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  1. no no the acceltra and skiajati solstice skins ARE the new skins. that person has no idea what they are legit talking about
  2. The reason SS probably wont be returning is because the team who made oplinks are afraid to do stuff with oplinks again after scarlet spear. if you caught steves stream before orphix venom went live you'd know.
  3. or or. the xaku changes are still being worked on and are probably gonna ship with deimos arcana?
  4. Are you even reading or are you just gonna be blind? You said "boring gameplay" well news flash. All looter shooters have the same boring type of gameplay and so do MMOs. You took it legit the wrong fckn way and it shows. Learn how to read before saying stuff that doesn't matter when all i called YOU out for was your "boring gameplay" comment HOLMES.
  5. bro, you're expecting something different to gameplay wise in a looter shooter? Wow wait till you play some MMOs with the same old boring game play
  6. I really want to update but i cannot. whenever its close to being done it always gives me an error.
  7. Nezha prime is... -you have been suspended from the in game chat-
  8. Ah yes remove revives from arbitrations? Sounds like a wonderful IDEA i wonder how much better that will be just like the old days of random one tap bs to where you dont get a second to react and you're insta dead. Sounds like fun yea? No it doesn't get off your damn high horse and let people play the mode the way it now is. iirc most of the community hated arbitrations on launch due to the random BS that came from it and how you can get one tapped out of no where to then sit there and not get brought back or get ANY reward. You want people to play a mode that has a chance for you to get one t
  9. Yet they want them to also deliver polished updates but want to also scream content drought so they have to rush it out. You see the issue here? What is it they want? More content faster or more polished updates?
  10. Ahem, you seem to forget that this next episode will be *much* bigger then the others right? They need to: Get the boss fight working, Get the weapon working, making sure the drop rate are correct, making sure the audio is good, and multiple other things im forgetting to list.
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