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  1. The drop tables need to be updated still take them a bit to do it.
  2. I feel as if the mars disruption was made worse with the removal of neo relics as a rotation C reward. It being put to rotation A and B is a redundant thing because of how disruption rotations work. You’ll be on B for one or two round before it’s just rotation C. In an organized squad with all the best gear you’ll only be on rotation C. I think neo relics should be put back to rotation C of mars disruption.
  3. Oh yea cause you know the vets complained about the 3 forma challenge as well.
  4. Everything is real plat. You’re makin g a big deal out of a fake in game currency for fake in game items that can be farmed super easily
  5. So goodbye mars neo farm for rot C. That’s the only reason that node was played and that was for the easy neo rot C grind for the atlas part.
  6. I've been noticing with this razorback armada that the razorback can go down instantly when only one bursa has attacked him and there are times when the bursa does no damage to any part of the razorback making the fight take a little longer. I've also noticed that the hyena spawn rates during this mission are really frequent. I go into rooms and bam three to four of them are waiting for me and i can't pass without killing them and when im rushing to the boss fight the rooms i enter spawn hyenas when im not there for long and they just follow me. It gets to the point where i have to stop and take care of the hyenas i've read up of people misusing the spawns to get orokin cells. Personally i don't care i've been farming this guy to get just gorgon wraith and its hell with the hyena spawns being this frequent as they are,
  7. Akbolto prime is a great example of a prime with no single version
  8. HMM no you are completely wrong. I have 20 rivens none of them for the aklato, the aklato was my first dual pistol in the game it is sad to see it's been left in the dust still to this day. The best time they could have implemented an aklato varient was around the Beasts of the sanctuary update with the addition of the lato vandal coming back. I did not mean to make it sound alarmist. I am happy that people in the community are talking about varients for weapons that don't have any and need some. The AK varients that don't have a single one don't concern me too much. I'm sick and tired of weapons that don't need varients too much getting them. Sure opticor vandal was nice but the opticor didn't really need a varient since the base weapon is good as is. They have other things to work on yes, but its not a big thing to add is it?
  9. good to see this thread has got people talking! i've been meaning to make a post like this for a while. Good to see theres more talk about varients for other weapons
  10. See most people in the community don't know what they want, i know what i want, varients for weapons that are under performing. Aklato, kraken, bolto, kunai. to just name a few.
  11. indeed since we got the lato vandal back with the Beasts of the sanctuary update. Honestly i thought thats why they were bringing the lato vandal back because they were gonna throw us an aklato vandal.
  12. i don't even care about an aklato prime. i just want a vandal for it thats better then the standard one we have.
  13. i see, but the aklato is in need of a vandal. it really is a lack luster weapon.
  14. "So DE where is our aklato vandal at?"
  15. Hello, i'd like to say a few words about the aklato, its trash absolute trash it stats are so small its a beginner weapon i get it but WHERE is the varient that the lato got. The akvasto has a prime. So DE where is our aklato vandal at? I'm sick and tired of seeing no new varient for existing weapons that NEED it. Sure glaxion and spectra got their vandal during the jovian concord release via an event. But it is time for the aklato to get that varient love it needs. If you are reading this DE please consider adding in an aklato varient thats an upgrade. I collect all single and dual version of weapons that have primes, vandals, wraiths etc.
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