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  1. And here was me assuming a thursday release, and getting weekly stuff done in other games tonight followed by a good ol' zombie slaughterfest in some classic friendly-fire L4D2. I mean I'm still doing those things and prolly won't check it out til after work tomorrow, but still. means I don't get caught by the first couple of hotfixes :p
  2. #2 Big no to randomised equipment, as that would punish you severely for owning any weapon, frame (or having a config) that wasn't fully potato'd, forma'd and sortie-worthy. Sure that's fine for folks like me who have all the frames and most weapons potato'd and forma'd, and can just power through whatever the sortie is because my gear is OP, but for the players who aren't there yet that would be an absolute nightmare. There is already a randomise button for people who desperately want to do this. #3 KUVA! Swap 4k endo for 4k Kuva please. I absolutely despise farming Kuva in its current form. It's tedious, boring and when it bugs out its frustrating as all hell. I've more or less abandoned my Rivens because I have grown to detest farming Kuva so much.
  3. I liked the suggestion to swap out the 4k endo reward with a 4k Kuva reward.
  4. Various reasons. Ammo and health/energy pickups for one thing, and the resources to fund my clan's dojo research whenever anything new pops up for another. Mods for new folks starting out are a big one too. All that and for the newer players that need to scrape every poly bundle and argon they can get, it's an extremely offputting experience to switch between a sentinel that can vacuum and a pet that cannot.
  5. Having spent the last while many-forma'ing my Helminth, having to manually loot was a huge giant frustrating PITA for me that led to me complaining about not having vacuum regularly - and in the end had me questioning why I even bothered forma'ing the stupid thing in the first place. The only non-sentinel I use is occasionally my smeeta when I want its loot doubling magic for trace farming. The vacuum and looting issue really is that much of a deal breaker for me. I can put up with the loyalty and even the decay mechanics, but no vacuum feels terrible to use and so I won't use them. It's all well and good for vets who have a million of all resources and no longer care if they don't loot much (I'm technically one of those as it happens), but for newer players just starting off on the grind it's a pick-up-sticks simulator. Good way to put people off once they realise just how much loot they need. If a UV were to be implemented (or at a pinch a pet-vacuum) then unless I specifically want my Helios for the scans, or I'm using an ammo hungry weapon necessitating my Carrier, I would be far more likely to add my Helminth and my Adarza into my general use rotation.
  6. And still requires the Vay Hek fight to be done more frequently. Anything that means Vay Hek has to be fought -more- than already sounds absolutely horrible.
  7. Only if the boss fights got changed too. Tyl's fight is fun and makes grinding the EIGHT different parts you need less of a chore. Vay Hek's fight is like pulling teeth. It's RNG-dependent and easily the most unfun of all the boss fights. Grinding out the 3 parts o Hydroid off that one is painful. If we were to have to do Vay Hek for EIGHT parts (my RNG luck with Tyl was something like 27 runs to get all 8 parts) then I can see a lot of people saying 'eff this' and going elsewhere. I would certainly have been one of them.
  8. About warframes being ignored by the community - none of the above. They are all talked about by the community, usually with respect to how beind, or boring, or neglected, or difficult to acquire they are. The one that seems not to get mentioned much if at all is... Wukong. Edit: Forgot to add - there is no 3
  9. Only contribution I can make is to say that I have seen this only once ever, and it was quite some time ago. I do a lot of defence missions of all stripes and I play either alone or with friends where I'm usually the host. So, I can give details as to my setup in order to -not- get it, but that is probably not so helpful :p
  10. With this event coming so soon after Ambulas which I played hard to help our various clannies, I was kind of burned out. We farmed Razorback a fair bit on friday evening and got our GWraiths but didn't see a single puncture mod. With the Fomorian event looking like it'll be incoming very shortly as well, I decided to take the rest of the weekend off. The puncture mods aren't -that- amazing, and who knows why DE has decided to keep that particular set exclusive while Impact and Slash are more freely available by Baro visit. I don't think much of DE's event timing. We all know that completion rates for the two invasion events had to be adjusted by DE because they were moving far too slowly, so now we end up with 3 events more or less back to back. Then we sometimes go for months without so much as a Tactical Alert weekend. Sort out your event pacing please DE! Drought followed by everything along at once is terrible - this isn't busses.
  11. I lazy-moded it with invis rush loki. There was one point that almost took longer than all the others added together because it pathed around the huge open square at insanely high speed (only in the real test, presumably only to give me a heart attack - when I did one quick practice it didn't do that). The rest were trivial. I imagine Limbo would make it even easier.
  12. What the... you're changing the adapters to just be blueprints? the kind you can get off Simaris anyway that require a sacrifice of two whole forma each? Well, that just destroyed any reason to finish that invsion that was on. And indeed, any further invasion in the future. What an absolutely terrible kick in the teeth change that is.
  13. Wait, what? The drop ship is now a capital ship? I've missed something clearly. A Balor Fomorian is a capital ship. A little atmospheric-capable drop ship? Not so much... Not even slightly.
  14. If any seocndary is begging for this mod, it's the Sonicor. I was eyeing it up specifically! But if it's intenitonal that the mod won't be equippable on the Sonicor then meh. Waste of Animo Coords.
  15. I like the idea of each terminal counting as a relic popping rotation. Though it'd probably have to adjust to the longer data terminal hack timer of the 2 terminal missions (minus the 'surprise' defense at the end of the grineer asteroid tiles please). It'd make MD a kind of in-between fissure mission. Not an endless one but competitive time-wise with running a couple of exterminates.