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  1. I got this when I ranked command from 9 to 10. I accepted ok and it took 512 intrinsics instead of 1024, so I'm now maxed but still got 512 left....
  2. So me and two clanmates logged on, went into steel path exterminate incursion. No acolyte spawned, so one of the crew says why not try granum void for more enemies, see if that gets an acolyte to show. So this point why not. Well none of us have a lich, and no candidate spawned, nevermind the acolyte. Besides the 5 essence reward from the mission, felt like a real waste of time. We've logged off.
  3. It should have been a gear item, or maybe even a sentinel mod. Once you find what you were searching for it's a dead ability. There's no reason it couldn't have been made a consumable gear item you bought from maroo for 10 cyan stars or something. I have tonnes of filled ayatans and even more stars, least let me use them for something else.
  4. I absolutely agree with your points here. The nerfs and 'buffs' are nonsensical and only decrease diversity. In fact when I did go back to try steel path after this update with my favourite loadout, I found my zaw lacking and just thought I might as well just use my nukor and I melted steel path even after it's chain nerf, and this wasn't even with any galvanized mods or arcanes. Simply put, as I already stated in the arsenal divide before this update dropped, people are just going to use the nukor more, not less. I'm MR30 and I too am feeling like it's time to go. Legendary rank 1 is underwhelming. I won't be purchasing the new heminth segment. My nightwave is maxed out so no point doing any of the challenges. Furthermore my clan aren't wanting to play after this grindy and messy update has dropped- there's no hype or excitement. Part of me hopes the developers will see some sense and get things together. I don't see myself engaging in anything with this update until extensive changes are made. I also want to reiterate support for the support team. I feel they are currently stuck in the middle. There's clearly some disconnection between development and the game. I seriously hope community feedback is taken seriously and onboard for the future of warframe.
  5. Whilst buffing guns for steel path is a great idea in practice, I disagree with increasing their base stats because they do work on the star chart as it is. That being said arcanes mods etc is a convoluted mess. Nerfing melee across all content, then providing a series of hoops for players to jump through to buff guns is excessive. Nevermind that players will likely use melee to farm for these buffs, just makes players feel nerfs before any potential benefits. I don't understand why a much simpler solution wasn't implemented. My example would be a shot combo system, faster the base fire rate of a weapon the less combo it would generate on hit. Different classes of melee weapons generate different combo amounts per hit, so I don't see why this couldn't apply to guns. And yes on hit, not on kill! The higher the combo the x amount of crit or status chance a weapon could gain, similar to the current system on sniper rifles. You could even add a blood rush or weeping wounds mod or even a secondary effect to a galvanised mod to capitalise on this combo in steel path. This system wouldn't affect the base stats of guns and would allow them to work as normal on the star chart, as well as providing a bit of extra power to players facing harder enemies, such as a heavy gunner requiring more shots, as more shots fired the more incremental damage that would be done, or more status applied. Effectively this would give guns an innate scaling damage effect. Whilst it would likely not be enough on it's own for steel path, it would be a start, and wouldn't discriminate against non aoe or slow fire rate weapons, as non aoe or slow fire rates would build the largest combo as compared to a meta weapons that already functions well and doesn't necessarily require the innate buff. As it stands the new mods and arcanes only narrow and push the meta. At least this way there would be more viability and options to the broader and extensive weapon arsenal.
  6. I genuinely meant no offense, so I apologise. That said I was under the impression that the veiled riven cipher was a weekly item extra to the current weekly rotation? So it should have been kuva and the cipher?
  7. Couldn't this have started next week? Thanks to the people who shared the international channel, much love!
  8. Still happening. I got hit with all challenges completed yesterday, took 5 restarts to get my challenges back. Something i've noticed is if you do no progress at all, ie. just log in say monday, then login tuesday it could take them away. If you do a bit of progress, especially with the dailies, they don't seem to dissappear. Anyone else remember nightwave was introduced to stop FOMO over alerts? Well i've been doing my challenges pretty much ASAP due to FOMO. You'd think this would be fixed up by now, but i guess nerfing players enjoyment was more important...
  9. Shouldn't they have been better tested and improved before they even got released? If they really wanted us to beta test couldn't they have used the test server? I don't understand why they didn't and pushed it on everyone apart from some self applied urgency to give us something before tennocon.
  10. This also points out another issue I was discussing with my clan, DE's next big update is very likely to be sentient themed, enemies that are immune to status. Crit weapons, especially melee was a great counter to them (outside of paracesis obviously) as you couldn't build for condition overload. With melee taking hits to crit builds and overall dps, status immune enemies are just even harder now. That being said I heard Nyx removes all shields from the Sisters? Can see that also being patched as an 'oversight' though...
  11. I just want to reiterate something I've already said in the helminth workshop: 'Just want to point out in other MMO's you wouldn't necessarily get the XP because you would just throw in more farmable material. You can't re-subsume all the excess warframes you've already done, and if you want to avoid invigorations you're now waiting patiently for some new frames to be released. It's because we can't refarm and re-subsume the warframes that they should honour the XP.'
  12. The new Halo trailer has him using a ripline grappling hook thing, for context.
  13. Speaking to my clanmate this morning, his words 'this isn't an update, this is a campaign to shutdown warframe'. Just in case you were still wondering how the community feels. And he's been playing since you had to mod in warframe abilities.
  14. That's the 10,000 kuva, not the 50,000 for 55 essence It's usually in the top left, where the riven cipher currently is.
  15. All my nightwave challenges are listed as completed. This bug however has been reported early on as February Update: took 5 restarts to get my challenges back
  16. The weekly offering from teshin, ie. 50,000 kuva this week, is missing
  17. Upgrading Command intrinsic 9 to 10. Came up with blank text box with an OK or cancel option. I did OK and it took me to rank 10 (I already had the necessary 1024 intrinsics) but it has left me with 512
  18. And all the other workshop threads. Considering it was pretty much ignored doesn't inspire me with hope it will be listened to now.
  19. I didn't state my thoughts, I stated that whether right or wrong the feedback hasn't been addressed. Unfortunately though your statement is untrue. Invigorations give 3x the XP than a subsume, so anyone who has subsumed all warframes will have to use invigorations to increase the rank up, therefore they are not given much of a choice outside of waiting for a new warframe to be released, farmed and subsumed. I'm MR30 and I would consider myself a capable player in that aspect. There's a whole rabbithole to the on kill conditions, and while killing fodder does in theory work, it only works until point. However that's irrelevant, my point was that the concerns of the community were not addressed by the developer. TL:DR good intentions but poor communication and thought, all because they wished to get the update out before tennocon. Like I already said, they could have decoupled the workshops from the update, then given more time to address community concerns.
  20. I said the community, not just me. That being said while the community can sometimes over-react and like you say be irrational, in this case I find not only the overwhelming consensus but the such large quantities of feedback to be generally true. Considering how much this community has had to say, DE has hardly acted upon or responded to it, therefore ignoring it. Even taking whether feedback or DE themselves are right or wrong about this update, there has been a clear lack of communication beyond 'this is what we're doing. If we're going to point out particular areas that haven't been fully addressed or outright ignored, then I would immediately point out helminth invigorations and concerns about on kill mechanics. I think DE needed to take more time to discuss the issues the community had (whether it was valid or not) amongst themselves and with the community. I think this update needed more time in the oven considering the backlash, and it might have been wiser of DE to decouple the workshop contents from the update. They've created anger, again whether justified or not, and not responded to it accordingly. In short it's not just the content of the workshops, but more importantly the lack of communication from the development team over it. You'd think they'd want to put out fires, go into deeper explanations, show more figures etc. but alas they chose silence; and that is the ignorance to the community of which I speak.
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