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  1. Disable priority target takes too long because they all require us to wait and wait and wait. If i'm playing solo with the NPC crew is WAYY faster to just leave the mission (pluto exterminate for penta components) and hope the next one doesn't have priority targets to disable, rather than actually doing the side objective waiting game and completing that mission. This is even after you nerfed leaving the mission to dojo, adding another layer of loading times to enter orbiter or that slow as hell animation of railjack docking, that conveniently prevents from starting another mission r
  2. I also want to add this. The sabotage supplies bounty behaves the exact opposite of this, the bonus is killing 30 enemies. With the cache, 4 or 5 enemies land too, if i'm at 29 and destroy the last cache before killing the enemies it spawned, the objective is istantly completed without giving the bonus and the chance to kill the last enemies spawned. Complete opposite of the capture bounty. This really looks like you're trolling the players.
  3. So, the bonus for the capture bounty in the plains is: Capture the objective without killing anyone. Let's state that the capture process is started when i press the button on the guy, lasts some time while i can't move and finishes when i can move again, any seconds after that is just buffer for the objective/scripts stuff. Proof for this is the actual behavior of the game: the bonus is completed, with the actual checkmark, right when i can move again. Problem is, if i kill anybody AFTER i completed the capture, the bonus passes from completed (as stated before) to failed. This is b
  4. Some updates ago you put in POE the same logic of the other 2 open worlds thats: "the higher the player count, the higher the completion objective". Like in kill count bounties, instead of 25 we would get 100 kills to do. Now, i know sorties are meant to be a miserable experience, but at least you shouldn't forget to put the 4x in enemies spawn too, for a full squad it slows down the mission to a super boring pace. This kind of thing incentivizes players to play alone and it's the opposite direction of a coop pve game lol.
  5. I remember clearly there was a subtle red pulsing dot pointing towards the general direction where the demolisher was making noise (before the marker or big red nullifier wave were in range) appearing just when the audio cue was barely audible. I always relied on that because i just have music 99% of the time i play. It happears to be gone, don't know if actually removed on purpose (don't remember seeing it in patchnotes) or if it's bugged. It was a fundamental clue to everyone who plays without sounds or can't hear well, if this was intentional i can only see it as result of bad d
  6. You are not crazy dude, i was about to make the same exact post because now it's clearly missing and i know what you refer to. I always play with music and can hear at max 5% of the game sounds (hearing the siren only when i'm already shooting the demo). Was wondering why i suddenly got much worse on this mission and noticed the same problem while reviewing footage i recorded. There was a subtle visual cue consisting on a red dot with small pulsing circles pointing at the general direction of the sound source, it appeared just right when the audio of the demolyst was barely hearable
  7. bumping, this needs to be addressed ASAP especially since this week challenges have 5 POE bounties in it.
  8. I'm absolutely certain this bounty phase is bugged as the control randomly starts visibly going down FAST without enemies inside or a couple AT MAXIMUM. And i got this on a 2/5 difficulty bounty. please fix this is unplayable
  9. I hope they don't stop the timer as they do in the other boring mission.
  10. Yeah it would be nice if we could swap over the abilities set along with mods. i hope they don't fix only that illegal modding bug to make us waste resources for a QOL such as changing default config. Annoying as hell.
  11. Yep thats it, if you switch frame/operator in the ext zone it shadow removes you from it. This bug got even worse since endless solo extraction got released, at least before it only reset the extraction timer there, now it affects all missions.
  12. I noticed that when playing in a squad, if i reach the extraction using operator dash it doesn't count as i'm in the zone even if i arrive 1st. It won't even tell "3 players waiting". Forcing me to leave and re-enter the zone to leave the mission.
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