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  1. Had the same problem (wasn't even spamming it) . Lasted until the next host migration.
  2. But: even with all the Status mods you can't go over 100% Status chance and 120% is enough for that with the kohm.
  3. Status Chance is awesome on Kohm, so the first one EDIT: It seems I can't read today. ignor me
  4. take the first one, crit isn't good on kohm
  5. Having the same problem here. Can't Login and Need coffee, too
  6. Revert Rivens to a former accepted state: Sometimes a riven roll looks tempting, but is just medicore in play. Or it looks kinda nice, but I'm not convinced that it's worth risking the current state, so I'm not trying it out. This could be all more fun if the riven could be reverted to a former state. Doesn't need to be free (could cost as much kuva as a new roll), but it would make experiementing with Rivens way more fun.
  7. You need to use the console on the left (kinda where the VEet kids hide in Fortuna).
  8. Even solo I sometimes have problems entering the cave. Fighting the Orb in the Cave is possible, but the last two or three tries the orb didn't appear outside, after she wanted to went ouside.
  9. Get the Mining tools from Fortuna first. Way cheaper an pretty much better than anything you can get on Cetus.
  10. Stalker-Chan dropped the Smoking Body Epherma. After rushing the build I coud equip it under "Attachments" in the Arsenal. However it doesn't use the color of "Attachments" instead it uses the Frame's energy colors, which is kinda of a let down. Also: Switching to a Frame with no Epherma equipped it stays in use. I have to equip and un-equip it again, to make it disappear.
  11. Yeah, kinda. Biz's instuctions were kinda irritating for me 😳
  12. Finally got it. It seems: Instead of listening to biz and goint stealthy, i needed to lure them a few more times 😞
  13. I have Ivara's Passive+Enemy Radar+ Enemy Sense+Animal Instinct in Oxylus. I guess I'm doing something wrong with the lure and so the animals just don't spawn in the first place. I call them with the lure, they answer my first call. Then Biz tells me to go into hiding and then :Nothing I've restarted the map several times and still.
  14. Even with your hints(and a head phones): No luck so far. Quite frustrating. At least I got 9 fugitives from Nighwave...
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