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  1. Warframe has no clear definition of what you are and are not allowed to say in chat. Because of this, many players get chat restricted without realizing they've crossed Warframe's invisible line. I offer 3 main solutions in order of effectiveness: 1. Just write a clear list of guidelines so that people know what they can and can't say 2. Have chat restrictions only apply to region chat and other general chats. Nobody is going to trade or recruiting chat to make dumb jokes 3. Remove the system altogether. People can mute other players if they so choose. On one last no
  2. its almost the anniversary of Amalgam Furax Body Count's death. rest in peace, mods doing what they're supposed to. DE, please fix this mod. It still applies blast procs despite saying it knocks down nearby enemies
  3. how about a fix for Amalgam Furax Body Count? it still applies blast procs instead of the described knockdown
  4. This has been a problem since Melee 3.0. How is this not fixed yet? Just replace the blast status effects with the forced knockdown effect. Please, I want to use goofy melee weapon.
  5. You still get an error message whenever you try to trade Vulpaphyla Genetic Codes. This has been a problem since Deimos launched.
  6. Hi, can we get amalgam furax body count fixed? also fix trading vulpaphyla and predasite genetic imprints plz?
  7. Thanks for the hotfix. There are a couple of bugs I'm still waiting for a fix for though: Vulpaphyla and Predasite Genetic Imprints currently cause an error when you try to trade them. Amalgam Furax Body Count applies 6 blast statuses to enemies within 15m on kill instead of knocking them down.
  8. Recently, I watched Triburos's video outlining his ideas for a new Warframe gamemode (found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3m8OZqshuM). I thought that it was a good idea, so I hit like and went over to the forums to look for a thread to show my support on. No such thread, so now I'm opening my own. Full disclosure this idea is Triburos's, not my own, I just want to see some actually fun content come out for Warframe at some point.
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