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  1. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Magus Elevate OP

    Never even built Magus Elevate, still go in 2 hour + survivals and come out without using a single revive. Not mandatory, just "git gud".
  2. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Finally! He'll actually be worth using now!
  3. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Soldier Frame - Colonel

    I think that that this is an extremely boring concept, honestly.
  4. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Hyekka Masters are Broken

    Have they all recently had a lobotomy because they keep glitching back and fourth while walking until you shoot them and it's been going on for months. Fix soon?
  5. As the title says, sometimes at random the left swipe hotkey is activated causing my to constantly drop health pads.
  6. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Any news only changing the hilariously bad animations of Reave and Danse Macabre? Reave is not a "cloud of Sentient mist". If you even slightly turn the camera you see is just a square of shaking smoke. It doesn't even look three-dimensional. DM looks awkward because of how slow he's turning.
  7. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    "Fixing" The Daily Tribute System

    Every day I login is a day that I play. It's why I'm only just above 300 but have been here since right before The Second Dream. I don't see why exactly anyone would be opposed to not having to sink in nearly 50K Endo and 3 million credits on every "reward" to make it useful.
  8. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    "Fixing" The Daily Tribute System

    Elaborate please? Are you saying that you should still be able to chose which Weapon/Cosmetic you want or that you should only be able to coose after a certain amount of days?
  9. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    "Fixing" The Daily Tribute System

    Okay, so that Dev Workshop was... something. So most of you know if you're reading this that the Daily Tribute system got a Dev Workshop and might be changed. While I'm personally not opposed to it, I can see where a lot of people are coming from when they say they hate it. So, I'm going to be implementing ideas from DE themselves with @Operative_Shift's own philosophy on the matter to come up with something that can make everyone happy. Power of choice and "veteran (or those players that just login for 3 seconds every day to get the reward and then leaves) prestige" both included! Starting with some general adjustments to the drops: remove Warframe and Weapon blueprints add scaling to all resource drops lock credit reward at 20,000 lock Endo reward at 160 all mods in the Daily Tribute system should come fully ranked Now into the nitty-gritty. Let's get into the choice system. Tribute Weapons and the Lodestar pieces should not be able to be picked. Sigils in the Milestone Packs should not be able to be picked, but the extra add-on items should every 100 days, an "Evergreen Pack" should be guaranteed, and should have multiple options I think that these suggestions would make everyone happy, right? It implements DE's choice system while also allowing players deep into their days to keep their prestige. It also improves upon all resource drops on the table to make them more useful to the advanced players. What are your thoughts?
  10. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Publicly shaming inconsiderate players?

    Never. Ever. This is extremely childish and you should be publicly shamed back for tarnishing another name without full context on the situation.
  11. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Foundry UI - Please revise

    I'm on board with this. Maybe make "RUSH" in all red on the confirmation screen.
  12. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Just another guy whining about grinding

    It's not even an argument.
  13. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Random Energy Pads

    At random, the game will jist make me drop an energy pad even though I'm no selecting it.
  14. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Any plans to make clans more useful aside from clan weapons and trade? Any plans to make Relays useful at all?
  15. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Prime Vault July 24: Nyx and Rhino are Primed to return!

    Nyx Rework when?