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  1. Before we balance them, can you implement a use for Nekramechs in the first place? Currently they are only deployable in the open worlds and there they are only good in making the game harder. Why is it harder? Mostly because using a Nekramech robs me of mobility (and the AOE-Weapons my Warframe wields). Using them feels otherwise superfluous. Enemies in regular missions die rather quickly anyway, and doing the same, just with the numbers above them bigger is fun, but unnecessarry. Going by the Heart of Deimos quest (and Mothers narration in the Isolation Vaults) they might have later a u
  2. Looks like it was a problem with contrast. Works now.
  3. I updated my mainboard, went from Intel I5 to Ryzen 5, GPU remained the same, but Warframe get's nostalgic: [img]https://imgur.com/a/7QEUPiq[/img] Any clue what could cause this problem?
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