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  1. I thought about Orokin (or their machinations) warring among themselves. But hey, I would love to see some lore on void fissures in general (Are there still Orokin hiding in the void, sending out their troops for recon or provisions? Are the fissures the result of leftover AIs, still following some reclamation protocols, for their dead masters? Is it some freak accident of a void tower crossing borders with reality?).
  2. I haven't seen any void fissures in the void in the last two weeks or so. I liked the missions because it was a bit easier to find players doing 20+ minutes/waves than on the regular mission. Did I just play/look at the wrong times, or are they gone for good?
  3. (Primed) Pressure point is good as long as you can one-shot enemies, Condition Overload (using as weapon with good status chance) is on par and gets better, as soon as you would need 2-3 hits. However, with the general buff on melee, "as long as you can one-shot enemies" can be quite a stretch, especially on Crit-friendly weapons.
  4. I can see merits of the new Archwing movement system, especially for the "closed quarters" missions inside the wrecked spacecrafts, but damn it feels so wrong. Consider my enthusiasm for a Empyrean and Railjack-fights curbed.
  5. Which is (Default on PC) the same button as run on the keyboard: Shift (hold to run, tap to roll). So, yes, to blink, we currently go slower.
  6. -Coildrives are broken. Could you give us the option to steer hacked coildrives into position? -Can you please give us a toggle for "hold E for heavy attack", or the possibility to opt out of them entirely? They are just no fun for me and using them accidentally breaks my flow. I'd rather use them not at all, than accidentally. (No fun = They still feel like a waste of mobility, time and resources. Why stand still, waste your combo counter and do a single swing, if you could do 2-4 swings in the same time, every single one of them more than enough for your enemies, while retaining combo counter and mobility?). -It the whole point of the new archwing-mode is, to make it as appalling as possible, so people use Hoverboards more often: You NEARLY nailed it. It was quite fun before, but the new mode feels as engaging as watching paint dry. Why just nearly? 3d Movement still beats the earthbound hoverboards (and being able to use weapons in a shooter game adds utility on top). Please revert and/or instead of outright nerfing archwings, give us an incentive to use boards over wings (say flying with archwings increases the alert level of an area, making it a choice whether to move in super fast from the air with alerted enemies waiting for you, or a little less fast by board ("these damn kids again")). -The new Itzal Power feels also quite underwhelming. I want to make a prediction: Unless there's something better to do with Archwings then going from A to B as fast as possible (Empyrean hopefully has something to offer), people will still use Itzal more than anything else, because it's still the fastest and thus the best to go from A to B (especially now, as flying feels so appalling, I want to do this as short as possible).
  7. I think around 20 € on platinum (until I found out how to trade) and about 100€ on some Prime Accessories Packs (I like to play/grind for the frames, so the packs are all that interests me in this regard).
  8. Since Rising tide resolves around the Dry Dock in the Clan Dojo and I don't want to lock anyone out: Will other players be able to start their "playthrough" of the new quest, once I start (or have finished) the quest?
  9. Coil Drives on Orb Valis seem broken (they don't find their EMP-Mine, making some bounties impossible).
  10. The current hotfix moved heavy attacks from "I will probably never use them, but it's nice to have the option" to "I would like an option to completely opt out of heavy attacks, as soon as possible". Currently, because of the sketchy/unwanted activation of heavy attacks, my combo-counter seldomly goes over 4, the mods depended on it feel like wasted capacity and I feel punished for pushing attack an arbitrary length of time to long (plus being locked in the heavy attack animation still feels clumsy/clunky). Ideas to make it better without removing it alltogether: -give us a visible option to "charge/invest" Combo Counter into Heavy Attacks. Say a "Heavy-O-Meter" that rises from "1 to Combo Counter" the longer you hold attack (or until it's full and you hit attack again). This would allow us to decide how much Combo Counter we spend on an attack and it would become an actual resource we could spend purposeful, instead of "all or nothing", and those who accidentally activated it, wouldn't waste it all in once (my unwanted heavy attacks usually start when all enemies currently slump dead to the ground). -give us a visible option to cancel Heavy attacks. Sorry, that's all I got for now.
  11. After the last updates I can't control the use of Heavy Attack any more. It lies on "Mouse 3" but it triggers totally randomly using Quick Attack (that is "E"). I'm using mostly pole-arms with "twirling spire" modded for speed (1.3+ and Berserk on top) and it happens all the #*!%ing time. Can we please get an option to disable Heavy Attacks? I don't like to use them in the first place. Being locked in the heavy attack animation is a chore and thanks to it triggering seemingly randomly, 90% of the time there's not even a foe left standing, so it whiffs totally useless in the air. 😞
  12. I'm having the same problem. My Heavy Attack lies on "Mouse 3" but it randomly triggers using "E". Can we please get an option to disable it? I hate being locked in the heavy attack animation and thanks to it triggering seemingly randomly I can't even aim it at foes.
  13. Feedback after some more rounds with Melee 2.99999: With the old combo-counter my go-to weapons (Polearms all the way) carried me through everything, by "Naramon+Drifting Contact" (Ok, Primed Pressure Point was also on the case but I didn't need Blood Rush or Maiming strike), without breaking a sweat. This is gone. Sorties are still doable, just no longer a walk in the park, which is fine, IMHO. Even if melee is less reliable on high level missions now, I like the general base-buff on most weapons - makes it interesting to revisit some weapons I didn't "get warm" with in the first try. And most of these weapons are way more fun now (Even daggers can be OK with Reach). Still I wouldn't use most of them, because their stances/attacks break movement. In contrast to the super-fluid movement of Warframe this still feel like obtrusive and clunky, like foreign bodies. For everything but Defense/Interception missions, I'll stick with Polearms because Shimmering Blight is mostly free of this. Heavy Attacks feel like a wasted opportunity. On low level missions they feel irrelevant, since the buffed base stats kill everything effortless. On high level Mission, if I'm tempted to use them, I notice: They are Hard to aim, hits 1-2 Enemies at best and freeze me in place, giving the enemies to much opportunity to one-hit me. The only interesting version seems to be the Heavy ground slam because of the CC-Ability. A suggestion: I would love to disable "Klick Zoom to get out of quick attack". Just using fire and quick attack to switch between them. This would allow to block, even when just in Quick-Attack mode.
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