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  1. i always wait to farm things because im lazy. All i care about is the helmith. The mechs have really taken a back seat cause they aren't anything special to me. I'd rather not even trade for them cause i know damn well people are gonna be like trading parts 300P or something because of how tedious they are. People who exploited the ones on the surface giving parts are set. So dont even assume im waiting for them to be tradable when i can barely give a damn about a mech with 12 slots with mods that cost WAY to much to have a build with every mod maxed rank.
  2. How is this update destroyed? You are crying over a small crack in the ground.
  3. DE, can you please add umbra forma blueprints to the Steel path honors and have it like rivens that we buy from palledino in iron wake only once per week at 250 steel essence per umbra forma blueprint. This would be a good alternative since it seems to have been forgotten so far for being put back into railjack. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan @[DE]Pablo @[DE]Danielle
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: All items in brother/sons wares for the infested pet are calling on an item called Fass Residue, with an otak token icon. VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/hYc1wO3 REPRODUCTION: You can look in brother/sons wares in the nekralisk EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to build it with fass residue i presume. OBSERVED RESULT: I cannot build it because of the invalid item. REPRODUCTION RATE: It's always there.
  5. So like just a middle finger to those who actually took time out of our days to actively farm non lich ephemeras?
  6. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  7. Everyone is like I dont wanna see AGGP in the new program. Honestly i gotta tell ya something, he will be in the program and there is no doubt about it. We need to wait for him to either suck up and admit he is wrong and apologize to all who he has wronged (which is highly unlikely) or wait for him to mess up and be toxic to report him.
  8. theres no confirmation about it noy being today. they still have plenty of time
  9. kinda sounds like a dumbed down version of tribuors' idea
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