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  1. A question for the devstream: When will we get the new Two handed nikana stance that you announced alongside the new warfan stance? As it stands now the current two handed nikana stance feels garbage from when it was gutted when the melee rework happened.
  2. They missed a change that was supposed to go out. Instead of writing a whole new post. Look back at the hotfix notes.
  3. I mean didnt the community whine 24/7 about railjack being to disconnected from the game, boring, repetitive etc? People wanted to whine about it and this is what we get. NOW YOU WHINE WHEN WE GET IT? Tf is wrong with the community? Can you never be fckn happy for once? They fckn listened to make Railjack Better and more connected.
  4. perfect, my nikanas didnt get touched this time. Melee is still so much more prominent is because they can deal with a wide array of the enemies in this game while guns cannot unless they are AOE weapons or you strip the armor enough for guns to not slow down and rivens are currently a bandaid for that. I really hate using only melee and a primer weapon like the kuva nukor or cedo. We really need Condition overload for primary weapons thats not just half of the normal like we have on cedo.
  5. ah yea, steel path, i forget rivens are in the store rotation. but still the point stands, more rivens here and there is a good thing even if its bundled with a few cool cosmetics. Its just an added bonus and these bundles are limited time as well.
  6. To be honest, rivens already are a pain in the butt to even get. you can do sorites for a chance, theres palledino in iron wake for one riven ever 6-7 days, simaris selling sentinel weapon rivens and arbitrations honors selling archgun and by itself its already a HEAVY cost to farm for rivens if you dont want to shill out the plat to buy them which they are cheap yea but free rivens for grinding is free.
  7. Not all rivens are actually rolled however. it depends if you get what you want from the riven. if the riven is for a trash weapon it gets thrown out and the kuva is used for a riven they already want to roll more for.
  8. It would get them in trouble IF the last one was able to be purchased more then *once* which is not the case. The second and third tier lunar bundles are a one time purchase only
  9. The rivens are just really a bonus tbh. The things you want are mainly the skins, boosters, kuva and the statue
  10. ah yes i am completely sorry, I didnt mean to specifically say *you* it is my bad. i was talking about all the other people complaining these are bundles. I was pretty tired when i wrote that so i just wrote what came to mind at the time. sorry for any confusion
  11. which every company does. Just buy the bundles or dont buy the bundles. they were advertised as bundles from the start so dont complain when they deliver something that was from the start going to be a specific thing. Just childish imo.
  12. For one i think DE needs to do more of this type of thing, like star days and the lunar new year stuff. Introducing new and cool cosmetic because remember fashion frame is endgame.
  13. How to fix revenant without a kit rework a guide for dummies: 1: Make his base energy 225 2: make thralls killable by you only 3: make the damage from his 4 2,500 at base and remove hold to boost as the damage from that gets moved to being its base damage 4: Make his 4th have scaling damage like flachette orb 5: boost the energy consumption rate due to the increase in damage to the 4 and the overall energy increase
  14. All i see are people whining about how they set their priorities wrong. DE is not at fault for you setting your priority on buying lavos and Cedo with phasic cells. They said from the start they would put him elsewhere. But they didnt think of where at the time as there was multiple options for them to actually do. You didnt pick to set arcanes as the priority, you set lavos and cedo as your priority which is no ones fault but yours. "My time got wasted" ok go play like every MMO under the sun and any Looter shooter then you can say your time got wasted because those waste your time
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