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  1. I used Carrier and hit PT and it finally worked, thank you.
  2. Tried it with my cat and a moa. Haven't given another sentinel a try yet. Will give Carrier or Dethcube a try. Thanks for the hint with Profit Taker. yes (I can see the "challenge" text when opening the menu).
  3. Getting and Keeping the modifier up was no problem. With my set-up (and thanks to Naramon) it takes ~2 Minutes for the x6 to drop to x5 (and this would require not hitting any enemy in between). Even keeping it at x12 for a few minutes is no problem. I tried, but it didn't count for the system. Perhaps it's the "active" part of the riven? My Helios fired the Artax and scanned quite happily - perhaps I used wrong mods or the wrong weapon with it?!
  4. I've done similar challenges dozens of times and so far it was quite easy to pull of. I guess this one's "just" buggy. I'll just dissolve this piece of **** and be done with it
  5. Did a infested solo survival. Keeping x6 (without going higher or lower ) with Venka prime was quite easy, but didn't work.
  6. I used a Tonbo. Will give the Venka Prime a chance, can't get any more buggy than this, right?
  7. Yep, it's sentinel (tried it with Helios). Tried it with "melee weapon only" in a public group (didn't help) will try it "solo + melee only" next 😞
  8. So, I got this melee-riven which requires "Sustain a x6 Melee Combo Counter Mulitplier for 30s with an active sentinel present" to unveil... With Bodycount (12s), Drifting Contact(10s) + Gladiator Rush (6s) this is easy, especially with Naramon. Take Helios Prime with you and I should be done. But the game doesn't notice. I had x6 for a few minutes -> nope. x12 for 10 rounds of a defense -> Nope. Any clue what I probably do wrong ?
  9. My problem with this fight was: Should you happen to switch to secondary weapon (either because your primary ammo runs out or otherwise unintended) you switch to secondary/dual-wielding and the Glaive-explosion works differently then described. Hold attack instead of alt-fire (because alt-fire could be used by your secondary). I wasn't aware of this and as I had attack on "mouse-wheel-up" I couldn't "hold" the button in the first place. I rage-quit for quite a few times because I always went out of ammo and was stuck in this mode without noticing what's happening. I finally got it working in a
  10. Really!? That would explain my frustration with that mission. EDIT: Just tried it out: It depends on Weapon mode you're in. Quick Attack or Meele only: It works with the heavy attack button but not with holding meele attack. Dual Wield: Throwing works only with holding/charging meele attack button. The latter is not explained in the mission, so if you switch to secondary, or the primary runs out of ammo, you're basically #*!%ed.
  11. Maybe I was dual wielding without noticing!? I mean, looking over the right shoulder, a Sonicor mounted on the left arm is pretty hard to spot. I didn't use glaives in years (I think dual wielding wasn't an option back then) and after this S#&$ty experience, I'll let them rest for as long at least. I'll just try to remember, that next time I'm forced to use that piece of ****, to leave the secondary at home. This should prevent dual wielding accidents.
  12. It could have been easy, if the throw and the explosion worked reliable. I know I had to charge it up (and that's what I did), but it didn't work reliable. My frame either had no intent to throw the disc at all, or threw it to late, and best of if all, even if it did throw and at the right time, I couldn't trigger the explosion 9/10 times. I ragequitted the game 3-4 times and in the End I grinded for 30 Minutes before if finally went down. I think, after this, I'll never touch glaives again.
  13. Charging wasn't a problem for me, but the throw and the detonation didn't work. Or they worked delayed and Protea was regenarted already. Took me about 30 minutes to get this fight done.
  14. I liked the lore and the missions, until the finale. Perhaps it could have been a little bit less cartoonish evil (say instead of forcing the Solaris workers, Nef coercing/offering them with a debt relief they can't refuse), but I liked it very well. As for the finale, sorry, I get it, you love glaives, and they look cool, but that was the most unresponsive and unfun thing I've had in Warframe so far (even the X rounds of "oh no jackal's bugged out again" in yesterday's Sortie were more fun and engaging). I gave up a few times, Ragequit with ALT-F4, wrote my frustration in the forums
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