia is an elegant name. Not sure I'd describe the bard frame as elegant but hey :p (Meanwhile, TIL: there is a MLP character with that name. And people seem to think that character is the reason Bard frame is called Octavia. What.)
  13. Hugely disappointing and uneeded nerf. It's like a perma rad proc on your team. Assimlate Nyx is now only useful when soloing - so much for a team game.
  14. Assimilate..?
  15. TIL: The word Adagio is used as a villain's name in MLP. And there was me instantly thinking of things like Adagio for Strings and other centuries-old and world-famous works of classical music that would fit a musical frame... I strongly doubt that if DE were to choose the name Adagio, it would be because some cartoon has used it for a character name. It would be for its much more weighty musical origins. I don't expect them to, mind you, because the name is masculine and the frame is feminine.