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  1. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Functionally Infinite Damage?

  2. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Is Oberon worth maining?

    Three years of playing the game and Mag combined with Mag Prime still accounts for over 42% of my total play time, ayy lmao.
  3. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    We need system to vote for kickked out

    That would effectively become the most broken mechanic in the game, and if that is ever introduced, I will then do all of my missions solo-- or probably just drop the game altogether until it's inevitably removed because DE is actually competent.
  4. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for joining in 2013.
  5. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Thank you trolls

    Isn't it technically a buff? Why would you be complaining that all allies can now use their weapons in the Rift?
  6. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for defying your creator.
  7. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    @DeMonkey sorry not sorry. You just had to mention The Sacrifice...
  8. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    I'll be back in approximately 20 minutes.
  9. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Happy Pride Month Y'all!

    Must everything be tainted by such ignorance...?
  10. (PS4)ArtPrince17


    Uh... It's a bug M8. It happens.
  11. Uh, maybe you had Naramon's Surging Dash on?
  12. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Wow... this is actually kinda' weird. I did not expect people to look the way they do, lmao. Also convenient how Monkey and Mag's expire before I got to see them. 🙂 Don't mind me, just gonna' follow this thread now, not say a word.
  13. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Drawing your Frames!

    I think you'd have much more success if you request Platinum directly instead of money, which would make it more accessible to those who don't have money for it but Platinum. That's just my personal opinion. Then again, it would be weird for cross platform. Maybe Platinum on PC and money for consoles? Does look good though! Would love to have mine draw but don't have any money.
  14. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Focus and the Five Great Tenno Schools

    The schools were most likely created to help control the Void power, and apply them each in a different way against the enemy, hence the "... the Enemy" in each description.
  15. (PS4)ArtPrince17

    Zephyr Never Got a Rework

    I've tried that once before actually. I really just pointed out specific changes I wanted to see instead of looking at a Frame's overall problems, so I'm quite disappointed with that. It's not really something you can have your one and only opinion on.