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  1. I think that if you decrease the time it will be very easy, but I even understand that many people do not want to stay that long, maybe change to 45 minutes in total.
  2. Do you want it to be easier? making things easier is destroying the Warframe, the hunts should not be for anyone but for those who are better equipped.
  3. Please help me Rebecca, I got unfairly negative platinum because of an error in steam, I asked for support and they refunded my purchase with a 75% discount, even if they gave me the money back, I don't have any more money to make a purchase full, and because of this error I lost my account. I'm Brazilian, the value goes from 100 to 400 and I don't have that money now, please help me ..I already contacted Warframe support and they said they couldn't give me the 75% discount, but I'm not just asking for a discount, I'm asking to buy back what I bought, exactly because of the mistake of third pa
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