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  1. Why do we keep getting the "Gild a Modular"/"Use 3 Forma" stuff in nightwave. If I have everything maxed out, why should I continue to gild these items, where I already have the ones I want in my inventory. Also, the three forma is really demanding of the longtime veteran users.
  2. I agree with this as well. There is only so much room for slots (if people don't use plat), and then those of us who have everything built as they are, why add more work?
  3. I have a question that no one can seem to answer. If there are 3 other same Tier missions available for cracking relics, why do people choose the endless and drop out after first extraction available. I mean I understand if it is the only node for that tier, but if there are quicker ones, why choose an endless only to leave (even if no one gets anything good). Hopefully I can get some insight to this
  4. I actually like this idea. Though a lot of people would be mad if they did anything to the Iztal.. This suggestion is also relevant to why you may need to also level up all 4 (5) ARchwings. That being said, I feel we need more archwing content.
  5. I have a small clan filled with IRL friends who are most of the time, inactive. While I am the founding Warlord of said clan, I would like to be part of a friendly alliance. One who I can help out, as well as help me out, as I am mostly a pub type of player. I am interested in learning eidolon fights, and other bosses.
  6. I mean Fortuna has been out for a while, for us on pc.
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