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Community Stream Schedule: April 15 - 20, 2024


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Tune into twitch.tv/warframe on Thursday, April 18th for Prime Time #389! As always, the action begins at 6 p.m. ET and you can earn this week’s drop by watching for 45 minutes.

Our Spanish-speaking Tenno can also watch Emisión Tenno on April 17th at 3 p.m. ET over at twitch.tv/warframeinternational!

This week, we’re offering a Built Forma for watching our official community streams.


Twitch Drop: Built Forma

Claim Time: 45 Minutes (Drop 1), 90 Minutes (Drop 2) and 120 Minutes (Drop 3)

**This Twitch Drop has a Claim Limit of 3 should you wish to get the maximum limit (1 Claim from WarframeInternational, 2 Claims from Prime Time) .

After Prime Time we’ll be raiding Nerdtured to continue the fun and share with their community.


Weekend Community Drops!

Every Weekend, we run a short Twitch Drop campaign on two Creator channels to offer a fun way to cap off the week and shine a spotlight on the Creators themselves! The Drops will run for one hour on each channel, with a 30 minute claim time for an Orbiter Decoration that the Creator has picked themselves!


BlackNato974 (French)
Saturday, April 20th from 12 pm to 1pm ET
Channel: BlackNato974
Drop: Noggle Statue - The New War Veso-R

JustOldPrime (English)
Saturday, April 20th from 1 pm to 2 pm ET
Channel: twitch.tv/JustOldPrime
Drop: Void Shawzin

Each week’s schedule will be posted in our weekly Drops thread, so keep an eye out to see what campaign is coming next. :)


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2 hours ago, only.my.RAILGUN. said:

There is no Void Shawzin in game, the drop should be: Void's Song Shawzin

And yet it is the only "void shawzin" in game.

so feel proud about your self-validating post on semantics.

Everyone else knew exactly what they meant.

Void['s Song] Shawzin



The real issue is that there is only 1 streamer during 1 specific time zone offering it.

As usual, catering specifically to North American players and ET timezones.


Can we get more community drops by creators in SEA/OCE?


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I am so tired of these campaigns just being broken. Watched a community stream, was there before he even started the drop window. got to 3% and it stopped. took me 15mins to get it to work again and since the window to watch and claim is so damn small it just closed and no drop. Next community stream started, what do you know...I'm not getting progress to come up at all. It's impossible to work around these issues when the window is so small.
And to add insult to injury, half the time when DE streams, they end it before it's even long enough to claim everything.

If DE actually cared about giving these incentives, they'd do something about it.

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