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  1. Heavy FPS drop since update from average 70-90 to 30-60 please fix
  2. 9.999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999 so thats the new maximum credits limit then
  3. This Hotfix broke Archwing on Fortuna/poe cant boost please fix asap
  4. Still no Archwing Launcher Resource Refund...
  5. I want my Recources for those thousands of Archwing charge i build refunded then.
  6. Still total bs that doesnt make it any better than before
  7. I'll say it again, remove the Weapons and Mods from Login and put them on elite Alerts or something where you have to earn them by playing. Logging in is not earning, Google could teach you to make a program that logs in for you...
  8. Thanks for ruining another Warframe 20 energy/s thats just rediculous. Entrhall is just awfull, Enemies are not designed to fight each other thats why they do tickling damage, Thralls are a distraction at best.
  9. Removal of all Mods and Weapons from Daily Tribute is the only right thing to do now. Add a Alert Token System that let us buy Login Mods and Weapons every Alert completed grants 1 Token, E.g. 75 Token to buy Primed Vigor. That way Players can earn these Items and Common Resource Alerts have a reason to be completed.
  10. Every 50th would be kinda ok, but I still think it has to move from login to something else maybe something like complete 50 Alerts to choose a weapon or Login Mod that would give people a reason to do those 300 Ferrite Alerts.
  11. I have 4k hours total, 245th login on PC, On PS4 and XBOX over 1k+ hours of in-mission time ~320 login Days. Stoped playing Console over a Year ago. it will still take a long a** time to get all the Mods and Weapons the cosmetics i dont care about. Locking Weapons and Mods behind a 2 year login Wall has to go away. The only thing that changes is that you can choose what Item you want first, it doesnt change the time to get all Items.
  12. Who ever is responsible for this just smash your Head as hard as possible against a Concrete Wall multiple times...whats next Excavation Mission Fails when 3 Excavators get destroyed?
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