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  1. Nyx is not that bad and she can survive in long runs if she can spam chaos and use mind control. The mind control ability is not that bad, because she can capture with it almost any unit and make it invicible for the duration. Chaos is a panic option but useful in large groups when you need to opt out from the battlefield. Could be better if the enemies not able to shot you or you gain immunity from the enemies whom controlled by your chaos. The bolts could deal some damage like back in day but the armor removing part is nice maybe the energy needs is a bit much for what it does. Her ult
  2. I have some what I would like to have. - Unarmed meele combat if you no equip any weapons. - Remove the small blocks, ledges on older maps which blocks you when you try bulletjump, also rework some older map to be more parkour viable. - Give sentinels a revive-self regeneration time and make it universal to all sentinels. - Buff the sentinel weapons and add variations - Make able to customize our warframes fully like Banshee shoulder be removable or put on the other side too. (There are similar to many frames) - Buff the secondary, shotgun, sniper ammo drop
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