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  1. Hello, i am looking for someone i can commission a warframe clan emblem from, does anyone know of people that do so still?
  2. of course the first emblem i had was from an anime, but heres the thing this was the SECOND emblem i submitted for review in support https://imgur.com/a/ECG0vRv still got denied, still copyrighted i ask how is it copyrighted. still have gotten no response from support
  3. i've sent 2 emblems into the support so far and both were denied for copyright. its a little irritating to be honest. "we'll explain more in an email" wheres the email that explains it?
  4. while they are at it make them be able to be colored separately
  5. So with the way to get conclave standing now shattered from outside the conclave. Will we ever see any of the conclave skins come into the market? I'd really like to finish all the nikana skins. I know the Riv Elite a conclave item made its way into the market.
  6. here i am hoping Dual Daggers get buffed. while all of you just complain to each other about Melee being overpower and what not. I'm just sitting here sipping my tea sharpening my nikanas.
  7. Update: We now have our own site over on guildtag. We are still looking for new members to join! https://sdsboarhat.guildtag.com
  8. you see funny thing it temporarily fixes itself when you get 3 kills then melee then when you melee again it gets broken.
  9. Hello everyone! SevenDeadlySinsBoarHat is now officially recruiting members! It doesn't matter if you're a new player or a vet player. Everyone is welcome to join the clan! I am currently working on getting some rooms done that will take a while! I could use all the help i can get for resources to put into the dojo. You can also join the discord but not be apart of the clan as well! I'll be seeing you tenno. Our DIscord: https://discord.gg/vKPjmSX
  10. please read the main post before replying man. theres a LIMITED TIME color picker IN THE MARKET for 75p when most are 1 credit.
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