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  1. Yep thats it, if you switch frame/operator in the ext zone it shadow removes you from it. This bug got even worse since endless solo extraction got released, at least before it only reset the extraction timer there, now it affects all missions.
  2. I noticed that when playing in a squad, if i reach the extraction using operator dash it doesn't count as i'm in the zone even if i arrive 1st. It won't even tell "3 players waiting". Forcing me to leave and re-enter the zone to leave the mission.
  3. This crap hurts more players doing iso vaults rather than actually increasing our mech overall dps. Just why?
  4. Why was this so specific? I mean i noticed the delay when the mission didn't bug but who set the delay to 15s lmaoooo
  5. Just remove the "the device" bounty stage in iso vaults it's so bad i think it doesn't need any explanation
  6. Yeah i noticed that almost immediately when fortuna dropped, the bounties there and in deimos take way too much time when playing as a squad. Meanwhile the time it takes to complete bounties playing solo feels more fair. So weird they decided to go this direction 2 years ago when it's supposed to be a cooperative game.
  7. I got into a t5 bounty today for the release of the naberus event and oh man, the """"reworked"""" latrox une is goddamn atrocious. Still forcing rng for mission completion, abysmal enemy spawn rates (one man squad) always on the farther side from you only to keep chipping off the drone hp that, with the epic 1 sample every 50 kills will probably fail you the bonus. Stop with this crap if you can't do a decent risk/reward mechanic that isn't tied to rng just put a boring timer as you've always done like in 50% of other bounties. Or maybe just increase the sample drop rate based on sq
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