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  1. Crouch and Use went to thumb buttons on my mouse. I use Tab to equip and put back the Synthesis Scanner. That's pretty much it, I think.
  2. I would like to see it reduced to 23 Hours. Currently whenever I log in to the game (mostly around the same time), I've yet to wait another few minutes for the forma to finish, meaning I can start the next forma a little later every day, and every few days there's no forma for me because I can't stay up long enough for that.
  3. I don't even get from the description what we need to do. Just register and play along as usual!? OTOH I might need some sleep.
  4. I guess it depends on the map (and the build). While Mesa on Saturn/Helene is pretty much no problem, Mesa on Europa (Palmon!?) basically forced me to retreat to the spawing points in hope to kill anything 🙂
  5. To avoid the sh1tstorm and as a compromise: Perhaps they could do something Conclave-like, i.e. making the rebalanced skills/stats a separate "set" compared to the normal ones. Thus giving players that want a challenging mode the option to switch to an "iron man nightmare" mode, where they are just matched with like-minded players, while giving DE the chance to experiment with the rebalancing without the need to touch the current "balance" of powers in the rest of the game.
  6. I love him pretty much for this. With him every mission becomes a farming session and I don't have to worry for a steady supply of health bubbles, letting me concentrate on doing stuff with the weapons I brought with me. I dislike Mesa. Her 4 without augment is unbearable to play for me and even with augment it's no fun standing (nearly) still and aiming at stuff. Playing along with her in the squad isn't much fun either. In Defense missions she's as annoying as every room nuker and in other missions she's often lagging behind because a player rather likes to clean yet another room instead of following the mission (sabotage/rescue).
  7. Buggy as it is: I love this fight. But yeah OP is right on pretty much everything. I especially hate it, when I try to void-dash over to the capacitators and 3 meters before the platform my operator can't dash any longer and drops like a stone (without being able to return to the frame), or when we return to the platform after the cutscene and half the team got wiped because the ropalist started its attacks way before we got control back. A great concept and with the hints of Alad V and Lotus it's quite doable without refering to the wiki, still, would be way better without the bugs.
  8. The operator in the Ropalyst boss fight is "unreliable". Sometimews I can't go into void mode. Sometimes I can, but then, the void dash isn't working and/or I drop like a stone and can't get back into the frame to get some air-manauver-ability. Sometimes when I try to dash through the ropalist the operator get's replaced by the frame. I don't know if this is a bug or expected behavior, but it's annoying.
  9. I think my biggest gripe with Arbritations was (and as it looks like will be) boredom. Always the same enemies for quite a long time, without many milestones in between and without interesting loot for the first 30 Minutes. I think I most often died because I just didn't pay attention to the game anymore, rather than the enemies being that overwhelming. Perhaps the faster leveling enemies will change that a bit, but I kinda doubt it. Elite Sanctuary Onslaught by camparison is way more fun, thanks to it's diverse enemies and shorter reward-cycle, but I guess coping things from it, will not make a unique thing out of Arbritations. What about making it some kind of endless chain of random missions, instead of just a "a little harder" endless Misson? You start as a spy mission, and thanks to the data you know: There's a cryo-captive you need to defrost/defend for X Minutes. Then while bringing the Capitve to the exit: Suddenly Infested Invasion, so bring the Captive to saftery and then better sabotage / blow up this ship. While the countdown lasts, head to the escape pod to board the infested Vessel that brought the invaders here...
  10. I don't like the alert removal, and don't see why it can't co-exist with Nightwave. Especially in the early stages of the game they are pretty exciting (An Orokin Cell or Argon Crystal? Niiiiice! A new helmet? Awesome!) and even later they were an endless supply of answers to the question "What to do next?". Most Nightwave-Missions, on the other hand are done quickly (or even casully along the way), being exhausted fast, leaving me with the rather tedious Invasions (tedious in the regard that I have to play three Missions to get a reward, instead of having the option to play a quick filler mission) or yet another relic to open. Nightwave in principle is fine, but except for a very few Challenges (Index without points for the enemy, One Hour Kuva Survival (with a friend)), most of them were quite bland (Kill X enemies, or Kill X enemies with Y damage) to the point where some became tedious work, rather than challenging ("Do 10 Nightmare missions").
  11. Allow the Operator to use K-Drive while keeping the abilty to void dash and they MIGHT have a little chance to be used more often, otherwise: flying over obstacles is always faster then driving around them, so unless they remove Archwings...
  12. I wont abbandon Archwings for K-Drives, because I just don't like the way their control scheme feels. Or let me stat it this way: Flying over obstacles is always faster than crashing into them. And for the open plains, Itzal will still be my mainstay, because, even if they cut Itzals Teleport, it's still the fastest Archwing and the only one with vaccuum, so it's still got the best utility for most missions. If they allow the operator to use a K-Drive, while keeping the ability to void-dash, I might be tempted to give them a try again, but until then, I'll perhaps grind for some Ventkids-Standing but otherwise it'll stay with Ordis.
  13. I have no cool pictures of my operator, but I'd really love to do an opeator-only sortie and thankfully Wally allowed me to take a shot at kinda-my-self...
  14. I like the new Orb-heist but I feel returning to Fortuna between every phase, breaks the flow and dimishes the urgency which is a big part of the heist-feel. Would it be possible to rework it into one big mission, that can be played like a extra single raid/extra long bounty?
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