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  1. Ok so you legit just killed my only reason to play or touch railjack. Now you should put it on little duck in the flotilla or little duck in fortuna and put it as a high amount of those tokens so it will be a grind but a worth while grind to get a forma that is hard to obtain. @[DE]Megan
  2. So it seems that the kuva drakgoon doesn't have the right Critical chance and Critical Damge on the site. On the site its CC is 7.50% and CD is 2.0 when in game the CC is 21.0% and CD is 2.5%.
  3. that is not possible. Liches can't spawn until you complete the war within.
  4. As a baruuk main. Im gonna have to say no. The main thing that made me start maining baruuk is because i have to manage a resource and not be lazy with pressing one button.
  5. Most players don't even "play" they sit on their orbiter talk in region chat or try to trade in the trading chat.
  6. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: N/A VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Put a Nikana zaw on. EXPECTED RESULT: There should be no phantom sheath and there should be a sheath in mission when using it to attack OBSERVED RESULT: There is a phantom sheath and no sheath in mission when using the nikana to attack REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% everytime a nikana zaw is equipped
  7. @[DE]Rebecca Hi as someone who uses nikana zaws i'd like to point out that the sheaths on them are still bugged. How are they bugged? Well this is how:
  8. As the heavy weapons guy once said: You all are babies
  9. The veil proxima does not need to be new player friendly. the veil is effectively what we wanted in terms of harder enemies better rewards.
  10. I've been having the issue of being closed off from entering and exiting doors/ Every 3 to 5 games this happens so it happens frequently enough. I had a bug where it still thought i was in AW mode had my Archweapons my frames powers and my operator thing is my frames powers did nothing as well as my operator powers. I was stuck in a crew ship with only my archweapons and i couldn't exit or move to the other parts of the ship.
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